Dream characters in Super Smash Brothers Brawl

By Spencer . June 6, 2006 . 1:05pm

Everyone’s excited about the news straight from Masahiro Sakurai, the director of Super Smash Brothers Brawl, that there’s going to be a couple extra non-Nintendo characters aside from Snake coming to the Wii fighting game. The only rule for a character to join the ranks is that they had to already been in a game on a previous Nintendo platform. Who’s going to be in it? It’s anyone’s guess at the moment, but we picked out ten characters that we hope will make the list.

Mega Man


The Mega Man franchise was born on Nintendo consoles and plenty of fans would love to see Mega Man square off in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. As for attacks he would have to have his Mega Buster with charge function and the slide kick. Maybe Nintendo could add Cutman’s blade, the gravity hold to grab mid air enemies and slam them to the ground or the search snake for a homing attack. Or Nintendo can ditch classic Mega Man and go with Mega Man EXE to capitalize off the success of the GBA / DS games.




After years in hibernation Bonk, Hudson’s PC Engine / Turbo Grafix 16 mascot is coming out of retirement. He previously appeared in some Super Nintendo games and Bonk’s Adventure will be part of the Wii virtual console. Bonk is known for head bashing attacks so he could have combos based off of that alone. Another possibility is to give Bonk his super huge form that he gets when he eats meat. He could transform similarly to Zelda/Shiek.


Lloyd Irving


The protagonist in Tales of Symphonia, one of the few RPGs on the Gamecube, would fit right into to the cast of Super Smash Brothers Brawl. In Symphonia Lloyd is an idealistic hero that wields two swords. Giving him moves is easy since he already has an arsenal of ranged and aerial attacks shown in Tales of Symphonia. Lloyd could use his demon fang attack as a ranged projectile that skims the ground, tempest for an aerial assault where Lloyd spins in the air with his blades and sword rain for an upfront combo.



Even though Bomberman was a successful NES title there’s little chance that he will make it in Smash Brothers just because Link already throws bombs and Snake is going to have bomb attacks too. Unless he comes in the game with one of the kangaroos like in the Super NES games or in a Go Kart Bomberman is going to be an unlikely addition.




Sure it’s possible that Pac-Man could jump into Super Smash Brothers Brawl, he is already racing against Mario in the Mario Kart arcade game. But what kind of attacks would the yellow mascot have? Surely he just can’t run around and bite everyone. If Pac-Man is going to enter the Smash Brothers arena he will probably have skills similar to the Pac-Man World games like his flip kick and ground pound attacks.


Crystal Chronicles Fighters


Now that Square-Enix and Nintendo ironed out their differences maybe one of their Crystal Chronicles characters can enter into Smash Brothers. It would be easy to make up a couple of slicing combos for a Selkie or Clavat, but Nintendo could play on the materia combination element to make unique character. Maybe a different materia element can be mapped to different special attack button combinations. Up + special attack could be thunder and forward + special attack could be for fire. Once a player does one of these moves the materia would charge up for a simple spell. Or if a player did two button combinations to mix materia a new spell like gravity or holy could come out.


Chibi Robo


Skip’s little robot helper robot isn’t much of a fighter, but does have a blaster to defend himself. If Chibi Robo did come into Smash Brothers Brawl he could use his cup as shield and the water filled syringe to make puddles that other players can trip on. Or take advantage of his different costumes, like his ghost suit to scare other players.


Viewtiful Joe


Capcom’s comic book loving superhero is a fairly popular character that would be a welcome addition to Super Smash Brothers Brawl. It’s easy to give him an arsenal of punching and kicking moves like the Air Joe kick. He can even have the voomeriang for a projectile attack, but what would make Joe a really cool character is if he had his time bending powers. Maybe Joe could have limited use of mach speed by holding down an extra button while attacking. Or switch into slow motion for powerful attacks for a couple of seconds.


Leon Kennedy


If Snake can make it into Smash Brothers, why not Leon from Resident Evil 4? He would be a harder character to create since Leon would have to use guns and a bunch of other characters already have ranged attacks. Maybe Leon can have knife/kicking combos for upfront attacks and the rocket launcher for fighting from a distance. Another option is that Nintendo could have Leon call out his zombies to attack similar to Jill in Marvel vs. Capcom 2.




Sonic would be one of the best choices to add into Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Mainly because retro gamers would love to duke it out between the two ex-rivals. Sonic could have his homing jumping attack from the Sonic Adventure series as a primary air attack along with his rolling attack. If Nintendo wants to really up the ante Sonic could give him guns like Shadow… wait scratch that idea. Just make Sonic faster than everyone else and add in a couple of random shield power ups in the rotation to draw in all of the Sega fans.


We highlighted some of our favorite additions, but who would you guys like to see in Super Smash Brothers Brawl?

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  • the_importer

    How about the L shape block from Tetris as a Joke character (like Mr Game & Watch)?

    Watch out Mario, it’s the rotation of death

  • KageNaruto

    most likely 3 are sonic, megaman, and viewtiful joe.

    if lloyed irving is in this game that would be sweet cause tales of symphonia is like my all time fav game

  • f


  • Yuki~Summer Ver.~

    Rather than Leon, I’d say Ada.

  • I want to see lil’Mac from Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. Working in a projectile for him would be odd too, but the super punch would be spot on for a up + B recovery! I liked the Lloyd Irving and FF:CC char ideas. Perhaps something like one of the generic jobs from the early FF games; I would love to play as “Generic Black Mage.”

  • My apologies about the double post, but this just came to me. Crono from Chrono Trigger would be great.

  • John H.

    Mega Man, ideally, would be a Kirby-type character: he should be able to gain the abilities of the other players.

    If I designed this, Simon Belmont would be an interesting addition. He’d have to have the classic Castlevania control (no changing direction in midair), which would make playing him very different from the others. However, his primary attack, the whip, would be long range. He’d also be a very heavy character.

    He probably wouldn’t work as a main character, but I’d love to see older HAL mascot Lolo have a cameo.

    It’ll never happen (since the character is almost unknown overseas), but Namco’s Valkyrie is awesome, and would be another sword-wielder.

    Sonic would be terrific, and would even readily present an interesting balance system: I’d give him a limited moveset (the Genesis games had one-button control), but much faster than the other characters, and incorporating the bounce physics that made the Genesis games so much fun.

  • SHObu

    If the only criteria to be met is that it appeared on a Nin-console, how about…

    Chun-Li / Ryu / Cammy / Sakura from Street Fighter
    Xianghua / Kilik / Voldo from Soul Calibur II (best fighter on GC IMO)
    I second previous comment’s idea of Crono or Magus (YES…) from Chrono Trigger.

  • Jorge Zermeno

    I really think Princess Daisy NEEDS to be in the game. She deserves to be in it. I also think the game needs more female characetrs in it, I’d say they should add a Gerudo lady too and Jody Summer. I want to see more female charcetrs in the game and im hoping so.

  • Firefly

    It would be nice to see Toad in the game.

    As for non-Nintendo characters, Sonic is a must. I’d also like to see Dig Dug or someone from the Dig Dug series (like a Pooka). Pac-Man would also be a good choice. That means you’d have a game with Nintendo mascots and a Konami, Sega and Namco mascot as well.

  • KingCole32

    I really second the Chrono/Magus suggestion and also add in Glann. Not Frog, Glenn. These would be easy characters to implement in all aspects. They each have numerous moves to choose from when mapping out the character, they wouldn’t need nearly as much tweaking visually as, say, Pit did, and there’s a ton of areas to choose from should they get their own level.

    Another like suggestion would be the protagonist from Secret of mana or the swordsman from Seiken Dentetsu 3 for just about nearly the same reasons. As I think about it, most of the suggestion fall under this set of reasons.

    Something else I’d like to see is the Double Dragons or Battle Toads. Who doesn’t remember those glorious games, really?I second the Lloyd notion as well.

    As of right now, that’s all I can think of.

  • nintendo freak

    i agree with symphony, chrono would be great!!!!!!!!

  • I think Ridley from the Metroid series should be in mainly his form from Metroid Prime. Sonic MUST be in it with Shadow too but not Tails cuz he sucks. Megaman Zero should be there Cloud Strife should be a must ( He was in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories) and I forgot Knuclues.

  • I would like to see Waluigi. He should have long and high jumps and quick hand-to-hand combat, combine with his long legs he would be fun to play as. And he should have some good attacks, as well:
    B: Waluigi Whack (A Schargeable smack with a Hammer, like Paper Mario :D)
    VB:Waluigi Hurricane (Like Luigis luigi cyclone)
    AB:Ultrasuper-kick (A backwards midair salto for an extra jump. not good attack)
    >B:Rage of the Sidekick (He runs forward,red in anger, og when he hits somebody they will get kicked, punched and headbuttet to 30%. the attack should be unstopable ultil it hits something, så careful with the edges)
    he would be a fine edition :-)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i hope sonic, mega man, viewtiful joe are in the game they are my favorite characters.

  • unknown

    how about Sonic and amy just like mario and peach

  • Jon

    Someone posted this on another site, and I realized how awesome the idea truly, truly was….

    Are you ready?

    King Hippo, from the Punch Out games! Reminds me of my days on old school NES, and if anyone deserves to be in a fist-fighting game….

  • Strudel X

    Lloyd Irving from tales of symphonia would be excelent, maybe more from that game? ie: Genis sage, Raine, regal, etc.

  • General Bradley Mellen

    Put chibi Robo and lloyd Irving and Genis or i will be very displeased.



  • Tim

    Quite frankly, I think that the Pokemon named Gloom should be in Super
    Smash Bros. Brawl because it would have some pretty good attacks such as Solar Beam, Petal Dance, Sludge Bomb, and High Jump. It might not be a
    Pokemon attack but High Jump is a special move that makes Gloom jump high in the air like Mario’s Super Jump Punch. Gloom could probably punch and kick despite the short arms and legs, so I want to ask if it can be
    in Super Smash Bros. Brawl because that would be great. I’m looking forward to the game coming out.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Sonic, sonic, sonic all the way, but since sonic is almost certain, megaman, crono, and maybe someone from streetfighter.

    With two samus versions they should also add a metroid enemy to the group

  • I am sure there are going to have sonic viewtiffful joe,and megaman.I also know that they are cutting of ice climbers,young link and ness.If you ask me I hate the fact they are cutting young link.That is my upmost favorate characters.I also would love to have toad on there.I also know that they are all going to have super moves.That is great.I think they should put on diddy kong because he is a good character in all donkey kogs games.He should have a special with his jet packs.If any creaters or modifiers are reading this then please take my opinion to consideration.Because I am your biggest fan.I also would like to become a video game designer because of your games.I am also a fan of viewtiful joe.But the kid with the yoyo is my avorate.For all my fellow fans.I bid you adoo.

  • Chriss

    if they don’t put in sonic that would suck sooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!

  • Black Shadow

    Oh yes, Sonic will definitely bd sent in to the brawl, but what about Ark frow the old school game Terranigma? A lot of you have probably never heard of him( before your time) He would definitely add some creative flavor to the mix of fighters.(Wields a spear, not a sword)

  • Bjork

    Seems to me like that guy from “Clu-Clu” land is a likely candidate…… you know…… the little red bubble……… along with that guy in the hang glider……… After all, they have been going overboard with the NES characters as of late.

    Other possibilities: Paperboy (Of “Paperboy” fame)
    Banjo/Kazooie (Of “Banjo-Kazooie”)
    Metal Mario (About time that guy had his moment in the spotlight)
    King Dedede (From the “Kirby” franchise)
    Diddy Kong (I really want to see them bust out those “Peanut” and “Coconut” guns from the N64 game)
    Master hand (>.>;;;)
    Bob-ombs (A la Mario)
    Shy guys (Another famous Mario character)
    Paper Mario (We got to see Dr. Mario; who knows what other Mario variations we may get to enjoy)
    Tony Hawk (Those games were/are QUITE popular, and since they’ve all but died out, I doubt it would be a challenge to buy the rights to use ’em in SSBB)
    One of those animals from “Animal Crossing” (I hate to say it, but those games are damn popular)
    Anyways, the list goes on and on. Do any of you guys agree with me?

  • guy

    Paper Mario – Mr. Game and Watch
    Captain Blue, Dante from Viewtiful Joe
    King De De De – Bowser
    Cloud and/or Sora from Kingdom Hearts on the GBA
    Isaac, Felix, ect. from Golden Sun
    Crash? Probably not
    Dragon Ball? Hope not
    Astro boy?
    Megaman/Bass unlockable?
    Zatchbell – ? Hope not
    Boktai would be sweet and unexpected

  • guy

    supermonkey ball? perhaps as a pokeball type weapon?

  • guy

    mastercheif would be cool with solid snake but it wont happen

  • guy

    Oh and…
    Bub and Bob from Bubblebobble would be cool as a team like the Ice Climbers are…
    …Or Kolona

  • Grego

    If they kick out the Ice Climbers which i hope they dont, then i wouldnt mind seeing the Snow Bros (Nick or Tom)

    If they had a Paper Mario character, then his level could be set up all flat cartoony like the old Gensis title Comix Zone, where they could rip through the frames into other sections, i always like that about Comix Zone.

    I agree with Battletoads, Sonic would suck.
    Tak is another one i hope they dont use.
    Daisy shouldnt be there, nor should Peach (though it would be cool if you could shout emotions into the microphone and trigger her Super Princess Peach emotion attacks, if they want more than Samus possibly that woman from Project No.3)
    For a Wizard type character, what about that little kid from Holy Magic Century 64, he was okay from what i recall.

    One of the Rakuga Kids, or a character from Clayfighter.
    possibly the man/beast from Altered Beast.

    I wont be surprised if there is a way to unlock the team of Baby Mario/Luigi from Superstar Saga.

    all the above would be cool, but im just glad that they thought of Pit from Kid Icarus.

  • THE WIZ think it would be great if they also put Kratos from Tales of Symphonia in the game too. He could be a better match than Lloyd but I rather have them both. Because if we have a team battle their is no better team than them two. Its father and son, what better combination is that. I can already see in my head what some of his moves would be. B button would be double demon fang. Up and B would be the move were he spins up in the air, I forgot what it was called. Down B would probably be a fierce demon fang or another demon fang attack. Finally, over and B could be some kind of combo. I don’t really know because their are soooo many moves that he has, its hard to choose. But if you put Lloyd in the game, you have to put Kratos in their too. They would be like the Marth and Roy of Brawl. And I know alot of people would play with him if you give him the right moves. Their is no swordsman better than Kratos. Even in his own game he prove his skills over and over again.

  • KageNaruto

    you know how in melle they have fox and falco? cap falcon and ganondorf?

    they should do that with yoshi and birdo. lolz

  • Anonymous

    ryu from breath of fire or the brothers from double dragon

  • Ultromitous62

    ssbb should put more pokemon charcters on tere like the pokemon called
    deoxis or something, the two ancient pokemon called groudon and kyogre
    and meowth

  • Ultromitous62

    how many stages ar going to be on ssbb?
    i think that the stages should allow you to travel a greater distance,and allow
    you to interact more with the stages,more items and how about making the characters do a double team move(for instance, kirby could suck some of
    metaknights power then you could press z+b^, which causes kirby and metaknight to slash someone up with a sword from both sides the n they jump do a frontflip and then slash that person down with a sword.)

    other combinations could be with mario and luigi,fox and falco,(if waluigi is on the game) and wario,donkey kong and (possibly diddy kong), and roy and marth

  • In responce to whoever mentioned that Daisy should be in the new game… she was in the old one as a costume swap. She is the one that looks like… well… Daisy. I’m not sure if anyone has metioned it, but the guy from Bionic Commando would make an awesome character. Another good one would be Prince Nick and Prince Tom of Whiteland from Snow Brothers.

  • Ultromitous62

    how many characters exactly are on super smash brothers brawl?
    and do they all have super smash moves, so far i have seenkirby,mario,and link’s super smash moves.
    also are there going to be selectible costumes for each character?

  • Ultromitous62

    frogger,diddy kong,and probably someone that you woudn’t expect to show up on ssbb other than snake like dante from devil may cry

  • WE NEED SONIC!!!!!!!!!!!

    note: i wuz already screamin when they said he might not be there!!!! let the world know that WEEEEEEEE NEEEED SOONICCC!!!!

  • Ultromitous62

    acording to WE NEED SONIC !!!!!!!!!!!! he thinks we really need sonic but
    if ssbb needed him that bad he would be the first new character in ssbb


  • THE WIZ still think If they put Lloyd in the game then they should put Kratos in the game too. I know this is the last chance I have to put Kratos in the game, and I know they’re putting Sonic in the game too. Just look at all the people that want hin in the game. I just thinking that would Sonic be fun to play with though. I can’t really see him in the game. Plus, what moves would he have. But I still would like Kratos in the game. Just trust me, the ssb series is like my favorite series. I was unbeatible on both games. On Tales of Symphonia, Kratos was my favorite character to play with because of his moves and cool attitude. Alot of people would play with him just because he looks cool I already know. So pleeeease I would so appreciate it if you put him in the game. I would like to show people my skills with Kratos to everyone in the world by destroying people online.

  • THE WIZ has been on so many sites trying to put Kratos in the game. Im not going to stop till they finish the game. Im so determined on putting one of the best and coolest swordsman in the game. Just look at some of the characters that some of the people are picking. Some of them will never be on the game and some of them just suck. But me all I want is cool, fun people to play with. Thats why I say if you put Lloyd in the game put Kratos too. or just Kratos it doesn’t matter.

  • THE WIZ forgot to put this in the other reply. But Lloyd and Kratos could be the Marth and Roy of Brawl. Remember these words. Just look at Kratos and how he fight in Tales of Symphonia. You would be like ” he’s hardcore and could be fun to play with, we just need the right moves”. Trust me, look at how he fights and then look at smahs bros. He’s for this game what more do I have to prove you to put him in this game other than people who agree with me. But just find some people to play with him and see if they would play with him.

  • Bjork

    hmmmm…………….. some more “Earthbound” characters wouldn’t be too bad, either………… “Starman”, for one thing. To be honest, you guys, it seems like the majority of characters, from what I’ve heard, are going to be Nintendo-owned/centralized, meaning that Sega cross-overs will be (Unfortunately) minimalized.
    Another fun character that I would really like to see, though, is “Boo”, from the Super Mario games. He could, idealistically, be a character with similar attributes to Jigglypuff, especially because hypnosis (Synonymous with “Sleep induction” in this example) goes well with ghosts.
    Oh, and another fun character would be James Bond, especially the character from the N64 platform. That was quite a game….

  • Kratos is an angle so you know he’s strong you can make him have wings or not.

  • SSB really just needs more females, period. While it’s nice that we already have Peach, Samus, and Zelda/Sheik, we really need more “tough girls” on the roster. Meryl Silverburgh, for instance. Terra from FF6 would be a natural (though perhaps her Esper transformation would be going overboard), and why not Lip (since her wand is already in the game)?

    But if I really wanted to dream…I’d vote for Maria Renard from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Martial arts kicks, fireballs, and summon spells. Or perhaps they could use Maria as she appeared in Dracula X for PC Engine…a little 13-year-old girl laying the royal smackdown by throwing doves and kittens at people. Pure bliss.

  • Tim

    Does anyone agree to my comment about Gloom? If you do, PLEASE
    leave a comment to me now.

  • JW

    HEre are some guys i think should be in it.

    Mortal Kombat characters in a more tamer form
    earthworm jim
    Advanced war soldiers
    pikmins Omir
    viewtiful joe
    my favorite, Dante

  • tim if you heard in my other comment i said SSB NEEDS MORE POKEMON CHARACTERS!!!

    so yes tim and that means when i say MORE POKEMON CHARACTERS
    so that includes gloom because that is a pokemon.

  • I AM ASKING PLEASE TO PUT (here is a list)IN SSBB

    1.diddy kong
    4.dante(devil may cry)
    5.dig-dug(great character)
    6.more poemon(includes gloom)
    7.at least 5 MORE GIRLS,at least

    and probably the little space ship from galaga
    he could fly down and shoot everything that was part of alien
    life form.(great idea)

  • Great article! My vote is for Bonus Kun :)

  • Tim

    R-really?! You actually agree?! I can’t believe it! This is so great!
    I sure hope you other people agree because I really want Gloom to be
    in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. PLEASE do you all REALLY think that it
    would fit perfectly?! If you do, please leave me a comment.

  • Tim

    Another Pokemon that I want to be in Super Smash Bros. Brawl is
    Poliwag. So does anyone agree? If you do, PLEASE leave me a comment now.

  • I have a list of characters I think should be in SSBB.

    1. Waluigi
    2. Diddy Kong
    3. Bowser Jr.
    4. Olimar
    5. Krystal
    6. Petey Piranha
    7. King Boo
    8. Birdo
    9. Stalfos
    10. Orca
    11. Sharpclaw
    12. Ridley
    13. Spyro
    14. Sonic
    15. Tails
    16. Jirachi
    17. Pac-Man
    18. Billy Hatcher

  • recneps

    dude Krotos needs to be in this game with the wings would be awsome but even if he doesnt have the wings he could easily become the koolest character on the game because, well, lets just lay it straight, Krotos is the koolest character in the tales of symphonia game and if lloyd is in it then so is Krotos ya all the way!!!!

  • It doesn’t matter what you say on this website cause it won’t make it to he creators of the game. You only can make an request on the official japanese super smash bros. website. But it really doesn’t matter cause their not taking anymore requests.

  • Recneps I agree with you. But you spelled his name wrong. Anyways, I really do agree with you. Their is no better swordsman than Kratos. He’s much better than Link, and on the game Lloyd only beat him once and that was at the end. Thats why I say if they put Lloyd in the game, then they should put Kratos too. Plus, he’s Lloyd father so you already know whos better.

  • Everyone stop saying Sonic, they’re aleady going to put him in the game so does it matter.

  • BigNfan

    I think Sonic and Tails would be awesome, and Leon S. Kennedy would be cool as well.

    The Prince of Persia character would be a great addition as well.
    Although I’m not really a fan of WaLuigi, they should add him in since they are adding Wario.

  • Tim

    Does anyone else agree to my comment about Gloom? If you do, PLEASE
    leave a comment to me cause I really want it to be in this game.

  • gamer101

    i think they should add sub-zero and scorpion 2 the game. think about it that would be hot right.

  • Bjork

    Tim, shut the hell up about Gloom. The odds are about 1/50,000 that they would add ANOTHER pokemon character, especially one that is so generic and mundane. If they DO add a Pokemon, it will be one with relevance and importance, as well as common association (i.e. Meowth, etc.). Whining about Gloom makes you sound like you have no life at all >.>
    I could understand if you brought Gloom up ONCE and said “Hey, this guy is cool”, but you REPEATEDLY whine about how important it is that Gloom be in SSBB. Do you have something of a pokefetish?

  • I think Sasuke and Neji from Naruto should be in the game.

  • Also Luffy from One Piece, Sora and Cloud from Kingdom Hearts 2, Sonic and Shadow, Browser Junior, Slippy from Team Star Fox,

  • Tim

    No way, Bjork! I just thought that it would be a great addition to Super Smash Bros. Brawl and also Ultromitous62 agrees to it. So show me some respect all of you cause I don’t want to start an arguement all right? Let’s try to get along.

  • Beans

    Uh, these people dont know what they are talking about. Like, they are asking for characters that aren’t gonna be there cause they aren’t nintendo. Also, Sonic probably isnt gonna show up, so dont buy the game, cry about it, and let me get a coppy instead. Its not about who is in the game, its about the game.

    You guyz r dumb,
    With all my heart,
    The man,

  • Tim

    Are you calling me dumb, Beans?! You and Bjork owe me an apoligy and want it right now!

  • Tim

    Bjork, I do have a life and I’m a super hard core fan of Pokemon. I hope you understand and I’m REALLY sorry about talking so much about Gloom.
    I hope you can forgive me.

  • Tim

    Bjork, I would never bring up a Pokemon and say “Hey this guy is cool.”!
    I just thought that Nintendo would agree to this and I woundn’t want to brag about it so much. So I guess I did get a little out of control and I do it again okay? And Beans, I hope you understand what I’m saying.

  • Wrath

    Drop the subject and get on with what the forum is about, jeez.
    but unrelated i suppose i would want lloyd, kratos and posibly more characters from tales of symphonia, hmmm, that would be funny, adding the character from harvest moon into it too, you know, with all his tools and whatnot…

  • ghjik

    they should put glitch from metal arms into the game

  • ghjik

    they should also put those giga mushrooms from super mario bros for the DS

  • IS fox in this still?

    please tell me that fox and rest besides like mario, link, kirby and samus are still in it…pretty please……

  • yeah about gloom……… i just want more characters on the game so that does still include gloom but i think gloom and poliwag aren’t important enough for ssbb. Bjork is right and meowth is probably the last pokemon to put on ssbb

  • Bjork

    In response to ghijk, the “New Super Mario Bros.” game was not a licensed Nintendo game; I believe it was made by some American company (Somebody correct me if I’m wrong), but what this implies is that there is a low chance it would appear on SSBB, because the SSB games generally center more on Japanese games than American games.

  • monty mango

    Why Sonic? if he was in it although he would be the fastest, its gonna make him a weak character and not many attacks either in a list,
    spin dash (special)
    homing atttack (air smash)
    light dash (special)
    ……..anthing else im stuck. but i cant imagine him punching or anything like that so that would be bad.and tails!? oh my! he could never be in it hes far too weak. and why aint koopa in it he could have a spinning shell attack some of bowsers move that could fit in it. but maybe they will think of something that could change from the previous games

  • Abiogenesis

    I have several ideas for additional characters that I think would work well. Sonic goes without saying.

    1. Ridley – He’s been in practically every Metroid game to give him star power, and honestly, how cool would it be to play as a dragon from space?

    2. Tom Nook – Animal crossing is one of Nintendo’s more recent popular titles and this guy is one of the better known (and cooler) characters to arise from it. Plus, he would be an additional cute and animal-like character that isn’t a pokemon.

    3. Andy/Sami/Max – Any of the three main characters from Advance Wars would be a welcome additon. This again is one of Nintendo’s more recent popular franchises, all of these characters fit the general style of the game, and all have a particular brand of fighting that would make them interesting combatants. Also, Sami would be an additional strong female character.

    4. Captain N the Gamemaster – This one is my dream character that almost certainly won’t happen. However, they did pull Game and Watch out of the Nintendo vault for the last game so I remain hopefull. Kevin Keene is, in my opinion, the best Nintendo character that has fallen out of favor since the 1990’s to add for Brawl. It would be so awesome to play as Captain N wearing the Nintendo jacket firing my trusty Zapper at other combatants.

    What do you guys think?

  • ghjik

    here are some characters I would like to be in ssbb note: they are all from resident evil 4
    3. chief mendez
    4. luis
    5. regenarator

  • fontanamobay

    I think that these people would all make great characters:
    1.Lloyd 11.Bonk
    2.Kratos 12.Tails
    3.Billy Hatcher 13.Bulbasaur
    4.Koops 14.Captain Blue
    6.Kid Muscle
    7.Any Turtle Probably Leanardo
    10.Slash Kamei

  • fontanamobay

    I think that these people would all make great characters:
    3.Billy Hatcher
    6.Kid Muscle
    7.Any Turtle Probably Leanardo
    10.Slash Kamei
    14.Captain Blue

    sorry just had to fix that

  • how about toad,and king ddd

    (thats all i could think of at the moment)

  • fontanamobay

    from the fox series – Slippy Toad and Peppy Hare
    from fire emblem: path of radiance – Ike, Rolf and VOLKE (would fit perfectly in SSB)
    from Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes – Raven and Ocelot

  • Lord Robo-Ky

    Seriously, I think that Golden Sun characters would be great here.


    To not have GS characters in on this, would be a disgrace to the GBA and it’s like saying; “Golden Sun didn’t exist and it wasn’t good”.


    -Geno or Mallow from Super Mario RPG. The game was great. At least remember Geno.

    Also, since we’ve got Peach and Luigi, you may as well throw in Waluigi and Daisy.

