After 30 hours of constant gaming, the attendees are ready to take their shiny new toy home. The line to pick up the 360 started at 5PM and it is still full with hundreds of gamers eagerly their console. The event’s closure started with a performance by rock group Louie XIV. Few people had their attention towards the band. Instead most people were patiently waiting in line without anything to play. At 8:55 PM the Best Buy trucks rolled in. Cheers roared from the crowd as the first person got his 360 while a thousand other people are still waiting in line.



Louie IV performing. Best quote: the lead singer said "I hope this thing can play Super Mario Brothers".



Eager gamers wait in line for hours to get their 360 first.




The first 360s roll off the trucks…




… and you can see the anticipation in the crowd.



He’s the lucky first owner!


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