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The Xbox One Elite Bundle is Now On Sale for $349



It seems like every time we turn around, there’s an Xbox One on sale. Just last week during E3, all Xbox One’s got a big price drop to $279 for the 500GB model, and a $299 model for the 1TB model. At that time, the Xbox One Elite has its price cut from $500 to $399, but then took a further dive this weekend with the Xbox One Elite falling all the way down to $349 – the standard list price of a regular Xbox One.


Considering the Xbox One Elite controller retailers for $150, this is a great deal. You get an Xbox One paired with a 1TB solid state hybrid drive (not to mention other little tidbits such as a controller carrying case, pictured below). Better yet, in this deal the Xbox One Elite Bundle will also qualify for a free game and extra Xbox One wireless controller promotion at the Microsoft Store (free controller is the regular Xbox One controller).


The Xbox One Elite $100 discount showed up unexpectedly on Friday and was sold out temporary through Saturday and Sunday, but it is now available again as of writing. We don’t expect supplies to last very long after the week – and to be honest we question if Microsoft will continue producing the premium unit after the introduction of the Xbox One S in August.


MSRP % Off Sale Price
Xbox One Elite Bundle + Controller + Game $499 30% $349
Xbox One 1TB Spring Bundle + Controller + Game $399 25% $299
Xbox One Quantum Break Bundle + Controller + game $349 20% $279




As a final note, at the $349 price range the 1TB Xbox One Elite is now squarely matched up with similar priced 1TB Xbox One S. Unless the Xbox One S has a hardware performance advantage elsewhere not listed,  we don’t see any reason not to go with the Elite bundle for the speedy 1TB SSDHD and a much more expensive (and valuable) Elite controller. Of course, if you’re not looking for an Xbox One, this comparison is a moot point ;)


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