Sonic Movie Behind the Scenes Video Has Jim Carrey Talking About Becoming Dr. Robotnik


With the Sonic the Hedgehog movie drawing nearer, more insights have been offering new looks into the process. The most recent is a behind-the-scenes peek at the filming process with Ben Schwartz, who voices Sonic, and Jim Carrey, the new Dr. Robotnik.

The Sonic Movie behind-the-scenes has a dynamic that goes between Schwartz’s lighthearted responses to his preparations for the role and Carrey’s more serious thoughts on it. For example, Schwartz begins by joking that he has to step on and cuddle with about 150 hedgehogs, for example.

Meanwhile, the Sonic Movie Robotnik portion begins with a rather heartwarming anecdote. Carrey started his segment by saying, “I knew, when I got the call to do this movie, that Sonic was a game. I think I had played it once or twice, and after I got the call, I started playing it with my grandson. Who humiliated me constantly. These games have turned kids into jet pilots. I mean, they are quick. Their reflexes are awesome. He’s nine years old and trash talks me.”

This insightful segment showing the filming of the movie comes after quite a few other reveals. For one, there is a Sonic Movie game tie-in with the Sonic Forces mobile game that revealed the movie version of Sonic is being called “Teen Sonic.” Its theme song, “Speed Me Up,” was also shared. It’s performed by Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign, Lil Yachty, and Sueco the Child.

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie will launch in North America on February 14, 2020 and in Japan on March 27, 2020.

Jenni Lada
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