Little King’s Story Creator Starts His Own Company, Onion Games

At one point in their careers Harvest Moon creator, Yasuhiro Wada, and Little King’s Story creator, Yoshiro Kimura, both left Marvelous Entertainment (now Marvelous AQL)  to go join Grasshopper Manufacture. That move didn’t quite work out, and Wada and Kimura left Grasshopper’s employ in August 2011, less than a year after they joined.


Wada went on to create his own company, Toybox Inc., who are working on a Nintendo 3DS game titled Project Happiness. Toybox are also working in collaboration with Marvelous AQL and Access Games to produce a director’s cut version of Deadly Premonition for the PlayStation 3. Kimura, however, was unaccounted for until this past weekend.


On Sunday, Kimura announced via Facebook that he, too, has established his own company, which he calls Onion Games. You can access the Onion Games website here, but there’s not much to see, as it’s still under construction.


Wada and Kimura are good friends, but they aren’t working together again just yet. When we asked Wada if the two would collaborate again, he told us: “Right now, I’m not working with Kimura-san, but he is a good friend. He has been impressed at smaller games since they have many new ideas.”


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