    Heck, here’s a nice list to go with the names up there;

    – Samurai Goroh/ Jody Summer/ Dr. Stewart
    – Mona (Wario Ware Inc.)
    – Jeff and Poo
    – Sonic and Tails
    – Bomberman
    – Fierce Diety Link (maybe as a sub-boss or something)
    – Diddy Kong (seriously, what’s taking so long?)
    – Little Mac!! (I don’t know how they’d do it, but it would be awesome)
    – King Dedede
    – Those two ninja girls from Wario Ware Inc. (to match up to Ice Climbers)
    – Change Fox and Falco to how they looked in SF Assault. Add Krystal, or Wolf.

    That’s all for now.

  • Jon thompson

    they should have diddy and dixie kong, they would be partners like the ice climbers, they should also have team rocket be partners too, i wouldnt mind being knuckles or shadow the hedgehog. or liquid snake. i also wouldnt mind being Boo or dry bones. there are a bunch of guys that would make this next game cool like baby bowser (koopa kid), koopa troopa, phantom ganondorf, a goron (if any of you remember ocarina of time).

    im just thinking out loud but if any of u remember the skulltulla spiders from zelda that could be a cool item it would be like a redead or an ocarina of time which would disable all other playes movement temporarily.

    as for levels they should definetely make inside princess peaches castles level.

    what do u guys think of that

  • i like that idea but i think they should make all levels bigger and
    should be able to travel and go inside of boards

  • Sark9000

    i have a list of a few charecters that i want to be in the game.

    -Ridley (but ridley should probly be a sub-boss)
    -Mega man
    -Glitch (from metal arms)
    -Dyna Blade (should also probly be sub-boss)
    -King dedede

  • Sark9000

    here is a list of a few charecters that i want.
    -ridley (maby as a sub-boss)
    -glitch(from metal arms)
    -dyna blade (also could be a sub-boss)
    -king dedede

  • Sark9000

    oh yeah and dark samus but drk samus would probly just be the same as samus dark samus could be a costume

  • ghjik

    they really should put krauser in and he could use his knife like link uses his sword another move could be his speed and the last movve i can think of is when you vs him the he could use the dyamite by setting it up somewere just like he does before he mutates his arm

  • happiness

    i konw that they wont put him in the game but it would be pretty sweet if they put cloud from final fantasy VII in it

  • Chris Dorn

    Sora, Sonic, Megaman, and Banjo-Kazooie are the four major ones I would like to see in the game!!!

  • just me

    maybe they should hash some of the lost nintendo characters rather than lame it up with people from Third Party RPG’s. Like, possibly some of the koopa kids, or balloon man. maybe an oracle from Zelda or Malon/Marin. the Hammer Bros, anyone? Maybe Paperboy or that blue chick from starfox. maybe that bad wolf guy from star fox 64 as an anti-character for the fox/falco fans. Wart from doki doki panic. plum/peach/daisy characters that are more fair. Saria, Majora’s mask, a stage with flying bullet bills and the mad Sun.
    As far as third party affiliates go, i would rather see more comical characters added than the ultra realistic ones. Snake is taking the place of the realistic character. Let’s bring the Main character from konami, Capcom, Namco, and Tecmo and Get it over with.

    Konami would obviously be Snake, with second place to either belmont or cruz. maybe someone from silent hill who is pulled into the tournament much like one is called to that fateful town.

    Tecmo would have someone from that Pangya Golf game to tie it w/ the wii’s launch title. DOA characters wouldn’t make the cut because they haven’t been on a ninconsole, and their moveset would be drastically reduced.

    Namco would have to do something from ToS or SC

    And I’ll leave Capcom for last because, being my favorite developer, there are many people that could be added.
    A definite first would be Mega man, Protoman, or Zero. Next would be a character from RE because or Nintendo’s lust for resident evil trademarks. Maybe Sherry. Maybe Viewtiful Joe, but his VFX would be either useless or cheap. Maybe the girl from PNo3. Samanosuke or Jubei.

    The possibilities are endless and the anticipation is pantwettingly difficult to contain.

  • Awesome characters that Nintendo should consider:

    Yes, Sonic would be awesome, since he’s so popular on the Nintendo systems, and the moves he could do (Super Sonic transformation during Super Smash attack?)…
    Cloud would be a great addition, but what about SEPHIROTH?
    HuMAR or something like that from Phantasy Star Online.
    Leon Kennedy of RE4 would just be plain awesome.

    Other things Nintendo should consider:

    Have stages that complement the 3rd party characters. For example, Snake could have a stage in a forest area of Snake Eater, or, if they put Leon, there should be a stage in which you fight in the castle, and fly through the windows, and such.
    There should be more pokemon, but NOT AS PLAYABLE CHARACTERS. We need more pokemon coming out of pokeballs.
    Music soundtrack- say you’re in for a LONG match. When you don’t want to have a certain stage’s designated tune(s), pause the game, press a certain button, and the music would change into a soundtrack with well-known bands.

    That’s all I got. Any comments?

  • Tim

    Why shoulde’t Gloom and Poliwag ont be that important, Ultromitous62?
    They should be in it cause it IS very important. Same thing with Meowth like Bjork said. I don’t care what you or the others say they are gonna be in this game, trust me, I know. Don’t you agree?

  • Tim

    [SIC], there SHOULD be more Pokemon. Both playable and when they come out of Pokeballs.

  • Tim

    Ultromitous62, Bjork’s wrong about Gloom and Poliwag not being important enough for Super Smash Bros. Brawl and you too. No offense but it’s true.
    They are very important for this game and Meowth too. Don’t you see what I mean, Bjork?

  • Tim

    I wonder what kind of new special modes there’s gonna be.

  • boobynooby

    about sonic. if they add sonic i bet it’ll be a variation of the ice climbers in ssbm. sonic and tails would be side-by-sde using the same controls




  • duranduran

    here is the thing i made it IS FAKE

  • duranduran

    here is the thing i made it IS FAKE!!!

  • duranduran

    plz comment back someone

  • duranduran

    though i fergot to add SAMUS WITH HER SUIT OFF and METAKNIGHT because they will be a defininet characters in the game. it says in the nintendo website

  • Tim

    Hey! You’re the one who said they might be in it and even if they don’t appear it doesn’t really matter cause gonna be great anyway, Ultromitous62. So why don’t you stop getting so mad and just drop it?

  • Tim

    People, don’t listen to what Ultromitous62 just said. He’s wrong.

  • duranduran

    did anyone even see what i made?

  • i said if and they won’t because(here are a list of reasons)


    P.S. before u go ahead and write something because i said i like pokemon
    that are advanced and powerful and please they r puny and pathetic

  • Gofure

    sonic and megaman should definetly be in!

    P.S. Tails should have been in that list

  • fontanamobay

    Go bulbasaur ^_^ ko

  • just meowth shouled be on there
    (thats all i could think of)

  • gloom sux anus

    first, i dont think they need more worthless pokemon such as gloom, poliwag, or meowth. If they want to add more pokemon they r going to add from the 6 freakin billion(give or take a few) they created since gloom, poliwag, and meowth.

    second, i think they should make unlockable costumes. Such as fierce diety for link or even mario with the racoon or frog costumes from super mario 3 on NES.

  • javier

    guys listen to yourself , nintendo cant go around and add all the charecters in the world ..that wont only bank rupt them from paying all the other companies to use their characters and licensing, but whats the point of having so many, iwth the like 30 characters in melee already beggining to have similar attackes imagine 200, they can only do so much with 12 buttons before it ggets too complicated to have fun, if they do add more 3rd parties im pretty sure it will be sonic and megaman, and any characters from their franchise, not that many more, cause to have many more will be kinda pointless dont you think? heh my 2 cents

  • Treleus

    Yeah, but it’s fun to speculate and pour out your hopes and dreams. It’s just not the smartest thing to raise it into the skies…and then to watch it fall down. That hurts, ya know.

    Man, if the development team is going to include a Mega Man character, it HAS to be X (and Zero)! Mega Man has had the spotlight for far too long in the realm of fighting character bashes! X and Zero deserve attention for a change, and if the fan appeal is high enough, maybe Sigma and Axl, too.

    Here’s how I would see X in SSBB: Unavoidably, X would be similar to Samus, but he has his specialties. For one, he ought to be able to move around while he charges his buster (B button); just to make it fair to Samus, though, he shouldn’t be able to use his buster while charging (of course). It’d be cool if both of them could aim while holding the B button to fire. His super-attack ought to involve him leaping high into the air and unleashing two devastating, explosively charged shots (with the damage evenly divided between the two, of course). Either that, or two stream shots going in either direction with him moving in a full 180 degree arc, just before arcing both his buster-arms into the air. As for his “third jump” move, it can be a simple duplicate of Ryu’s Dragon Punch as was done in X2 (with flames of course, not the flameless one from X8). His second jump would be like leg upgrade in X3 (or X6’s blade armor), where he just uses his EAS dash to dash upwards. Ah, the dash! Should he be able to do that? Yeah, that could be a melee ram attack, and if he can air-dash, it’d be cool if he mimics Flame Stag’s charged weapon. His hard attack (directional pad left/right and the melee button) could be a close-range Hadouken blast, or just a tough punch with X’s “shining finger” attack he did on Sigma in Day of Sigma (man, I just realized that now. The coincidence is that X’s voice is the voice of Domon Kasshu). His downward attack on the ground could be the Volt Catfish’s charged weapon (with faster charges running along the ground), while in midair becomes the Nova Strike. Oh, man! Where’ve I been? His super-attack could simply be a souped-up Giga Attack. Overused maybe, but at the very least, it’s a good choice for X’s super-attack.

    Now, how about Zero? Well, special attacks aside, he would be like X, but lighter and with a little less defense. His super attack could be a souped-up version of Maverick Zero’s extended-blade attack from X5 (or X8, however you look at it). He leap up and far away, take one all-encompassing swipe upon the whole stage while the two discharged saber beams will fly around and hit his enemies individually in a sweeping drive. His “third jump” attack could be one of the elemental saber uppercuts: fire, ice, or lighting. Or maybe all of them at once? His midair-downward attack could be one of his plunges: ice, fire, or “earth”, I guess, while his ground-level downward attack could be his “giga attack” earthquake punch. His hard-hitting forward attack could be his lighting-sword attack from X4. His air dash could probably be his “ice” dash from… X5? Or was it X6? I’m leaning towards X5.

  • Treleus

    Hm, so it looks like I had enough room after all.

    Forgot to speculate Zero’s B button attack. I’m thinking he just charges up his sword for a blade wave, but the fact that it’s a projectile makes it rather uninventive, as it’s the same as X’s charged shot. Ah! Perhaps he can just build up momentum for a fiercely fast 6-slash attack, topped with a super cleaving 7th slash. Hehe, Zero’s 7th Heaven. Now that hasn’t been done, and it DEFINITELY fits him!!! Aaaaand his second jump can just be… uh… his second jump. Yeah, he’s already had that.

    Axl’s a slightly different story. The hovering thing has something more characteristic for him (since he specifically has peripheral parts for them), so that can be his third jump manuever (as in directional hovering for 10-15 seconds), during which he can fire his rapid shot using the B button! Yup, that’s for him. His super-attack could be as follows: Axl dives back-first off of a ledge, but then hovers back up with two super-explosives launchers, nuking the area about 4-6 times. Either that, or he just manages to land a head-shot (or various shots) on everyone from nearly every direction, all the while making cool lunges and action-y poses. His ground-level downward attack could be a sort of acrobatic breaking-dancing kick frenzy (almost like Mario’s downward attack, except on the ground) (I dunno, I haven’t got much to draw from). I’ll just stop there. I’m really going for X and Zero.

    Sigma’s a bit of a toughy. I’m not even gonna go there.

    Well! As for any other characters I’d like to see, they’d be Sonic, Tails (he’s awesome), one of the Belmont vampire hunters, and any other awesome character that had (or have) Nintendo systems in their heritage. Cloud and Sephiroth sound awesome, but them having been on all Sony-related products, I’m not sure they qualify. It’d be awesome if they were in it, though. If they can manage to fit in Mega Man and Protoman, that would rock, too (no pun intended). Ooh! Maybe one of the Ryu’s from the BoF games, and Nina too!

  • Treleus

    Okay, okay, last reply before someone else potentially rains on my parade:

    X’s taunt could probably be somewhere along the lines of “Stop fighting! You’re beaten,” in a firm but almost pleading sort of way, point at his enemy and then waving his arm in a horizontal gesticulation. After all, it’s not characteristic of X to gloat. Zero, on the other hand, could be something like “Had enough?” or “Ready to give up?”

    I gave a thought to whether or not X and/or Zero could have alternate forms, but all I can think of to be somewhat practical is X and Zero’s bodies from Mega Man Zero. I just played with the thought since Samus has a non-suit counterpart.

  • fontanamobay

    Rawk Hawk for Brawl!
    Skull Kid for Brawl!

  • You guys no what would be the shitz if they had

    -Skull Kid with majoras mask on
    – Fierce detyies/oni link
    -Super sonic thats gold instead of blue
    -The twlight princess wolf with that little dude on it(like minda or some thing
    -Lloyd Irving (sounds cool)
    -Donkey kong with his coconut guns
    -Diddy Kong
    -Goron link
    -Zora Link
    -Lugi mansion’s luigi
    -The prince of persia(since they can have a ubisoft character)

  • they should have




    4.diddy kong

    5.Banjo and kazoie


  • hotskins

    Are you guys completely forgeting about golden sun. Iasac and Felix would be awesome and they could use psynergy for their special atacks. Also this would allow dijini to become a pokeball type weapon.

  • KoolKid

    Well I think that Princess Daisy would be a great asset to the team of Smash Bros. She is tough and cute! Way better than Peach anyways! So yeah I think that Princess Daisy should be a playable character in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Brawl it would be so awsome!!

  • Treleus

    Well, Princess Daisy was basically a Peach recolor in the last game, right?

  • what about ninja turtles?

  • Treleus

    Seems like a longshot to me, but perhaps Nintendo will surprise us.

  • i think you should put in sonic,megaman,lloyd,pac man,viewtiful joe,bonk. you would probably get more people to buy it.can you pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaassse put these characters in the game.

  • i think you should put in sonic,megaman,lloyd,pac man,viewtiful joe,bonk. you could probably get more people to buy it.can you pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaassse put these characters in the game.

  • well i know that ninja turtles used to have games on nintendo so they could put them on there and maybe not have all of them… just leonardo or donatello or something.. any1 think its a good idea? cause i havent seen ANY1 put anything for ninja turtles on any forums

  • GamemakerGuy

    Here is my list of characters that I have read up top that I agree with
    1. Lloyd Irving
    2. Genis Sage
    3. Sonic
    4. Banjo/Kazooie (Only because I played the hell out of it)
    5. Kratos
    6 Cloud
    7. Zora Link
    These characters are in my personal wish list, I don’t expect to see them, but I
    do hope some will be in the game.

  • FF fan

    Would you stop being so retarded? Lloyd and Kratos are weaklings, Cloud and Sephiroth are overrated. Bring back the old school FF characters.

    Whatever the hell happened to the fricken old school people? Their games are far better than todays and they get no credit whatsoever.
    Also Golden sun Characters are a good idea. Pretty much everything from Square before FF10 was a good idea. (That’s with the exception of Kingdom Hearts )

  • Minty

    Paper mario and some of his partneres like bobbery or they could ad giga bowser from super smash bros melee

  • Minty

    I liked the thought of koopa and toad or tingle from super smash bros maybe they could ad younger versions of people like they did with link and young link like baby mario and baby bowser.


    I’m just voicing thought’s I’ve had for characters since SSBM.
    I don’t know how many other people were disapointed how Ridly (Metroid) did not actually make a gameplay appearance, while everyone was phyched by him in the intro Video. I think our favorite Nemesis needs to be a playable character in SSBB, and if size is an issue, just shrink him down some like they did with bowser. after all, in the first Metroid, Ridly was as big as samus was.

    My second dealing is with somewhat of a clone charactor: Blaziken
    This Firey fighting bird pokemon is absolutly PERFECT for the game, and even though his moves would be pretty much the same as Capton Falcon’s, I’m sure that He’d get some good play time being a favorite pokemon of so many.

    Just think:
    Falcon Punch= Fire Punch
    Falcon Kick = Blaze kick
    Up+B = Sky Uppercut
    Over+B = (Something similar perhaps)
    He’d be the middle ground between Falcon and Gannondorf, being fast and moderatly strong, but no enough so that it would make people not want to play as the others. Perhaps make his jumping like Yoshi’s, where the first would be able to take him remarcably far, but the second is pretty useless, something like Falco’s.

  • death charm

    i think (know damit) that shadow would be a
    good character

  • death charm

    put in shadow!

  • i think that they should put in stitch,raichu,and gloom. stitch can have the ability to jump high and give him a glare move that stuns the aponet and let him spit acid, raichu can have all the powers of pikachu and pichu but the only different thing is that he can create a ball of electricity that hits anything in its way, and Tims gloom idea sounds good too just give gloom to more powers like stun spore so the enemy can stand still for like a few seconds and sleep powder so the enemy can fall asleep.P.S. Does any body else think this is a giid idea?

  • also put in the girl yoshi because she can suck up things with her circle mouth and spit out the eggs and put in some kind of pokemon like hitmonchan and hitmonlee.oh one more thing how about little red and granny from HOODWINKED

  • ghjik

    PUT SHADOW IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    death charm is right they should put shadow in

  • frikki

    Menos mal que ya esta wario l,a verdad me inpresiono mas su llegada que la de snake, espero que aparezcan heihachi y jinpachi del tekken, sora del kingdom hearts, dante de devil may cry y sephirot de ff7 y de nintendo King k. rool el villano de donkey kong ,king dedede el villano de kirby, waluigi y ganondorf, seria mucho pedir pero ojala que asu sea. porcierto he leido por ahi que te puedes crear prsonajes, ¿sera verdad? no creo pero se hara ilusiones.

  • taun we1

    i think they should add pikman but not like 1 it could be like ice climbers with only like 5 and when they kill some one alot of food would fall into the area oh and they could do a tower move were they stand on each others shoulders and for there duck they would go under ground

  • taun we1

    oh and they can fly!

  • taun we1

    Iim not sure if any of u said sora from kingdom hearts because he was in chain of memeries so he could be in there with the key blade and hav the ability to shoot across the field with it like in wisdom mode in kh2 or he could throw his keyblade like a secondair wepon then wen u press a certan key u make it come back to u even if another player has picked it up or it fell off the edge

  • taun we1

    I hav another idea wat if they put in yoda im not to sure if he was in any nitendo games insept lego starwars so i geuss that would do he could throw his lightsaber for a ranged attack use it for meele and then he could pick up ideas from a distance using the force he has force jump so he could jump high it would be like biuld in bunny ears but he would not be able to run and is a slow walker just because he would be all powerful with out the disavantage

  • taun we1

    I was reading above and i saw some one say crash bantakute….. or wat ever and i disagree i think he should be in and throw in one of his villans like tiny or the dr. dude i forget his name the one trying to take over the world like in every game. but i meen crash/sonic/pac man/sora/yoda and/or jango/pikmen/Chibi Robo there all good ideas and i would love to see a few of them in ssb brawl.

  • Joe

    What about VEXX from gamecube’s VEXX not a big seller, but would have great moves.

  • Joe

    You could always have Conker from the GBC”game boy color”, or Conkers Bad Fur Day for the N64. He could use his different costumes and maybe beri or a villian or both.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    I REALLY don’t care if sonic or shadow are in it. Too bad Wario is there because there are too many Mario characters already. And I wish they never put any Pokemon in there either. I WOULD, on the other hand, like Ridley but he prob wont be there. But it would rule if he did. I would also like a faster version of DK (Diddy Kong maybe) and Bowser (Koopa Kid). I’m glad that Meta Knight and Snake were introduced in the E3 preview. I think instead of Zero Suit Samus they should do Dark Samus as a faster version of Samus. They should do Zero Suit Samus and Samus together like a Zelda/Shiek thing.

  • You are all inferior! :)

    Here is how its gonna be:

    King K. rool ridley majoras mask skullkid

    diddy kong lloyd

    sonic king dedede

    megaman Windwaker link

    viewtiful joe Krystal

    baby bowser Ike

  • THE WIZ is still voting for Kratos and Lloyd

  • bobo

    maby some superheros like spider man

  • bobo

    the dude frome fable

  • Sewaba0

    As people have said, megaman and sonic would be perfect additions. So many people have wanted them in the game for so long. Leon from would please many of the RE fans. But be realistic. Nintendo won’t waste their time pursuing obscure, little-known 3rd party characters. They won’t be putting any anime characters in it either. Or any Final Fantasy characters. And the LAST thing ssbb needs is 100+ playable pokemon characters….and I’ll be ready to commit a violent hara-kiri if I see ANY kingdom hearts characters in it.

  • Red

    I think they should put King K. Rool from the old Donkey Kong Country on super nintendo!

  • jared

    please, please, please put,
    1.Ben ten
    and 4.diddy kong or king k. rool
    I LOVE WII AND SSBB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S.please, please, please.

  • jared

    also tak and lok(like the ice climbers) and jabulba(like ness)
    Thanks again

  • jared

    i agree with nfan about waluigi

  • jared

    diddys moves
    b: throw bananas
    b^:banana cannon( a banana cannon apears and the lauches diddy whatever way he is facing)
    b down:hunger(Diddy eats a banana and gains back 10 health)
    z: tail grab

  • jared

    i for got about diddys smash orb move
    smash orb move: banana rang( throws bananas at all enemies)

  • I relly think that Viewtiful Joe should b on this game cuz i have all 4 of his g-cube games and there really fun! Mega man cuz he’s awsome!

  • jeremy wii

    Well i think its going to be the whole sonic team (sonic,knuckles,tails,shadow)

  • Revolver Ocelot

    First of all: No more pokemon…

    Now, we need these:

    Megaman/Possibly Bass
    Earthworm Jim
    King De De De
    Viewtiful Joe
    Cloud Strife(It’ll never happen, but we can dream)
    Chrono(also highly unlikely)

  • jeremy wii

    well im preordering the wii and if any one has any data on when its release date is please tell me

  • they really should hav

    geno from mario rpg

    vacume luigi from luigis mansion

    paper mario

    donkey kong jr

    birdo i guess?


    king k.rool

    king de de de

    captain olimar with his pikman guys lol

    baby mario and baby luigi like partners from partners in time =P

    and they should bring up their own entrance thing again from the 1st super smash like how mario and luigi came out of a warp pipe-

  • jeremy wii

    well there is no way paper mario, vacume luigi, captain olimar, and baby mario and baby luigi are gonna be on the game…that ould make the game really gay

  • ChibiKibi

    They should put in Sora from KH : (

  • matt

    well, i think we’d all love 2 see cloud and sephiroth on there (it will never happen, good 2 dream though) but i think we should bring back the 2 boys we all love, marth and roy. i think there should be more people from FE.

  • jeremy wii

    Well i dont care what ne one says the ps3 is huge and it cost $600 The wii on the other hand is innovative and is only gonna be $200…..wii’s release date is November 6th save ur money

  • I think Dr. Mario should be taken out because Mario already has a clone (luigi, except for a few different attacks). And i think Dr. Mario should be replaced with Paper Mario! Except he would not be a clone of Mario, but he would have a completely different move list. his up+b (recovery move, that could save when in danger of falling off of the stage) could be his Spring Jump when he gets the Ultra Boots from The Thousand Year Door, and a bunch of other creative, animated moves.

  • bob sanchez

    These r the 10 characters I want

    3.any ninja turtles plz
    4.mega man X
    7.diddy kong
    9.leon kennedy
    10.the guy from super punch out

  • taun we1

    Ok truthful think cloud sucks! but sephiroth is awsome!

  • taun we1

    how dare u say take dr. mario out hes my best character and who said no kh2 characters!

  • taun we1

    There we go!!!! At least som one agread with one of my ideas thanks nathan for saying to put captain olimar with his pikman guys in!

  • taun we1

    Oh and befor when i said that the pikmen would be able to fly i was thinking of another game sorry. :(

  • taun we1

    ok now here it his the best charater for this game paul phoenix he would fit right in with his awsome hand to hand combat and his flaming fist move it would be like captin falcons punch

  • BLAK

    How about Earthworm Jim? eh?

    Also, do we know for sure that there are more characters other than what we know?

  • taun we1

    I’am pretty sure there are going to be more characters. But who is this earthworm jim? BLAK? and how bout they get rid of all the pokemon and insted add Ash with the ablity to throw all diffrent kinds of Pokeballs including pikchu, mewtwo, jigglepuff, and peichu?

  • taun we1

    I’am pretty sure there will be new charaters BLAK. But who is this earthworm jim? And how bout the get rid of all the pokemon and instead add Ash with ablity to throw pokeballs with all the pokemon like pekachu,pechu,mewtwo,jiggleypuff and all the pokemon that were already in the pokeballs

  • taun we1

    I know alot of you do not want pac man but he would fit right in with flip kicks and solid punches he would have his power move already picked out he would turn 2d and be in his Game and all the other players would be the ghosts and then he would he eat one :) What are your thoughts?

  • taun we1

    oh and i think prince of persha should be in he rocks!

  • jeremy wii

    no pop is GAY…….its going to be goofy….lol

  • U know who should B on the game

    2.Megaman(regular and new version can be a powerup)
    5.Paper Mario
    10.Viewtiful Joe
    11.Diddy Kong
    12.Bowser Jr
    15.Dig Dug
    16.Frogger (new version of course)
    18.Ninja Turtles
    19.Banjo Kazooie
    20.King Dedede
    21.King K. Rool
    22.King Boo

    They should also add Luigi with a Luigis Mansion costume that you can unlock and use to suck up your opponents and add Mario with a Super Mario Sunshine unlockable costume that you use to spray your opponents

  • taun we1

    that was random :(

  • jeremy wii

    i have the official list as of right now

  • O by the way Sonic should have a powerup (or costume) where he is super sonic (yellow sonic) that would make the game perfect and I really wanna see megaman blow some heads off. Having those two alone would make the game great.

  • taun we1

    wat list jeremy? The list of characters for the game or your shopping list? and love your idea QCBOI!

  • light esense

    i love your idea too QCBOI!!!!

  • light esense

    HEY QCBOI what about make a alianze to put megaman and sonic right now im thinking in sugestions that i put more later like you i want megaman x and sonic so what you say ?

  • FF freak

    I want SEPHIROTH

  • WOW freak

    I want TOAD reason? Becouse he is high on shrooms

  • WOW freak

    oh ya and i want sephiroth too

  • The French

    According to news on a french website that is being spread around the internet nintendo are adding the windwaker link, baby bowser, and ridley.
    The site also said that young link , the iceclimbers, and mr game and watch wont be in brawl and there would be at least 40 characters.

  • They should put naruto and sasuke in ssbb b caz they r soo freakin kool and in ssbm fox is the best as well as link!

  • the big 4



    Come on we need Princess Daisy in this new and exciting Smash Bros game! I even have a few ideas for her special abilities here it goes: She could fly (and that looks like her flying in Mario Power Tennis has a flowerbed under her when she flys.) Also Her DEF/ATK abilitie would be her spinning around and pink and blue petals are spinning along with her! Her Transportation would be like her Mario Superstar Baseball special except she turns into petals and flys safely to the stage again! Her projectile is exactly the same as her transportation move except she throws a big wob of petals! Her Special would be like her Super Mario Strikers special except she is not attacking a soccer ball, she is attacking everyone on the stage!!!
    And she is an expert at Martial Arts! Pretty Sweet huh!!!!!????
    PLEASE PUT IN DAISY NINTENDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Actually Daisyrules, Daisy already is in ssbm. Try pressing “Y” a few times on Peach.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    OK people i think we should all disreguard comments like this example:

    Maybe they should put on the gay skeleton from Poyo Pop Fever (my mom rented it once LOL). He could make people lick his boots or call the fashion police on people!

    Please don’t beg for characters that no one has ever heard about. I’ve seen too much of that on this chat.

    P.S. The gay skeleton is a real character LOL

  • K-BOB

    Ummm… I’m going to have to agree with Daisyrules, because well like he/she says Daisy seems like she would be a better canidate than her sister in arms: Peach! I think that SSBB needs Princess Daisy!!!

    P.S. You are wrong Mr Happy Bob, when you say that Daisy is in SSBM because it is really Peach! I mean come on, Daisy would never have such wimpy attacks!

