The Only Working Nintendo PlayStation Prototype is Currently on Auction


In February 2020, auction site Heritage Auction began the bidding process for the Nintendo PlayStation prototype auction, after rumors late in 2019 that owner Terry Diebold was interested in selling the prototype.

Diebold became the owner of the only working Nintendo PlayStation prototype after it was grouped together and given to him after the bankruptcy of Advanta Corp., formerly headed by Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Olaf Olafsson. The prototype would later be repaired Youtuber and modder Ben Heckendorn, as the CD drive was broken at the time. Thanks to this, the prototype can play CDs like it was originally meant to (and like the actually released PlayStation), but no games were ever developed for the add-on.

Since the beginning of the auction a few days ago, the current bid has already risen up to $350,000, and it’s unknown how far prices might go. Diebold  previously stated that he turned down a $1.2 million offer to buy the machine from a Norwegian collector, and considering that it’s a rare relic with a place in video gaming history, every serious gaming collector or archiver likely has their eyes on this prize.

Bidding for the Nintendo PlayStation will continue until the morning of March 6, 2020, and the prototype will be officially auctioned off by noon on that date.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!