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Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Bundle Now Available for Purchase



Chalk this up to yet-another-bundle to look out for this holiday season as Microsoft and EA announce the latest bundle partnership with a variety of exclusive Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Bundles, depending on the retailer of choice (yep they’re going that route).


In our count, the bundles with Battlefield 1 come in at three flavors: 500GB standard white for $299; 500GB storm grey for $299 (available at Walmart and Microsoft Store); and finally the 1TB Special Edition bundle with a “military green” unit. Any one of these three bundles will also include one month of EA Access (granting you early access to most EA titles and also The Vault, a collection of EA games on Xbox One).


While the grey model is exclusive to two retailers, we think the best deal for the Battlefield 1 Xbox One S bundle is actually at GameStop. Why? Out of all the bundles being offered at other retailers, GameStop is the only retailer offering a physical copy of Battlefield 1 – whereas other bundles are only digital download copies of Battlefield 1 for the Xbox One. Note that the 1TB bundle releases on Oct 18 while the 500GB bundle releases on Oct 21 – this is because the 1TB bundle comes with the “Early Enlister Edition” game.


Xbox One S Deals


Game Title MSRP % Off Sale Price
Xbox One S Battlefield 1 500GB Bundle $299.99
Xbox One S Battlefield 1 1TB Console Bundle $349.99
Xbox One S 500GB Halo Bundle + 4K Movie, Controller $387.75 21% $306.11
Xbox One S 1TB Madden Bundle + 4K Movie, Controller $437.75 18% $357.10


While there are no deals on any of these Xbox One S Battlefield 1 bundles as of writing, we believe as we near release date there may be extra incentives from select retailers. Don’t expect anything too grand in bonuses, at best we’re expecting something around $50 in value thrown in to move units. Possible candidate includes free Xbox Live Gold, $25 gift card, or some old game freebie.


If the bundle performs like the Fallout 4 bundle last year, the Battlefield 1 bundles may not even see any discount/bonuses all the way until the holiday season – long after Battlefield 1 has been released. As of writing, there are only two Xbox One S deals from large retailer, and both of them resides at Walmart. Both deals will grant you a bonus choice of a 4K UHD movie plus an extra off-brand controller for simply paying $7 more into the Xbox One S list price.


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