XCOM 2 Deluxe with Season Pass Cheaper Than Standard



Update: Coupon no longer works but you can still get a discount by logging in to see the discounted price on XCOM 2.


Welcome back, Commander. Next week Friday, February 5th marks the official release for Firaxis’ XCOM 2. The game is starting out at a typical $59.99 list price on Steam Store, but if you’re looking for a discount- there’s a pretty impressive one making its appearance at GMG. There the price has dropped to $43.80 after a new 27% deal for XCOM 2.


What’s better the same 27% discount code works on the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game. If you’re a die-hard fan of the series, this might be worth considering since the Deluxe Edition comes with XCOM 2‘s Season Pass: “Reinforcement Pack” along with the digital soundtrack. The discount at GMG on the Deluxe drops the price from $75 to only $54.75, essentially $5.24 cheaper than the standard edition on Steam Store right now (or if you had bought the Season Pass separately at a later time).


XCOM 2 Pre-Order Deals




Game Title MSRP % Off Sale Price
XCOM 2: Digital Deluxe (Steam Key) $74.99 23% $57.74
XCOM 2 (Steam Key) $59.99 23% $46.19


Both copies includes the pre-order bonus “Resistance Warrior Pack” which gives you more customization options for your resistance fighters. The 27% discount code listed above expires on February 1st at 8AM Pacific. If you miss this deal, we suspect it’ll be lowered to 20-25% off a few days before release. During checkout, look for the “Vouchers and Gift Cards” box and simply copy/paste in the coupon code we have listed above.


Is XCOM 2 Deluxe Worth It?


The “Reinforcement Pack” that comes with the Deluxe carries with it a $20 list price. You can also grab it with a 20% discount (instead of 27% ) at GMG for $16. The pack gets you three bonuses that will release before the end of the Summer 2016. The first “Anarchy’s Children” DLC will give you extra customization’s and its planned release is in the Spring of 2016. The other two “Alien Hunters” and “Shen’s Last Gift” release later in the Summer and will introduce more weapons, armor, missions, and a new soldier class.


If you’re already planning to buy the Season Pass from Day One, there’s little reason not to get the Deluxe as you’ll save about $5. If you’re usually not the type to grab additional content that comes in a Season Pass, we’ll stick to waiting for a price drop, future expansion, or an eventual “Complete Edition.”


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