Shaman King Yoh Asakura Figma Comes With Amidamaru


As summer — the time of ghost stories and horror movies — draws to an end, Good Smile Company makes sure that we can still communicate with the other side thanks to the Yoh Asakura figma from Shaman King. The Shaman King Yoh Asakura figma will cost 8800 JPY/$87.99, and pre-orders are open until October 28, 2021. It has a July 2022 release window for those in Japan, whereas those in North America can expect to see him in September 2022.

Yoh comes with a variety of little items, as well as three face plates. He can have a normal smiling expression, a shouting expression, and a second smile with his eyes closed. There is also a mortuary tablet he can hold, and an Oracle Bell arm part you can put on him. Additionally, there are two versions of Harusame: sheathed and unsheathed. Lastly, Amidamaru in his spirit form is in the box, with his own support arm so that you can pose him anywhere around Yoh.

Here are some more pictures of the Shaman King Yoh Asakura figma:

Other Shaman King figures include an Anna Kyoyama figure wielding her 1080 beads. Interest in Shaman King has returned years after the manga and original anime ended with the reboot, which is now available on Netflix.

The Yoh Asakura figma is open for pre-order until October 28, 2021. It will come out in July 2022 for Japanese customers and September 2022 for North American customers.

Stephanie Liu
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