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Sakura Wars Creator Involved With Tokyo Taisen Blockchain Game

Hiroi Ohji, creator of Sakura Wars, seems to be involved in the creation of Tokyo Taisen, a newly-announced blockchain-based game. The news comes from a report in Game Watch covering an event hosted by game developer Creta on December 12, 2022.

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Called the Creta Summit 2022, the event featured progress updates on the various games developed by Creta. Creta was founded to focus on blockchain-based game development, as well as developing projects tied to NFTs, “metaverse” worlds, and others. Creta projects are based on the Locus blockchain, and include “multiverse” virtual spaces where players can buy NFT “land”. Creta  games in development include Kingdom Under Fire: The Rise and Fortress 3. Tokyo Taisen was a surprise announcement during the event. At the moment no visuals are available from the project besides its logo.

So far the game does not appear to have a direct connection to Sakura Wars (which is called Sakura Taisen in Japan). However, its logo seems to evoke Sakura Wars, with its use of the term “Taisen” in the title, as well as cherry blossom (sakura) motifs. Even the game’s tagline is “Flowers and Cherry Blossoms,” a clear allusion to the heavy flower theming present in all Sakura Wars works.

When asked about the Tokyo Taisen project, Creta executives did not mention specifics, but implied that people present at the event were involved in some capacity with the game’s development. That necessarily includes Hiroi Ohji, who participated in the presentation. Others present included current and former executives at Sega and Sega-connected firms.

Sega is the current rights-holder for the Sakura Wars brand. Its most recent Sakura Wars game was 2019’s Shin Sakura Taisen (released as Sakura Wars in English). A mobile spin-off, Sakura Revolution, launched in December 2020, only to shut down in June 2021 due to poor market performance.

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