Sony Asks Consumers to Check Carts When Purchasing PlayStation Plus Amid Confusion

PlayStation Plus Sony

Sony has released a statement through the official PlayStation Japan Support Twitter account asking users to check their accounts before purchasing a PlayStation Plus subscription. The company asks that consumers double check which service they are purchasing, as there is a sudden increase in PlayStation Now subscriptions. [Thanks, ryokutya2089!]

The two subscription based services are vastly different, providing separate services to users. PlayStation Now provides users access to a range of titles from various Sony platforms, with new games added periodically.

However, the PlayStation Plus service allows for users to access online features in games. Additionally, every month a handful of games are made available for free through the service. While the services offer some similar options, again, they provide vastly different things by comparison.

Sony did not state any reason as to why consumers would potentially confuse the PlayStation Now service with the PlayStation Plus service. However, the company does suggest users double check their carts before checking out.

Sony has seen an uptick in PlayStation Plus subscriptions over the past fiscal year. The previous fiscal year only saw roughly 41.5 million subscribers in comparison to the 47.6 million users recorded this year. Additionally, Sony has broken several milestones within the past fiscal year.

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