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SMT V Manananggal Proves to be a Femme Fatale

SMT V Manananggal

The latest demon digest for Shin Megami Tensei V features Manananggal, which is a creature from Filipino myth. The Manananggal is a demon that usually takes a female form, and is capable of separating its upper torso from the rest of its body. It can then sprout bat-like wings to hunt for victims, preying on fetuses or the blood of someone sleeping.

The Manananggal in SMT V is of the Femme tribe. The video starts off with the protagonist wandering near a Manananggal before it cuts to how she will operate in-game. True to her legend, she can use Sanguine Drain to turn an enemy’s HP into her own.

Unlike other demon digests that Atlustube has shown off, the Manananggal video also shows off her interactions with the protagonist. She offers to let him touch her, as well as show him how to kiss. Unfortunately, Manananggal’s idea of kissing involves tearing off someone’s head. The demon digest then ends with a teaser for a demon of the Megami race.

Manananggal is the 46th demon that will appear in SMT V. Previous daily demon digests featured:

  1. Preta
  2. Ongyo-Ki
  3. Throne
  4. Silky
  5. Kurama Tengu
  6. Fuu-Ki
  7. Slime
  8. Onmoraki
  9. Cu Chulainn
  10. Scathach
  11. Queen May
  12. Kin-Ki
  13. Succubus
  14. Garuda
  15. Archangel
  16. Thor
  17. Erthys
  18. Narcissus
  19. Legion
  20. Hayatarou

SMT V will release on Nintendo Switch in Japan on November 11, 2021. Those outside of Japan can expect it on November 12, 2021.

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