Next week Tuesday is the release of Middle-earth: Shadow of War, the sequel to 2014’s surprise hit Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. With reviews flowing in since Thursday’s embargo being lifted, fans of the series should be at ease as it looks like most reviews trend on the positive side of things. If you can see past the loot box system (which doesn’t seem like an issue from most reviews), plenty of pre-order deals are available for the game from PC to console version.


Pricing for this title is once again showing the clear divide between Triple-A titles in the PC gaming world vs. console platform. As of writing, you can pick up Steam keys of Middle-earth: Shadow of War for as low as $38 for the Standard Edition, and $51 for the Silver Edition after using coupon 15SOW at checkout. That’s essentially 38% off list price from an authorized Warner Bros. game distributor. Conversely, on the console side, you’re facing list price (unless you have GCU or Prime) and your pre-order bonuses are relegated to physical trinkets.


PC Shadow of War Deals


 Use coupon: SUCHWOW10List% OffSale Price
Shadow of War Standard (Steam)$59.9919%$48.59
Shadow of War Silver Ed. (Steam)$79.9919%$64.79
Shadow of War Gold Edition (Steam)$99.9919%$80.99


Update: The game is now released and the discount has unsurprisingly dropped from 38% off to 19% off.


Console Shadow of War Deals


Middle-Earth: Shadow of War + $10 Rewards + Ring of Power (Xbox One)$59.99
Middle-Earth: Shadow of War + $10 Reward + Ring of Power (PS4)$59.99


The PC deals on Shadow of War will last until October 9, 2017, at 12:00 UTC, a day before the official launch date. Why the steep price cut? After we searched online a bit we noticed that WB’s latest title is heavily discounted at a grey market site, so it’s understandable that GMG is competing to win customers and purchases. Strangely, while the Silver Edition of the game is discounted, the extra 15% off code does not apply to the most expensive Gold Edition which gets a “measly” 25% off discount to $75.



On the console front, if you pre-order Middle-earth: Shadow of War from Best Buy – it is one of the titles qualifying for the $10 rewards certificate (which in recent year has been more limiting to select titles only). Next to the $10 rewards you will also a physical trinket in the form of a Silver Ring of Power. If the ring isn’t your forte, head over to GameStop and you’ll receive a Shadow of War-themed bottle opener (yep). Over at Walmart, you’ll receive a Shadow of War-themed skin cover for your PS4 or Xbox One controller. We’ll personally opt for the Best Buy pre-order deal as $10 rewards has real value to it even though the bottle opener probably has more utility than a fake Ring of Power (and actually looks pretty cool in our opinion).


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