Weekend Deals: New Low on Street Fighter V, Discount on Wii U & Games


It’s been a slow process since its February 2016 release, but the price on Street Fighter V is coming down. As one of the headliners in their “Fun with Friends” Summer Sale theme, Street Fighter V is 43 % off on PC making a new low of $34.29. That beats out the $39.59 we saw during the Steam Summer Sale and even the previous best $38.99 from earlier this month. The only catch on GMG’s deal is you need to login or create an account on their site to see the full discount. In fact, there are actually quite a hoard of decent co-op PC games this weekend in GMG’s Summer sale. Another big 2016 Triple-A title hitting a new low is Tom Clancy’s The Division dropping to $38.29 beating Steam’s $45 Summer Sale price and even the $40.19 Uplay is currently charging.


In the console deal world are a good bit of Nintendo deals to pony up your Summer earnings for. Xenoblade Chronicles X is hitting a new low in Best Buy’s Black Friday sale with a 50% drop to $29.99. In the hardware department, Nintendo is hawking a White refurbished Wii U Deluxe console with 2 games for $225 (not bad) or refurbished 3DS units for 15% off the New 3DS XL or 34% off the old 3DS XL. (Note that all the refurb units have full 1-year Nintendo warranty).


There is of course yet another Xbox One deal available this weekend with a plain vanilla “Name Your Game” bundle on sale for only $209 at Newegg’s eBay shop. You’ll be subjected to sales tax in a few states but it comes with free shipping and its a new-in-box unit for almost $200 flat. We suspect all of us will be seeing even more Xbox One deals in the coming days as the Xbox One S 2TB near its August 2nd release date.


Update: Added two Dark Souls deals from DLGamer, with new low on Dark Souls III for 40% off, plus Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin for 76% off. Plus, new round of GMG deals and crossed-out some of the dead deals from Best Buy below.


Top Weekend Deals


Game Title MSRP % Off Sale Price
Street Fighter V (Steam) $59.99 43% $34.29
Street Fighter V Deluxe Edition (Steam) $89.99 43% $51.29
Dark Souls III (Steam) $59.99 40% $36
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin (Steam) $49.99 76% $12
Batman: Arkham Knight (Steam) $29.99 60% $11.99
Xbox One 500GB Name Your Game Bundle $349 40% $209
Xbox One Special Edition Quantum Break Bundle $299.99 24% $229
Wii U + Mario 3D World, Nintendo Land (Refurb) $299.99 25% $225
New Nintendo 3DS XL (Refurb Black, Red) $199.99 15% $170
Nintendo 3DS XL (Red – Refurb) $174.99 34% $115
Nintendo 2DS Blue (Refurb) $99.99 31% $69
Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U) $59.99 50% $29.99


PC Deals


Game Title MSRP % Off Sale Price
Total War Grand Master Collection (Steam) $164.99 75% $41.24
Homefront: The Revolution (Steam) $59.99 40% $35.99
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition (Steam) $39.99 40% $23.99
Total War: Rome II Emperor Edition (Steam) $59.99 75% $14.98
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin (Steam) $49.99 76% $12
Rocket League (Steam) $19.99 40% $11.99
Tabletop Simulator (Steam) $19.99 60% $7.99
Ultra Street Fighter IV (Steam) $29.99 78% $6.57
Ultra Street Fighter IV Upgrade (Steam) $14.99 71% $4.29
Guns of Icarus Online (Steam) $9.99 57% $4.29
Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition (Steam) $19.99 80% $3.99
Injustice: Gods Among Us – Ult Edition (Steam) $19.99 80% $3.99


Console Deals


Game Title MSRP % Off Sale Price
Yoshi’s Woolly World (Wii U) $49.99 40% $29.99
Star Fox Zero (Wii U) $59.99 50% $29.99
Super Mario Maker (Wii U) $59.99 50% $29.99
Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. (Nintendo 3DS) $39.99 25% $29.99
Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain (PS4, Xbox One) $29.99 33% $19.99
Killzone: Shadow Fall (PS4) $19.99 25% $14.99
Tearaway: Unfolded – Crafted Edition (PS4) $19.99 25% $14.99
Until Dawn (PS4) $19.99 25% $14.99
Little Big Planet 3 (PS4) $19.99 25% $14.99
Bloodborne (PS4) $19.99 25% $14.99
Minecraft: PS4 Edition $19.99 25% $14.99
inFAMOUS Second Son (PS4) $19.99 25% $14.99
Power A Star Wars: Episode VII Styluses for 3DS $9.99 70% $2.99


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