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Roundup: God of War Pre-Order Deals Up to 10% Off


Santa Monica Studio’s upcoming arrival God of War is decisively one of the most anticipated titles this year for PlayStation gamers, with less than four days to go for the April 20th worldwide release, reviews are almost universally positive from critics as of last week. If you’re a fan of Kratos, you’re no doubt cleared your calendar for this upcoming weekend. We’ve rounded up all the deals available online for North America gamers, from both digital to physical copies of God of War.


For those who have long moved away from the physical medium, you can quickly score a 10% off discount by buying a digital PSN copy of God of War at GMG. There, you’ll find the Standard Edition on sale for $53.99 while the God of War Digital Deluxe Edition is priced at $62.99. The 10% off discount for either edition isn’t exactly big savings, but given the game is essentially full price everywhere else unless you have a discount membership (GCU or Prime), this is probably the best bet to go for the digital copy.


While there are no real discounts we’ve found yet on a physical copy of God of War (for any of the editions), there is one slight difference in pre-order bonus land. Almost every retailer (Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart etc.) will include 3 in-game shield skins as a pre-order bonus offer, but only GameStop customers will receive an exclusive pre-order bonus “Luck of the Ages Talisman” – which grants you XP boost. In our opinion, it’s not going to drastically change your gameplay experience, but if you prefer to get everything then GameStop would be your poison of choice.


God of War Deals


Game Title List % Off Sale Price
God of War Digital Deluxe Edition (PS4 Download) $69.99 10% $62.99
God of War (PS4 Download) $59.99 10% $53.99
God of War + XP Boost (PS4 Physical) $59.99
God of War Digital Deluxe Edition + Pin (PS4 DL) $69.99 10% $62.99
God of War (PS4 Download) $59.99 10% $53.99

God of War Bonuses and Editions Rundown



As mentioned above, GameStop is the only retailer with an additional pre-order bonus incentive. The three shield skins which you’ll find at almost all retailers are the Buckler of the Forge, Dokkenshieldr, and Shining Elven Soul Shield. GameStop is advertising the “Luck of the Ages” item as an XP boost, but it’ll also provide you with hacksilver gain and improved ability to trigger perks, according to the God of War pre-order page.



The God of War Digital Deluxe Edition includes these additional bonuses for an extra $10: a digital mini artbook and issue #0 comic via Darkhorse Comics; PS4 God of War dynamic theme; Exile’s Guardian shield skin, and the Death’s Vow armor for both Kratos and Arteus. If you pre-order the Digital Deluxe or Standard Edition from the PSN Store, you’ll receive various avatars as a bonus. More importantly, you’ll also score a physical Kratos & Atreus Pin if you go Digital Deluxe, which is a pretty neat bonus given we’re talking about a digital copy pre-order (the pin can be claimed here after you receive your redemption code). If you pre-order the Digital Deluxe from GMG, no pin or avatars are being offered, so it’ll be your call if the pin + avatars are worth the $8 in price difference.


In the physical copies department of God of War, expect some really nice goodies when you fork over $130 for the God of War Collector’s Edition. Beyond the game, you’ll receive a 9″ Kratos & Atreus Statue, two 2″ Huldra Bros carvings, a cloth map, exclusive lithograph, a Huldra Brand Steelbook case, and of course all the digital goodies mentioned above. Short of being a big fan, we’d stay clear of this edition unless you have Best Buy GCU. And if you don’t have Best Buy GCU, you may actually want to consider buying it with God of War Collector’s Edition as you’ll immediately take $26 off the list price, which will almost cover the $30 two-year membership cost of GCU.


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