  • koolkid


    P.S. Don’t give me anything about Daisy being in SSBM because she was’nt!!!

  • we should really add cloud sephiroth and Barret. Clouds special attack thing should be like he sends a wave of pressure going towards, and for sephiroth his should be him diving from the air (he has those dark wings) and sends dark and powerful waves that extend up into the air at the ends of the borders and covers the 80% of the screen.Barret is the usual but his big shot is bigger than the 1 in FFVII (incase u dont no it means,Final Fantasy 7).

    Sephiroth-He was a member of SOLDIER(dont ask me wat it stands for)until he found his mother.Weapon-Long sword(dont underestimate the length of it)
    Cloud-He is the hero in FFVII.5 Years before he became a hero he was with SOLDIER.He quit and joined avalanche.Weapon-Buster Blade(dont underestimate this one too)
    Barret-He is the leader of a rebel force named Avalanche.Even though their HQ is destroyed the members of Avalanche are still living(well atleast the important ones).All the avalanche members are apposed to the Shinra,but they r also after sephiroth.Weapon-machine gun as a hand

  • Wii Fan

    The characters that SHOULD be in the game in order of importance is:

    1. Sonic( A MUST )
    2. Viewtiful Joe( A MUST )
    3. Waluigi
    4. Pikmen( 5x pikmen in a group )
    5. Chibi Robo( PLZ, that would be SOOOOO awesome )
    6. Lloyd Irving
    7. Pacman
    8. Diddy kong

  • THey need these people
    4.king boo
    5.Mr. Game and Watch
    7.one or two sonic characters
    8.baby mario and luigi

  • Wii Fan

    The characters that SHOULD be in the game in order of importance is:

    1. Sonic( A MUST )
    2. Viewtiful Joe( A MUST )
    3. Megaman( A MUST )
    4. Waluigi
    5. Pikmen( 5x pikmen in a group )
    6. Chibi Robo( PLZ, that would be SOOOOO awesome )
    7. Lloyd Irving
    8. Pacman
    9. Diddy kong

  • Wii Fan


  • Wii Fan


  • I’m thinking Paula, Jeff, and Poo from Earthbound

    Isaac from Golden Sun
    Mach Rider (:D rite-on man!)
    Clavat, Selkie, Yuke, and Lilty (forget just one of them)
    Capt. Olimar (from Pikmin if u dont know.

    oh, BTW. Including these, I got like 83 more characters which will be on my (uncompleted) site.

  • my site is http://www.freewebs.com/supersmashbrosko if you wanted to knwo

  • SSBB #1 Fan

    Dear, Nintendo

    I’ve got a really, really cool idea for a certain game, that goes by the name of Super Smash Bros. Brawl! My cool idea is in fact a character suddgestion! The character I am reffering to is, goes by the name of: PRINCESS DAISY!! Yes we all know Princess Daisy: A Princess from Sarasaland, she is a tomboy, and not to mention Sports-Queen! Although little is know about Daisy, which is why that makes her an obscure Nintendo character, but let me tell you that I found out on the Super Smash Bros. Brawl Japanese website that Sakurai is not only putting in popular Nintendo characters but, little known, obscure characters aswell!! Let me tell you that this could be Princess Daisy’s big break!! I also think if that you are going to put Peach in this game, than darn it put in Daisy, because you know full well that Daisy is just a little bit stronger than Peach and Daisy seems to fit in it more than Peach if you ask me! So please Nintendo put in Daisy! I even thought of her smash move! You remember her Super Striker move from “Super Mario Strikers”? That is the same one she could have in Brawl! (Except without the soccerball, and it would wipe out everybody on the stage!) All her other special moves could be similier to her specials in previous Mario Sports games that she has been featured in! (Except without all the tennis rackets/balls, and baseballs, and golfballs, and the basketballs well you get my point!) Hey , you don’t even have to make Daisy a clone of Peach because Daisy will have totally different moves than Peach!!! So please, please put in Princess Daisy, you would not just make me happy but other Daisy fans aswell!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zirapa

    I think that polywag and gloom should definetly be in the game. TOAD NEEDS TO BE IN SUPER SMASH BROS BRAWL!!!!!! TOAD RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zirapa

    I think that water pack mario from super mario sunshine should be in it.


  • koolkid


  • You guys need to calm down :P

    PLEASE NNTNDO IF YOU ARE READING THIS…PUT IN MACH RIDER!!!!!!! PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!11!!!

    (:P) But seriously. I want him in.

  • death charm

    :sonic (must have) and metle sonic (all types)
    :shadow (must have) and metle shadow
    :darth vader
    :aiai and baby
    :luke skywalker
    :master chief
    :treecko and squirtle
    :sonic dark

  • death charm

    optums prime

  • koolkid

    Come on people we all know Daisy deserves to be in Brawl!

  • to death charm: ok. If there is going to be any more pokemon, I’d expect scizor or Grovyle, not treeko and squirtle. Darth Vader, Godzilla, Agumon, Skywalker, and Baby. Just no. instead of baby put Gongon.

    I don’t know who Verteck is, but your others are ok. (except maybe Master Chief is a little far feched…but still possible)

    and koolkid, Yes Daisy deserves in brawl, as well as Toad, and Mach Rider and Diddy Kong, and Capt. Olimar, and Pac-Man, and Mega-Man.

    (think about it…Capcom, Namco, Nintendo, Sega, and Konami duking it out for the VG title.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    This is my reply to K-Bob:
    Yes, I know, you want a cloned version of Peach. With a bit different attacks that basically do the same thing except look different, are slower, and do a lot more damage. BUT I still think that there are waaay too many Mario characters already (I said it first on July 29). I did say Diddey Kong AND Koopa Kid, yes, but I meant to replace DK and Bowser not add them.
    I’m gonna add a signature now LOL.


  • !

    why was my comment deleted? i was stating my opinion and i said that your choices were very poor, with the exception of lloyd and sonic. not everytone thinks the way you people think

  • taun we1

    i belive crash would be a fine choice for ssbb he was marios riveil for years. He has his spin attak his body slam and his TNT throw there are many other moves he could have. such as the possibillity of him havin a team up with his sister coco who would have just about the same moves. then theres the option of giving him a polar bear that he could switch between riding and walking or a jet pack that he could hover over the field with.

  • taun we1

    When i said crash i was refering to crash bandicoot for those who did not know

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Interesting theory taun. Not my favorite character but definetly possible. He is a NINTENDO CHARACTER (some people have said people from movies and tv series. Some have named Sony and Microsoft characters too if I’m not mistaken) and is a known character with lots of games in the series. There are a lot of those characters in ssbm like that (All the Mario characters [which there are too many of], all of the characters from zelda, etc…) so there will probably be more like that. He could even be cloned with Tiny that huge guy (That’s like the only other character I know, I only have 1 Crash game LOL)


  • taun we1

    Thx happy bob. I would also like to note that tiny would also be a good choice ( as Happy Bob noted) saying that there are not a nuff big guys like bowser and donkey kong i would rather have him then crashes real arch emeny cortex.


  • taun we1

    Oh and whats up with all of you saying to add toad he his already in ssb meele dont believe me try Beating Classic mode with any character and any mode. Then at the credits hit all the targets. After that go to adventure mode and select any character again you can select any mode. Beat the game in adventure after doing the first steps and after that it will say new challenger approaching that simple

  • KBOB

    Dear, Nintendo

    I’ve got a really, really cool idea for a certain game, by the name of Super Smash Bros. Brawl! My cool idea is in fact a character suggestion! The character i am reffering to is none other than the fabulous PRINCESS DAISY!!! Yes we all know Princess Daisy, Princess of Sarasaland, tomboy, and not to mention Sports-Queen! Although little is know about Princess Daisy which is why that makes her an obscure character! But let me tell you that Sakurai said it himself that he is not just looking for popular Nintendo characters (that would be no fun) but little known, obscure characters such as Daisy! I know that if you put Daisy in SSBB, you would not regret it!! I also think that if you are going to put in Peach then goodness put in Daisy!! And do not give me the whole “Daisy is just a clone of Peach” because she is not!! I can prove it, Peach and Daisy have way different personality! I will tell you Daisy’s! Daisy has a rather chipper and cheerful personality in each of the games she has appeared in! She is none other than a tomboy, and considered less feminine than her counterpart Peach! She also has a huge competitive drive (which would help her in Brawl!) But she knows its all in good fun! All in all she can be summarized as an outgoing, friendly, funloving girl who can hang out with the guys, so to speak! See Daisy has a different personality!! Besides Nintendo said themselves that Daisy is stronger! So please Nintendo put in Princess Daisy! I even came up with her Smash move! You remember her Striker move in Mario Srikers? Well I figured that she can have one like that except without the soccerball! All her other special attacks can be based on her specials in previous sports games! (Except without the sports gear!) I was also thinking that she could wear her sports costume, but of course more detailed (just to show off her sports-Queen personality.) To sum it all up, Princess Daisy would make a great acsett to the more then awsome game Super Smash Bros. Brawl!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, accept my idea of putting in Princess Daisy!!!!!

  • Mr Happy Bob

    KBOB, I only have 1 thing to say about that. THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY MARIO CHARACTERS IN SSBM ALREADY! How many times must I repeat myself! But, if they replaced Peach with Daisy it WOULD be good. So I won’t shoot you down entirely after such a good post LOL.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Oh and this isn’t a Nintendo website KBOB.

  • Murple

    About the sonic thing. Sonic is a freaking wimp. He doesn’t deserve a spot in any game and I feel quite sad for any pathetic loser who still plays sonic games. About the attacks….. LAME! The most he could ever do to someone is whine at them. How about putting some characters that aren’t wimps and ugly. Peach should be removed based on pure hideousness. Nobody that ugly should be in a game. If you want a character in the game, put someone either buff or at least not ugly. Mr. Happy Bob has a point with daisy.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Murple for President!

  • Murple

    If it was possible, they should put Master Chief in. Assuming that you people know what master chief is. Or Halo. Or a life. Replace kirby with meta knight. Take out the disgrace to games, jigglypuff and pikachu… take mewtwo out too he’s ugly.

  • KBOB

    Now I must tell you this Mr Happy Bob! Have you not noticed that so far that there is only one Mario character (Mario, not including Wario! So I think that Daisy still has a fighting chance!!!


  • Murple

    Go Daisy!

  • KBOB

    Now were talking! I’m glad that Murple agrees with me that Daisy should be in Brawl, not that we are the only ones!


  • Jazz

    Please stop saying that Daisy should be in Brawl.

    Well, actually, put Daisy in, but keep Peach too (I play best as Peach in SSBM). Also, KEEP YOUNG LINK! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!

    Here are some other suggestions, hope you like ’em:
    1. Skullkid (Majora’s Mask)
    3. Toad
    4. Boo
    5. Gruntilda (Banjo Kazzooie)
    6. Banjo
    7. Magnemite
    8. Gastly

    Some of these characters are to good to ignore.

    p.s. DOWN WITH GAME AND WATCH! (He’s creepy)

  • Jazz

    Go Sephiroth!!!!!

    Whoever suggested Sephiroth is a legend.

    We need Sephiroth. and possibly Cloud.

  • Sephiroth and Cloud will NEVER happen and I can say that with 1000% accuracy.

    I agree, he’s be the awesomest addition…but just no.

    U want new characters? I’ll give you loads.

    Birdo, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. Toad, Daisy, Toadette, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Chunky Kong, Lanky Kong, Tiny Kong, DK Jr., Dark Samus, Light Samus, Rundus (character from Metroid Prime 3), Scizor, Sandslash, Grovyle, Fierce Diety Link (as a transformation for regular Link), Darmani (a goron from Majora’s Mask), Princess Ruto (you know this Zora right? Adult form, not kid), Waddle-Dee, Pico, Lily, Samurai Goroh, Phoenix, Spade (all from F-Zero), Paula, Jeff, Poo (all from Earthbound), Slippy, General Scales, Miyu, Leon, Panther Caroso (all from Starfox), Linus, Raven, Rebecca, Hector (all from Fire Emblem), Palutena, Zeus, Centurion (from Kid Icarus along with Pit), Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Tails, Sam Fisher, Pac-Man (and Mrs.) plus the ghosts, Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Sue, and Clyde.

    not done yet

    Clavat, Lilty, Yuke, Selkie (from Crystal Chronicals), Lunar, Taurus, and Meerco (from a nintendo game…that had something to do with mischief), Mega-Man, Zero, Proto-Man, (and these next three will sound stupid but…)Spongebob, Patrick, and Sandy (XD), AiAi, GonGon, MeeMee(from Super Monkey Ball), Kat&Ana (who will be like the ice climbers), Dribble, Spitz, Mona, Jimmy T. (all from Wario Ware. ), Mach Rider, Captain Olimar, Isaac (from Golden Sun), and Banjo-Kazooie..

    Now I”m done.

  • i think that sonic should be in it u never know what moves he will have maybe there will be new moves in ssbb remember u will never know.

  • i agree with sonic rocks if theres no sonic i wont buy the game and rates will go down

  • i agree with both of them sonic is super cool to me i hope hes on the game

    SONIC IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i think yoshi should still be in the game and i agree with sonic rocks i hope both of them are in the game

  • chris

    I think that tak from the series tak and the power of juju should be in the game.

  • i really want sonic in the game hes my number one favorite character i really hope they put sonic

  • yeah if sonic is on the game it will be a fusion of sega and nintendo

  • Jazz

    Wow. That’s alot of suggestions.

    I know that Sephiroth can’t be in it. It’s just that we have been playing FF7 lately.

    Sonic is pretty cool. But who should be the third non-Nintendo character?

    I suggest Banjo and Kazooie, because they are technically from Rare.

    Who do you think?

  • Murple

    Quit the sonic crap please. Sonic is a pathetic loser, if you must have a sonic character put Nuckles on. REMOVE PEACH PLEASE. The rates will not go down if sonic isn’t put in. The majority of people care much less about sonic then the actual game. There are enough mario characters in the game already. What idiot would put pacman in the game. He doesn’t not have any attacks at all. Spongebob should not even be thought of in the making of a fighting game. How would putting sonic in the game make it a fusion of sega and nintendo? Also, why would anyone care if it’s a fusion of sega and nintendo? Does this cross some holy boundary into amazingness? Someone needs to murder sonic, I seriously want some movie of sonic where he dies. That’s a movie I would pay 20 bucks to watch. In the future people, please use correct grammar. Makes it really hard to understand your point if you can’t spell it right.

  • Jazz

    In the topic of getting rid of old characters i think these people should not be in SSBB-

    Donkey Kong
    Mr Game and Watch
    and possibly Dr Mario because he isn’t really suited for a fighting game.

  • Jazz


    The way that Murple feels about Sonic is basically how I feel about Donkey Kong! I HATE DK SO MUCH!!!!!!!

    Who would you like to see in the game Murple?

  • Jazz

    I wouldn’t let my older brother see any suggestions for Toadette.

    He absolutely detests Toadette. Toad is his favourite character ever. He thinks Toadette is killing Toads character.

    In conclusion for today, DOWN with Daisy replacing Peach. UP with keeping Peach in. UNSURE about Sonic.

  • Jazz

    You know who I would love to see.

    Vivi! (from Final Fantasy 9)
    I know its not possible. It would be awesome though!!!

    Vivi is the greatest FF character ever!!!

    Who else thinks so!

    p.s. I know its impossible. It’s alright to dream, is it not?

  • hey murple i suggests u shut up u hobo sonic is better than knuckles and that damn princess so back off no one asked u to say anythingu got that

  • hey murple what if i talked about your favorite charecter u would be pissed off to so stop talking about sonic ok

  • Murple

    Why don’t you go ahead and talk about my favorite character. It happens to be Yoshi. Jazz I think your right about getting rid of those characters. Dr. Mario isn’t suited for combat he’s suited for crappy games. Same with sonic, he doesn’t attack people he just runs really fast. That’s why nuckles would be better because he has something to fight with. Peach doesn’t have to be replaced but Daisy should definitely be put in. I’d break down crying if toadette got put in the game. I still want to know, WHAT IS SO GOOD ABOUT SONIC?1?!?

  • Murple

    There definitely should be someone with guns. Not terribly concerned who as long as they’re not from some cheesy cartoon. Vivi would be nice to have. To “Sonics #1 Fan” This is a debate dude, be intelligent. It’s the whole point to fight for your favorite character and against the ones you don’t like. Unfortunately for you, you suck at debating and I don’t. So stop sucking your thumb and crying like a baby and put something intelligent up. Jazz, congrats on your intelligence. You unlike most people here actually know how to spell. Thank you.

  • sorry about that last message murple its just that i like sonic alot hes my favorite charecter

  • Jazz

    I’m not sure what is so good about Sonic.
    Actually, I’ve never played any of his games.

    The sad thing is that he is so popular that he may actually make it in!! :(

    Thanks for agreeing with me Murple. Daisy should be put in, but not over Peach. Toadette will never make it in! (I hope)

    Your favourite character is Yoshi? That’s cool. My favourite is Young Link. Do you hope they place Yoshi in SSBB? I do, because it has been in the game from the beginning.

  • Jazz

    I think there could be a couple more Pokemon characters placed in.
    The ones in there already are good, but I wanna see more.

    What do you think?

  • Jordan

    Hi all. Firstly i’d like to say that Link, Snake, and Kirby all rock!, DK, and Game & Watch are gay. Now that that is out of the way, i would like to suggest some names:
    1) Raiden (MGS 2) He may be a pansy but he would be well suited
    2) Haunter (Pokemon)
    3) Shy Guy (mario)
    4) Bob-omb (Mario) May be tough to make but i dont care
    5) Seymour (Final Fantasy 10)
    6) Sephiroth (Final Fantasy 7) Maby too good for this game…..
    7) Many other Final Fantasy characters (the list is too long)
    And that is my list.
    P.S. Die toadette Die!!!

  • Jazz

    How about Kamek!

    Just as a joke character who nobody will play as… like DK.

    Just kidding! SERIOUSLY! NO KAMEK!!!

  • Jordan

    I dont see anyone laughing.
    Death to crappy game characters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (DK included)

  • Joe

    What about conker from conker’s bad fur day.

  • Joe

    I want to get toad in ssbm but I can’t hit all of the targets is there an easier way to hit the targets

  • Joe

    What about Earthworm Jim

  • Joe…Toad doesn’t exist. Some hardcore SSBM people put up a video of the whole thing and got all of the targets…Toad was nowhere to be found (they even did the credids in Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard.

  • Wood

    Banjo Kazooie baby! He could use his backpack and all of his moves from the two games!

  • Wood

    Oh and also King K. Rool, Sonic, Wailuigi, Dr. Eggman

  • Jazz

    How about Gruntilda! :)

  • Jazz

    Here are my top ten and why:

    #10 Pricess Daisy –
    Seriously, the game won’t drop a bit if she’s not put in… but give her a shot, why not?

    #9 Raiden-
    Hey! If Snake made it in, why not Raisen? He is a pussy though.

    #8 Gruntilda –
    We need more bad guys and Grunty is perfect.

    #7 Banjo and Kazooie –

    #6 Haunter –
    More Pokemon!!!

    #5 Toad –
    Toad is pretty cool. It will make my brother happy.

    #4 Skullkid –
    Awesome bad guy!

    #3 Ash Ketchum –
    O.K. A bit wierd, but would be awesome.

    #2 A Redead :) –
    It can creep out all the other characters. They’re the beat enemies in Zelda!

    #1 Boo / King Boo –
    Greatest character addition ever! Put them in! PUT THEM IN!!!!!!!!!

  • Jazz

    Put a Redead in!

  • hello, i would like to see… nintendogs run around XD and u can make them attack other things XD

  • here are the charecters i want

    waligi,bowser jr. skullkid, feirce deity link, gruntilda, sonic, tails, megaman,
    zero,banjo+kazooie redead, poe, dark link, king boo, viewtaful joe, loyed,
    chibi robo, captain blue/king blue, bonk/giant bonk, conker, bass, dante,
    and finally ganon/ganondorf

  • i want nintendogs charectors nyaaaa!!!!

    like so u can play as a chihuahua or somthing XD i like chihuahuas XD

  • my favorite charector is ness im the best with him i hope he is in
    super smash bros brawl and king k. rool and king dedede

  • Jazz

    Lets put Gruntilda in!!!!!

    It’d be cool!

  • taun we1

    For me i dont see a point taking out guys i mean we want more not less and as for the sonic thing i would not mind having him in ssbb but just so i could kill him! ( And murple on newgrounds.com theres a thing called veta vs sonic you will like *wink* *wink*)

  • Mr Happy Bob

    I love everything jazz says and DEFINETLY everything Murple says. Oh, by the way, jazz, are you named after the Jazz basketball team or is it just a cool name like mine and murples?


  • Mr Happy Bob

    Oh yeah and Murple, your favorite character is Yoshi?

  • Mr Happy Bob

    I said this earlier but I’m adding something:

    Murple for president!!!
    Jazz for VP!!!

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Sonic rocks post something I want to shoot it down LOL.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    You mess with Murple u mess with me.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Same with you Sonics #1.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    I’m setting the record for biggest chain of posts LOL.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Now for a real post. Nintendo has (unfortunately) stated that they will NOT mess with any of the 26 characters that are in the game already. So, even though I DESPERATLEY wish that we could take out Jiggleypuff, Mr. Game and Watch, DK, Dr Mario, etc… It won’t happen :((((.
    P.S. 8 in a row!!!


    THE WIZ still think it would be a good choice to put Kratos in Brawl. He just look so cool and powerful. The game needs better swordsman and powerful ones. The characters in Melee who fought with no weapons were very good to play with because they were strong. Now it should be time to have some good swordsman instead of just Link, Marth, and Roy.


    It’s time to try to make this game the best game for the wii. Brawl needs more powerful characters in it. This is the third smash bros. game, it needs to be better than all the other ones put together.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Yeah Kratos would be cool, but Master Chief would be better (even though it won’t hapopen).

  • Mr Happy Bob


  • i hope the game comes out soon

  • taun we1

    you no i have no clue who half these suggestions are i mean kratos? it sounds like a plant of some kind and when does it come out i want to no! oh and murple did you check out the site?

  • Jazz

    The game is not coming out with the release of the Wii (unfortunitely)

    Hopefully it will come out early 2007.

    I agree with taun we1. I haven’t heard of many of these people either!

    Thanks Mr Happy Bob, u rock.

  • Jazz

    I think they should keep all the characters from SSBM, except Dk, Ness and Mr Game and Watch.

    Definitely keep Peach, Young Link and Luigi in the game!

  • Jazz

    I don’t know Mr Happy Bob.
    I have heard that Mr Game and Watch and the Ice Climbers are being taken out. Also, Young Link will be replaced with Wind Waker Link. (NOOOOOOO!!)

    Also, Bowser Jr. is now an official character, so I’ve heard. So far, the game dosn’t look too great, character wise. Sure, adding Sanke was smart… but Bowser Jr. WHY????

  • Jazz

    Lets put in Boo!

  • taun we1

    thx jazz. now, bowser jr. not one of my favorites but neither was bowser and young link rocks why wind maker? And there it is again more people wanting to take out characters why take out a character just dont play as him. And about the characters that are defently in you no the ones in the trailers wario, zero suit samus (HOT), pitt, and meta knight. I love the zero suit samus but that could have been a change of costumes not a character. And wario! Why wario what does wario have that jango fett does not have (besides a chance) or all those other characters have at least pitt and meta knight are in!

  • Murple

    Yes my favorite character is yoshi. I’m quite good with him too. I like the idea of Jango Fett. Kratos sounds like something I would name my pet rock. We don’t need Wario. Aren’t Dk and Bowser jr. fat enough for one game? Luigi is my second favorite. Mr. Happy Bob. Don’t make me start posting a ton. I could make a post as long as a chain of 20. Who is gruntilda? Sounds like a sound you would make on the toilet.

  • Jazz

    Hello again Murple.

    Gruntilda looks like something you’d find in a toilet…

    She is the evil witch from Banjo Kazooie, you know, the fat one.

    I like Luigi too!!! If they take him out…
    I dont want Y.Link to be changed either. Whoever decided that is crazy!

  • Jordan

    I must say that Yoshi is one of my most favourite ever, but i was very dissapointed with the way he handled in SSBM. Fox Rox (He He) but i play best as Link (Adult not the crappy kid). Murple and taun we1, you two have the righ idea, Jazz is my younger brother so i have no opinion on him and the rest i havent even taken the time to read because most of it is mindless dribble (Kind of what i’m doing now) but youse are all OK.

  • Mysterious Wanderer

    How about adding some dynasty warriors characters (though most people wont know about them [sigh]) like Sima Yi, most evil, manipulative smart ass EVER!!!!!.

  • Jazz

    Yeah! Add Sima Yi!

    He was in Dynasty Warriors Advance, which was a Game Boy game, so technically counts.

    Maybe even add Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Sun Jian!

    Do any of you know about Dynasty Warriors?

  • Jazz

    If I were in charge of SSB, this would be my list:

    Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, toad, Boo, Shy Guy, Pikachu, Pichu, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Gastly, Fox, Falco, Kirby, Meta Knight, Yoshi, Link, Young Link (Majora’s Mask style), Zelda/Shiek, Skullkid, Ganondorf, Roy, Marth, Banjo and Kazooie, Gruntilda, Sima Yi, Zhuge Liang, Ash Ketchum, a Redead, Xiao Qiao, Mingella and Blobellda.

    There’s probably some more, but I can’t think of them right now.

    Murple, Mr Happy Bob and Taun we1, u rock. Keep on saying the cool stuff you’ve been saying! Again, u rock!

  • Murple

    Walawigi shouldn’t be put in. That’s a disgrace. Dynasty Warriors characters would be nice. I agree yoshi was crap in SSBM. I was good with him in the original though.

  • Jazz

    So u know about Dynasty Warriors Murple?!
    Finaly! Someone else who knows about Dynasty Warriors! Who is your favourite character from Dynasty Warriors? I think Dynasty Warriors 4 is the best!

    Yeah, Yoshi had some terrible moves in SSBM. I hope they inhance him.

    Waluigi is a disgrace!

  • Jazz

    I thought of more for my list!

    Zuo Ci, Lu Bu (kick some behind!!), Team Rocket (Jessie and James), Tumble, Brighton and Twila.

    NO SONIC!!!!!!!
    Whatever mentally deranged moron thought up a BLUE hedgehog the runs fast, is an idiot.

  • Jazz

    PUT DYNASTY WARRIORS CHARACTERS IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Murple

    BOO FOR SONIC!!! Just as a question… what would Jesse and James do for attacks? Would they chuck bombs on people from a hot air balloon?

  • Jazz

    I assumed:

    B: A random Poke’mon or Wheezing and Arbok
    Across + B: Bazooka, remember the awesome first series, they had a bazooka
    Up + B: Some kind of balloon assissting move.
    Down + B: Pitfall or bombs.

    Sounds kind of silly.



  • Jazz

    What about Sabrina?

    U know, the homosidal gym leader from Saffron City in the first series of Pokemon? :)

  • Jazz

    Are me and Murple the only ones left.

    I can hear echoes it is so empty!

    Maybe we finaly chased all those Sonic freaks off! HOORAY!!!!

  • Jazz

    I thought up Cao Cao’s moves (basing him on Dynasty Warriors 4 (the best one))

    B: that shooting spell that is his triangle move.
    Across + B: Sliding slices (Second move in DW4)
    Up + B: Knock enemy in the air and jump up and knock them back down (Forth move in DW4)
    Down + B: Jump and stab sword into the ground.

    His ultimate move could be his Musou.

  • Jazz

    I think I’ve said enough for today.

    See you tommorow

  • Jazz

    its getting very lonely here.

  • Jazz

    Is anyone going to speak?

  • Jazz

    I’m lonely

  • Jazz



    except for u Murple. U are cool.

  • Jazz

    I’m sorry :(

  • Jazz

    Lets put some Dynasty Warriors characters in!

    How about Lu Bu?

    The Dynasty Warriors stages could be Xu Chang, Jian Ye, and Cheng Du!

  • Jazz

    You know what would be awesome!!!!?

    If the creator found a way to make Rainbow Road a SSBB stage.



  • Murple

    I think we might have won Jazz. It seems that everyone has given up on sonic and all the other lame characters.

