Square Enix PC Sale: 60% Off NieR Automata and Final Fantasy Titles (Updated)


    For a limited time, you can score NieR: Automata on the PC for 60% off at only $24. This is a new historic low price for the popular Square Enix title (even though it could have been a better PC port). For those gamers that didn’t pick up NieR during the recent Square Enix publisher sale at Steam Store, the extra $6 savings is your reward for patience.


    And to be frank, NieR may not be worth anywhere near the list price because the game still has not been patched properly and it appears this is simply something off the table for Platinum Games. Thankfully, a few mods exist which fixes some of the major gripes gamers have with the game. Along with NieR, games receiving a big price cut in this Square Enix catalog sale at GMG includes Lost Sphear and Tokyo Dark. These three titles have a limited time extra savings when you add the game to cart and will expire soon tomorrow morning. (Update: prices have reduced slightly for these three titles).


    All other games in this Square Enix sale will retain their discount through March 29 next week. Most of the Final Fantasy titles listed below are at new historic low prices, given previous discounts have always been just 50% off (they are now 60% off at GMG). Everything listed below is a Steam key except for Final Fantasy XIV Online titles, which are Mog Station keys. No coupons are required, though for most games you’ll have to add to cart to see the final discount.


    Update 3/29: The discount is now over for the Square Enix titles from Eastern developer studios while the Western ones (mostly) are still going strong. Use coupon code listed below at checkout to get the prices listed below.


    Use coupon code: PAYDAY20


    Top DealsList% OffSale Price
    NieR: Automata (Steam)$59.9960%$24
    NieR: Automata – 3C3C1D119440927 (Steam)$13.9924%$10.63
    Lost Sphear Collector’s Edition (Steam)$58.9944%$33.03
    Lost Sphear (Steam)$49.9944%$27.99
    Tokyo Dark (Steam)$17.9944%$10.07
    Tokyo Dark – Collector’s Edition (Steam)$24.9944%$13.99
    Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition (Steam)$29.9980%$6
    Spelunker Party! (Steam)$29.9960%$12


    Final Fantasy TitlesList% OffSale Price
    Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition (Steam)$49.9920%$37.99
    Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age (PC Download)$49.9924%$37.99
    Final Fantasy XIV Online Complete CE (MogStation)$99.9960%$40
    Final Fantasy XIV Online Complete (MogStation)$59.9960%$24
    Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood CE (MogStation)$59.9960%$24
    Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood (MogStation)$39.9960%$16
    World of Final Fantasy (Steam)$39.9960%$16
    Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (Steam)$29.9960%$12
    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII-3 (Steam)$19.9960%$8
    Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Steam)$19.9960%$8
    Final Fantasy XIII (Steam)$15.9960%$6.4
    Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster (Steam)$29.9960%$12
    Final Fantasy IX (Steam)$20.9960%$8.40
    Final Fantasy VIII (Steam)$11.9960%$4.80
    Final Fantasy VII (Steam)$11.9960%$4.80
    Final Fantasy VI (Steam)$15.9960%$6.40
    Final Fantasy V (Steam)$15.9960%$6.40
    Final Fantasy IV: The After Years (Steam)$15.9960%$6.40
    Final Fantasy IV (Steam)$15.9960%$6.40
    Final Fantasy III (Steam)$15.9960%$6.40


    Deus Ex TitleList% OffSale Price
    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Deluxe Edition (Steam)$44.9980%$9
    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (Steam)$29.9980%$6
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut (Steam)$19.9980%$4
    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Season Pass (Steam)$14.9973%$4.11
    Deus Ex: The Fall (Steam)$9.9980%$2
    Deus Ex: Invisible War (Steam)$6.9980%$1.40
    Deus Ex: GOTY Edition (Steam)$6.9980%$1.40


    RPG GamesList% OffSale Price
    Anachronox (Steam)$6.9980%$1.49
    Children of Zodiarcs (Steam)$17.9952%$8.63
    Children of Zodiarcs: Collector’s Edition (Steam)$22.9952%$11.03
    Dungeon Siege (Steam)$6.9980%$1.40
    Dungeon Siege 2 (Steam)$6.9980%$1.40
    Dungeon Siege 3 (Steam)$14.9980%$3
    I Am Setsuna (Steam)$39.9960%$16
    I Am Setsuna Collector’s Edition (Steam)$49.4860%$19.79
    Omikron: The Nomad Soul (Steam)$9.9980%$2


    More Square Enix TitlesList% OffSale Price
    Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain (Steam)$6.9980%$1.49
    Front Mission Evolved (Steam)$9.9960%$4
    Just Cause 3 (Steam)$29.9980%$6
    Just Cause 3 XL Edition (Steam)$44.9980%$9
    Kane and Lynch 2 (Steam)$9.9980%$2.12
    Kane and Lynch Collection (Steam)$19.9983%$3.40
    Kane and Lynch: Dead Men (Steam)$6.9980%$1.40
    Legacy of Kain: Defiance (Steam)$6.9980%$1.40
    Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (Steam)$6.9980%$1.40
    Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2 (Steam)$6.9980%$1.40
    Legacy of Kain Collection (Steam)$19.9980%$4
    Life Is Strange: Before The Storm (Steam)$16.9947%$8.40
    Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Deluxe (Steam)$24.9947%$11.99
    Life is Strange: Complete  Episodes 1-5 (Steam)$19.9978%$4
    Murdered: Soul Suspect (Steam)$29.9980%$6
    Oh My Godheads (Steam)$14.9940%$8.39
    Oh My Godheads: Collector’s Edition (Steam)$19.9941%$11.19
    Thief Collection (Steam)$44.9980%$9
    Yosumin! (Steam)$5.9960%$2.40


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