Vanquish Pre-Order Deal for Those Without Bayonetta


Vanquish arrived on Steam yesterday morning after much teasing from Sega and PlatinumGames. The sweeter deal for fans of PlantiumGames fan is that if you’ve already owned a copy of Bayonetta in your Steam library – you’ll be able to score 25% off the pre-order copy of Vanquish Digital Deluxe Edition.


But for the rest of us that may not have picked up Bayonetta (maybe the genre is simply not your cup of tea), you still have an option in scoring some pre-order savings on Vanquish thanks to a deal at GamesPlanet. As of writing, the UK digital retailer is selling Steam copies of Vanquish for £13.49 – which translates happily to about $17.45, making this a quick 13% off savings.


Game Title List % Off Sale Price
Vanquish – Digital Deluxe Edition (Steam) $19.99 13% $17.45
Bayonetta (Steam) $19.99 17% $16.59


On a side note, the key at GamesPlanet, while not region locked to North American gamers and Europeans, it is however locked for East Asia, including China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.


As with Bayonetta before it, pre-ordering Vanquish will net you the free bonus upgrade to the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game, which includes digital goodies such as an OST sampler, artbook, wallpapers, and avatars. Nothing exciting but if you’re a huge fan of the PS3 title, these are nice additional freebies in return for being an early adopter. For those who may be interested in Bayonetta, the current best deal is 17% off at Bundle Stars, which of course gets you an opportunity to pre-order Vanquish on Steam Store for 25% off.


Update: Apology for the mistake and not catching it earlier. On a better note, there is a nice trick to score both Bayonetta and Vanquish for cheap. If you add both games to cart at Steam, you’ll immediately receive 25% off on both titles during checkout. This, of course, makes this entire post pointless and an overall much better way to get both games at a cheaper price.



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