  • Murple


  • Murple

    That or they’re looking up how to spell words right in the dictionary so their posts look intelligent.

  • taun we1

    alright i’m back and it seems like you 2 hav bin rabbling on for half the page so this site is now pointless but i would like to keep going if we could get back to the characters and this time we could be like jazz and state the moves to.

  • taun we1

    oh and what happen to mr. happy bob not that i dont anjoy you guy ‘iz companie

  • Jazz

    Thank you!

    Back to the characters.
    Got any suggestions

  • Jazz

    How about Skullkid?

    B: Blast move such as Mewtwos.
    Across + B: Tatl and Tael attack opponents.
    Up + B: Disappearing move.
    Down + B: Stun opponents with a eye blast.

    Of course he would be wearing Majora’s Mask…

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Dang jazz beat my chain I counted 13 LOL. Taun I’m sorry I just haven’t been checking this debate often enough LOL.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    An earlier post asked why we should get rid of players and we should just ignore the ones we don’t like. Well, we want to get rid of the stupid characters (Ness, DK, Jiggleypuff, Game and Watch, Ice Climbers, Pichu…) so we can make room for people worth playing (Fox and Falco for example).
    Oh yeah and Murple, at scouts you were right, we HAVE won this debate.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    OMG OMG OMG OMG an idea just hit me, They need Blizzard characters (Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo) is this!! It won’t happen but playing as Arthas from Warcraft 3 would be so flippin fun! He could even switch between Human and Undead!
    B: Death Coil
    B over: Death Pact (like Ness magnetic shield, his only good move)
    B down: switch to Human
    B up: like Roy’s except with purple fire
    B: charges hammer like Roy does his sword
    B over: Holy Light (would shoot out from hands and do damage)
    B down: change to Undead
    B up: Mass Teleport (like Mewtwo’s)

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Or you could play as Grom the leader of a tribe of orcs. After the previous post I’m too lazy to think up some moves for him (except B up would be Bladestorm like Link’s B up).

  • Jazz

    O.K. I have no idea who you’re talking about, but I respect your opinion.

    How about Lu Bu?

    B: Continuous strikes (Final move in DW4)
    Across + B: Barging move (3rd move in Dw4)
    Up + B: Same as Cao Cao’s would be (4th move in DW4)
    Down + B: Jump and stab spear into the ground.

    I kind of feel sorry for chasing off all those Sonic fans. Oh well. :(

  • Jazz

    I won the greatest number of posts in a row! YAY FOR ME!

  • Jazz

    Nobody answered for my Rainbow Road suggestion!

    ITS A GOOD IDEA!!!!!

    My two brothers are happy with the characters so far, Jordan liking Snake and Ethan liking Wario.
    But I am still to find a character to convince me to buy the game. I might be Meta Knight, but I like being Young Link, Peach, Falco, Roy and Luigi. So they had all better be in the game!!!!

  • Jazz

    See you tommorow

  • taun we1

    first mr. happy bob welcome back and i like your idea for Arthas it wont happen but we can dream. Then I would like to ask jazz why does your brother (Ethan) like wario? oh and who is skull kid? cool you direct me to a site were i could find out?

  • Jazz

    Skullkid… hmmmmm…. try looking him up on a image search.

    Ethan likes Wario because he has no taste in characters.

  • Jazz

    Actually, type in a search for Zelda – Skull kid. You’ll probably find some images there. Skull kid is cool though. He is like Ganondorf, but not as gay.

  • Jazz

    O.K Ethan.

  • Lee

    I think Wart from Mario Bros 2 should be in there, although everyone disagrees with me.

  • Lee

    oh, and King K. Rool from Donkey Kong Country,
    and Mallow/Geno from Super Mario RPG!

  • Mr Happy Bob

    LOL joke post time!!! (I love doing those. Check for my gay skeleton one somewhere :)) They should do the character from Runescape! He could change between Melee, Ranged, and Magic. While in Melee, he could transfor armors. While in ranged, he could transform bows. While in mage, he could transform spell types (wind, water, earth, and fire in that order). It would be sooo fuuun. Hehe me and Murple made tht up I gotta give him some credit too lol.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Holy Cow Jazz! 3:13 am!!! Why are you awake at 3:13 am posting stuff!!! That Rainbow Road suggestion is OK, but it would be kinda like fountain of dreams don’t you think? Anyways, to get onto bussiness, they should put Dark Samus in as a faster, weaker clone of Samus. Why? Because Dark Samus is about 50 times cooler than Samus.

  • Jazz

    I’m not really up at 3:30. It’s my stupid computer. It has something wrong and stuff. It is actually about 6:30 p.m.


    WHO IS R.O.B?!!!!

  • everybody

    Are you kidding me? You have all left out the best character for brawl of all!!! Im talking rayman! And maybe his friend too! Rayman is perfect, ranged attacks great jumps, he was made for this game. Plus there are so many cool locations to go to!
    And there is one more who would rock!
    The guy from pikmen. He would be amazing. He could get pikmen to go attack for him, and other great stuff!

  • Jazz

    Rayman??? I know who it is, but why??!!!!

  • Ethan

    I want to see, Shull kid, Ganondorf, Shy Guy, Boo, BOB-OMB!!!, Solidus, Raiden, Tiny Tiger, N.Gin, N.Tropy (as a joke character), Neo Cortex, Vamp, Crash Bandicoot and Coco Bandicoot, Crunch Bandicoot, Auron and Psyduck!!!

    What Jazz said before was uncalled for. I do have a taste in characters, its just a very unique one.

    Definitely not Rayman! Nobody will want to play as Rayman!

  • Jazz

    WHO IS R.O.B!!!!!!??????

  • Jazz

    Now. If Princess Daisy were to put into SSBB, I would be alright with it.

    But if Daisy were to replace Peach, I WILL BOYCOT THE STUPID GAME!!!!!

    Nintendo would have to be insane to replace the well known, popular, main Mario character Peach with a weird freak who turned up out of nowhere, changes her personality every game and is hyperactive!!!!!!!!

    There are four main Mario characters who are in every Mario game, Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser.

    Then there are the awesome side characters like Toad, Boo, Yoshi, Shy Guy, Bob-omb and Boo.

    Then there are the crappy other characters like, Toadette, Daisy, Waluigi and Wario.

    This proves that Daisy, or any of the characters listed in the “crappy others” list should not be in SSBB. (Unfortunitely, Wario is already in!!:()

    NO DAISY!!!!!!!!! She’s a nobody!

  • taun we1

    All i got for skull kid was some game on newgrounds with lots of blood.
    and for ethans comments. shy guy is lame same thing for Psyduck boo tiny tiger and BOB-OMB. And as for a joke character that is stiupit! all though i do like your idea for crash cortex and coco (although they were my ideas first) crunch is to much of a side character. And auron is awsome! again i dont know skull kid.

  • brandwee

    soooo, im thinking that since pokemon can be in smash bros. brawl…why not they’re trainers!!??
    i say ash, and team rocket(jesse and james) should so be in it!!!
    that would be amazin!!

  • brandwee

    ok, so here is a list of who i wanna see!

    -team rocket
    -jill valentine
    -jynx : )
    -simon belmont
    -lara croft(why not?)
    -ulala(space channel 5!!)
    -and anyone from final fantasy! lol

    and team rocket can be together just like the ice climbers were. and they will throw out arbok,or weezing(depending on if your jesse or james) oh also meowth!

  • Murple

    Lara Croft… YES! Pokemon trainers…no. Team rocket is kinda useless. All they ever do is get blown up.

  • taun we1

    again with the pokemon suggetions i say remove those freaks and put in ash and he will just throw pokEballs with every pokEmon including pikachu and mewtwo

  • Mr Happy Bob

    ROFL They should put Samuel L Jackson :):):).

  • Mr Happy Bob

    And no more pokemon related things anyways, let alone their trainers. What I’m guessing is that a majority of people that post must be under the age of 10. Who else would WANT pokemon in a game LOL. Ethan… how dare you want ANOTHER Mario character! I mean gosh! Mario, Dr Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Wario…. The list goes on!!!! They already have like half the game’s characters!

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Oh Jazz, ROB is from Star Fox games. He is an annoying robot that helps guide you through the game.

  • Murple

    Pokemon trainers are gay’s. Might as well put in Michael Jackson.

  • Murple

    Which one is Ethan Bob?

  • brandwee

    what the hell? im not under 10! im 21

    and there are still alot of people out there who love pokemon. including me!

  • Jazz


    I still like it! BUT I HATE JOHTO AND HOEEN!!!!!

    I think Ash and Team Rocket should be in the game.

    If they ever replay the first series of Poke’mon, I’ll tape and watch EVERY episode! Sorry Murple and Mr. Happy Bob, but i gotta disagree with u this once.

    Only Kanto things should be put in the game.

  • Jazz

    Murple, Ethan is my younger brother. He is 12. I told you he has no taste in characters!

  • Jazz

    Why is a Star Fox character in a Mario game?

  • Jazz

    Ash Ketchum and Jessie and James definitely have to be put in the game!

    Are we still friends Murple and Mr Happy Bob.

    It’s only this once that I am disagreeing with you. You still have the beat ideas out of everyone.

  • taun we1

    I agree with Jazz insept on the statement Murple and Mr happy Bob have the beast ideas. The Runescape idea is funny yet I would love to see that in the game (not going to happen). Go Samuel L Jackson! What about Jak and daxter They could be like the ice climers but jak being the real character. i’m not to sure on what would be the moves but if any one likes they idea they could come up with some :)

  • Murple

    Because Mario and Star Fox are both owned by Nintendo. It’s all good Jazz. I just happen to hate the way the pokemon show is going nowadays.

  • Jazz

    ABSOLUTELY!!!! I totally agree with Murple!!!!

    The first series of Pokemon is the greatest anime ever. Nowadays, its all CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can go on about all the differences in the old series and the new crap, but i won’t.

    After the Indigo Plateau, Pokemon went down hill.

  • Jazz

    Ignore the stupid time of my post.

    Stupid computer.

  • Jazz

    Team Rocket need to be put in.

    How about Dr N.Gin from Crash Bandicoot? :)

    His moves could be:
    B: Missile.
    Across + B: Wrench toss.
    Up + B: Fire shoots from his missile and rockets him in the air.
    Down + B: Bomb.

    Crash Bandicoot games are getting kind of lame though, so tell me if you hate this suggestion.

  • Jazz

    Hello again.

  • Jazz

    Where is everyone?

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Lol yeah Jazz we’re (as in me and Murple) cool. I still do hate everything related to pokemon though… Taun, just to tell you, I was JOKING about Samuel L. Jackson and the Runescape guy in case you didn’t know.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Master Chief. Self explainatory.
    B (hold): Start loading MG. When you release, it shoots all of the bullets out really fast (like Shiek)
    B over: Plasma grenade throw (act like Mario’s fireballs but explode and do 15 damage instead of just doing 5 damage)
    B Down: Overshield (a reflecting move)
    B up: Slash up with energy sword (like Roy/Marth)
    Oh and Jazz, about your N Gin post, I (typically) don’t care if the game sucks, but if the characters are cool, I’m fine with them. Pokemon for example I hate because their games suck and they suck. Mario. Games rule, characters good but there are too many of them. Crash Bandicoot. Sucky games, good characters, so they can put them in. Halo. Characters RULE!!! Games RULE!!!! But it’s not a Nintendo company and Master Chief hasn’t been in any Nintendo games. So it’s almost impossible for him.
    The End (ROFL)

  • Mr Happy Bob

    AHA!! Ok people this site doesn’t even like you to say s-u-c-k so be aware…

  • Mr Happy Bob

    stupid website… won’t even let me say s-u-c-k…

  • Mr Happy Bob

    nvm tht tho and someone else say something already unless you want me to beat Jazz’s chain of 13 lol. Im at 7 now…

  • Mr Happy Bob

    ROFL they should put in Paris Hilton so i can finally beat the crap out of her. She could like, throw money at people and sing badly for them LOL. Then come in as Samuel L Jackson and throw snakes form the airplane on her and she would like, flip out LOL.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    OMG then she could team up with William Hung as her special move and they would totally kill everyone with their singing!!!!

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Maybe you could be the Sorceress form Diablo 2. She rules.
    B: Charge up Chain Lightning, could do 20 damage or so and bounce from person to person if they are near enough.
    B over: Fire Wall
    B down: Frost Nova
    B up: Like Zelda’s B up maybe.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Maybe get some DOA characters. Ayane (purple haired girl) for Murple and Hayabusa (the ninja guy) for me. They could have some unique moves because they are ninjas. Kinda hard to think up moves for them though…

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Holy Cow I’m on a roll! They should get some of the warriors from Kameo and the Elements of power. There are 10 in all and there are 5 types of warriors, all with unique fighting styles and moves. They could be a good addition, even though they are Microsoft characters… (man I love doin that triple dot thing…)

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Attention!! This is my 13th post, tying me with Jazz for biggest chain of posts!! They should put in The Evil Strawberry from the animation, The Evil Strawberry (hosted by albinoblacksheep.com). He could make fun of people to death!!!! Calling people a stupid little baby man really could do some damage! I’m thinking 100, maybe 150 at least.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Wait! after a recount I counted 12 posts in a row for Jazz, and this is now my 14th! Haha I’m the leader again!!!

  • Jazz,Murple,Mr. Happy Bob,and Taun we 1, you guys suck!Sonic is so cool!You guys are f****rs!Well, here’s my list of people.
    Dr. Eggman
    Wind Waker Link
    Skull Kid
    Capt. Olimer
    King Dedede
    Mumbo Jumbo
    Lord Crump
    Paper Mario
    Professer E. Gad
    Tom Nook
    Mr. Reseti
    Baby Mario
    Baby Bowser

    That’s about it.You 4 morons,stop insaulting Nintendo!!!!1

  • Jazz


    That is a lot of posts!!!!!!
    I wonder if anyone can beat you.

  • Jazz

    I’m sorry you feel that way T.J Silver

    I breezed over your list and alot of the characters are good suggestions. A very good list.

  • Jazz

    Whay do u mean insulting Nintendo?

    I LOVE NINTENDO!!!!!!!!

  • Jazz

    It’s time for a joke character!!!!

    I know it is impossible, but what about Hojo from FF7?

    He could attack stupidly. I don’t know why I thought of Hojo, but oh well.

    HOJO!!!! :)

  • One more thing,SONIC IS BETTER THAN YOSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1SO SHUT UP ABOUT EVERYTHING YOU SAID ABOUT SONIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Jazz

    Where’s Murple and Mr Happy Bob. I’m bored.

    I don’t feel like beating your record Mr Happy Bob, too much effort.

    (I know it won’t happen so don’t correct me!)

  • OK, sorry Jazz.It’s just I like Sonic, OK?But, Murple & the others, they gotta shut up about Sonic.

  • Jazz

    Where is Mr Happy Bob and Murple? I’m bored.

    I don’t feel like beating your record Mr Happy Bob, too much effort.

    (I know it won’t happen so don’t correct me.)

  • Well, this is getting boring, don’t you think?

  • Jazz

    Sorry about posting twice. Stupid computer!!!!!

    It’s all good T.J Silva.

    I’m sure Mr Happy Bob and Murple are cool as well.

    There is only one fault I see in your list. It is Wind Waker Young Link.

    If this is to replace normal Y.Link, then NO!!!! If they can both be in the game, then YES!!!!!!

  • Jazz

    It’s all good.

  • Jazz

    Yeah. There’s nobody else here!

  • I also want to add,

    That’s it.(Notice, all are from Sonic Heros, except for Mighty)

    P.S.Jazz, your not that bad.

  • Jazz

    Well. I gotta go. Talk later!

    HOJO!!!!!!! :)

  • Ahsayuni

    Konichi-wa! I hope this isn’t a bad time and I’m not interrupting a major conflict. I’d just like to make sure I’m not about to miss a moment of action. I’ll just go ahead and amaze you with my fantasy list of characters for a Super Smash game:

    Sonic and/or Shadow (either will do)
    Inuyasha and/or Kagome (why not right?)
    Plusle and/or Minun (I can’t imagine Pokemon without them)
    And other numerous anime characters that have every sense of humor in them

    Hehe… Yeah, I kinda have an obsession over anime… But who doesn’t right?

  • Jazz

    I hope Murple and Mr Happy Bob aren’t angry :)

  • Jazz

    I LOVE ANIME!!!!

  • OK,I’ll add Y.Link too.

  • Jazz

    Well, I really gotta go! Bye!!!

    p.s. your alright too T.J Silva

  • Ahsayuni

    See ya Jazz! Hope to talk to you soon.

  • Jazz?Is there anyone else you want me to add?

  • Oh, Jazz, call me T.J. or Ken.

  • Ahsayuni

    Guess I’ll move on too for now. Catch ya later!

  • Umm…Anyone here?

  • Darn, noones here!Oh well,I guess I could add some more guys.
    Arill(sorry if I spelled it wrong)
    Diddy Kong
    Dixie Kong/Tiny Kong
    King K. Rool
    Lanky Kong
    Chunky Kong

    That’s it I might add more later.

  • Ahsayuni?Jazz?Murple?Mr. Happy Bob?Where is everyone?

  • Jazz,Jazz,Jazz,Jazz,Jazz,Jazz,I need you to tell me,do you me to add someone else?

  • OK,I gotta get my mind off Jazz.Anyone else here?

  • OK.Peace out.

  • I’m sorry, I meant, is there anyone you want me add?

  • OK,now peace out.

  • *Yawn*What I miss?OK,noones here yet?

  • Where’s Jazz and Ahsayuni when you need them?

  • This is boring.Oh well, I’ll just leave and come back.

  • OK,sorry for posting to much,it’s just I want to beat Mr. Happy Bobs record.

  • lol

  • Hey I’m almost done.

  • Ha ha, the world champion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Umm…where is everyone?

  • I’m tired guys, this better not be a joke.

  • OK,I guess they’re all busy, or maybe they’re just looking at all my posts.WHERE IS EVERYONE?!?!?!?!

  • Peace out.

  • Jazz


    That is alot of posts

  • Jazz


    Who else do I want to see in the game?

    How about Aeris (or is it Aerith?) She seems to have two names.
    Her moves could be:
    B: Heal
    Across + B: Staff smack
    Up + B: Jump of the tip of her pole.
    Down + B: Great Gospel

  • Jazz

    Or maybe Reno, the guy with the red hair from the Turks.

  • Jazz

    I would like to hear some ideas from Ahsayuni.

    Who do u want to be in the game Ahsayuni?

  • Jazz

    I know who you left out of yor list T.J. ………… HOJO!!!!!!!

    Sorry!!!!! That’s stupid.

    But you did leave out Boo or King Boo.

    I like the fact that some one else is suggesting Gruntilda and Skull kid!

  • Jazz

    I have just been seeing the start of Kingdom Hearts 2. IT STINKS SO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nothing makes sense!!!

    Oh, but the inclusion of Vivi makes up for all the confusing nonscence!!!!

  • Jazz

    One more suggestion!

    Yuna, Rikku and Paine (although I hate FF10-2!!!!! IT’S PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!)

    Yuna, Rikku and Paine!!!!!

  • Jazz

    Nobody here? Nobody going to talk to Jazz?

    What ever happened to Murple and Mr Happy Bob and Taun We1?

    I’M LONELY!!!!!!!!!!!
    TALK TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Murple????? Mr Happy Bob?????? T.J.????? Taun we1????? Ahsayuni?????

    Where has everyone gone? Oh, well.

    I guess i’ll talk to you later….. if anyone ever comes back……..

    It’s lonely.

    Sorry. I’m begining to babble aren’t I?

    It’s lonely.

    O.K. Bye!!!!!

  • Jazz

    Murple????? Mr Happy Bob?????? T.J.????? Taun we1????? Ahsayuni?????

  • Jazz

    One more suggestion before I go!

    Heartles from KH 1.

    They can transform into different forms and have different attacks.

  • Jazz


    HOJO!!!! :) :)

  • I guess I can add King Boo, I mean he’s not that bad.

  • Ahsayuni


    Well, I’m overly obsessed with anime, as I have said before, so another one that comes to mind is Naraku or Kagura or Kikyou… I’m overly-overly obsessed with Inuyasha so any list with him and other characters are fine with me. Maybe Ben from Ben 10 too! lol

  • brandwee

    lol they should have the gay dude from crazy taxi 3!

    and yes, im gay. retards

  • How about Birdo and Pidget?

  • Ooh, Raphel the Raven would be good too.

  • Maybe Kraid and Ridley.

  • Waddle Dee, Gooey, and Rick might do.

  • Ahsayuni

    Hey, what if they used the Teen Titans. They have been used in a game before, so it could happen.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Ok T.J. Silva ur on. Murple better get back to posting. I’ll yell at him today for not posting 4 so long… TJ ur post record doesn’t count because all you said was that u wanted some1 else to post like 50 times lol. Jazz, I think you actually beat me again (Ill count later). TJ TJ TJ… I like a lot of what you say… you would be a great ally if it weren’t for the fact that you like sonic in ssbb… None of us are against Nintendo. We like it except for the fact that Sonic is being considered into ssbb, the 2nd best game in existence (Halo 3 being the best, It’s like the only good Xbox game…). He is too much of a weenie and his games are too repetative. All he does is jump on people LOL. I need a reason, a very good reason at that, too convince me otherwise. Jazz, you need to practice joke posts more LOL. Hojo IS a joke character but you have to say WHY! Like Paris Hilton is ugly, and a bad singer. William Hung… is even worse. Check out http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/william.php. That is William Hung.
    Dang this post is getting long! Too finish it off, Brandwee… No one minds tht u r gae but plz dont tel evry1. It’s T.M.I. Oh, wait! Tht’s why u like pokemon! AHA!!! Oh, by the way, I’m not trying to offend anyone in this post (except TJ Silva LOL).

  • Mr Happy Bob

    I think I might have won the biggest number of words in a post too… It doesn’t look biggest because of T.J’s, but it has more words.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    er… wait.. that sounds weird… I change those last 5 words to, “but MINE has more words.”

  • Mr Happy Bob

    I counted like 230 words… That’s a record I plan to loose…

  • Hey, I must be good.

  • Has anyone seen Jazz?

  • Da** it! I asked, has anyone seen Jazz?!

  • Umm…HOJO! Da**, that didn’t work.

  • SIT!!!!!!! GOD DA** IT!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Ahsayuni

    *crashes face-first on ground* God Da**it!

  • There you are. Where the he** were you?!?!?!

  • Ahsayuni

    I can’t stick around this world all day you know! I have a life too!

  • I don’t care. Your whatever.

  • Ahsayuni

    For those of you who care, do you notice anything odd or cool about me name?

  • Kirby kiddo

    these are all the characters that should be on SSBB:
    King Dedede-Rick-Fololo & Falala-Nightmare (from the kirbt series)-bugzy-Meta knight (which i know that is on)-Adelein (from kirby:crystal shards)-AND MANY OTHER KIRBY SERIES CHARACTERS!!!!!!!

    What, I like Kirby!!!!!!

  • Kirby kiddo

    ———–that is all————-

  • death bringer

    im a newbie.

  • Kirby kiddo

    also mr.shine & mr bright and pon & kon should be on ssbb

  • pat

    3 words

  • pat

    would be sooo much fun in this game.

  • sonic2thehedgehog

    banjo and kazooie arn’t gonna make it, sonic (maybe), megaman (maybe), pac-man (who knows?), snake (yes), viewtiful joe (77.8%), Lucario (most likely), Rayman (maybe), Pikachu (yes)

  • Have you morons read my list?

  • I mean…wait where is everybody?

  • pat

    still b&k would be very interesting.
    and i really dont want sonic in for my own reasons.

    megaman would be sooo much fun

    B-charge blaster, works kind like samus but he cant hold it,hold for 2 secs to get green beam, and 5 secs to get blue ball.

    B^-maybe some type of jet boost, or he can use the red dog like the jet board.

    B>-his speed dash in megaman X2

    Bv-his slide kick

  • OK, you guys are weird.

  • taun we1

    You are so dumb T.J all you do is come here suggest retarded ideas and post for no reson. How bout Jak and daxter Im not to sure on the moves but if any one would like to suggest some please do

  • Jazz

    O.K. I’m back.

    Banjo and Kazooie are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Gruntilda should be in as well.

    Kirby kiddo, Kirby is one of the most awesome things ever!!!!

    Ahsayuni, your name backward spells Inuayasha.

    What about some characters from Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven? Rikimaru and Ayame would be cool. And Kagura and Jinnai and Dr Kimaira and Teshu.

  • Jazz

    Hey! Taun We1 is back!

  • Jazz

    Maybe a couple more Pokemon:

    Haunter, Gastly, Magnemite, Electrode (^_^), the three legendary birds.

    Or maybe some Kingdom Hearts characters:
    Axel, Sora, Heartless, Oogie Boogie, Jafar (^_^), Ansem.

    Or maybe some Final Fantasy characters (there’s soooooo many good ones, i’ll just choose the best):
    SEPHIROTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Cloud, Tifa, Aeris, Yuna, Auron, Lulu, Vivi, Freya, Thorn and Zorn, Edea, Squall, Kuja, Reno, Tuidus.

    That’s all for now.

  • Jazz

    NO DAISY!!!!!!!!! She’s a nobody!

    I know Hojo is a joke Mr Happy Bob. It’s just so stupid to suggest someone sooooooo stupid as Hojo. I’ll shut up about it now.

    I only like Pokemon because i think it was the best anime ever, especially the first time it was ever played. To bad it is soooooo stupid now that it is impossible to watch bacause it is TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jazz

    Does anybody know what Snake’s stage will be?
    Maybe it will be the Tanker stage from Metal Gear 2?

    Someone tell Murple to come back!!!! It’s tooo quiet without Murple’s comments.


  • Jazz

    By the way. Does anyone know what happened to those little faces that used to appear next to the names?

    They just disappeared!

  • brandwee

    ugg, im just sticking to myspace! lol
    if anyone wants to add me, search for me. my email is [email protected]


  • Mr Happy Bob

    Jazz, I hav no clue where Murple went. Let’s see. :)

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Oh yeah! Jazz, check out my new site. It’s http://www.mrhappybob.com :).
    I used a free program called Office Live that’s meant for businesses LOL. It’s still in its beta version so it can get kind of annoying to use…

  • Jazz

    Very interesting!

    So nobody has heard from Murple?

  • Jazz

    OK. I’m bored again.

  • Jazz


  • Jazz

    I certainly hope that Zelda/Shiek are still in.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    I’ve already told you Jazz, Nintendo said they won’t mess around with any of the 26 characters already in Super Smash Brothers Melee.

  • murple

    Hi guys I haven’t been that active on the computer lately so I haven’t been on I’ll post a few things later today.

  • Taun we1

    How sweat jazz mist me. Now, we have it down that daisy would not be good peach is more a major with daisy trailing behind. I did not get a reply from anyone about jak and daxters moves or if they would be good. oh and does any one like the top 10 characters at the top of the page? I only like pac man, Leon Kennedy,Lloyd Irving and Chibi Robo

  • Jazz

    Yes! No Daisy!!!!

  • Jazz

    Let’s just hope they leave the original 26 characters.

  • Jazz

    Jak and Daxtar would be alright. I have not ever played any of their games but I know who they are.

  • murple

    They should put someone in that has a bow. He can have like a buff bow that he can attack with up close. He could have a power up bow shot.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Well look who finally decided to post agian huh?

  • Mr Happy Bob

    And I think the characters at the top are weird except Sonic. Sonic is freakin’ gay, not weird. His creator should get 10 years in prison and all Sonic games should be burned. BURNED I SAY!!! HOLY CRAP!! Look at all the Sonic freaks at the beginning of this chat!! Dang! I LOVE EXCLAMATION POINTS LOL!!!!!

  • Mr Happy Bob

    LOL put a star and ztar (the black star) from the Mario Party series together like Ice Climbers. They could shoot sparkles at people LOL. And put in Mickey Mouse and Minney Mouse. They would be so gay that everyone would die. Their B down move could be like Jiglypuff’s, they start singing a musical and then everyone gets blasted off the screen.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    And Murple, that guy’s name is Pit (who is already in the game :)). He has a bow that turns into 2 swords. And that is what I wanted to talk about. I’m glad that they finally got some1 in that has 2 swords!

