Nintendo 3DS

Super Sonico Has A New Rival In SoniPro For Nintendo 3DS


If you thought the game was just going to have you and Sonico, however, you’ll have to find it in your heart to make some room for Sonico’s new rival, Starlight Bellstar.


A girl who has also suddenly burst onto the scene as a new idol, Starlight declares her intention to be Sonico’s rival during a live performance.




Never fear, however, you’ll be able to call on and talk to Sonico’s friends Fujimi Suzu and Watanuki Fuuri, the two other girls in Sonico’s three-girl band.



The game will feature some 20 different songs from a mix of popular songs and all-original music. Nitroplus is writing the new original scenario while Imageepoch are developing the game. If you missed it, the game’s debut trailer is here and the promotional trailer is here.