Trails of Cold Steel IV Altina Orion wedding party dress won official dakimakura poll

Trails of Cold Steel’s Altina Will Have an Official Fan-Voted Dakimakura

The Trails of Cold Steel series character Altina Orion will have a new dakimakura cover based on an official fan poll. Fuji Dakimakura has opened pre-orders for the body pillow cover that will be available at 13,800 yen (~$95). The game series’ publisher Nihon Falcom is also supervising the character designs on the cover.

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This is not the first time Altina has received an official dakimakura. Falcom and Fuji have previously worked together to produce the character’s first pillow cover in 2017. However, the design was entirely based on Trails of Cold Steel III without any fan input.

The companies held a poll asking fans about their favorite attire for Altina Orion from May 31 to June 7, 2022. The top two choices, which will appear in the new dakimakura, were the wedding party dress from Trails of Cold Steel IV and the black rabbit costume from Trails of Cold Steel II.

Pre-orders for the new Altina Orion dakimakura cover will remain open until November 8, 2022. All items will be made to order, and Fuji Dakimakura will ship them in December 2022. The company has stated that this item is only available to order exclusively in Japan.

Fuji Dakimakura has also shared an uncolored sample of the new pillow cover modeled after Altina Orion.

Trails of Cold Steel series protagonist Rean Schwarzer received similar treatment in the past. Falcom and Fuji Dakimakura held a poll in December 2021. The protagonist’s attires from Trails of Cold Steel II and III won the poll, and the companies made a new dakimakura design based on the results. They released the pillow covers in Japan in June 2022 with a single one-off production period.

The entire tetralogy of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel RPG series is available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. A new anime adaptation based on the franchise, subtitled Northern War, will appear in 2023 with a different cast of characters from North Ambria.

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