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Maybe Spencer Yip (the guy who made this chat) should start posting… That would make things interesting…

  • Mr Happy Bob

    WOAH!! TRELEOUS beat me!!!! He has a page-long post up near the top about some guy named “X”!!! I loose that record…

  • Golden Silver

    Its awsome that Sonic is in super smash bros brawl.

  • Golden Silver

    To bad Banjo and Kaziooie arent gona make it.

  • Murple

    Sonic made it? That’s it, my life is wasted. That little tard made it into the game. Sonic is the biggest wimp of all time. Excluding pokemon trainers. Sonic should be hung for public viewing.

  • Gamemasta

    Sonic and Shadow should be in along with Super Sonic and Super Shadow as unlockable characters.SH**T I fogot Knuckles and Silver. And if Sonic insn’t in I’m going to KILL SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For people who say Sonic should’nt be in… SCREW YOU MOTHER FU**KERS

  • Kingdom_Hearts_Trilogy

    Sora would make one descent guest character in Brawl. Great moveset potential and would get many users attatched to him if this were to happen. If a rated (M) smoking killer character like Snake was able to get his way in Brawl, why not Sora?The three 3rd party characters can be Snake, Sora, and Sonic.

    3rd party characters:

  • Golden Silver

    Sonic is awsome!

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Sonic isn’t in SSBB Golden Silver. Get a life. If you’re talking about that “leak,” then I’ll tell you that they found out it was fake. Gamemaster…. You poser. You aren’t the gamemaster if you play sonic games and want sonic in ssbb. You should also take some anger managment classes. Something about screwing me, Murple, Jazz, Taun, and all of us (who rule this chat) seems kind of off. You might want to take it back… And you’d better go kill something then, because Sonic ain’t gonna make this, the (2nd) best game of all time, considering that Sonic is a pathetic loser.

  • Sonic equals gay

    Yeah, I agree with Happy Bob. As my name states, Sonic equals gay.

  • benny boy

    I think these characters would be cool.
    1.Sora from kingdom hearts.
    2.Rayman from rayman.
    3.spyro from spyro the dragon.
    4.Cloud from ff7.
    5.Pacman from pacman.
    6.Ty from Ty the tasmanian tiger.
    7.Master chief from halo.
    8.Shadow from shadow the hedgehog.
    Thats all my favorites. :-)

  • Taun we1

    Benny, sora master chief and pacman are the ones i like spyro is ok a little retarted but ok. I hate cloud!!!!!! No more hedghogs!!!!!!!!!!! and Rayman is gay tigers are gay to ever since frosted flakes

  • Nightmare Moogle

    I hate Sonic, the only thing he does is run around with his toothpick legs, going out naked in public, and his big ass head! I would hate to see him in Brawl! I would want him to burn in hell for all I care. Sora would be so awesome if he were in the game, his Keyblade and fighting style would be very superb to other characters. Sora would own everyone, and is way better than that faguet Sonic.

  • Jazz

    Holy poo!!

    There’s alot of argueing going on here!


    The fact that the game basically started out as a Mario Bros game, with mostly Mario characters meens nothing to nobody???

  • Jazz

    Go Star and Ztar!!!! They’re awesome!!!!!!

    How can anybody hate Cloud? O.K. He is a bit of a loser, but he comes from one of the greatest games of all time!

    What about Oogie Boogie? You know who I’m talking about. That jiggling lump of lard that is from that stupid kids Christmas movie. He also appeared in Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2.

    JUST JOKING!!!!!!

  • benny boy

    Excuse me,Taun we 1, Spyro is one of my favorite video game characters and if u should play the first game, you’ll regret what you ever said about spyro. But I like what u said about pacman, master chief, and sora.

    P.S. I agree with jazz, oogie boogie is a jiggling lump of lard! lol. He was
    easy to beat in kingdom hearts 1-2 even on proud mode. :-)

  • benny boy

    Do you think pacman, master chief, and sora r gonna make it in, at least one? ;-)

  • Mr Happy Bob


  • Orange

    Ok I’m intruding on your lovely debate. happy bob for pres.
    THe guys from gauntlet would be way freakin awesome in this game!!!!!!

  • Mr Happy Bob

    How dare you intrude LOL

  • Mr Happy Bob


  • Mr Happy Bob

    He’s my cousin I had to say that to him… Yeah Gauntlet Legends guys would be cool.

  • Orange

    Yeah since they could kill really fast….and stuff.

  • Dillo64

    Sora would be cool in Brawl.

  • link1994

    the following is who else should be in the game:

    baby bowser, diddy kong, baby mario, slippy [from star fox], king dedede, shadow the hedgehog, princess daisy, mew, entai, skull kid, baby luigi, a goron, a zora, a deku scrub, goku, walaigi, giga bowser,and SONIC NEEEEEEEEEEDSSSSSS TO BE IN THE FUCKING GAME OR ELSE I WILL DESTROY EARTH DAMIT.

  • Taun we1

    cloud is a loser and a crappy fighter. He was awful in kingdom hearts 1 his sword is tapped together for crying out loud. He is is so self centerd (not that, that matters) he is just lame!!!!!!!!! Ok now that I got that off my chest, Sora would be awsome pac man would be funny yet cool master chief rocks and sonic is lame. jago fett is perfect for this game Chibi Robo works too also they can add prince of persha and paul pheonix. Sorry for ofending you benny but come on a purple dragon who hangs out with a kangeroo a bird with torpedos and a ox with a ice club, not to menchen a tiger and we all no how I feal about tigers!!!!!!

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Link1994, Better start destroying the earth then, because Sonic is too much of a pathetic looser to make it in this game. I’ll just say that the rest of the characters you posted suck also, considering they are mostly Mario characters and pokemon. We all know what I think about Mario characters and pokemon, right Jazz?

  • Sonic equals gay

    Do you hate tham Happy Bob? Because I do!!! They should all go hang themselves. A few Mario characters are fine, but when 100000000 of them are invading into my favorite game, it makes me mad!!

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Yeah, I hate them Sonic equals. What you say is TOTALLY TRUE!!!!! You need to be in Murple and Jazz’s Cabinet or something…

  • Sonic equals gay

    Thanks Happy Bob. I call secretary of defence!

  • Mr Happy Bob

    They should put in Warlic form Adventure Quest. He has all of the good spells in that game. So there could be moves based off of that. There are 8 types of spells:
    Light, Darkness, Water, Fire, Energy, Ice, Wind, and Earth. So, you could do spells related to that.

  • Murple

    SORRY SORRY!!! My comp has been a little worthless recently. Can’t even play the stupid little online games without lagging. Link dude… watch the swearing. I would have to agree with Mr Happy Bob that your post does indeed suck. They have enough friggin mario characters in the game already they don’t need anymore. I don’t give a large, small, or discolored crap if the game is named after mario, they have enough crappy mario characters. If you want to talk about sonic why don’t you try Knuckles? He can at least fight stuff. You could also do some machine characters or something. Also, a thin super fast character that can be good but takes a lot of work to be good with. Something that takes some skill. By adventure quest do you mean that little online game that’s all 2d and crap? Oh and Orange, “I” am president. As long as your against sonic though you can be in my cabinet of noob smashers. Link I hope you weren’t going to be relying on sonic to help you destroy the earth. All he could do is run around and piss people off. It propably wouldn’t be fair if master chief got in because he could own everyone several times over. I also think that it shouldn’t be master chief but just some hot girl spartan. Like the sniper girl spartan from the book. There should be someone that has spells that are long range but maybe don’t do a lot of damage. A MINOTAUR with an ice club… now that could be cool. Jango Fett should definitely be in. What about putting in some really ugly fat guy who plays WoW 24/7 and throws hamburgers and chunks of fat at people. HOLY CRAP dude they could put in a jiggling bowl of lard!!! That would outrank some of the horrible idea’s on these forums that I’ve heard so far. Happy Bob… don’t act like you would pound on me for not posting. I will post whenever I am bored or pissed off at my computer. Or whenever I feel like it.

  • Murple

    I believe that last post was the 4th biggest. The last one that was bigger than mine was posted on September 4th. So in the conversation of those who have stayed with this forum for the last month or so, mine is the biggest.

  • Taun we1

    Ok it was a ox with a ice club not a minator here i am trying to make him sound bad and I make people like him more!

  • Kingdom_Hearts_Trilogy

    I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this character from an entirely new franchise, but does anyone want to see Isaac, from Lost Magic? I mean it would be pretty cool seeing him dish out dark, earth, water, fire, wind, and light magic. May’be he can summon a random monster that acts like a partner and always follows were Isaac goes. The monster could only last with you for about 20 seconds, and must wait until the time limit is over in order to be able to summon another monster. His special can be were he summons a Dragon tempest that covers the entire arena, and is not avoidable.

  • Jazz

    Pokemon does not suck that much…… o.k. it sucks.

    By the way, Taun, have you seen Cloud in Kingdom Hearts 2? He is totally weird!!!! What’s with all the “Darkness inside me” crap? And why does he blame Sephiroth for everything!!!!?????

    And about Mario characters. They should put in the good ones. if they put in only the decent characters, it won’t take up too much space. They can get rid of Toadette, Petty Parahna, Waluigi, Wario, Birdo, Daisy, the baby versions of Mario, Luigi, Bowser and Peach. THEY ALL ARE LOSERS!!!!!!!!

  • Jazz

    What about a Dynasty Warriors character? (Preferably DW4)

    I KNOW!! I KNOW!!!

    Pang Tong!!! Or maybe Zhuge Liang!!!!!!! OR SIMA YI!!!!!!! How about Zuo Ci????? Or maybe Sun Jian!!!!!!!!!!!

    By the way, did the events of Dynasty Warriors actually take place? Was it real? Beacause I saw a map the other day and in China I saw a place called Cheng Du and Chang Sha!!!! Weird.

  • Jazz

    P.S. When I was saying the terrible characters before and I said the baby versions of Mario, Luigi, Bowser and Peach…. I didn’t mean actual Peach and Bowser, I meant the stupid baby versions.

  • Murple

    I didn’t even know there was a baby version of peach. Taun I’m not saying I would like an ox character that has a club. I’m just saying that there oughtta be a minotaur character with a club. He could be one of those powerful guys. Are you guys seriously staying up as late as it shows?

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Murple, Orange is my cousin. Don’t diss him LOL. And I elected you president in the first place, so I could just as easily have you impeached LOL. JK I wouldn’t do tht to u. And Sonic Equals is lucky, considering he got elected into ur cabinet with only like 3 posts. But yes, you are awesome Sonic Equals.

  • T.J. Silva

    I’m a gay fat retard that plays WoW all day!!!! That means I could be in ssbb! Thanks murple!

  • Nightmare Moogle

    I want to see Sora in Brawl, he would look awesome as a 3rd party character. Sonic would not fit in, the only thing he is good at is running.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG The Wii is being launched tomorrow!!!! They’re releasing it early!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAAHAHHAAHHAAHAH!!!!!!!

  • Mr Happy Bob


  • Mr Happy Bob

    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG The Wii is being released early!! You know how early? TOMORROW!!!!!!!!! AND IM GETTING ONE!!!

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Sorry for the double post

  • Sonic equals gay

    Woah. You are so lucky. I wish I could get a Wii… Are you getting SSBB with it?

  • Mr Happy Bob

    I have no clue at all… I don’t think it’s being released with the Wii unfortunately…

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Oh and by the way, murple is gone without access to a computer so we won’t be hearing from him for a while.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    And I meant pre-orders are early, I hope I didn’t excite you peeps too much… Like Sonic equals.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    It is now officially pre-ordered!! I’m getting the Nintendo Wii on November 19. It’s coming with Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess too.


    I feel like killing every single little Sonic noob who wants him in, he does not deserve a spot in Brawl. Characters that would be awesome is Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora.

  • taun we1

    alright the best person for ssbb!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dig Dug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that game lol. its fun blowing dragons up with a ball pump! that would be a great move for that special power up he would stab a pump into his enemy and pump till they blew up! then he could also dig holes in the ground destroying the area and then he could throw boulders like the ones that crush his enemys in the game he could also throw a pooka the little guys with the yellow goggles they would be like bom-oms… forget spelling
    In the Nintendo DS version there were powere ups like boxing gloves and lighting that would surround dug and sab all enemys who got near him. maybe that could get in there.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Good job Sonic Is Lame. You need to be in Murple’s Cabinet. Let’s see… Secretary of Defence is taken, but you can choose what you want to be. And I just realized that Taun isn’t in Murple’s Cabinet either. Choose someone. And I now claim myself Prime Minister. There.

    Murple- President
    Jazz- Vice President
    Mr Happy Bob- Prime Minister
    Sonic Equals Gay- Secretary of Defence
    SONIC_IS_LAME- Pending
    Taun we1- Pending

  • Mr Happy Bob

    We should think of some name for this “alliance” that we have… Like the Sonic Haters or something…

  • taun we1


  • Mr Happy Bob

    Wha? Speak in English please.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Oh do u mean why is murple president? Because he was voted (by me) to president way before I had even heard of you… Choose what to be in his Cabinet though (since u r on our side).

  • Sonic equals gay

    They could put in Jedi. They could use force powers and lightsaber based moves. It would’t happen but they could be good. (I’m posting this for my friend by the way, he won’t stop bugging me about how Jedi should be put in).

  • yair hadar

    there should be alot of new charicters pokimon, sonic , and more


    No, just no. Sonic is just one little piece of turd who I would never imagine being in Brawl.

  • Mr Happy Bob


  • Mr Happy Bob

    And definetly not pokemon.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Time 4 one of my famous joke posts!! They should put in a Tomigotchi!!! It could play a trumpet and kill people with it’s pure annoyingness. Then they could have Tag Team Tomigotchi where it’s 2 of them hooked up. They could totally kill everyone because they are SOO FREAKIN GAY!!!

  • taun we1


  • Jazz

    About Sora……

    He is annoying in KH 2!!!!!!

  • Jazz

    How about a Heartless?

    Preferably the Soldier ones… cause they are funny!!!!!

  • Jazz

    What’s with this cabinet? Am I really VP? That’s cool.

    How bout the Phantom or Kurt Zisa? U know, the two secret bosses in Kingdom Hearts 1.

  • Jazz

    Nobody answered my question!!!!


    cause i saw Luo Yang on the map of China as well. :)

    Let’s see some Heartless in SSBB!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jazz

    As VP, I declare that there should be a Heartless in SSBB!!!!!!

    Just kidding!!!! :)

    I do wanna see a Heartless in it though. (THEY’RE BETTER THAN THOSE STUPID NOBODIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Do u have anger issues taun? I’m not trying to offend anyone or anything? And Murple is gone, so you can choose it! He wouldn’t care anyway! And yes, Jazz. I elected you VP a long time ago. And wtf is a heartless?

  • Jazz

    Haven’t u played Kingdom Hearts Mr Happy Bob?

  • Jazz

    I agree that Sora would be a pretty cool character. I just like the Heartless more cause they are funny!!!!!

  • Jazz

    How about Skull Kid?

    He can be the annoying character who nobody plays as! (I would though!)

    Taun, stop getting so angry. You choose your own position. I never asked to be a part of this, but oh well. I’m VP!!!! :)

    Mr Happy Bob, Heartless are those enemies from Kingdom Hearts, who stesl peoples hearts. Most of them are cute and funny looking.

  • Jazz

    So nobody is going to have a conversation with Jazz?

  • Jazz

    Oh, by the way. Where DID Murple go?

  • Jazz

    Nobody here? It’s so quiet!

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Murple went to Montana and doesn’t have access to a computer.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    And no I’ve never played KH.

  • taun we1

    Wow easy I was not being angry. I just was asking if murple could pick because other wise its point les oh and srry jazz but no heartless and no Phantoms. sora is a Ree but I still would like him in ssbb

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Ok but Murple is gone but I think he’s coming back tomorrow. And it’s not pointless, considering he hasn’t chosen anyone to be in his Cabinet, I have LOL. So you can choose anything except for Secretary of Defence (Sonic Equals took it already).
    Maybe they could add Wolf O’Donnell from the Star Fox series because all they have is good guys from it. They could also put in Andross, but that would be weird. Maybe now we should add Super Smash moves to the list when coming up with characters.
    SS: Wolf gets in the Wolfen and fires a bomb onto the stage.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Full example for Wolf.
    B: Shield breaker blaster
    B over: dash move like Fox
    B up: Wears booster pack for a few seconds
    B down: drop a firepod and press again to activate
    SS: Get into Wolfen and drops bomb onto stage

  • Murple

    Ok I’m back now. Fun trip and I got $200!!!!!!!! I forgot about dig dug. My dad was pro at that game. You guys don’t have to be called to a position just sign up. Go ahead and fight for it, make it bloody. BLOOD AND GORE! All positions are up for grab and none are taken as of this post. First come first served. Also, I think we ought to have our own forums considering that we’re not always talking about SSBB and because nobody else posts here. So if anybody wants to post there I’ll have the website name up in my next post. Use your same names there or post that you have changed your name. Talk to ya later.

  • Jazz

    Then I call President!!!! :)

  • taun we1

    awsome im going to steal happys postion lol. Im glad someone likes digdug murple, oh and what about prince of persha that would be cool yet not going to happen
    although, his moves would be complicated thats if he had the time thing
    he would like slow down time or freeze it completly so that he could start beating every one but he would be very difulcult to use like it would be a combition of buttons to work one move he could throw knifes or axes like in his games and he could run up walls or grab onto them and hang his grab was already in the game he would grab them by the throat and depending on the button you push he would throw them hin the air and then spear them when they come down or he would kick them off him far away or he would snap there neck for a while. Or maybe barrbosa from pirates of the caribbean

  • Murple

    Ok guys the website name is http://www.murplesite.tk
    Oh and jazz if your president then I am demon of the underworld.

  • Let’s put Zac and Cody in ssbb.

  • Paper mario, Chicken little , vacuum luigi, King dedede.

  • Dash, shadow mario, sonic, Danny Phantom, Banjo+Kazooie.

  • Diddy kong, wriggler, and naruto.

  • I’ll put the stages on my next post.

  • ricco harbor, Luigi’s mansion, fantasy meadows, piramid park.

  • events on my next post.

  • alien invasion, Haunted!

  • I win with mario!

  • Did I win the posting contest?

  • sorry

  • I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooo bored!

  • Mandy should be in brawl.

  • waluigi, daisy, shy guy, boo, bowser jr, petey pirhana, wriggler.

  • birdo, baby mario, baby luigi, taod, taodette, king boo.

  • drybones.

  • goombella, koops, flurrie, yoshi jr, vivian, bobbery, ms.mowz, lord crump,

  • goombario, kooper, parakarry, bow, watt, sushie, lakiester, king goomba, koopaninja tutan koopa.

  • mumbo, gruntilda, gruntilda 2.

  • spongebob, dora, blossom, bubbles, buttercup, clown ghost, dafny.

  • bosses on my next post.

  • wart, mecha bowser, green wriggler, eggman, gold metal mario, ganon, giant plankton, kraid.


  • i lied

  • HOJO for brawl

  • the stage I want is bowser’s castle.

  • I’m lonely =C

  • Anonymous

    Get those alien bastards from Halo on here so I can whoop there ass in 2 different video games

  • the tim guy is a moron.I hate pokemon so much. If it were up to me the only playable pokemon would be mew2 simply because he was a good charachter in melee.THE ONLY GOOD CHARACHTERS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN MENTIONED ARE KRATOS-FROM GOD OF WAR MORONS, AND DANTE FROM DEVIL MAY CRY. AND ALSO INUYASHA.NUF SAID


  • you know what? Iwant them in brawl too zach G..

  • moveset for Zac and Cody:
    side B:portrait smash
    down B:chase
    up B:trampolean
    B:watermelon toss
    AAA:boxing gluve
    side A:hammer
    down A:baseball toss
    up A:bat toss

  • 2 posts and I am left alone again.

  • I hope sakurai would put the characters I want in ssbb.

  • ???

    you will die!

  • see ya


  • Mr Happy Bob

    ??? Is really Mario. I know it!! Because 2 minutes later, he posts again! That’s only happened to me once with Sonic Equals… Where is he anyway?

  • Did I win the posting contest Mr Happy Bob?

  • I know

  • did I win? Did I did I did I.

  • I’ll post again at 5:00.

  • IM back

  • mr happy bob? zach g.? anonymous? anyone???????????

  • ang for brawl

  • bomberman, pommy, slippy, peppy, krystal, general skar, scooby-doo.

  • I’m alone again. =(

  • BYE!


  • Murple

    Mario come to my forums and create an account. The website it http://www.murplesite.tk

  • Jazz

    Who is this mario guy? Why are you so obsessed with winning the posting contest?

    Alot of the suggested characters are ok.

  • Jazz

    If we are talkin about stages, I’ve got some:

    Ancient China: Jian Ye
    Ancient China: Cheng Du
    Ancient China: Xu Chang
    Mushroom Kingdom: Rainbow Road
    Kanto: Indigo Plateau
    Kanto: Saffron City Gym
    Grunty’s Lair: Freezeasy Peak
    Isle ‘o Hags: Grunty Industries
    Spira: Zanarkand Ruins
    Spira: Airship
    Galbadia: Edea’s Parade

    Rainbow Road would be the greatest SSBB stage!!!1

    I hope they make Poke’ Floats a Past Stage so I can play on it again!! IT IS THE BEST SSBM STAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So is Rainbow Ride.

    P.S. When I say Rainbow Road, I mean the Mario Kart 64 version, not the stupid Double Dash and DS versions!!! They’re ripoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jazz

    One more suggestion! Sorceress Edea or Sorceress Ultimecia from Final Fantasy 8!

    Edea’s ultimate move could be her ice javalins!!!!!

  • Jazz, I’m not obssessed, I’m just posting character’s I like.Poke float’s is my favorite stage too. I always beat Luigi there with mario.


  • p.p.s.My real name is brandon.

    I GOT IT!

  • trick 1.get kirby below the stage enough for him to try his up B move.run to the edge you pushed kirby to.as soon as use the up B move and he’s at the side of the ball, use mario’s cape to stop kirby from clinging on the edge.do this trick ,and kirby will be k.o.d.

  • what do you think Jazz?

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Jazz I hate Poke Floats. It is like my 2nd least favorite stage. My least favorite being Brinstar. And Mario must be on drugs considering he’s screaming at the top of his lungs so much. Examples:
    HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like 500000 times
    I GOT IT!!
    He is also seperating his posts into like 15 pieces each.
    1. Let’s put Zac and Cody in ssbb.
    2. Paper mario, Chicken little , vacuum luigi, King dedede.
    3. Dash, shadow mario, sonic, Danny Phantom, Banjo+Kazooie.
    4. Diddy kong, wriggler, and naruto
    5. I’ll put the stages on my next post
    6. ricco harbor, Luigi’s mansion, fantasy meadows, piramid park.
    7. events on my next post.
    8. alien invasion, Haunted!
    You could have put all of those into one post
    posts 9-12 were useless:
    13-(about)20: A bunch that could have been put into one
    21 and on: Ramble on with a few suggestions.
    So! I think that proves you should have put them all into 3-5 posts instead of 5000000000.

  • Murple

    Someone visit my website It’s getting lonely. I’ve posted the link twice but one of them got deleted so here’s another one. http://www.murplesite.tk

  • I would murple but, I need to know the code on the register page.

  • I wish I had a mario toy. I’ll do anything for it

  • mario


  • Murple

    What code are you talking about?

  • mario

    zip code. every time I make a zip code, it always say: you have pressed the wrong key.

  • more post’s tomorrow.

  • Murple

    Ok Mario I created an account for you. The account name is mario the password is marioman. Just log in and change your password and the email address.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    LOL put in Professer E. Gadd from Luigi’s Mansion. Put in Ridley from Metroid. Put in Dark Samus from Metroid. Enough said on this site, Im posting on Murple’s site.

  • JAZZ!!!!!!!!!!

  • Malachi

    i think that cloud strife would be the coolest character in that game. and if your going to put him in, then you should also put vincent valentine, Tifa Lockhart, and sephiroth. but im not sure if vincent or tifa was in chain of memories

    i also think that Lloyd Irving would be frikin sweet also. Tales Of Symphonia was a kick @$$ game. along with him, i think Kratos Aurion and maybe Mithos just to throw in a bad guy from the game.

    another sweet character that could be put into ssbbrawl would be sora from kingdom hearts. there was chain of memories for the DS i think, and along with him should come Riku and Ansom. its always good to throw in the bad guy.

    sonic would be a another frikin sweet addition with shadow, and knuckles

    i think that they should absolutely add the lords from some of the fire emblem games, like Ike, Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn. that would be some cool sh!t. and not forgetting the bad guys, maybe the Black Knight from path of radiance, and nergel from the first fire emblem for the gb advanced.

    and last but certainly not least, i know that he’s not from a nintendo game, but just bringing him up, that would be the coolest thing in the world if we brought in the protagonist from bujingai and the forsaken city. unfortunatley i dont know his name, but his battle controls and the entire battle system itself is the coolest thing that i have seen in a very long time

  • Malachi

    naruto along with saske, sakura, and lee would be frikin cool to!!!

  • JAAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Telemachus Rhade

    Third party characters? Meh. They can rot in hell as far as I’m concerned!

    Oh wow! I pity you people… You know why? You forgot one very important character who has a big chance to appear: Lip from Panel de Pon, who is the one and only character I want added in the roster, and the one and only character who can make me buy the game. No Lip, no Brawl. IF she’s in, THEN I don’t give a rat’s ass who else makes it in, just add HER!

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Um… Malachi? Are you on crack or something? Who would EVER want Sonic in a game?!?!?!?!?! You should have read some earlier comments by me, murple, Jazz, Soniq Equals, and everyone else worth listening to. You ruined your whole post with one sentence!
    Telemachus, Your first part sounds good to me (mostly), but who the crap is Lip?

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Malachi: This is what describes you:

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Ok after some research, Lip is just weird. But she does have a good chance considering Lip’s Stick is already and item.

  • DJ

    I have another list of characters:

    Sonic Series – 1Sonic 2Tails 3Knuckles 4Shadow 5Rouge 6Super Sonic 7Super Shadow
    DBZ Series – 8Goku 9Vegeta
    Mario Series – 10Mario 11Luigi 12Toad
    Pokemon Series – 13Pikachu 14Bulbasur 15Mewtwo 16Riachu 17Blastoise 18Charizard

  • That is so funny

  • where is jazz?

  • Rahel

    i want deoxys hes so cool

  • Rahel

    man! I want deoxys wind waker link jirachi luicario vaati when he is a kid and luffy.
    luffy isnt a nintendo guy but the gomu gomu fruit must be fun to use in super smash bros. I want at least one of these guys or I get very disepointed but i should buy it anyway=)

  • Rahel

    I should be very very very very happ if one of the most populared pokemon Celebi is in the game

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Pokemon are gay anyway so they better all be deleted! What you say to that? All your base are belong to us. Who the crap is Luffy Luffy? And a gomu gomu fruit?

  • Raheal! can you please send a super mario sunshine toy at joyride studios. i’ll do you a favor in return.honest please

  • KBOB

    Daisy so needs to be in Brawl!

  • Jazz

    NO DAISY!!!!!!!!!!!


    Poke’ Floats is sooooooooo awesome! The first series of Pokemon is sooooooo
    oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than Naruto or One Piece and any other stupid anime shows…. except for Zatch Bell.

    How about Zatch as a SSBB character!!!!!!!

    Does anyone know if you can buy The first series of Poke’mon anywhere?

  • Jazz

    I think that Roxas from KH2 is a loser!!!!!!!!

    What about Axel? He’s pretty cool.

    Anyone who suggests any Johto and Hoen Pokemon are WRONG!!!!!!!!!

    Johto and Hoen Pokemon are just wannabe rip offs that can never match up to the first 150!!!!!!!! The first series is the only good one!!!!!!!

    I like the Haunted Tower episode and all the episodes about the Gyms!!!!

  • Jazz

    One more awesome suggestion:

    Team Rocket (Jessie and James) and Ash Ketchum!!!!!!

  • murple

    Jazz I’ve got an awesome suggestion. POST ON MY WEBSITE. Everyone else is there anyways.

  • keep luigi

  • Mr Happy Bob

    No! don’t keep Luigi. I’ll talk to you on murplesite.


