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Sin & Punishment 2 Art Director Designed Enemies For Xenoblade Chronicles X


After a break of a couple of days, Xenoblade Chronicles X director Tetsuya Takahashi returned to tweeting about the game today. This time, Takahashi once again touched upon some of the other staff members working on the RPG.


“Returning to the original subject, today I’ll present Mr. Yasushi Suzuki,” Takahashi tweeted. “His skills are top-notch, be it for character, mecha or landscape design. I’d meant to work with him one day and this wish has finally come true with this project.”


“For this project, he’s mainly in charge of enemy mechs. The huge mech that appears in the last cut of the previously released [promotional video] was also designed by him!”


Does the name Yasushi Suzuki sound familiar? It should. Suzuki served as character and effects designer on Sin & Punishment for the N64, and as art director on Sin & Punishment: Star Successor for the Wii. The promo video Takahashi is referring to is likely the trailer Nintendo released at E3 2013, where the mech designed by Suzuki appears at the very end. You can see it in the screengrab above and find Suzuki’s website here.


“Next up is Mr. Raita Kazama,” Takahashi tweeted. “I believe some people already know him, as he’s also drawn beautiful images for the previous Xenoblade.”


“For this project, I’ve mainly asked him to design the alien NPCs and the primitive lifeforms inhabiting the planet. Despite being an illustrator with a delicate touch, he himself is the macho bodybuilder type, lol.”


(Kazama’s website can be accessed here.)


Xenoblade Chronicles X is in development for Wii U and will be released Spring 2015 in Japan. A 2015 release is planned for North America and Europe as well.

Ishaan Sahdev
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