Square Enix Reveals Holy Dungeon, A Treasure-Digging RPG With Story From Takashi Tokita



Square Enix have several Final Fantasy mobile titles available, and also in the works, but they also have some original titles, such as the recently announced Holy Dungeon. Dengeki shares a look at the game, along with some details on how it’s played.



Holy Dungeon is basically an action puzzle title with RPG elements, where you form parties and take on dungeons.


The story is written by Final Fantasy IV designer Takashi Tokita, also known for being one of the directors of Chrono Trigger, and currently working on Final Fantasy Legends: The Space-Time Crystal. The artwork is done by Sou-taro.


horidan_03_cs1w1_298x horidan_04_cs1w1_298x

The above is a look at some in-development screenshots of Holy Dungeon. While it may look pretty simple, it has some strategic elements that will require you to make parties that consist of characters with all kinds of abilities.


horidan_05_cs1w1_298x horidan_06_cs1w1_298x

Your goal is to keep digging down the depths of the dungeon to find unknown treasures. The controls are pretty simple, since you can do everything by simple touches in this “hori” (meaning to dig in Japanese) dungeon game.


For those of you interested in the game, you can submit your email on the official website, to get Female Warriors Valkyrie, a balanced but powerful character. She’ll be given out to those who register early.



They also have a Twitter campaign going on, where they’ll give more rewards for every 1,000 retweet the game gets on the official Twitter account.


Holy Dungeon will launch in Japan sometime later this month for iOS and Android devices.

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