More Disgaea anime details

By Spencer . February 17, 2006 . 3:21pm

NIS America has lifted the lid on the Disgaea anime. We’ve previously featured the trailer, but now we have more details about it. The series is rather short only, twelve episodes to chronicle Laharl’s quest to rise as king of the Underworld. We’ve already mentioned that Oriental Light and Magic is handling the animation, but now we know that the character designer from Initial D Akira Kano is handling character design. Kiyotaka Isako who directed Pokemon 4Ever is directing the series and the overall creation is handled by Atsuhiro Tomioka who’s behind Samurai 7. Also the original Japanese cast from the PS2 game will be returning to do voice work for the anime. As for the US localization it’s being handled by Geneon.



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  • Alex

    …why can’t we have the U.S voice actors as well? I personally loved the cast and thought it was well done.

    Geneon is going to **** this up I just know it.

    Prinny’s won’t sound cool and cute anymore :(

    Don’t get me wrong, I own “x” and am building “tenjho tenge” I like Geneon, I just want the original cast.

  • Just to clarify something we have not announced the US cast at all. We were saying that the Japanese PS2 cast will also being doing the Disgaea anime for Japan.

  • Alex

    Oh ok, hopefully they do it right.

    *remembers how they changed the voice actors from Saiyuki when they acquired Sayuki:reload*

    That’s what scared me in the first place.

  • George

    You really expected Geneon to use ADV’s own IN HOUSE dubbing studio to dub a title for them?

  • Geneon will likely use the same cast from the game.

  • Geneon MUST hire the same English voice actors as from the Disgaea PS2 VG…they were all superb in their roles.
    If the same voice cast returns, then this will definitely be an anime I am looking forward to ^_^

  • Alex

    I don’t see why not, as alot of those VA have been used in Geneons work. The guy who played Hakkai was one of the Dragons of Earth in “X”. I’m drawing a blank but I’m pretty sure I’ve heard other voices as well.

  • Well, the voice of Laharl (Barbara Goodson) works for Geneon so hopefully she’ll dub Laharl again! No one does Laharl’s laugh better than Barbara does! ^_^

  • Alex

    Ah, that is GREAT news :D Thanks for the heads up Saki.

  • steven

    It would be grate if they got the voice of laharl of course but no one can do the voice of flowne for her part she just sounds so damn inocent

  • Well Sandy Fox was the voice of Flonne and guess what. She also works for Geneon!^^

  • Dolan

    Ahhhh greater than disgaea 1: hour of darkness. It’s pretty anime and context display. I want want wanttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

  • Keltarian

    Voice cast for Maki Senki Disgaia
    As posted @

    Barbara Goodson …. Laharl (voice: English version)
    Amanda Winn Lee …. Etna (voice: English version)
    Sandy Fox …. Flonne (voice: English version)
    Michael McConnohie …. Captain Gordon/Maderas (voice: English version)
    Bob Papenbrook …. Archangel Vulcanus/Thursday/General Carter (voice: English version)
    Jamieson Price …. Seraph Lamington/Narration (voice: English version) (as James Lyon)

  • Keltarian

    Sorry didnt finish post…
    These are the game voices. So now if you didn’t know what names to look for, you will now.

    I for on hope every single on comes back. And does the voices for D2

  • JoJoJo

    I saw the 12 episods of Disgaea the Anime… Well, I like the game more than the anime now. Both have different story, not totaly though.

    But I like the Red Moon episode;)

  • momoko-senpai

    so is it just 12 episodes or is there more?

  • Morgan

    There will be more.
    About disgaea 2, laharl makes slight apearences

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