Post 764227

SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays Producers Playstyle Differences Compared To Genesis

By Alistair . February 19, 2019 . 5:00pm

SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays’ producers sat down for an interview with Famitsu, where they talked about how the latest game in the series has changed compared to the last game.

Post 764231

Fate/Extella Link Launches March 19 In North America On PS4, PS Vita, Switch, And PC

By Sato . February 19, 2019 . 4:00pm

XSEED Games Announced that the upcoming Servant action game Fate/Extella Link will make its way to North America on March 19, 2019 for PS4, PS Vita, Switch, and PC via Steam.

Post 764201

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn Gets Story, Character, And Gameplay Details With New Screenshots

By Sato . February 19, 2019 . 3:00pm

We got to check out a prologue anime for Final Fantasy XV’s upcoming Episode Ardyn DLC. Square Enix shared the latest screenshots and details on the DLC including info on its story and unique gameplay.

Post 764176

Capcom Wants To Know What You Thought Of The Resident Evil 2 Remake

By Alistair . February 19, 2019 . 2:00pm

Capcom has released a survey on Twitter that asks players of the Resident Evil 2 remake what they liked and disliked about the game for reference.

Post 764015

The Kingdom Hearts III Endings Do Their Best To Provide Closure And Hope

By Jenni . February 19, 2019 . 12:00pm

The Kingdom Hearts III endings attempt to close out the events of the trilogy and their side games, showing what happened to the people we know, while also providing hope for the future.

Post 764169

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Shares A Glimpse Of The Lady Butterfly Boss In A New Video

By Sato . February 19, 2019 . 10:30am

FromSoftware’s upcoming action game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a month away from release, and we caught a glimpse of a new boss character known as “Lady Butterfly” in its latest video.

Post 764147

7scarlet PC Release Window Shifts To Spring 2019

By Jenni . February 19, 2019 . 10:00am

The 7scarlet PC release date has slipped to Spring 2019, according to its latest trailer.

Post 764162

Get A Look At Lan Di In Shenmue III

By Jenni . February 19, 2019 . 9:30am

A Shenmue III Lan Di screenshot has been shared, showing what the villain looks like in the latest installment.

Post 764153

SoulCalibur VI Update Adds School Uniform Creation Parts And Adjusts Libra Of Soul Exchange Rates

By Jenni . February 19, 2019 . 9:00am

The 1.20 SoulCalibur VI update gives everyone access to some school uniform creation parts for free, increases Libra of Soul rewards in some situations, and improves the Libra of Soul gold to SP exchange rate.

Post 764083

Super Robot Wars T Shows Off Supporter Commands With New Screenshots

By Alistair . February 19, 2019 . 8:30am

We previously reported on Super Robot Wars T’s Supporter Command system, which provide a variety of effects, and Bandai Namco has released more screenshots that show how they work.

Post 764128

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove Collection And Update Delayed By Several Months

By Alistair . February 19, 2019 . 8:00am

For one last time, Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove is getting a delay for the physical editions, digital update, and Treasure Trove 3-pack amiibo, with no new release date until everything is ready.

Post 764135

1001 Spikes’ Aban Teased As Blade Strangers DLC

By Jenni . February 19, 2019 . 5:00am

It looks like Blade Strangers DLC is on the way, with 1001 Spikes’ Aban as the next playable fighter.

Post 764141

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission Details Card & Mission Creators And Online Features

By Sato . February 19, 2019 . 4:30am

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission takes the card battle RPG action from arcade to Nintendo Switch, and the latest issue of V-Jump shared more details on its features including Card and Mission Edit.

Post 764121

Astral Chain Details Its Twin Heroes And Story Set In The Near-Future Metropolis Called The Ark

By Sato . February 19, 2019 . 3:30am

We recently got to check out new screenshots for the upcoming Switch action game Astral Chain and PlatinumGames shared additional details on its twin heroes and its story set in a near-future Metropolis.

Post 764048

YU-NO Remake’s Anime Launches On April 2, Here’s A New Trailer To Go With It

By Sato . February 19, 2019 . 2:00am

5pb. is releasing a remake of the classic visual novel YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World, and it is also getting an anime by Genco. Here’s a new trailer to go with its April 2 release announcement.

Post 764042

Overlord Is Getting A New Smartphone RPG Called Mass for the Dead In Japan On February 21

By Sato . February 19, 2019 . 1:00am

Develoer Exys announced that the dark fantasy light novel series, Overlord, is getting a new smartphone RPG called Mass for the Dead in Japan on February 21, 2019.

Post 764023

Sony Preparing To End PlayStation Vita Production For Japan In The Near Future

By Sato . February 19, 2019 . 12:00am

Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed through its official Japanese PlayStation website that the PlayStation Vita handheld console will be ending its production in Japan in the near future.

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