Resident Evil Car Stickers Warn About Lickers, Lady Dimitrescu

resident evil stickers lady dimitrescu lickers

Capcom released car signs and car sign stickers warning people about familiar threats from the Resident Evil series. You will be able to purchase them via the Capcom store from March 21, 2023. There is a total of six different car signs and car sign stickers that you can purchase. Some feature familiar Resident Evil enemies like Lady Dimitrescu and Lickers.

Car signs will cost 1,430 JPY ($10.75) and stickers will cost 880 JPY ($6.60). Each design will come as a sign or a sticker. The difference between the two is that the car signs come with a suction back so that you can reuse it. Meanwhile, the stickers are single-use, since the adhesive back will lose its stickiness if you peel it off.

The designs are:

  • Attention Tofu Crash
  • Baby in Car
  • Drive Recorder
  • Safe Drive
  • Take Care of Falling Objects
  • Watch Your Head

resident evil car signs stickers

The designs all contain tongue-in-cheek references to Resident Evil. For example, the Safe Drive sticker depicts a helicopter, despite Capcom-made helicopters being an online meme for how easily they are destroyed. The Watch Your Head sticker shows Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village, whereas the Take Care of Falling Objects sticker shows a Licker.

The Resident Evil car signs and car sign stickers will appear in the Capcom store from March 21, 2023. They will also be available from the same date in physical Capcom stores.

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