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KOF Chronicle Is A Tower Defense That Reenacts The Many Story Arcs Of The King Of Fighters Series

By Alistair . April 17, 2019 . 8:46am

SNK announced a new smartphone app called The King of Fighters Chronicle today, and it’s a free-to-play tower defense game similar to Metal Slug Attack.

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Final Fantasy XV Director Says They Are Investigating What’s Possible With Bringing FFXV To The Switch

By Casey . September 25, 2017 . 9:30am

Following director Hajime Tabata’s hints at a Switch version during Gamescom, Tabata discussed in a recent interview what Square Enix is planning to do with FFXV and the Nintendo console.

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Injustice 2 Announces Raiden From Mortal Kombat As Its Next DLC Character

By Casey . September 18, 2017 . 8:00am

Raiden will be released with the Fighter Pack 2 DLC next month, and is the second Mortal Kombat character to join the Injustice 2 cast, with Sub-Zero being the first.

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Boulder Boy – A Lolo-Like Puzzle Game About Magic Pugs & Determined Rocks

By Joel . September 9, 2017 . 9:00am

Boulder Boy will have to push objects, clobber enemies with rocks, and figure out the confounding environments of this cute puzzler.

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Final Fantasy XIII’s Lightning Is Now Playable In Final Fantasy Mobius

By Casey . September 6, 2017 . 8:00am

The Lightning event adds a variety of new enhancements, including a new storyline to the game, as well as the “Lightning Resurrection” system which allows players to unlock paradigms to gain powerful battle effects.

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Fire Emblem Heroes Reveals Its Event Schedule For September Including Fire Emblem Warriors Maps

By Casey . September 5, 2017 . 8:00am

Fire Emblem Heroes shared a look at a schedule of upcoming events for the month of September, which includes Grand Hero Battle Revivals and new Fire Emblem Warriors maps.

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Fire Emblem Heroes Devs On The Game’s Risqué Artwork And The Concept Of “Power Creep”

By Casey . August 31, 2017 . 9:30am

In a recent interview, Intelligent Systems director Kouhei Maeda and Nintendo director Shingo Matsushita tackled a variety of questions about the mobile game.

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Generation 3 Pokémon Have Been Discovered By Dataminers In Pokémon GO

By Casey . August 22, 2017 . 9:30am

Along with the names of Generation 3 Pokemon, dataminers also found the mention of an item called the “Super Incubator.”

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Pokémon GO Dates For Moltres And Zapdos Raids, On Technical Difficulties At Chicago Event

By Casey . July 26, 2017 . 9:30am

Niantic CEO John Hanke has commented on Pokemon GO Fest’s problems, citing network congestion as one of the key reasons to why many players were unable to access the game during the event.

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Lugia And Articuno Are Now Catchable In Pokémon GO

By Casey . July 24, 2017 . 9:30am

The two Legendary Pokémon are now capturable in the game, with the other two birds, Zapdos and Moltres, making “their way into the real world soon.”

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Pac-Man’s Mobile Game Gets A Touch Of Hello Kitty Cuteness With New Event

By Casey . July 21, 2017 . 9:30am

Bandai Namco has announced the Hello Kitty crossover event, called Hello Kitty ♥ Pac-Man, which will add a bunch of Hello Kitty-themed items including customizable ghosts and levels.

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Cat Quest Developers Talk About Where They Found “Ins-purr-ation” For The Game

By Casey . July 20, 2017 . 9:30am

2D action RPG Cat Quest is less than a month away from its release on Steam, and the indie title’s developer, The Gentlebros, have shared a new video in the form of a dev diary.

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The Nintendo Switch Online App Is Now Available On Smartphones

By Casey . July 19, 2017 . 9:00am

The Nintendo Switch Online app is now out on iOS and Android devices, just in time for its SplatNet 2 feature to be used with the upcoming Splatoon 2.

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Pokémon GO Celebrates Its One-Year Anniversary With Special Events Around The World

By Casey . July 13, 2017 . 8:30am

To celebrate Pokemon GO’s milestone, Niantic has announced a handful of special events which will be taking place around the globe.

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Terra Battle 2 Gameplay Video Shows Off The Game’s World Map And Battle Grid

By Casey . July 4, 2017 . 10:00am

In some new gameplay footage from Anime Expo 2017, Terra Battle 2 demonstrates the transition between the world map and onto its battle grid.

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