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Got a passion for games? Dream of becoming a video game journalist?
We’re looking for YOU.


There are a couple of positions for new staff writers at Siliconera and who better to ask than our own readers? We’re looking for creative writers to write up game reviews, featured stories and even cover live events. What’s in it for you? Compared to other sites that ask for pure "volunteer work" Siliconera can offer up event tickets, promotional items and review copies of games.


Because we can offer more than a lot of other game websites our standards are higher too. Writers will need to write a couple of articles a month, either reviews or feature stories. Staff writers should have some knowledge of Asian culture, hardware to play import / beta games and being able to read Japanese is always a plus.


Still brushing up on your Japanese? Don’t have import ready hardware? We still have a position for you. We’re also looking for a daily news editor to produce creative news stories, not just the same stuff you would see on another gaming site. We’re also looking for a graphic artist to join our ranks.


For the work that you do you’ll be well rewarded. Your stories will be read by thousands of people a day. You’ll be able to go to press events like E3 and get some cool promotional gaming gear. Plus you’ll net some free games from us.


If you’re interested shoot an email to staff (@) and send two samples of your writing. We’re looking forward to reading them.

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