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Square Enix Foamstars Director Revealed on Twitter

Image via Square Enix YouTube

Chikara Saito announced that he is the director for Square Enix’s Foamstars, which is still in development. This game is a recent announcement and first appeared during the May 2023 PlayStation Showcase. It is a 4v4 game in which it seems you shoot bubbles to claim territory, much like Nintendo’s Splatoon.

Chikara Saito, or Rickey, worked on Dragon Quest X Online and the Tokyo Majin Gakuen series in the past. For Tokyo Majin Gakuen games, he was mostly involved in the planning stage. But for Dragon Quest X, he worked as both the planner and the director. He also directed Cross Treasures, which was an RPG that Square Enix release for the Nintendo DS in 2009.

So far, there is not a lot of information on Foamstars, since Square Enix just unveiled it. Gameplay-wise, it looks very similar to Splatoon. However, the designs of the characters and the aesthetic of the environment look closer to Japanese street fashion. Since none of the games Saito worked on in the past resemble Foamstars, it is difficult to tell what direction he will take it.

Foamstars is in development for the PS4 and PS5. More information on the game, as well as the release window, will come out in the future.

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