See Chrono Cross’ Serge, Kid, and Harle in Another Eden Videos

See Chrono Cross’ Serge, Kid, and Harle in Another Eden Videos

Chrono Cross is about to come to Another Eden, and new trailers show how Serge, Kid, and Harle will look. The three characters from the Square Enix RPG will be the “stars” of this crossover event. Each one will be able to be a playable party member in Symphony: Complex Dream. To help people get a better idea of what to expect, each video shows a story scene with them, their character details, and them in a fight.

The first Another Eden Chrono Cross character trailer stars Serge. It begins with Serge talking with Aldo. He discusses Arni. After that, we see his character details. He’s a five-star unit. His title also describes him as a Mediator. In battle, his moveset includes Sword Swing, Shining, Sky Arrow, and Dash Cut: Heavens.

Next up is a look at Kid from the Another Eden Chrono Cross event. Her story segment compares the beastfolk to the Marbule demi-humans. Then, her character sheet describes this five-star as the Radical Dreamer. In a fight, she could use skills like Katana Swing, Fortune, Red Needle, and Z-Steal.

Finally, the third Another Eden Chrono Cross video focuses on Harle. Her initial story segment explains how she’s alongside Lynx because of a wish. Her title in the game is Moon Princess. When you take her into a fight, she could use skills like Lunatic, Lunar Protection, Lunar Cut, and Lunar Breaker.

Another Eden is available for the PC and mobile devices. The Chrono Cross Symphony: Complex Dream event begins December 9, 2021.

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