  • Jazz

    Yes!!!!! Keep Luigi!!!!

  • Jazz

    Go Luigi!!!!!!!!

  • luigi stay’s or else!

  • Mr Happy Bob


  • benny boy

    i dont c whats so great about luigi. in my oppinion, mario is better

  • benny boy

    im not typing untill someone answers my post

  • benny boy

    i lied. and i tried typing murplesite up in the web search, they’re aint no murplesite! lier!

  • benny boy

    answer me! p.s. put in shadow the hdghog

  • benny boy

    dos anyone want to talk 2 me? Im cool. i have a: sega dreamcast, nintendo 64, gamecube, psp, nintendo ds, ps, ps2, soon to have nintendo wii. not lieing

  • so mario is better, mario would not be mario if his brother luigi was taken out of brawl.
    benny boy if its because that mario and luigi beat your favorite character,WHO CARES unless its mario or luigi.why did you think he won alot of trophies in soccer, baseball, basketball,tennis, and golf?he had brother to share the victory.so,luigi and mario have to stay for brawl.

    p.s.I don’t think your favorite character is a loser.
    p.s.s.who is your favorite character anyway?

  • Mr Happy Bob

    yeah it doesn’t appear on search engines LOL. type it in on the address bar

  • Mr Happy Bob

    LOL wow you have almost the exact thing as me:
    GB, GBC, GBA, GBSP, N64, Dreamcast (oh wait, I got rid of that cause it SUCKS), Xbox 360, and about to get the Wii.

  • Mr Happy Bob


  • benny boy

    mario, sorry i didnt realize. oh, and my favorite character is fox.

  • benny boy

    mr. happy bob, u dont even have a gamecube?

  • benny boy

    mr. flappy, happy, crappy whatever. BOB! shadow doesnt suck that bad.

  • benny boy

    answer me! ;-(

  • I saw the gameplay of super smas bros brawl:)

  • T Tomatom

    THIS GAME SOUNDS AWESOME! I am a huge pokemon fan and hope they put in some cool pokemon. I know if al the charaters all that list will be in the game, i’ll be happy, except if that Viewtiful Joe is in the game I won’t be happy. Veiwtiful Joe IS A JOKE!! I really hope Bomberman is in though, because he is so cool!!



    FT Tomatom

  • Jazz

    Go all the original characters!!!!

  • aren’t you gonna make an account on murplesite?

  • Mr Happy Bob

    There, I think I got my point across…

  • Mr Happy Bob

    And you call me crappy bob again and you will burn in f***ing h*** (I’m not allowed to swear, alright?).

  • I bet Rayman and Earthworm Jim are a perfect couple for Super Smash Bros Brawl along with Gex The Gecko, another old character. They can join Sonic if he does appear. I played their games and they were good, well Earthworm Jim only used his blaster instead of bare hands, if you put him in Super Smash Bros Brawl and give him new moves, he will be cool. As for Gex The Gecko, he was good in those three games but all he used was his tail, if you put him in Super Smash Bros Brawl and give him new moves he will be a lot better than he was in the previous games and I WOULD LIKE THAT MAN!!

  • Who is Gex and Gecko??!?!?!?!?!? Mario will beat sonic! MARIO ROCKS!

  • Orange

    Hey is It true that the Wii Has already been realeased?
    cuse if it has then I must be stupid or something

  • Orange

    Holy cow It was a long time since ive posted and ive onley posted twice.

  • Orange

    So I really have no excuse

  • Orange

    I’m almost 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Thats the dating age)
    So prettymuch Ummm…. Sonic sucs, We already have enough mario charictors, and they don need any NES CHarectors either cause Mr. Game’n’watch freakin was not goood at all, and It definately needs more exploding type of moves.
    Yep that is what should happen.

  • Orange

    I think that is good just Like FOOD!!!!!!
    And…. Ramen. Hey thats a good Idea Rayman should be a charector!

  • Orange

    Well thats all from me for now.

    HEY HAPPY BOB!!!!!!!


  • theres only gonna be one or two mario characters.shadow mario woulda good character to play as. although, MARIO ROCKS!

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Hey Orange, make an account on http://www.murplesite.tk real quick. Post there from now on :)

  • mario vs evil mario would be a cool battle too.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    OMFG OMFG How many times must I tell you this Jazz:

  • … you might wanna take some yoga classes mr happy bob.

  • Jazz

    Is Murple site a forum????

    Cause if it is…….

  • Jazz

    I’m sorry. I have taken so long to go onto murplesite. I’m just worried cause i had a bad experience with a forum once before and i dont want anything like that to happen again.

  • Jazz

    I might go on there sometime.

    But for now….

    I will make another list of EVERYONE I want to see.

    Mario, luigi, peach, bowser, boo, shy guy, toad, link, young link (Majora’s mask style), zelda/shiek, skull kid, KIRBY!!!!!!, meta knight, pikachu, jigglypuff, mewtwo, gastly, magnemite, roy, marth, banjo-kazooie, gruntilda, fox, falco, sima yi, lu bu, vivi, seymour, edea, axel, sora, rikimaru. There’s alot more, but i gotta go now. Later!

  • Jazz

    I apologise once again Mr Happy Bob.

  • Jazz? how about you go practice on melee to be better in brawl?

  • Mr Happy Bob

    OMG yeah if it was ABS forums you had problems LOL. This forum is secure. Murple runs it fgs! The experience can’t have been that bad either… Unless it was a virus… And Mario, I’m just trying to make a point, and I HATE YOGA (LOL).

  • then atleast calm down.

  • trueblue

    brawl has to have megaman

  • trueblue

    and what is the deal with all the daisy and pokemon lovers? pokemon is just plain stupid and daisy will just be like peach

  • you also want SONIC in the game trueblue?

  • trueblue

    i dont rly care, hes not my favorite character, but i think he would have no moves, just to be able to run fast

  • trueblue

    i think sonic is overrated

  • me too.

  • trueblue

    what do u guys think of megaman?

  • Mr Happy Bob

    I think he’s not worth putting in that’s what. Sonic is not JUST overrated. He’s overrated to the moon and back times 3 lightyears. LIGHTYEARS I say! He is teh GAYEST THING ON THE PLANET. And Megaman would not fit in very well considering he’s demented. Like the Pokefags. And they don’t fit in. I like short sentences (LOL).

  • martin

    Cloud and/or Sephiroth…..thats all I need to say

  • trueblue

    happy bob u r not that happy

  • trueblue is right, you are in so much rage, your about to explode!
    I also want the koopa ninjas(paper mario)
    ninja turtles(tmnt)

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Not at sonic LOL.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    And to mario, you should know that by now, what with murplesite and all. I am the original Sonic hater of this site.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    I’m also famous for joke posts…

  • Mr Happy Bob

    And the biggest chain of posts (that count) now that I think about it… Anyways, here’s a joke post for you all:
    SSBB needs to put in Tingle as a playable character! He could throw sparkles at people! His b + up attack could be he gets in his balloon and it explodes, sending him flying upwards to gain distance!! He could even do a sparkle dance with Emmit and Cherryl (Dancing With the Stars on ABC right now LOL they’re in the finals and they suck!) for his SS move! He could have diferent fairy suit costumes to switch to!

  • joke character
    poo man
    ss:snot bomb
    b:throw up
    up b:burp
    down b:fart blast
    nasty or funny?

  • trueblue

    i hate tingle, the only use he would have in the game is to beat up

  • trueblue

    i mean he is a midle aged man who believes in faries, dresses in thights, where underwear on the outside of his clothes, the only people to do that are wrestlers superheros and people who have a messed up mind. in tingles case he has a messed up mind

  • trueblue

    and i think a good joke character would be waddle dee. his main weapon would be his parasail.For his ss move he could get in his mine cart and ride it all along the stage. Bup would be thrusting the paracail into the air and floating down gently.

  • I’m the original sonic hater because, my favorite character always kills sonic.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    LOL yeah but I’ve been posting on this site WAAAY longewr than you. Hence, me being teh original.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    and, yeah, tingle is a sucky character, hence, him being a JOKE POST!

  • Mr Happy Bob

    And Mario, ur’s was stupid. So neither nasty or funny LOL (sorry).

  • I have posted on the most sites.

  • mario kills sonic all the time.

  • I can spell MORE words right then you.

  • you don’t like it. but, others do.

  • I’m the ORIGINAL sonic hater!!!

  • trueblue

    i ccan spel rite too

  • trueblue

    me also use proper grammar

  • trueblue

    and who cares if you are the original sonic hater u both hate sonic and by what ive read so far mr happy bob hates him more

  • me too

  • hows my joke post trueblue?

  • trueblue

    hes nasty.

  • . . . . . . .

  • sonic,vetifuljoe,and the gameboy megaman would be asome

  • shadow mario please

  • trueblue

    i agree with megaman but not his stupid gameboy version, it needs to be megaman x, and they will not put shadow mario in because the already have lugi and dr mario as a character remake, they wont make another one of him, and lee if u read any of this forum u no ur going to be yelled at by happy bob for saynig u want sonic, and veautiful joe is an ok idea but he wont be on it

  • shadow mario won’t be a clone

  • There is no reason why sonic shouldnt be included he is a classic character that is well known to everyone. Btw hes not overrated, while his newer titles have been mediocre at best, no one can deny that the Sonic games of the genesis era were highly HIGHLY entertaining.Personally sonic is my favorite videogame character and while i respect your peoples positions, dont think it makes you all [email protected]$$ to be the “original sonic haters” because quite frankley it makes you look like a bunch of 10 year olds. Poemon sucks anyone that wants more pokemon in ssbb is either 5 or retarded, and stop listing anime and sqare enix characters they stand no chance at being selected. That being said i want:
    1Sonic ( maybe knuckles and tails no shadow just because hes basically sonic)
    2Viewtiful Joe
    This couple seem highly possible as they are all wellknown and could bring something new to the table. Sonic pwns, fact. LAWL at everyone who justs keep making fun of sonic fans, get a hobby/life.(Im looking at you Mr Happy Bob)

    PS Daisy is teh suck (peach clone, she would bring nothing new)

  • nobody can beat me when I use mario.MARIO ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • trueblue

    ok, just to let u no im not ten,and i dont hate sonic i just dont care if he is in or not, i agree with u for pokemon cus they do suck,megaman is awsome.

    and how will shadow mario not be a clone of mario!? i mean they have the same name and look just that one is a different color, and y r u so obsessed with mario, all he does in jump on people, his games are fun but are are the same basicly, save peach and jump on the bad guys.

  • trueblue

    oh and ya in ssb he cant even jump on people and that is what he is famous for

  • Mr Happy Bob

    You wanna call me a ten year old again?

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Yeah, u’d better keep looking too. And you seriously need to get a life if you enjoy Sonic in any way. I need Sonic Equals to post again…

  • sonic equals gay

    you’re request has been answered mr happy bob! LAWL, get a life or a JOB! Sonic needs to be deleted from the face of the earth. And 3 is a few not a couple :))) That’s right, he’s not overrated. No, in fact, he’s GAY (as my name states). The only thing good you said besides about poke’mon was the PS at the bottom.

  • forget about the ten year old stuf.NNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Like i said before i respect your guys opinions on sonic but i think its just reatrded to cut someone down because they like a certain videogame character and you dont. And your telling meo get a life/job? LOL ive only posted once(twice including this time). I just think its stupid to ignore sonics place in history.The games you play today wouldnt be the same without such driving forces as mario and sonic in the early gaming industry. Not saying you have to love or even like him just respect that other people enjoy sonic games and grew up playing them as i did. And sonicequalsgay i have yet to see you post anything good. Post something worthwhile not just crap cutting down peoples ideas and favorite characters.

  • Like i said before I respect your opinions on sonic i dont care if you dont like him hell you can hate him for all i care. I just think its retarded for you guys to cut down on people that enjoy the sonic games and would like to see him in ssbb. Like this site says it would be awesome to finally see mario and sonic able to fight in the same game. I dont see what your complaining about if sonics in ssbb youll be able to kill him…… so if you hate him theres your chance. Just stop posting all this ignorant crap about how people that enjoy sonic games suck etc. And sonic equals gay i do have a life kthx and to you and Mr happy bob i really dont care what the hell you say to me because its not going to change what i like or think so i think you all are wasting your time posting negative crap all the time. I think sonic i awesome and nothing you say or do is ever going to change that.

  • crap sry for the double post didnt think first one went through

  • Sonic FTW

    I completely agree with [email protected], sonic is a tradition that needs to be kept. He is a classic, and has been in all the good games, i personally love the sonic games.

    You say anyone who likes sonic needs a life or a job, and yet you are still here posting on a VIDEO GAME SITE many many times about whether or not a character should be in the game. IMO you are truely sad. Arguing over a character being in a video game, it’s all personal preference and taste. Go get some fresh air and step away from your computers / video game systems for a while and find out what a girl is.

  • trueblue

    u got a point on posting on the video game website, that is just funny,

  • zac+cody for brawl.

  • sonic equals gay

    I only cut down sonic. And more mario charcters. And pokemon.

  • trueblue

    well theres alot of mario characters and pokemon, and whos zac+cody

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Hehe you guys should get a life and post on http://www.murplestie.tk because that’s where I mainly post… And if u want to find out what a girl is sonic ftw, go ckeck the mirror. OHHHH WHAT NOW?!?

  • Mr Happy Bob


  • Mr Happy Bob

    And the main reason sonic needs to be out (besides him being pathetic) is that all sucky charcters take up a space that could be taken by someone worthwhile. Like Fox or Cap. Falcon. Or an awesome new character like (I only wish…) Master Chief!

  • Sonic FTW

    So are you just a nerd for life or something Mr. Happy Bob? If he’s sucky then you shouldn’t mind him being there, it would give you someone who you can actually beat. You probably just suck with him because you don’t know how to use him.

  • from:the suit life of zac and cody

  • trueblue

    how in theworld would zac and cody get in there?!!!

  • On disney 365, I saw disney video games.the suit life of zac and cody is a video game on the nintendo DS.speaking of video games, the wii is finally out.

  • I can beat you in brawl.

  • your all gonna lose the one and inly:MARIO because, MARIO ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yor gonna lose to the one and only:MARIO because, MARIO ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sorry for the double post everyone.

  • your gonna lose to the one and only:MARIO because, MARIO ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr Happy Bob

    And nice tripple post Mario LOL.

  • trueblue

    mario isnt that great no offense or anything but all he does is jump on people, he is cool but if u think of it he is not a great fighter

  • benny boy

    I think they should make a super smash bros. for nintendo ds.

    P.S. CRAPPY BOB!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

  • benny boy

    trueblue is right, mario is ok, but not that tough

  • benny boy

    play the sequel to ssbm on http://www.newgrounds.com its caled super smash flash.

  • benny boy

    i’m sorry whati said about you mr. happy bob. and i cant go to murplesite, im only 10.

  • I’m 10 t6oo.just put 13 or more.

  • looks like I blew it. I HAVE PRIDE!MARIO ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!don’t diss me just because I’m 10.

  • benny boy

    do you know what kingdom hearts is? sora would make an aausome character! :-)

  • I know who he is.whats sora special move?

  • benny boy

    there is this kid in my school who hates super smash bros.

  • benny boy

    soras special move is trinity limit

  • WHAT?!WHO?!

  • whats a trinity move?

  • benny boy

    kh2 is the most ausome game in the world(my oppinion)besides super smash bros.

  • benny boy

    a stupid kid named chris hates it. he’d probably want to play viva pinata since he’s so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • benny boy

    a trinity move is a move that sora does that does so much damage it could kill 1,oooooooooooo enemys.

  • mabye its becausehe doesn’t want to have his little viva pinatas to get SMASHED by the characters of super smash bros.

  • I only have kh1.

  • benny boy

    did u win it? you should get kh2, it is the bomb!

  • yeahbut, I’m trying to get the wii next year along with brawl.

  • LMFAO so you really are ten? then i guess i have a great judge of character XD
    SONIC FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!

  • trueblue

    is anyone here not ten?!


  • Mr Happy Bob

    I’m not ten LOL but I think LAWL is… That’s teh only explaination for liking Sonic. And you’d better take it back BenNy Boi Toy (LOL). Got a lot of power and smarts for a ten year old tho. But just wait untill you have to do Geography… *gets really bad jibblies (see http://www.homestarrunner.com, it’s in the sb email “bottom 10”)*

  • Mr Happy Bob

    I say power because he HATES SONIC. Most ten year olds WORSHIP him. And we all know what a Sonic Worshiper is (isn’t that right FTW).

  • But, I’m a diffrerent 10 year old boy.

  • trueblue

    reeeeaaaaaaaly different

  • I don’t like sonic.I’m very smart.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    You deserve to be a 6th grader LOL

  • could I have a mario toy?

  • trueblue

    i have one but his head fell off

  • could I see a picture of it?

  • Daniel

    I think they should have these charectors
    3:Didey kong
    12:Baby Bowser
    15:Pac Man
    19:Paper Mario
    20:Petey Piranah

  • NO SONIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!you typed sonic twice in that DARN list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • benny boy

    sonic sucks! thats not even what a hedgehog looks like! Sonic sucks Daniel, trust me.

  • benny boy

    helllllllllllllllloooooooooo? will someone answer me before i beat up my little brother?

  • Daniel

    mario you are gay

  • benny boy

    mario is not gay! don’t frusterate anyone else on this website or i will….uh….put a curse on you! lol…literally

  • benny boy

    gess who got a wii! gess who got a wii! YES! I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS! exept my mom wont let me play it till cristmas… :-) :-(

  • benny boy

    im tired of people not answering my posts. ;-(

  • trueblue

    benny people arent answering ur post because u r crazy, and u are frustrating me, and y brag about having a wii if u cant playit!?

  • Bobby Hentges

    This might sound crazy and impossable but I want my own self to be in the game. That’s right… me. I will take them out with “Bobcat Fist” which is like Falcon Punch, The Trenchcoat attack is like Mario’s Cape attack, The Teleport is similar to both Mewtwo’s Teleport and Fox Illusion. and The F-Bomb is similar to Link’s Bomb attack. So i want to be in the game.

  • benny boy

    screw u truepoo!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!! and bobby hentges, yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh you would make a great character in the game.


  • benny boy

    bobby, are u some kind of superhero?

  • Atleast mario doesn’t run around NAKED like sonic does. There is a posible way to put yourself in brawl bobby.

  • Kirby


  • Kirby

    I am so alone

  • Bobby Hentges

    So you guys agree that I should be in Brawl?

  • Bobby Hentges

    Masahiro Sakurai BETTER put me in Brawl or I won’t buy it.

  • awsume! hi kirby!you can be in brawl by unlocking a create your character mode.if sakurai ever puts a mode such as that in.hey kirby. hows deamland doing?

  • I’d be a good character to play as in brawl.looks:
    no shoes
    no hat.
    no sleeves
    I know my looks are good.
    1.back flip
    2.scream *WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
    theres my taunt.
    AAA:punch punch spin kick
    B/hold B:fire blast
    ^B:fire hand beam jet
    side B:reflecting arm
    down B:fire clone
    SS:fire assault(summin an assault of fire go after your opponent)
    there we go.

  • trueblue

    u all are crazy, and by the way sonic runs around in shoes so technicly he isnt naked

  • Bobby Hentges

    My looks:

    light skin
    spiky blonde hair
    Black Trenchcoat down to my ankles
    Camoflauge pants
    White sneakers

  • benny boy

    bobby how old are u? Has anyone on this site had a girl friend, i know i do.

  • benny boy

    answer me someone!!!!!!!!!! :-(

  • Bobby Hentges

    I am 14 and I have a GF

  • well, where are his pants?

  • I have a girlfriend.

  • how do you make those faces on the site

  • benny boy

    you make the original happy face simble. and submit

  • benny boy

    my girl friends name is jamie, she is sooooooooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)


  • Kirby

    Hay it’s me Kirby.

  • Kirby

    I think Knuckles, Tailsdoll, Tails, and N.M.E shuld be in BRAWL.

  • Kirby

    Hello, sumone.

  • Kirby

    Fin I will Talk to my self. Hay haw are you Kirby. Swell, thanks for asking.

  • Kirby

    My madeup game character shuld be in Brawl. His nam is Springs he has
    a black cloth on his head, long pink ears, left arm is a canon, rite arm is a shark gun, anh has a spring for legs with
    he can use as a drill and make twisters with it.

  • Kirby

    I meen his name is Springs.

  • benny boy

    Springs sounds like a cool character. I have a madeup character to. his name is Crime Fighting D.O.G.

    .German Shepard

  • Kirby

    That sounds cool too.

  • my made up character is the chill.
    skin:sky blue
    pants:normal blue
    wearing a black mask that covers his eyes only
    no hair
    what are the attacks of your made up guy kirby?

  • Kirby

    My springs character moves are
    punch, drill, spring kick. canun, skull bash, and twister.

  • Kirby

    His worst enemy is king Glob he is a floteig glob. he has claws , octopus maoth, and has a craown.
    His moves are eat, glob boll clow, and punch. He wuld grab them then eat them, grab the then choke them, or grab them then cut them with his clows. Springs wuld grab them then shoot the in the fase, grab the tose them in the air then shoot them, or grab them
    slame them to the graond then drill in them.

  • special attacks:
    B:ice ball
    down B:chill out
    side B:freeze blast
    up B: blissard fly
    SS:giant ice bomb
    what does springs look like kirby?

  • Shy Guy

    I like d idea of springs, it kinda sounds like da olypmic mascot homer made up in da simpsons.

  • oh no! not you

  • Mr Happy Bob

    OK you guys have officially ruined Siliconera’s Brawl chat. That’s what happens when 10 year olds post so much (no offence). I mean, made up characters? And adding yourself? Dang… OH I know! Let’s put my imaginary friend Larry in! He’s permanently invisible so it would be like he had that invisibility item the whole game! Gosh, so annoying… OR We could put in C.A.T.
    Ten year olds!!!!!

  • Mr Happy Bob

    I can’t post here anymore, no matter how many Sonic fans come…

  • ok………………………………bye

  • Hey, u’re missing the best’s & Fatal Characters:

    The Mortal Kombat Heroes.

    Scorpion, Reptile, Liucan, Sub Zero, etc…………….

  • Also they may add:

    Turok Character “think on that”
    Waluigi “I’m Preparing for him”
    Ryu & Ken from Street Fighters
    The “Contra 3 Guy”!!!!

  • I want
    king dedede
    diddy kiong
    dixie kong
    king kong
    hank mcuoi/the beast
    jody summer
    green soldier
    slippy toad
    star wolf
    santa(not to fight. to give presents to people)
    the chill
    king boo
    dark samus
    super red
    shadow mario
    petey piranah
    gooper blooper
    bowser jr
    mecha bowser
    chicken little
    paper mario
    yoshi jr
    lord crump
    rawk hawk
    macho grubba
    magnus 2.0
    evil peach/shadow qween

  • click on my username to get on my site.murplesite is my site
    If your 10, just put: october 9, 1993 or your birthday.year has to be 1993.even though murple is the name of the site, I still run his site.
    benny boy
    shy guy
    bobby hentges
    sonic FTW

  • Menza

    Those Characters Look Good… But I Think That Sonic is the Must Before the Rest… But Before They Need to Worry About New Non-Nintendo Characters, They Should Think About Adding Some Much Needed Characters…

    King Dedede… Has Been in Every Single Kirby Game, Yet MetaKnight Beats Him in?
    Diddy Kong… DK’s Sidekick for All Time…
    Banjo-Kazookie… They Would Just Be Awesome…
    Wart… Mario 2… Some Ness Guys… It’s Endless…

    The Point is that There Still are a Lot of Nintendo Characters That They are Forgetting, But Hey, You Never Know, Maybe Nintendo will Make Downloads Afterward for those Characters…

  • click on my name to come to my site.

  • tommy boy is right about the characters listen to him i have the game!!!!

  • sorry mario but there arnt even that many people in the game

  • hello anyone there?

  • hello?????????????????????

  • ???

    sonic,tails,knucles,blade,megaman. they are already in the computer version I also saw a picture of spyro, darth vader and a transformer in the game. but I would also like spire,nonus,trace, and sylux (metroid prime hunters) mother brain(metriod),megamanX(megaman),king ddd (kirby’s adventure),dixie kong(donkeykong country2) ,the painter(kirby and the cristal shades),majoras mask(the legend of zelda majora’s mask), and wolf (star fox) umm mabey wolf would have a tornado move based on his skilled weel barrowing oh, and simon belmont,and jirachi(pokemon colliseum bonus disk), morton, and iggy koopa(supermario world) dark mario(super mario sunshine), and the titanic ant(earthbound) buzz buzz?(earthbound) and samus with the sub weapons for(metroid brime hunters

  • trueblue

    those are all pretty good people

  • what does everyone want fror chrisrtmas besides a wii or brawl? I want a mario action figure for christmas.benny boy might want a sora action figure. trueblue might want a megaman action figure.

  • ???

    hmmmm A boss from metroid prime hunters would have too much defence befor you can hit it so mabey the first one guarding th octolighth it’s b down would be implanting the tower and shooting lasers and he would apear in his sqware form whn you can attack him it’s not so advanced until the second octolingth(metroid prime hunters)oh and katherin the boxer(wii sports) oh and mario don’t be santa and get me a flying 5foot7 tall and can fly45 feet hi and life size ation figure of cape mario just kidding

  • ???

    oh and guys I can confirm sonic,tails,knucles,blade,and megaman are in it they are already on a coputor version of melee called super smash flash

  • could someone bring me a mario toy for hristmas? PLEASE?

  • ???

    oh and banjo kazooie should be in thare like the ice climbers oh and you have to be kidding me mario right?

  • Jazz

    Hi! I’m back!

    A sort of joke post:

    Sark and the MCP from Tron!!!!!!!!
    I haven’t seen the movie. But I have Kingdom Hearts 2 and it is sooooo funny to stab Sark through the head whilst fighting him! :)

    ABSOLUTELY NO SONIC AND NO DAISY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • I’m not kidding ???. I agree on banjo kazooie in brawl.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    ??? IT IS NOT A COMPUTER VERSION OF BRAWL!!! It is SSB Flash! They are WWWAAAYYY different! SSB flash was made by a random person (and sucks), and is online. AND Nintendo wouldn’t accept letting Microsoft or Macintosh have Super Smash Bros. I NEED to be a mod on this site… BTW Jazz, no one uses the word “whilst” anymore. That fad ended in about AD 1500…

  • ???

    well mr.happybob that was what my friend was thinking it was made by a random person but he had to ok it right? and they might have liked his ideas

  • elie

    Is Protoman(people really love him a lot) from Megaman, Squall Leonhart, and Kratos coming out for Super Smash Bros. Brawl

  • Mr Happy Bob

    LOL no1 had to ok it ???. That is your imagination.

  • Jazz

    Why did we all have to leave Murple’s website?

    Now i’m waiting to get onto Mr Happy Bob’s website! Hurry up and let me on please!!!!!

  • Mr Happy Bob

    I did.

  • I heard if you put some of the characters from dragon Ball GT like Goku, Vegeta, the 7 Gods, the fusion of Trunks and Goten also the fusion of Goku and Vegeta. Also the characters of Saint Seiya The Sanctuary, the game of Super Smash Bros. Brawl would be the #1 game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Mr Happy Bob

    MMMMAAAAAXXXXX Destruction, that is

  • Freebird

    I haven’t had time to read every comment and I’m new to this place, but all the ideas sound very cool. The only thing I would love to add is characters from my favorite game, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Like geno or mallow. I would find that funny but at the same time, very fun.

  • Freebird

    Another thing I see before I hit the hay is that for all you sonic fans, yes, it would be awesome for him to be in it, and with tails too. Wouldn’t that also mean they would have to put in like an anti-sonic side like Robotnik or rouge or someone like that? I don’t know but it would be cool.

  • I don’t care whos in brawl.as long as mario is in it, I’m good.

  • Bennyboy

    Im back to the chat board! Did any of u miss me? :-)

  • Bennyboy

    Heeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooo?????????????????????????????????????????????? Answer me? please?

  • Bennyboy

    Mario. your not the onlyy one who”s a fan of mario. he’s
    ausome! or how ever u spell it. :-)

  • Bennyboy

    I think some people from the soul calibur series like Yunsung or Yoshimitsu would be cool.

