Square Enix Deals: 21% Off Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition or Chrono Trigger


We’re less than 4 days away from the PC release day for Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition – and the deals are starting to heat up again as retailers look to win over the pre-purchase crowd. As part of their “March Madness” promotion, digital retailer Green Man Gaming is offering up both Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition and the recently released port-of-a-port Chrono Trigger at 21% off. What’s interesting is that both titles are seemingly on the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of port optimization – with Final Fantasy XV Windows Editions being the significantly better port (given its demo performance) and Chrono Trigger a mere afterthought.


Along with these two titles, a number of upcoming and recently released Japanese title have made their way into the discount fray as well, and you’ll find discounts on games such as Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Metal Gear Survive, Devil May Cry HD Collection, and in our opinion the pretty decent Cyberdimension Neptunia 4: Goddesses Online. Some titles like Secret of Mana is 25% off, while others are 20% off.


Note that for most of the titles below, you’ll have to add the game to cart to see the final discount price. For Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition, the deal will include the recently announced bonus Half-Life Pack, which is granted to early adopters that pick up FFXV before May 1st (this is undoubtedly when the next major price cut will happen).



Square Enix Titles (PC/Steam) List % Off Sale Price
Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition $49.99 21% $39.49
Chrono Trigger Limited Edition $14.99 25% $11.24
Secret of Mana $39.99 25% $29.99
Lost Sphear $49.99 30% $34.99
Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age $49.99 25% $37.49


New Releases (PC/Steam) List % Off Sale Price
Devil May Cry HD Collection $29.99 20% $23.99
Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online $39.99 30% $27.99
The Longest Five Minutes $39.99 25% $29.99
Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition $39.99 25% $29.99
Metal Gear Survive $39.99 20% $31.99
Dynasty Warriors 9 $59.99 25% $44.99


Everything listed above is the Steam copy of the game. GMG’s March Madness promotion currently has an unknown expiration date and new deals are introduced every 24 hours. If you’re seeing a different price than listed above even after you add a deal to cart, let us know so we can update it accordingly.


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