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What’s the Best Halloween Game?

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As we head into Halloween weekend, it’s a great time for some choice seasonal entertainment! What do you think is the best Halloween game? It can be spooky or candy-filled or have cool costumes… whatever your criteria happen to be! Check out our picks and comment with your own.

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I’m going to go with a game that’s perhaps a tad unexpected. I’d say Mary Skelter 2 would be a solid pick.

There are some horror elements there. A Nightmare chasing you is… well, a nightmare! You experience a sense of pressure as you explore the Jail. And the fact that every heroine is connected to a fairy tale figure almost makes it seem like there’s some imaginary dress-up at play.

But it’s also a little more substantial than some games people might typically recommend as a “Halloween” title. Not to mention people who don’t do well with traditional horror games could play this dungeon-crawling RPG without fear. — Jenni

best halloween game monster prom

While it’s not a scary or heart-pounding horror, I think Monster Prom is a fun Halloween party game.

The monster characters you can choose to date are memorable and charming. When I played the first time, I immediately latched onto the sociopathic mermaid princess Miranda, but side events made me interested in the dorky vampire hipster Liam. It has great replay value, too, with secret endings, numerous love interests, and a short play time.

It may not be a fun game to play by yourself, though. Part of what makes Monster Prom so fun is the questions it gives you to discuss with your friends. That’s why it makes for a great game for a small house party. Or in this case, a Halloween party! — Stephanie

costume quest trick or treat

I’m not into spooky things, so the best Halloween game to me is more about the candy-filled nostalgia of youth. Costume Quest is a simple RPG with Paper Mario influences, but perhaps its best achievement is its length. It’s a game you can play in one evening, making it ideal for an annual occasion. The DLC and sequel are fine too, I guess, but the original holds the most magic. — Graham

What do you think is the best Halloween game? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter! And read our other handy roundtables for more thoughts from the Siliconera team.

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