Hololive Tsunomaki Watame in Sound Voltex Exceed Gear
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Tsunomaki Watame Is Third Hololive Vtuber in Sound Voltex

Konami Amusement revealed that Sound Voltex Exceed Gear will have new in-game collaboration content based on hololive’s Tsunomaki Watame. The company will permanently add four songs from the Japanese Vtuber to the game’s lineup on June 6, 2024.

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The four songs in question will be “Ai-mai Chocolate,” “Donten Hitsuji / Cloudy Sheep,” “My song,” and “What an amazing swing.” As a reminder, “Cloudy Sheep” was the collaborative song Watame made with hololive English’s Calliope Mori. But due to some circumstances, Konami only mentions Watame and uses her solo artwork from the Watame no Uta vol.1 album.

At the same time, Konami will add unlockable content related to Watame at the Premium Generator. The lineup will feature a total of 30 items, which consist of 10 voiced stamps, 19 touch panel background movies, and Watame herself as an in-game Nemesis Crew. Unlike the songs, these items are only available until July 6, 2024.

In addition to in-game content, Konami will also hold a couple of Japan-exclusive sweepstakes that reward Watame-themed e-amusement pass cards. A simple X account follow-and-repost campaign will reward the horizontal card to 50 lucky winners. Meanwhile, every player who submit a complete Premium Generator collection can also receive a vertical card themed after Watame Night Fever.

Tsunomaki Watame will be the third hololive Vtuber to be personally featured in Sound Voltex. Konami had previously added Shirakami Fubuki in October 2023 and Nekomata Okayu in February 2024.

Sound Voltex Exceed Gear is available in arcades and PC via Konami Station. Tsunomaki Watame’s songs will appear in the rhythm game on June 6, 2024, and more in-game content based on her will be temporarily obtainable for a month until July 6, 2024.

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