Walmart Still Has PS Plus 1-Year for $50 with Instant Delivery



While most retailers have increased their price on a 1 year subscription of the PlayStation Plus to $59.99, a few hold outs remain. Somehow Best Buy and Target are getting away with still selling physical cards the old $49.99 list, and one retailer is in fact granting instant gratification by pushing 1-year digital cards for only $49.99.


That retailer is Walmart, hawking 1 year PlayStation Plus memberships with email delivery for $49.99. Since it’s a PlayStation Plus membership no sales tax applies. There appears to be a purchase limit of 2 for whatever reason.


Retailers like GameStop, Amazon, and of course the Sony Store are all showing the new $59.99 list price since September 22. We expect Walmart to hike its price soon enough, but for the time being they appear to be the cheapest digital-only option out there.


If you miss this offer, we’ll probably see PlayStation Plus deals later this year around the holiday season. That said, the discounts are likely to be around this price point and not the at the older $39.99 price we’re used to seeing before the price increase.

Viet Do
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