The Rose of Versailles Movie

The Rose of Versailles is Getting an Anime Movie Adaptation

Classic shoujo manga series The Rose of Versailles is getting an anime movie adaptation. The movie was announced as part of the series’ 50th-anniversary celebration, with comments from the series’ original creator Riyoko Ikeda. Alongside the announcement, an official website as well as a new teaser trailer and key illustration also appeared. The film is currently in development. [Thanks, ryokutya!]

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The Rose of Versailles began as a manga series that appeared in Shueisha’s shoujo manga magazine Margaret in 1972. The series revolves around Marie Antoinette and the fictional Oscar François de Jarjayes. The manga ran until 1973, after which TMS Entertainment picked it up for an anime adaptation in 1979. Since then, the series has appeared in many other forms, including numerous spin-offs and sequels, a live-action drama series, live-action film adaptation, and stage plays.

The Rose of Versailles Movie

The new teaser art for the movie shows the two main protagonists side-by-side. The caption reads “The lived, rashly, beautifully–” with Oscar holding a red rose, while Marie Antoinette holds a white rose. Furthermore, the teaser trailer shows several panels and artwork from the original manga, before centering on the aforementioned key illustration. In a message to fans, creator Riyoko Ikeda mentioned that fans had been asking for a new anime adaptation for some time. Despite this, Ikeda also expressed surprise and joy that fans’ wishes came true.

You can check out the teaser trailer for The Rose of Versailles movie adaptation below:

The anime movie adaptation of The Rose of Versailles is currently in development. There is no confirmed release date.

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