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The Exit 8 And Platform 8 Won’t Get Any More Sequels

The creator of the The Exit 8 and Platform 8 series of games stated that they’re done with making games like it. They plan on releasing an action game after Strange Shadow comes out in 2025.

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Kotake Create, the developer and publisher of The Exit 8 and Platform 8, said on social media that they started the series because they really like the underground subway. However, they’re satisfied now, so they don’t plan on releasing any more games within that universe.

The Exit 8 and Platform 8 both were popularity due to the prevalence of streamers playing them. Their gameplay loop is the same. You play as someone who’s trapped inside of an endless train or underground passageway. In order to escape, you must observe your surroundings and look out for anomalies. It’s kind of like Where’s Waldo, but with a somewhat more unsettling aesthetic due to the nature of some of said anomalies.

In Kotake Create’s announcement tweet, he QRT-ed a tweet he made in May 2024 about what kinds of games they want. According to that post, they want to make games like Inside, Little Nightmares, Sekiro, Katana Zero, Titan Souls, and The Last Guardian. Strange Shadow looks like it might have taken some inspiration from the first two. You play as someone in bright yellow who’s trying to hide and escape from a scary giant monster. According to the tags on Steam, it’s an action-adventure 3D puzzle platformer with psychological horror elements.

The Exit 8 is on Windows PCs and the Nintendo Switch. Platform 8 is on the Windows PC only. Strange Shadow will come out in 2025 for the WIndows PC.

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