Resident Evil Netflix Live Action Series Teaser Features Cerberus

Resident Evil Netflix Teaser

Netflix released the first teaser for the upcoming Resident Evil live action series. While the video itself is relatively short, it features a look at one of the most iconic enemies within the series. The Resident Evil Netflix live action series teaser was released through its official Instagram account. The Instagram only features the short video, and the logo for the upcoming series. However, in order to view the teaser through Instagram, viewers must have an Instagram account.

That said, Twitter account ResidentEvilUpdates uploaded the video to Twitter. You can watch the teaser for the live action series below.

In August 2020, Netflix announced that it was developing a Resident Evil live action series. Along with the announcement came a brief synopsis, which revealed that the Netflix series would follow the Wesker family, specifically Albert Wesker and his daughters. Additionally, in June 2021 the cast for the series was revealed. This included the actor that will play Albert Wesker.

In July 2021, the Resident Evil CGI series Resident Evil Infinite Darkness began airing on Netflix. The CGI series takes place sometime after the events of Resident Evil 4. Additionally, voice actors from the Resident Evil 2 remake reprise their roles.

The Netflix Resident Evil live action series is currently in development.

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