You wanted to upgrade your 500GB Xbox One anyway to the 2TB Xbox One S Launch Edition, but your thinking… why pull the trigger at $399.99? Well the console is full price everywhere and while you can’t escape it at least one retailer is going out of their way to pawn off some decent bonuses with the new Xbox One S. This week NewEgg’s eBay store has the 2TB Xbox One S with 4 free games for the same $399.99 it is everywhere else.


This deal at NewEgg includes several notable titles. The freebies are not oldies by any stretch as most were released within the last year: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six SiegeMetal Gear Solid V: The Phantom PainTom Clancy’s: The DivisionDishonored: Definitive Edition.


Together the free game bonuses add up to at least $100 in value. That is if you bought each game at its lowest price online right now. (If you bought each at their full list price they’d add up to $190, but we can probably all agree that’ll be a silly move).


For those interested, you may want to act fast because there isn’t much time to snag this discount. The deal went live last night with little fanfare and few sales. By the morning about 100 total units were sold, but not long after that total rose to 150 sold and a percentage of 50% sold. That means there’s only about 300 available with this offer and at the time of writing 210 Xbox One S bundles are sold. It’ll likely only be around until later tonight.


Rather wait to see more details on the Xbox Scorpio, or see potential deals for the 500GB/1TB Xbox One S? We’re sure a similar bundle deal will return later this month – so if you’re not in a hurry, patience is also a virtue. After all, this Xbox One S won’t be bringing anything new/major to Xbox gamers.

Viet Do
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