  • Bennyboy

    Fine I’ll talk to myself. Hi bennyboy, Hi. Whats up? Notin. Cool. Yeah, I know.

  • Bennyboy

    forget it.

  • i taught mario how to use shadow clone jutsu. looks like mario IS the best.

  • benny boy

    Ahem, cool mario but did anyone MISS ME!!!

  • I did.where were you?

  • Mr Happy Bob

    He was in fairy pixy land. And Mario uses cheats 4 mario on SSBM LOL. And Freebird you are going way too far.

    Things that should happen to Sonic:
    1. Die by hanging
    2. Die by electric chair
    3. Die by drowning
    4. Die by lethal injection
    5. Be sued for $100 trillion for twisting people’s minds to like him.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Here’s something for naruto fans, this is copied and pasted from a quote of Sakurai himself:
    No manga characters (such as Dragonball Z characters, or Naruto) will appear in the game.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Top Ten characters for brawl if there were no rules:
    1. Master Chief
    2. The Arbiter
    3. Master Chief
    4. Ridley
    5. Dark Samus
    6. Wolf O’Donnel
    7. Hayabusa (DOA4)
    8. Ayane (DOA4)
    9. Tassadar (Starcraft)
    10. Arthas (Warcraft 3)

  • Mr Happy Bob

    And what do you know it is the best list ever posted. Number 1 reason for that: NO SONIC. Number 2 reason for that: NO POKEMON. Number 3 reason: MASTER CHIEF. Number 4 reason: NO SONY CHARACTERS. Number 5 reason: Blizzard owns :)

  • Mr Happy Bob

    WTF I’m getting a huge frickin chain again! This is like the 3rd fricking time! SOMEONE ELSE POST FGS.

  • trueblue

    if someone sues sonic who will get the money

  • Mr Happy Bob


  • Mr Happy Bob

    Every country that has sonic, let’s say. OR they could just burn it….

  • benny boy

    Actually Mr. happy bob, i was in CT, Connecticut, and why are u such a gay critic. go eat a terd c**k sucker!

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Hey! Love not hate! It was sarchassam! And I know that CT is Conneticut. I did pass the 5th grade you know. And I give people their just desserts if that’s what you mean by “critic.” “People” being anything I feel like… So no hard feelings right (so this is what it feels like being, as they call, “nice”)?

  • Duane Townzel

    YO! Mr. happy bob, I heard what you said about sonic man, ya need to shut up boy!!! WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU HAVE AGAINST SONIC!!!!!!!. He is one of the coolest characters to have in Super smash bros. brawl, he can turn super just like gokou & vegeta in the dragon ball Z & GT series for petes sake!!!!! He was never able to do that until they made sonic X. Now if u a sonic hater, OK thats ure opinion, but everyone else who likes sonic and thinks he should be in SSBB outvotes you, and besides meybe the reason why you dont want him in the game is because ure afraid if sakurai dose deside to add him in brawl he’ll make him good and someone will select him and whoop yo a$$ with him. You sonic haters are playin yoselves, you would’nt know a cool character to have in brawl even if he walked up to you kicked you in the ding dong. Oh and by the way, what kind of name is Mr. happy bob it sounds gay.

  • ???

    well ok but sonic still has a chance of getting in because he is the most wanted third party charicter jack carbor is the most likeley FPS charicter because farcry is coming out for wii and you know how the legend of zelda guide is 120 pages long? well mabey cna from qwake couldent write a book like tha but in farcry more of the game is about traking

  • benny boy

    sorry mr. happy bob :-(

  • trueblue

    sonic could go super sonic since his second game, for someone that is making such a big fuss about sonic u dont know that much townsel, and ur name is no better

  • ???

    as in I have rights over mr.happybob no look he might bring up another disscushon we already know sonic and jack carbor have the biggest chance another reason carbor could get in is because snake is similer and they put him in and spiro,darth vader, and optomus prime. were seen in a photo it could just be a TV dream world fighters photo but let everyone bring up another possibility ok? especially mr.happy bob who knows more about the site I found super smash flash on. he might have seen something or everyone can break down the possibilytis I can’t wait for this game!

  • Duane Townzel

    Hey im sorry about that comment that i wrote, but i dont care who’s in the damn game just as long as they dont get rid of nobody that’s good like roy c.falcon luigi marth or especially mewtwo. Oh and true blue i may not know that much about sonic, but i can woop yo a#$ in SSBM.

  • Duane Townzel

    Excuse the double post, but i also think that killer instinct characters should get into brawl, ryu & shin akuma get my votes too.

  • If sonic was in brawl, I would be able to do a battle
    Mario vs Sonic
    I’ve got super-good in brawl!mario is faster than ever!he can go to another end of any stage in 2 seconds.
    I went camping for 3 whole days.who wants to hear about it?
    did anyone miss me?

  • sorry, I ment melee.

  • Duane Townzel

    Hey mario(if thats you’re real name) honestly i dont blame you for liking mario, after all he is one of the most popular nintendo characters in the gamming industry, the dudes been around since donkey kong on the arcade & the NES,and because of him nintendo’s marketing is through the roof, which brings us to the Wii. Anyway you may be skilled with mario, and i give you that, but you ‘re talking to the #1 smash pro on the block, when it comes down to super smash bros. i am a beast, i’ve been good since the N64 version. Do you really think you could match my skills in melee?, cause if you lose you gotta promise me you won’t cry. Oh and when brawl comes out, i know a certain somebody that can flush mario down the piper, and that is noneother than the legendary ……….META KNIHGT!!!!!!!

  • Duane Townzel

    Spelling meta knights name wrong was a mistake. but anyway u know what i mean. Excuse the double post.

  • benny boy

    meta knights awesome! :-)

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Yo Duane you need to finger yourself. The reason sonic can’t be in Brawl is because he SUCKS. It’s like not wanting Game and Watch. He’s completely worthless! I’ve heard every excuse for wanting him. It’s all this:
    He’s so fast!
    He has super sonic!
    He’s so fast!
    and last: He’s so fast!

    Here’s the real deal:
    He’s gay
    His games suck
    All he can do is spin attack
    His series are all the same:
    “Wow a Chaos Emerald! Oh no, it’s Doctor Eggman! ! I lost the Chaos Emerald! Eggman got it! I’ve got to get it back! Oh no! he got another one! Yay I got it back! Yay I have all of them! Yay I’m Super Sonic! Yay I defeated Eggman!”
    He has a gay Chao Garden. What respectable person has a garden full of tiny little winged things that mate mini giraffes, gorillas, and parrots?

    The only thing you have going for you Duane is that you like MK better than mario. Thank you. But, a block isn’t very big now, is it. And EVERYONE thinks they are the best at Brawl. Then they go to a tourney and get wasted. At least Brawl will seperate the pros from the posers…

    At least he likes MK… But what about Pit?
    Oh! sorry didn’t read your second post. You are forgiven. FOR NOW *laughs very evilly* So there is only one problem between us: sonic. He just can’t take up one of our 50 characters.

    MY MAIN STATEMENT ABOUT SONIC (besides him being the tard): There is no room for lame people in this game.

    P.S. You think my name is gay? Look who’s talking Duayne. That’s not even how “Duane” should be spelled. It should be Dwayne, which is still a gay name. Can you imagine this everyone? Richard Simons says this:

    Oh, my honey is Duane. He’s so cute!

    It proves that his name is gayer than mine. Mr. Happy Bob is just a random name I came up with for gaming. There’s a difference between it and Duane. I’ll take it back if you take yours back :). I’m a nice person. Unlike SOME PEOPLE (namely Sonic FTW and LAWL you nubs)

  • Mr Happy Bob

    And thanks for inspiring my longest post yet.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    And yes, sonic fans outnumber sonic haters, but quality over quantity is usually advised. So, if all sonic fans say the same thing: (he would be awesome! He’s so fast!) and we all have 1,000,000 reasons he shouldn’t be in (see the huge post for a few), things can happen.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    I do hope that they give MK a good moveset. Otherwise he will be crap. Same with Pit, if he gets a good moveset, he WILL OWN EVERYONE (except maybe Fox and MK…). Now Duane, let me fill you in with my “policies:”

    No more Mario characters. There are already too many of them. Keep them now, but don’t add any more.

    NO SONIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111two

    On the debate on Geno, I lean towards not wanting him because he is pretty much a Mario character, but not entirely. If HE made it in, I guess I would live.

    On the Rayman debate, I am really neutral

  • ???

    look sonic will get in weather you like it or not um sonic cam do wicked moves with many rings and would have good doging skills and balence his balence would be perfict and you never did play sonic eventure2 did you? well he can do very good wind attack’s if he gains power so he would be an interesting charicter compleate with unigue punches and hooks he would gain power like link but would be different in many ways more then just a clone of gannondorf with a boost but how would you not want a charicter? i’m sorry call me a fanboy but how in the world could you denie a charicter with unigue abillity’s you havent played sonic battle2 I won´t worry thare are compleate evidence he will get in just google him and his games or find a wickipeadia which would be easeir at http://www.com

  • Duane Townzel

    Hey man, You did’nt have to come at me like that, all i wanted to know was what ure beef was with sonic, thats all. And i take back what i said about you’re game name, but most kids you’re age are crazy about sonic nonetheless wanting to see him in a fighting game like super smash bros. brawl, i mean ….. DAMN!! all i’ve been hearing is this: is sonic gonna be on there ?!! they should put sonic in brawl !! sonic would be sweet for brawl!!! and lastly SONIC FOR BRAWL!!!!. Thats all you hear every time you go to the forums, and who could blame them, after all sonic is fire and everybody(except you & others) likes him. And i think pit’s fire too, although he aint got nothin on meta knight. But if you dont like sonic then that’s cool, ure opinion, but love or hate him regardless he will be in brawl, and theres nothing you can do about it except deal with it. Hey bro!!! im just writing down my thoughts, if i said somthin to piss you off, then i apolagize man, i dont want it to go down like this so are we cool?.

  • I’m just s good as you are Duane.in brawl, I’m gonna cause MASS DESTRUCTION!!!!!
    mario is gonna rip MK’s mask off and trow it in the trash!

  • my real name is Brandon.mario is in my BLOOD!nowone has beaten me in melee for 11 years.I am NOT gonna lose for all I’ve worked for!if your a beast, PROOVE IT!by beating me in brawl.Duane, I Brandon J. David challenge you to a battle in brawl!
    2 lives
    all items off
    stage:pokemon staidiom
    no teams
    the challenge shall start in march
    p.s.I’m your friend.

  • k

  • maybe they can put other characters from like fox games.That would be way more better dont you think and get more new characters like from top rated action games. Like date from devil may cry,And maybe this is a stupid idea how about put in somebody fro dragonball z games. AND LIKE NARUTO GAME CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And can you nintendo guys who make super smash bros make a random character not from any games like just your very own character. That would be cool as you know. NAMES LIKE KUDAI SATARU OR ANY NAMES YOU PICK. PLEASE MAKE YOUR OWN CHARACTER TO THE GUYS WHO MADE SUPER SMASH BROS. FROM one of your big fans Kudai001

  • In my opinion yall say sonic isn’t going to have the right moves but here are the perfict moves.
    B move: a fire somersault like in sonic adventure 2
    B right: a light speed dash like foxes b right move
    B up : the homing attack
    B down: a blue tornado
    And when he gets the smash orb thingy he’ll turn into super sonic and he’ll just go on an extreme speed
    hitting everyone his way.
    For megaman:

  • OH but sorry they already said they arn’t putting character from naruto or dragonball z.

  • falco

    I will KILL mario

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Yeah yeah were cool I take it all back I just had to say that if you didnt take yours back :D. It’s all cool. Sonic just is too much of a weenie. I’ve had every comeback from sonic fans launched at me, so I know someone will say:
    You should want him so you can finally beat someone. To this I say in advance that I can beat people anyways (obviosly). I’m not a poser so I’ll say that I’m not THE best, but I am pretty darn good. I’m the best of all my friends at least!

    Heh, mario you’re 11 now?:
    I’m just s good as you are Duane.in brawl, I’m gonna cause MASS DESTRUCTION!!!!!
    mario is gonna rip MK’s mask off and trow it in the trash! nowone has beaten me in melee for 11 YEARS.I am NOT gonna lose for all I’ve worked for!if your a beast, PROOVE IT!

    BTW the game has only been out for about 5 years. And I’m no Kirby expert, but isn’t the mask actually his face?

    maybe they can put other characters from like fox games.That would be way more better dont you think? YES. PUT IN KRYSTAL AND WOLF.
    And can you nintendo guys who make super smash bros make a random character not from any games like just your very own character. That would be cool as you know.
    Once again, DENIED. Characters must have been in a previous nintendo game.

    And maybe this is a stupid idea how about put in somebody fro dragonball z games.
    DENIED by Sakurai himself. HE said no mangas.

    In my opinion yall say sonic isn’t going to have the right moves but here are the perfict moves.
    B move: a fire somersault like in sonic adventure 2
    B right: a light speed dash like foxes b right move
    B up : the homing attack
    B down: a blue tornado
    Heh, why not just make mario and fox have a baby? You took Fox’s 2 worst moves and put them with crappy mario ones! Like I said, he’s a weenie.

    I will KILL mario

  • Mr Happy Bob

    AND I forgot. yes, duane. PIT WILL RULE WITH MK!! MK will be King and Pit will be PM!

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Sorry triple post but SNAKE WILL BE GOVERNER OF CALIFORNIA along with MK as king and Pit as PM.

  • Its that villan.his plan is to destroy fox!hes a fox hater.I faught him once. I beated him as mario. he had a…….a ………….ultra falco card.with it, he called a condor to take my hat and make clones of himself.mario was able to take them all. the real falco here is wearing blue.now, jet from sonic has teamed up with him.If you don’t believe me, talk to LUIGI.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    WTF are you smoking? It CAN’T BE LEGAL.

  • AHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I fooled you! I was falco all along.I got you to make me PRESIDENT.

  • ???

    ok that is not a move I mean clones of falco and mario and a condor more likeley to happen in a game named legend of zelda:demenshons of darknes

  • ???

    ok I just made up the title but it sounds like a zelda game to me and mario which stage is a cardbord box on the outside and which stage has a dolphin aquwairium cheat? and how does crazy hand appear anser those questions right and I might believe that you triggerd a cheat but back to the real thing I can think of real moves for sonic
    b- sonic drill: sonic will run over you trapping you like dk’s headbut
    b>-sonic storm:like in sonic adventure2 this is a major wind that can blow everyone off stage but is a long charge
    b^-sonic tornado: sonic will make a blue tornado to hurt everyone around him and boost with the invirement
    b down- sonic tornado: a faster version of mario’s b down

    well mr.happybob I hope you won’t exicute sakuri if he puts in sonic now I have moves

  • ???

    oh and I hope tinkey winkey gets in as a joke charicter umm well he’d be horrible but him fighting hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! anyway sorry but I decided if you are going to kill I will have to defend the innocent game designer

  • mr happy bob

    BLAH BLAH BLAH! I am a dufess. foxes speicial move will be poop.mario now rocks!

  • ???

    mario i’m not falling for this you said you had a condor make a bunch of clones so you could team up in a match fail no one knows how to clone a human and I do not believe fox will be changed but I cant stand are new president oh you don’t like my sonic analisis do you? well look up sonic at http://www.wikipedia.org and when you go to the sonic battle2 part just look under earned abillites or somthing hold on I will get a special guest to come

  • MARIO ROCKS!!! MARIO ROCKS!!! FOX SUCKS!!! BOOOOOOOO FOR FOX!!! YEAH FOR MARIO!!!!! MARIO OWNS ALL!!!GANONDORF CAN BEAT ROY AND LINK BUT NOT MARIO!!!!!!!!!!!!if you hate mario, then SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SONIC VS MARIO!!!!!!! MARIO WINS ALL THE TIIIIIIIMMMMME!!!!!!!!!!MARIO ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mr crappy bob when you mess with mario, THATS when your going DOWN to loser ville!

  • ???

    ————————————————————————————————————–sakuri quote(what he would probrobley say)

    hello I think ??? has some good suggestions I like to use frames for the newer games so yes thow I will use his apperence as in the xbox sonic the heagehog because he can lift heaveir objects it will amuse as a new twist most of the charicters don’t have if this game can’t amuse t is a failure as of now I will taik about sonic with my people if they don’t like the idea then I won’t put him in but we can’t have2 moves called the same thing even if they are similer but I will add a touch that will make you wow just wait to see how I do that it’s worth it happy new year!

  • YO! WHAT IS UP SMASH BRUTHA FANZ!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY 2 DOUBLE 07!!!!!!!. Anyway Its good to be back. Now that we’re in the 07, this not only means an ausome new year for us, but it also means the greatess new releases of games that are coming out for Xbox 360 PS3 and especially the Wii. As far as fighting games go, i think super smash bros. brawl gets a million votes, and after hearing about solid snake being in the game, smash fans as well as metal gear fans are are gonna play the hell out of this game. I only hope that they’ll put good people(besides meta knight and snake) on there because we could use characters like mega man and ryu from street fighter, THAT WOULD BE TOO FIRE!!!!!!!!!!. Now if sukurai were to read my ideas, i would suggest characters out of killer instinct like cinder, jago, glacius, orchid, and sabrewulf, and shin akuma and megaman Zero would be tight.(Really Fire Dream Characters). Links feirce deidy form from majoras mask would be a total hell raser in the game, emagine cutting people with that big spiral sword and it could shoot out beams too!!?, NOW THATS FIRE!!!!!!. As tight as feirce deidy link is, i would also want shadow link on there too. And to top it all off, i would bring back the good people from melee like marth, mewtwo, falco, luigi, roy, ganondorf, and c. falcon. Oh and did any of you check out madden NFL 07?, you should. I dont own it yet but i hear it’s beast. But you should play it cause its ausome for the Wii, there will be an 08 comming out soon(at least that’s what my freind lester says). Oh and brandon…………. I EXCEPT YOU’RE CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • mario

    CHIL said, mr Happy bob is a noob.

  • LOL: I know this would sound rediculous, but what if they put mike tyson on super smash bros. brawl ?. After all he did have a game on the NES called punch out. In my opinion he would be a joke character, and his brawl move could be jumping on people and biting there ears off. LOL:(laughing out loud)

  • ???

    ok the site that sakuri rilly does cheak is a boerd that http://www.smashbros.com has a link to and they already won the debate on sonic sorry mr.happy bob but sonic will be in ssbb

  • ???

    oh and if sakuri gets too into himself (sing’s atleast the rmelody of the theam song and then says in a anounser type voice)sakuri!

  • ???

    hello did this place die because of the temporary post with the message board link oops guys it’s scam even if sakuri reeds your idea and likes it hill give the mony to a poster named noa_andy who is only thare for the money *goes to cheak the thread for names like mr.happy bob

  • ???

    ok no one from here,you diched me anyway talk to my friend master butt

  • ???

    ok well I made a moveset for the painter (kirby and the cristal shades)
    b=earthball:this is a charge attack that takes 3.52 seconds that when it hits the opponent it traps them in the ground like donkey kong’s headbut and sand will rise from the ground giving the opponent 8 damage per second after3 seconds the opponent is realeased this ball looks like a black ball the sise of samuses plasma ball with8 black balls the sise of samuses bombs orbiting around it counter clockwise the speed of this attack is like nesses pk fire but with unlimited range
    b>=flame swing:this is a attack whare the painters brush has the coler of flames on is and he charges it like kirby charges his hammer and it hits you as far back as capten falcons falcon punch but onley does 15 damage
    b up=warp star: a star comes out of the painter’s pocket and comes on his feat it can go as far as the falcon kick and as high as marth’s b up and has the same effect as when a warp star lands on someone in melee
    b down=lightning: the painters brush turns blue and a lightning force field with the same effect as foxes reflector comes around the painter
    grab:fire comes out of the painters brush which does the same effect as samuses grab
    speed:about 5/6 the of kirby’s speed

    thank you for caring all meta knight/kirby fans who love kirby will love to see this moveset with the painter now I admit he hasent been in very many kirby gmaes so he may not get in but if he does the graphics are qwestionable

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Yeah, real professional. Call yourself me and say fox is crap. That’s funny. Especially since you’re a traitor mario. Funny.

    “I like Sonic! As long as you like mario! You do like mario, right?” iamtheone’s mailbox had that in it. addressed from mario.

    mr crappy bob when you mess with mario, THATS when your going DOWN to loser ville
    Heh, I’d like to see you try Mr. 11 year old.

    oh and I hope tinkey winkey gets in as a joke charicter
    WTF is that?

  • ???

    ha mr.11 year old? do you want to know the truth…”looks around” ok mr.sonic hator i’m 9 surprrised well this thread is open to all ages

  • ???

    oh great now this place dies just remember mr.unloyal you once had a argument with a young smash fanatic and for future reference sonic is practicley already in brawl

  • ???

    oh and I’ll be using that name common in threads so if you find me I’ll know

  • ???

    sorry about milti posting this is the last day at this site due to the addmisshon to my age

  • ???

    i’m not happy mr.happy bob and your not happy eather if it’s random don’t accept but one last statement a list of charicter I would like to see
    the painter(disscussed above)
    jack carvor
    donkey kong jr
    joanna dark
    james bond
    king k.rool
    skull kid
    king k.rool
    luke skywalker
    darth vader
    diddy kong
    crankey kong
    funkey kong
    master chief
    dixie kong
    king ddd
    king of the gorons
    bowser jr.
    tinkey winkey

    in stages I would like to see
    forest temple
    forest castle
    isle delfino
    bianco shadows(the shadow mario cave in bianco hills)
    city in the sky
    aloins gateway
    goron village
    twilight castle(inside)
    twilght castle first floor(outside)
    twilight castle(zelda’s tower)
    ordon village
    hotel delfino
    sonic adventure2’s space stage I don’t know the name(shooting stage in multiplayer)
    lava level(yoshi’s story)
    mortons casle
    whiches sky(kid icourus)
    showdown statues(statues of giga bowser,gannondorf,and master hand)
    data shrine1
    pac-man stage
    bat area(donkey kong jr)
    theif woods
    iggy’s catle
    vinilla dome
    telitubby club house (in honer of tinkey winkey)
    the deadley ocean(farcry)
    samuses starship (stage changes tempoarily to metroid prime stages)
    pianta village
    the gamecube
    mushroom course(mario golf advanced tour)
    bowsers sky home(super mario 64) and thanks for reading

  • ???

    we have lost many people since the first half posts I for one may be found *with those words dies and has his spirit in another forum*

  • ???

    *rises fromthe dead* did i mention chaos zero?

  • kirby


  • Mr Happy Bob

    ??? I’m surprised:
    ok mr.sonic hator i’m 9 surprrised well this thread is open to all ages

    9?!?! OMG I [b]do[/b] ([b] and then [/b] is the code for bold…) know what’s good. This explains everything! 9 and 11 year olds are trashing this thread! I need a thread where the age limit is at least 13. That would fix things. On second thought, people would just lie about their age while creating the account… It wouldn’t work… I’ll think of something later!!!!!

  • trueblue

    who here is 13 or over cus i am

  • Hey smash fanz, im back, hey listen, if brandon (or as u all call him mario) is still posting here on this site, tell him since he’s a mario fan if he thought mario was beast, he should see him team up with street fighters ryu in this really ausome trailer that i saw on www. youtube.com called Mario & Ryu VS. Everyone. theres also this other trailer called Brothers survivor. Enjoy it. PEACE!!!!!

  • ???

    well mr.happy bob left and so they won the sonic debate on http://www.smashbros.com well that site has a link to the message board and we won it here,so the news is sakuri says that he would like sonic in brawl and thare are message board cheaking agents that reported sonic was the most wanted third party charicter so they sent a letter to sony and sony never repliyed or he’s not telling us and I don’t think he cheaks this place… oh and a letter that came out of a dark matter door that was orange sent me a letter saying vote midna for brawl O-O……………………..:-) just kidding

  • Mr Happy Bob

    It doesn’t mean he HAS to be in. I do admit that it is (unfortunately) probable that he makes it in, because, yeah, he IS the most requested. AND Sakurai HAS (once again, unfortunately) shown interest in him. And they won the debate becasue I WASN’T THERE. I should make an account there… And how did they win? Here’s how I’ll bet:
    “Oh, Sonic should be in because he is gay! They need some gay people in Brawl too!” That would be the best debate I ever participated in… because I can’t deny that he’s GAY.

  • ???

    um mr.happy bob your still here? gees I don’t like you, you hate me, and you picked up a rivalry with mario. and if you want to create a account at nintendo.com ok then but look I’m not saying you didn’t help at all but… ok mr.happy bob look I have a 17 year old brother and I know you rilley like thease games but thare is no law that 9 year olds can’t give support I’dd even like it if a 7 year old could help me and you know I share one oppinion that sonic can’t just use his blue tornado I just don’t think you have played so far in his game.. have you ever beat sonic adventure 2? I never did but I got close and he could gain alot of moves try multi player the futher you get the more stages in multiplayer and the higher chance off getting a new move based on the envirement

  • Mr Happy Bob

    You CAN use it yes, but that just means that I just lost all remaining respect that I had of you…

    Note this: I wouldn’t play a sonic game if the penalty for that (from some very very corrupt government) was death. Obviously I wouldn’t play the adventures of sonic 2 or whatever it’s called.

    I don’t wanna hear what attacks sonic has because if portrayed fairly, he would be a Game & Watch redone. And I don’t want no stupid Game and Watch again. He SUCKED in Melee, and probably won’t make it onto Brawl. If a mother had the following set of quadruplets, she would probably be found in some park hung from a tree because she commited suicide:

    Mr. Game and Watch

    Now that I’ve thought about it, she would DEFINETLY commit suicide. I would…

  • trueblue

    when then ur lie wont be that much longer because most likely jigglypuff will still be in it because he was in the first to brawl games. and i dont care if sonic is in or not but his games are fun but u do have to admit compared to mario sonic is a lot stronger in his original games, in evey game mario has all he can do is jump on people, in sonic there is quite alot of attacks. so even if there is not that much good attacks theylll probly add attacks to him like mario. and sega might not even let sonic in brawl but they probly will

  • ???

    yeah and mr.game&watch does not suck I could beat all my freinds who were never beaten by anyone else but I got used to roy after the gmae deleted itself and he was awsome I almost beat giga bowser with G&W, and I did beat the skin shedded colloses with samus and roy. don’t mean to brag mr.happy bob also known as mr.sonic hater and well mabe the one mario said was harsh

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Um… who hasn’t beaten Giga Bowser? Sorry to crush your pride, but I mean honestly! Mario is better than sonic, but there are WAAY too many of his characters in the game. If they are related in any way they count. Let’s list them (doesn’t include Wario, this is a list of MELEE characters)!:

    Dr. Mario

    That’s 6 out of 26. A quarter almost. Get rid of the 2 Mario clones, and get rid of Peach. Then, get rid of G&W and Pichu. After that, no one would miss jigglypuff. The ONLY thing she did was make a cheap way to kill Giga Bowser. And G&W and Pichu are just there so really good people with Pichu or G&W can waste terrible people with a strong character to make fun of them. I admit that IS fun. But then you never use them again and there should be another character in place of them.

    And trueblue, what do you mean by “ur lie won’t be that much longer”? I haven’t lied about anything… There isn’t even anything to lie about… you’re like, psycho… I love the 3 dot thing…

  • trueblue

    i met life u said u would commit suicide if jigglypuff was in it so ya…and sry to say but mr g&w is a stupid character

  • ???

    well,I was good with game and watch and luigi isn’t a mario clone but I admit he should leave if mario will be in because marios moveset I believe will now be just like dr.marios
    because in the trailors his fireballs seamed more powerfu. and my best mario/simi mario clone/mario list goes like this best:dr.mario middle:luigi worst:mario

  • ???

    oh and a prediction:if we get 1000 post’s sakuris’ oppinion will be up with the charicters oh and if he cheaks this place once in a wile sorry for impersonating you.

