Used Nintendo Wii for $50, Xbox Live Gold for $33 in Weekend Deals



GameStop is once again clearing out their inventory of excessive used Wii machines for cheap. This time they’re tossing in two games in the system (physical disk, pre-owned condition). The used bundle comes with a Wii System, one Wii remote with nunchuk/sensor bar, power cable, and audio/video cable. The two games are Super Mario Galaxy and Wii Sports. Deal is online only so you’ll have to tack on the value shipping charge.


Xbox gamers looking to refill their Xbox Live Gold for upcoming titles such as Battlefield 1 should look to Groupon this weekend, as the retailer is once again carrying 12-month subscription card. You can pick it up as little as $33 after using code FIRST during checkout (code is for “new” customers only via email/shipping address). Update: Apparently code no longer works on Xbox Live Gold. Sorry about that.


On the PC gaming side of deals this weekend is the Nemesis Bundle. This week Bundle Stars ran a Bundlefest sale, but on the last day they unveiled batches of new bundles. The best in our opinion is the Nemesis Bundle with your choice between 4 Steam games for $1.49 or 13 for $7.49.  Titles include Risen 3 – Titan Lords, Killer is Dead – Nightmare Edition, Deadfall Adventures, Toren, Broken Sword 5 – the Serpent’s Curse, and more.


Weekend Deals


Game TitleMSRP% OffSale Price
Nintendo Wii + Mario Galaxy + Wii Sports (Used)$84.9741%$49.99
Xbox One S 1TB Madden 17 Bundle + Controller$409.9815%$349.99
PlayStation 4 Black Ops 3 Bundle + NBA 2K17$359.9917%$299.99
Xbox Live 12 Month Gold (Physical Card)$59.9944%$33.74
Nemesis Bundle (Steam)$208.3796%$7.49
Cities: Skylines (Steam)$29.9976%$7.12


PC Deals


Game TitleMSRP% OffSale Price
BioShock: The Collection (Steam)$59.9913%$52.37
FIFA 17 (Origin)$59.9919%$48.49
Overwatch – Origins Edition$59.9926%$44.61
Shadow Warrior 2 (Steam)$39.9920%$31.81
Stellaris (Steam)$39.9925%$29.99
Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY$49.9942%$29.09
Fallout 4 (Steam)$59.9960%$24.05
Anima Gate of Memories (Steam)$19.9910%$17.99
Forgotten Realms Bundle (Steam)$59.9770%$17.99
Fallout 4: Far Harbor (Steam)$24.9940%$15.10
The Banner Saga 2 (Steam)$19.9929%$14.13
Rocket League (Steam)$19.9929%$14.13
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Steam)$14.9927%$10.95
Guild of Dungeoneering (Steam)$14.9956%$6.59
Valkyria Chronicles (Steam)$19.9976%$4.74


Console Deals


Game TitleMSRP% OffSale Price
NBA 2K17 Legend Edition + $10 Gift (Xbox One)$79.99
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End + PS4 Controller (PS4)$124.9840%$74.98
Forza Horizon 3 + $10 Gift (Xbox One)$59.99
Street Fighter V (PS4 – Used)$59.9970%$17.99
Battle Worlds: Kronos (PS4)$19.9925%$14.99
Tom Clancy’s The Division (Xbox One – Pre-owned)$59.9975%$14.99
Homefront: The Revolution (PS4 – Used)$39.9978%$8.99
Republique (PS4 – Used)$24.9964%$8.99


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