Welcome to Siliconera. We’re a site dedicated to covering interesting videogames and all things related to them. We hold our community in high regard, and try to make it a friendly, informative place for people. We achieve this by enforcing a carefully designed set of rules, and ask that you adhere to them so everyone can have a good time.

1. Read and think before you write: If you intend to enter the discussion in the comments, make sure to read the full article properly. Once you’re done, take a moment to think about what you’re going to say. Are you discussing a subject you’re well-versed in and have researched? If not, you’re probably better off not saying anything. Are you being rude or derogatory? If so, you risk your commenting privileges.

2. Keep complaints relevant: During Siliconera’s day-to-day discussions, touchy subjects often arise—localization or the lack thereof; physical and digital distribution; company policies and system preferences; social issues and so on. If the article directly relates to your concerns, feel free to discuss it in a civil manner. Don’t call people names, don’t call people fanboys, don’t call people shills. If the matter is of such great a concern to you that you can’t keep it civil or let it go, you’re better off talking to the game developer in question directly.

3. Don’t beat a dead horse: Don’t like a particular game or company or issue and really want to voice your thoughts? That’s fine. (See rule #2) However, once you’ve had your discussion, let go. You don’t need to post the same comments about a game in every new article once you’ve had your say. Don’t keep bringing the same complaints up in every single post that is even slightly related to your concerns. Let other people express their opinion for a change, unless you have something new and interesting to add to the discussion.

4. No begging for ports: We’re sorry that “Super Awesome Game X” isn’t available for a your favourite console, but spamming the comments with “why isn’t this for NeoGeo Pocket” isn’t going to make it happen. DO NOT beg for ports or complain when games are announced systems you don’t own or don’t like. Platform choices are made by developers for a wide range of reasons. If you intend to argue with these choices, you’re better off talking to the developer in question directly.

5. No posting GIFs: Please refrain from posting GIFs. They take up bandwidth and resources, increase page loading times, often involve tired memes, add nothing to the discussion, and are a lazy way post a comment without actually saying anything.

6. Moderation: The moderation team at Siliconera is tasked with keeping the site’s community: (1) insightful and (2) welcoming. They take whatever measures they need to, in order to achieve this. Don’t derail discussions to argue with the decisions of the moderators, mock/berate them, or attempt to dictate how their job should be done. None of the aforementioned will be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban. If you have questions or concerns, a number of our moderators can be found on Twitter. If you follow rules 1 – 5, you’ll never come under scrutiny in the first place.

IN SUMMARY: Don’t be “that guy”. Don’t be the guy that’s always trying to use one-liners and cynicism to sound smart. Don’t be the guy that’s always complaining about the same thing over and over again. Don’t be the guy that only plays games on one console and complains every time other systems get great exclusives. Don’t be the guy that’s close-minded and unwilling to entertain the idea that there’s more than one kind of “gamer”.

These guidelines will be made available in a more permanent place on the site in the near future. Until then, if you see anyone acting funny, feel free to link them to this post!