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Weekend Deals: PS4 Drop to $250, Cheap For Honor and Tales Series


    Load of deals this weekend! Sony announced the PS4 Slim bundle is dropping back to its $249.99 holiday price starting tomorrow, February 12. If you’re thinking of picking one up, the $250 price is already on Antonline’s eBay store with an additional bonus. They’re tossing in a free Loot Crate “Mythic” bundle from November 2016, which grants you a T-shirt, Dragon Age Morrigan bobble head, and plenty of other geek out items bettering a discount to $250 alone. Because everyone knows these crates are so amazing.


    In the upcoming deals department Ubisoft’s For Honor is in Open Beta now through February 13 – right up to the games February 14 launch. If you’re in the PC beta, and think the Medieval Knights vs. Samurai vs. Vikings title looks worthy of a purchase, GMG is hosting a price drop on For Honor to $47.99 for the Standard Edition with a similar 20% off for the Deluxe and Gold Editions. Deluxe is down to $55.99 after discount which, if you planned on spending $60 anyway, is now cheaper than the Standard Edition at full price.


    Finally, GamersGate is continuing its 12th anniversary with a batch of new goodies, and this new round includes lots of Bandai titles at new historic low prices. Noteworthy among them are Tales titles for an excellent price – particularly Tales of Symphonia for only $4.80, a new low price for the Steam copy of the game. Not to be missed, Dark Souls III returns at its lowest price point of $27.


    Top Deals


    Game TitleList% OffSale Price
    PS4 Slim Uncharted 4 Bundle + Loot Crate$36031%$249.99
    For Honor Gold Edition (Uplay)$99.9920%$79.99
    For Honor Deluxe Edition (Uplay)$69.9920%$55.99
    For Honor (Uplay)$59.9920%$47.99
    Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Digital Deluxe (Steam)$79.9930%$55.99
    Sid Meier’s Civilization VI (Steam)$59.9925%$44.99
    Halo Wars 2 (Xbox One/PC Download)$59.9918%$48.99
    Xbox One S 1TB Console Halo Wars 2 Bundle$349


    Bandai Namco PC Deals


    Game TitleList% OffSale Price
    Dark Souls III Deluxe Edition (Steam)$84.9942%$49.29
    Dark Souls III (Steam)$59.9955%$27
    Project CARS GOTY Edition (Steam)$49.9972%$14
    One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 Gold Edition (Steam)$51.9978%$11.44
    Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin (Steam)$39.9972%$11.20
    Tales of Zestiria (Steam)$49.9979%$10.50
    Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (Steam)$19.9953%$9.38
    One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 (Steam)$39.9979%$8.40
    Tales of Symphonia (Steam)$19.9976%$4.80
    DeadCore (Steam)$9.9976%$2.40


    PC Deals


    Game TitleList% OffSale Price
    Sniper Elite 4 Deluxe Edition (Steam)$89.9920%$71.99
    Sniper Elite 4 (Steam)$59.9920%$47.99
    Mass Effect Andromeda (Origin)$59.9920%$47.99
    WWE 2K17 (Steam)$49.9920%$39.99
    Resident Evil 7 (Steam)$59.9933%$39.94
    Quantum Break (Steam)$39.9944%$22.49
    Dishonored 2 (Steam)$59.9952%$28.80
    Fallout 4: Season Pass (Steam)$49.9945%$27.49
    Nights of Azure (Steam)$29.9915%$25.57
    Grand Theft Auto V (PC Download)$59.9960%$24
    Fallout 4 (Steam)$59.9960%$24
    Doom (Steam)$59.9960%$24
    Just Cause 3 (Steam)$49.9960%$20
    Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires (Steam)$49.9960%$19.99
    Far Cry: Primal (Uplay)$49.9966%$17
    Final Fantasy XIV Online – Realm Reborn/Heavensward$29.9943%$16.99
    Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition (Steam)$19.9962%$7.50
    Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Bundle (Steam)$19.9975%$4.99


    Console Deals


    Game TitleList% OffSale Price
    Overwatch – Collector’s Edition (Xbox One, PC)$99.9920%$79.99
    Nioh Digital Deluxe (PS4 Download)$79.995%$75.99
    Nioh (PS4 Download)$59.995%$56.99
    PlayStation Plus 12-Month Card (Digital Code)$59.9918%$49.52
    Bioshock: The Collection (Xbox One, PS4)$59.9942%$34.99
    Dead Rising 4 (Xbox One)$59.9942%$34.99
    Forza Horizon 3 Deluxe Edition (Xbox One/PC Download)$59.9942%$34.99
    Gears of War 4 (Xbox One/PC Download)$59.9942%$34.99
    Steins;Gate 0 (PS4)$59.9944%$33.01
    ReCore (Xbox One/PC Download)$39.9950%$19.99
    No Man’s Sky (PS4)$59.9970%$22.98
    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (Xbox One, PS4) – Pre-owned$59.9978%$12.99
    Battleborn (PS4 – Pre-owned, Xbox One – Pre-owned)$19.9975%$4.99


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