Square Enix Japan PC Sale: 55% Off Final Fantasy Titles and More


Running thru this weekend, digital retailer GMG is having a sale on all things Square Enix Japan. This brings everything from excellent PC ports such as Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition to not-so-great ports such as the Secret of Mana remake. Games are on sale at up to 55% off, though a select few are only discounted by 50% off.


Select titles are at their historic new low prices including Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, Romancing Saga 2, Star Ocean The Last Hope, and World of Final Fantasy. Below, you’ll find all Final Fantasy titles on tap in this round of sale. While compared to previous holiday season discount these aren’t the cheapest you’ll ever find these titles to be at, GMG’s discount is almost always cheaper than similar sale when it’s being run on Steam Store.


Our personal pick includes the aforementioned Final Fantasy XV, I Am Setsuna, and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII-3. Note that a similar sale is running at Square Enix’s online store which extends to other non-Japanese developed titles as well, though almost all the discounts are significantly better at GMG. Everything listed below are Steam keys. Finally, to save you time for those that are wondering, yes, NieR: Automata is missing in action in both store’s sale. Bummer.


Square Enix Japan PC Sale List % Off Sale Price
Chrono Trigger $14.99 55% $6.75
Dragon Quest Heroes II Explorer’s Edition $59.99 50% $30
Dragon Quest Heroes Slime Edition $39.99 50% $20
Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age $59.99 55% $27
Final Fantasy III $15.99 55% $7.20
Final Fantasy IV $15.99 55% $7.20
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years $15.99 55% $7.20
Final Fantasy V $15.99 55% $7.20
Final Fantasy VI $15.99 55% $7.20
Final Fantasy VIII $11.99 55% $5.40
Final Fantasy XIII $15.99 55% $7.20
Final Fantasy XIII-2 $19.99 55% $9
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII-3 $19.99 50% $10
Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition $49.99 55% $22.50
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD $29.99 55% $13.50
World of Final Fantasy $24.99 55% $11.25
Gyromancer $5.99 50% $3
I Am Setsuna $39.99 55% $18
I Am Setsuna Collector’s Edition $49.48 55% $22.27
Lost Sphear $49.99 50% $25
Lost Sphear Collector’s Edition $58.99 55% $26.55
Romancing Saga 2 $24.99 55% $11.25
Season of Mystery: The Cherry Blossom Murders $4.99 55% $2.25
Secret of Mana $39.99 55% $18
Spelunker Party! $29.99 55% $13.50
Star Ocean The Last Hope 4K & Full HD Remaster $20.99 55% $9.45
The Quiet Man $14.99 55% $6.75
Yosumin! $5.99 55% $2.70


Sale runs through March 11, Monday morning at 11 AM Eastern.


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