  • ???

    sorry about the double post ok now triple ok.. but I bet the site will change when we get 1000 posts

  • ???

    yes I beat giga bowser(the shedded skin vershion)with regular bowser take that oh and um you might want to change your name to mr. why am i still here with this kid a third of my age bob. or somthing but why are you still here oh and about the’ll lie wile creating a account the onley way to get past that is a finger print scanner and not just anyone can have that on thare computor and nintendo’s software reqwirements

  • mr happy bob you did lie.when you said you wouldn’t post here anymore, you started posting again.I’m good with kirby now.KIRBY & MARIO ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!I made my own videos.
    paper mario please

  • ???

    yeah your right say mario do you know how I can play you online I have a wii and i’dd like to see what you guys got… oh and I just got bomberman93 on wii shop and I suggest his starship as a stage and come on if you rilley want to cyberbully me mr.happy bob why don’t you take my unbeatible smashbros player title it will come down to this

  • ???

    guys urgent messege lissen to me I want to play you online in melee but I don’t know how to hook it on to the computer

  • ???

    sorru bo matter what I try but in brawl I will stop you

  • spider-man(marvel legends)
    stone cold steeve austin(WWF)
    british bull dog(WWF)
    punisher(the punisher)
    dare devil
    silver sufer
    the thing(the fantastic 4)
    invisible women
    the human torch
    doc oc
    donald(kingdom hearts 2)
    goofy(kingdom hearts 2)
    micky(kingdom hearts 2)
    bubbles(lilo & stich)
    ganto(lilo & stich)
    626(lilo & stich)
    kootie pie koopa
    snow monkey
    red pikmin
    purple pikmin
    blue pikmin
    yellow pikmin
    white pikmin
    captain olimar
    petey piranah
    gooper blooper
    shadow mario
    mecha bowser
    bowser jr.
    monty mole
    electro koopas
    manta storm
    pink boo
    automic boo
    dark boo
    big boo
    king boo
    ll piantissimo
    chain chomp
    paper mario
    goomba bros
    gommba king
    koopa ninja
    tutan koopa
    tubba blubba
    general shy guy
    lava piranah
    ice king
    kammy koopa
    lord crump
    dark craw
    rawk hawk
    macho grubba
    yoshi jr.
    general white
    magnus 2.0
    evil peach
    shadow queen
    baby mario
    baby luigi
    king k.rool

  • baseball staidium
    basketball staidium
    metal city
    splash canyon
    egg factory

  • Hey happy bob, if snake & captain falcon were in a fight on brawl who do you think would win?

  • Mr Why Am I Here With This Kid A Third Of My Age Bob

    “i met life u said u would commit suicide if jigglypuff was in it so ya…and sry to say but mr g&w is a stupid character” I didn’t say I would suicide, I said if a mom had those as a set of quadruplets, SHE would waste herself. AND that’s exactly what I said, G&W just sucks.

    “oh and um you might want to change your name to mr. why am i still here with this kid a third of my age bob.” Good Idea.

    “mr happy bob you did lie.when you said you wouldn’t post here anymore, you started posting again” Got me there.

    Um, mario? most of those are for people 6 and under. Spider Man? Evil Peach? WTF.

    “Hey happy bob, if snake & captain falcon were in a fight on brawl who do you think would win?” In this case, it depends on what moveset they give Snake.

    This is funny. I am singlehandedly taking about 5 people. It’s way sad. I’ll return to my real name now…

    -Mr Happy Bob

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Oh, whoops. There’s only 4 of you. I forgot LOL.

  • green forest
    sand ruins
    peach cake
    luigi factory
    goomba village
    toad town
    koopa bros fortress
    dry dry desert
    forever forest
    boo mansion
    yellow sky
    luigi circuit
    peach beach
    baby park
    town bridge
    mario circuit
    daisy cruiser
    waluigi staidium
    mushroom city
    yoshi circuit
    DK mountain
    wario collumsium
    bowser castle
    rainbow road
    rougeport sewer
    petal meadows
    hooktail castle
    crystal forest
    great tree
    martial arts wrestling ring
    creepy steeple
    cortez’s cave
    lord crump’s ship
    phosly scantum
    the moon
    X-naut fortress
    palace of shadows
    luigi’s mansion
    isle delfino
    ricco harbor
    gelato beach
    pinna park
    noki bay
    pianta village
    corona mountain
    wario factory

  • DAMN!! Thats way too much stuff u’re posting down mario, i dont think sukurai can keep up with all that. And (no offence) but what in ure right mind makes u think they’ll put spiderman and all these other characters ure talking about in brawl, theres no way they can put all those people in the game. And another thing, they can’t put WWE, DBZ or marvel characters in the game because of these reasons: 1.WWE is THQ 2. Dragon ball Z is anime which sukurai stated was not allowed. 3. spiderman, daredevil, and other marvel characters all belong to marvel and also not allowed. And lastly 4. Way too many mario characters. They already have mario, luigi, peach, bowser, and dr. mario, theres already been rumors about shadow mario & bowser jr. and geno being in the game so they don’t need anymore mario characters. And u might of gone a little overboard with the stages.

  • DAMN!! Thats way too much stuff u’re posting down mario, i dont think sukurai can keep up with all that. And (no offence) but what in ure right mind makes u think they’ll put spiderman and all these other characters ure talking about in brawl, theres no way they can put all those people in the game. And another thing, they can’t put WWE, DBZ or marvel characters in the game because of these reasons: 1.WWE is THQ 2. Dragon ball Z is anime which sukurai stated was not allowed. 3. spiderman, daredevil, and other marvel characters all belong to marvel and also not allowed. And lastly 4. Way too many mario characters. They already have mario, luigi, peach, bowser, and wario, theres already been rumors about shadow mario & bowser jr. and geno being in the game so they don’t need anymore mario characters. And u might of gone a little overboard with the stages.

  • DAMN!! Thats way too much stuff u’re posting down mario, i dont think sukurai can keep up with all that. And (no offence) but what in ure right mind makes u think they’ll put spiderman and all these other characters ure talking about in brawl, theres no way they can put all those people in the game. And another thing, they can’t put WWE, DBZ or marvel characters in the game because of these reasons: 1.WWE is THQ 2. Dragon ball Z is anime which sukurai stated was not allowed. 3. spiderman, daredevil, and other marvel characters all belong to marvel and also not allowed. And lastly 4. Way too many mario characters. They already have mario, luigi, peach, bowser, yoshi, and wario, theres already been rumors about shadow mario & bowser jr. and geno being in the game so they don’t need anymore mario characters. And u might of gone a little overboard with the stages.

  • DAMN!! thats too much stuff ur’e posting down mario, i don’t think sukurai can keep up with all that. And (no offence) but what in ur’e right mind makes u think they’ll put spiderman and all these other characters ur’e talking about in brawl, theres no way they can put all those people in the game. And another thing they can’t put WWE, DBZ, or Marvel characters in the game because of these reasons: 1. WWE is THQ. 2. Dragonball Z is anime which sukurai stated was not allowed. 3. Spiderman, daredevil, and other marvel characters all belong to marvel and also not allowed. And lastly 4. Way too many mario characters. They already have mario, luigi, peach, bowser, yoshi, DK and wario, theres already been rumors about shadow mario & bowser jr. and geno being in the game so they don’t need anymore mario characters. And u might of gone a little overboard with the stages.

  • Sorry about that. I was trying to rewright my post, something went wrong on the damn computer. Excuse the multiple post.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    And there are probably at least 500 posts already ???. I counted 100 and then there were about 5 times that many using the scroll bar thingy. So a rough estimate is 500 posts.

  • basketball
    bowser shell
    poltrogust 300
    yoshi egg
    giant bana
    bullet bill

  • banjo & kazooie:beat adventure mode as pikachu
    jigsaw hunt:beat classic as banjo & kazooie
    bowser jr.:beat jigsaw hunt as mario

  • Trueblue

    someone should count to see how many post there are, and im not going to do it

  • ???

    I get it you want every charicter in mario but why didn’t you count some more charicters like at nintendoland.com deathmatches or somthing, and mr.happy bob the number of posts is kept track and you can find the number on top, this is the 998th post…almost thare

  • ???

    ok sakuri just keep in mind nothing will sell to mr.happy bob who was temporarily mr. why am I still here with this kid a third of my age bob*stares at the very negitive mr.happy bob*well all I can say to you:if you get lemons make lemonade.

  • ???

    ok here we go

  • ???

    shoot well we’ll post till march

  • mario

    mario rocks

  • ???

    hey mario what happend to your site and we get it you are good,you are undefeted with mario…as of now,when brawl comes out i’ll get you online and if you will say will see about that like my freind who clamed that we will but I will beat you for the first time.

  • ???

    roy,and samus rock

  • ???

    wait we changed the conversation and the kingdom hearts charicters originated in cartoons and sakuri said people who started out in cartoons would not get in…but I hear pokemon rilley started out as a game (never paid attension to the poketimeline) sorry mario

  • mario, and kirby rock

  • Did you beat him in melee at his birthday party? he was 9 back then, wasn’t he?did he say we’ll see on the phone?

  • ???

    um no I told him I got melee when he was at my house,you must be spying on the wrong person

  • ???

    roy rocks oh yeah I can beat anyone with roy a lv.9 marth is not very good against my stratigy roy beat giga bowser with no problem other charicters beat giga bowser but none beat roy yes

  • ???

    feel your own pain mario if you get beaten by roy,marth,or pit, or maby samus.It could be me

  • ???

    online or course if brawl has online

  • According to my new febuary addition of game informer that i got in the mail yesterday, they say that super smash bros. brawl wont be coming out until june 1st. Hopefully sonic (or posiblly any other thirdparty characters) will be on there. But nintendo plays too much, they make one great game and then they tell you when it’s coming out, but then it dose’nt exactly come out on that date, then they delay it another month. Thats aggitating man!!!. They did the exact same thing with TLOZ twilight princess, they just better not do it with brawl, cause if they do, they will receive many angry letters from smash fans(other than myself) most of them will have stink bombs in them. Cause when it comes to super smash bros. brawl, THAT’S NOTHIN TO JOKE ABOUT MAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oddbrother

    Who would I like to see in Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

    I would like to see the character that never gotten to the rest of the world like Marth and Roy did… until now. I would like to see the character who was made by Game Freak, the makers of Pokémon. I would like to see the person who would have proven the world a worthy SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive game in 1993/94, until the corporation left it out beforehand. I’m talking about the superhero that uses electricity and spark to take out his opponents, who travels the speed of lightning (like Pikachu and Pichu), who holds the famous special move, Volteccer.

    That’s right, I’m talking about… Pulseman!

  • Oh yeah, and mario, u might not wanna do that much bragging about how good u are with mario in melee. Cause u still have’nt faced me yet, when u do, mewtwo will set u straight and let u know who the real pro in melee is. And like i said before, when meta knights done with mario, there will be nothing left of him but sliced up overalls, blood & guts and his letter M red cap. And there will be a tombstone that says: THUS PARRISHED MARIO WHO DIED AT THE SWORD OF THE GREAT META KNIGHT.

  • ???

    ok to graphic at the blood but perhaps and mario will die at the sword of my roy!!

  • ???

    no it can’t be I lost to my truly amasing brother… he was a chapion he wants to play pc chris on http://www.smashbords.com but no compareison my brother would win

  • ???

    hmmmmmm team battle perhaps mario and if you can’t find a luigi befor brawl comes out…

  • ???

    my three question marks are uncoverd ROY

  • Mr Happy Bob

    LOL I do have to say that it would be funny if a 9 and 11 year old team owned everyone online. That would be the most awesome thing ever. It would also be the greatest tragedy ever too now that I think about it…

    Most awesome 3 on 3 ever:


    Capt. Falcon


  • For those of you who are’nt familiar with the game killer instinct, black orchid is the woman dressed in green with those two glow sticks, and she can turn into a lioness and eat people. Excuse the double post

  • ???

    ok ignore me but if you come to my house and play my brother…
    who cares I hope I can get a freind code or somthing mario because I’ll play you

  • mario

    where do you live?

  • ???

    uhhh california near san francisco im not getting you closer then that

  • ???

    oh and i’m trying to think of the ultimit ssbb controler so here I go
    control stick:well um a regular controll stick
    voice stick:this stick actulley lets you prepare for attack while running like flexing mussels and it can let you taunt and wave dash depending on which derection you tap it
    C stick:it controlls the camra and in v.s mode lets you do uncharged smash attacks
    the y button:this button is a jump button that lets you do higher midair jumps with combos
    the crawl button:this button lets you crawl and do attacks on the ground
    the r and L buttons:these buttons are placed one on each side of the controler they both do a shield
    z button:ushilly does a grab but combine with one of the l or r buttons to do a doge roll
    start button:this button lets you finish selecting charicters and can also be used to pause a frame and let you mess around with the camra so you can go to the bath room of whatever
    the aim stick:this stick lets you aim projectiles pefect if sakuri is baseing samus on the metroid prime seireis or perfect for snake

    well what do you think?

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Um wrong. The ultimate smash bros controller has been out for a while. It’s called the Wavebird Gamecube Wireless Controler.

  • ???

    a wireless controller? this is for ssbb not ssbm oh and WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE MR.HAPPY BOB for the last time you insult my work and *has big grin*that just means I lost all remaining respect I had for you*slaps on shoulder*

  • ???

    ok this has officially gone out of hand but may recover until someone actully has a statement that has to do with a charicter or brawls control moves or anything that may effect a charicter don’t post

  • ???

    oh sorry about the double post but you can also ask about mr.happy bob’s past and why he is still here like i’m wondering now

  • taun we1

    poor mr. happy bob hes getting picked on by the little kids lol
    ok sonic sucks bla bla bla sonic is the worst bla bla bla sonic should eat my crud bla bla bla is that good for you mr. happy bob?

  • ………………………..hahaha!kids rule the site.time to freak out mhb.MWahahahahahahahahaha

  • 3 year olds OWN mr happy bob.
    fox’s next mission is to take a crap to the queen aperoid
    the only thing mhb OWNS is his controller.
    he breaks the controller each time he loses.

  • I want myself in

  • mario

    ALL 9-11 year olds.we must make up all kinds of ideas.post alot.stay confident!spam!spam!spam!say 10 year old Ideas.mr happy bob is trying to take uus off our only site.Let’s fight fire with FIRE!WHOS WITH ME?!

  • ???

    um mario I don’t want to spam this is seirous what report youtube videos, alot of the combo video’s have been seen and fake trailors that are very good youtube is a souce for smash records don’t post old news as new news do some reaserch befor you post trust me you can tell by the screen it picks if it’s a copy from sakuri of not I’ll start guiding the way out of this cycle oh and um…POKEMON lucario and jirachi for brawl haha

  • ???

    hey did mr.:-) bob leave

  • ???

    well I thoght of a moveset for darklink
    a=slash like link 5 damage
    a-a=slash then headbut 16 damage
    a-a-a=slash then headbut then slash between triforce simbol 22 dama
    b>=dark matter boomerang:sure like link’s boomerang but very different in some ways it actully can go up and follow the opponent and hit the opponent near dark link
    b:dark arrow 22 damage
    bdown=lightning bombs 20 damage
    bup=dark tornado like links tornado but can go on walls 23 damage
    brawl move:same as lnks just faster slashing so more damage
    grab=hookshot:same as link’s but it can also be like sheiks whip
    speed 9/10 with marth being a 8/10 now it might be a clone of link as we all know but If someone can tell me a different move like in special cases doing a attack like a redead hey I got one anyways

  • ???

    roy rocks

  • mario

    he didn’t leave!

  • Mr Happy Bob

    “hey did mr.:-) bob leave” Do you think I’ll ever leave? I’ve been here since late July of 06 fgs. I’m not leaving any time soon.
    “ALL 9-11 year olds.we must make up all kinds of ideas.post alot.stay confident!spam!spam!spam!say 10 year old Idea” Yeah, um, only one problem with 10 year old ideas. They contain 90% comic book characters (mangas!), 5% Pokemon, and 5% other.
    “3 year olds OWN mr happy bob.” Are you talking about the 3 year old genetically inhanced gorilla I fought? I let him win so he didn’t break my neck :).
    “fox’s next mission is to take a crap to the queen aperoid.” Yeah, um, Assault was SF worst game ever. It disappointed me. But the multiplayer is fun.
    “the only thing mhb OWNS is his controller.” Technically, I don’t own them. My parents do. But, at least I still own lvl 9’s like everyone else.
    “He breaks the controller each time he loses.” No, that would be my dad.

  • mario

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!your dad is destructive when it comes to controllers.


  • ???

    uh are you out of your mind mr.happy bob what I mean why are you still here oh and by the way… if master chief was against pit who do you think would win? master cheif has a chance of being in ssbb oh by the way have you ever played a game in the metroid prime seiries…listen MP3 looks like it might be similer to halo and so sakuri is obvisley looking for shooting charicters whose name starts with S…snake,smaus(if you consider the metroid prime seires” who else I know thare is a farcry title for wii and ign gave farcry a overall rating simmilar to the sonic seiries hmmmmmmm

  • ???

    well my prediction may be off but jack carvor

  • ???

    don’t know him http://www.farcry.com

  • ???

    opps wrong site

  • taun we1

    wow i was here longer than happy……….

  • ???

    um ok so you were here for a long time welcome back! How did you keep up with all of thease posts? If you want my oppinion this has gone out of hand.

  • ???

    oh hey guys I thoght of a moveset now this originated in a anime but has a chance in ssb4 but not brawl but listen… ok mario you might like this one *looks around* ok lesen
    b-combo attack:a combination of speed and ultra shots 20 damage
    b>-air scooter: rides over opponents on his air scooter 18 damage
    Bdown-master fire stick- gets all firey does a backflip and causes a tornado shaped exploshon 25 damage
    bup-hang glider:rides on his hang glider
    speed: same as c.falcon
    brawl move-avatar:the whole stage colapses and explodes killing everyone

  • Mr Happy Bob

    “if master chief was against pit who do you think would win? master cheif has a chance of being in ssbb” Master Chief for sure. No, he actually doesn’t have a chance, he’s never been in a nintendo game before.
    “listen MP3 looks like it might be similer to halo and so sakuri is obvisley looking for shooting charicters whose name starts with S…snake,smaus(if you consider the metroid prime seires” LOL
    “If you want my oppinion this has gone out of hand. ” Very much. Ever since you came at least :). No, I’m just pullin’ your leg. It’s really all of you. Duane, trueblue, and mario all contribute to the out-of-controll department too.
    “wow i was here longer than happy………. ” Yep. By about 6 or 7 posts you were here before me.

  • ???

    reminder ssb4 sorry about the double post

  • ???

    oh and halo was suposed to come onto the ds but it was cancled because someone who was freinds with the director reveild it and got angry letters, plus microsoft advertised for nintendo.
    Oh and your part of the out of hand contribute too mr.happy bob

  • Mr Happy Bob

    “Oh and your part of the out of hand contribute too mr.happy bob” I’m the keeping it in controll part, not part of the problem. There’s a big difference.
    “oh and halo was suposed to come onto the ds but it was cancled” That’s right. It got canceled. It never made the platform. If wishes came true…

  • ???

    trying to control it? oh my acking LIER you may think your keeping this in control but you started it… in this case if you can’t be kind you’ll just make the war on what’s right worse, everyone will critisise you, and you just want to use us as puppets, you don’t care about us and you don’t like your job

  • WAIT HOLD UP!!! Did you just say i was out of control?!!. Happy bob(or in this case CRAPPY BOB!!!) you dont know me that well to be counting me down as out of control, it’s best you watch what you say, afterall i just started knowing you. Now listen Mr i hate sonic cause im a PUSSY bob, i just apolligized for saying what i said about you’re name back there, dont make me change my mind and say somthin else about you, cause i can go further than just saying you’re names gay, BELEIVE ME i have plenty more to say. According to what everyone else says on this site, nobody likes you, and i can see why. So before you rate anybody down as out of control, you might wanna look in a mirror BRO!!!!.

  • ???

    oh and ofcourse the glich pokemon who is very rare MISSINGNO he would have strange attacks like an electrec yo-yo or a ghost claw. Anyways moveset
    hmmmm give me some time to think, I’m going to school in a few minites so…

  • Mr Happy Bob

    “this is for ssbb not ssbm” I know, Sakurai said quite a few times that it will use the GC controller for main play.

    “*has big grin*that just means I lost all remaining respect I had for you*slaps on shoulder*” Ouch. I need some ointment to put on that burn.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    “According to what everyone else says on this site, nobody likes you, and i can see why” LOL 2 reasons for that:
    1. Because everyone else has come to my forum because we got bored of dominating here.
    2. Everyone else here is either 9, 10, or 11. ‘nough said. Now that I got that done, time for some fun!

  • Mr Happy Bob

    I started out with my first post on July 29, ’06 I believe. I stated that I hated Sonic/Shadow. Then, I said how there are too many mario characters already. I was generally ignored. Then, a few people came talking about Daisy. I said she was already in Brawl as a costume for Peach. He hated me and blew his top (OMG my first enemy).

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Then, I invited murple. That was probably the best thing done on this chat. We laughed at a few sonic freaks. Then, Taun We1 and Jazz teamed up with us. We ruled the site for quite a while.

  • Lycan

    starwolf would be a great addition

  • Mr Happy Bob

    OMG it won’t take the rest. This is gay. K it said how i ruled my enemies and how I’m going to get murple back (seeing as he’s my neighbor…).

  • Mr Happy Bob

    “According to what everyone else says on this site, nobody likes you, and i can see why” LOL 2 reasons for that:
    1. Because everyone else has come to my forum because we got bored of dominating here.
    2. Everyone else here is either 9, 10, or 11. ‘nough said. Now that I got that done, time for some fun!

    Ah, finally. Lycan, that is my number one wanted (that can actually happen) character tha isn’t already in.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    “trying to control it? oh my acking LIER you may think your keeping this in control but you started it… in this case if you can’t be kind you’ll just make the war on what’s right worse, everyone will critisise you, and you just want to use us as puppets, you don’t care about us and you don’t like your job” Who says I don’t like making everyone freak out because they know they are WRONG. That’s my job. Yes, I’m keeping it in control as well as I can. Without me, sonic would be ruling! A terrifying thought, considering my sonic-hating personality started here.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Ok here’s something to leave you with:

    “Happy bob(or in this case CRAPPY BOB!)” Heh, never heard that one before…

    “Now listen Mr i hate sonic cause im a PUSSY bob ” Hey, you’re the one with the pussy duane. All sonic lovers are gay and usually get “the surgery” done.

    “than just saying you’re name’s gay” We’ve had this discussion before I believe.

    ” So before you rate anybody down as out of control, you might wanna look in a mirror BRO!!” I checked. Looked fine to me.

    K sorry for the multiple posts but it wouldn’t take it as 1 post…

  • mario

    SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ???

    anyways I know how missingno would apper if he was in ssbb
    his face would be a purple skull that would take up half of hismself and he would have purple ghost energy coming out like his hair and he would have hairy red claws

  • Um??? Whoever you are posting, a virus can’t fight on SSBB.
    Missingno is only good for cloning items and that’s it. Theres no way they’ll put a glitch pok’emon into SSBB, That whould be weired

  • Heres the list of characters that i want to see in SSBB.

    RYU (street fighter)
    B.Orchid (killer instinct
    Krystal (starfox)
    Crono (Chrono Trigger)
    Ike (Fire Emblem
    Feirce Deidy link (majoras Mask)
    Wolf O Donnel (star fox)
    Glacius (killer instinct)
    Megaman Zero
    Geno (SMRPG)
    Dark Samus
    Fusion Samus (Metroid Fusion)
    jago (killer instinct)
    Shin Akuma (street Fighter)

    That’s all. Im out PEACE!!!!!

  • My second list of characters that i request for brawl.

    Earthworm Jim
    Cinder (Killer Instinct)
    I- Ninja
    Mallow (SMRPG)
    Diddy Kong
    Dixie Kong
    Rikimaru (Tenchu Series)
    Shadow The Hedgehog

    That’s my final list. PEACE!!!!

  • Mr Happy Bob

    My top few that are POSSIBLE!

    1. Wolf O’Donnel
    2. Krystal
    3. Dark Samus
    4. Ridley
    5. Rayman’s pretty cool I guess (wow, a third party besides snake that’s worth it!)

  • ???

    um duane townzel is leaving? Oh and mr.happy bob thare is one packet of halo for the DS but it didn’t fit more then 1 file so no one is allowed to play it

  • Not that im into pok’emon or anything, but i honestly think that sakurai can do so much better than jigglypuff and pichu. Regardless of how popular they are in the pok’emon games and in japan, they are the weakest of characters in super smash bros. melee, which means they should not reapear in brawl. Now mewtwo, he’s a beast, him i can cope with. But jigglypuff & pichu, they’re nothing but plushdolls.(In other words, they’re pathedic) It’s bad enough jigglypuff’s stinking up the joint with her crappy moves, can you actually beleive her B &B move is pound?!!. That’s about as weak as mama jokes. But to put pichu(the pre evolve form of pikachu) in super smash bros. melee!!??, that was an extreme accident waiting to happen. And it did. It was one of the most poor choices that sakurai ever made.(In other words, it aint right) He should do away with those two(BUT KEEP MEWTWO) and replace them with pok’emon that actually can fight, like raichu for starters(Pikachu’s evolve form) it would be more efective than pichu although a bit slower, and it dose say in the pok’edex that it can unleash more than 10.0000 volts. That’s not only enough to take out a dragonite, but it’s enough to shut down the power in an entire city. And deoxys would be a exelent choice for brawl, he would be like an upgraded version of mewtwo, but faster and stronger. Blaziken whould probally kill, because of it’s fire/fighting type skills. Luccario???? im not sure what he dose, because i have’nt seen the diamond or pearl pok’emon games yet but i know he whould be a fire choice for brawl. Either that or put less pok’emon and add more third party characters to the roster, that would be tight. I hope you’re reading this Mr. sakurai because it would give you advice on improving brawls roster. That’s all for tonight. PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mario

    mario gotten faster than dr.mario and young link

  • Mr Happy Bob

    “um duane townzel is leaving? Oh and mr.happy bob thare is one packet of halo for the DS but it didn’t fit more then 1 file so no one is allowed to play it”
    It didn’t truly release. So there. PLUS if that isn’t enough for you, he’s said himself that he can’t put in Master Chief in from this quote, “Characters must have appeared on a previous Nintendo platform (sorry for those people wanting Master Chief!).”

    I’ll say it again, if wishes could come true…

  • Murple

    I’m back baby! WooT WooT
    I got about 10 minutes so here it is.

    First of all Nintendo couldn’t afford Master Chief even if they were allowed to put him in.

    Jiggly Puff and Pikachu aren’t the worst pokemon. But they’re up there on the list. If they were to put someone like the little catapillar dude or something, I would be absolutely disgusted.

    Mewtwo is ok, but they can do better. How about snorlax? Or maybe a fighting pokemon, something that isn’t a little wuss pokemon. Or they could go the extra mile and just take pokemon out completely.

    Mama Jokes are not weak.

    Pichu is like the algea that little bugs eat off ponds.

    Dr. Mario is a wuss.

    Raymans last several games sucked, but I guess he would be ok.

    I would greatly prefer knuckles over shadow.

    Dixie Kong but not Diddy Kong

    Megaman HECK NO

    Bomberman would just end up being a little noob that goes up high and throws bombs on people.

    I’ve only played Earthworm Jim a little bit but I really liked it.

    The only reason nobody here would like Mr. Happy Bob is because all the cool people have already moved to his website. I would also assume that you guys are all the ones that other than this site, are playing runescape 24/7. Don’t deny it nerdlings, I know you. I was once one of you, sitting at my computer with my nerdshades on….

    Ok well that’s absolute bull, I can’t imagine what it’s like being such an ugly nerd as you. Looking in the mirror each day and wishing you looked like your Idol, Michael Jackson. Wishing you could look like him. Scary thought isn’t it? Ya thought so.

    Well I have spent my ten minute rant for the night and I will yell at you all later.

  • Murple

    One more thing. When you are repeating something that somebody else said, please use quotes and give some line spaces so we actually know what your doing. Example:

    “Well I have spent my ten minute rant for the night and I will yell at you all later.”

    Thank you

  • I’m not a nerd!well, my big bro is.your just saying that because, were beated your team!(like when you beated those sonic lovers)I brought my bro whos will DIE if sonic isn’t in brawl.

  • sonic

    i want sonic and me in this cool game.i want all my toys in tjhe game.punisher too SONICSONICSONICYEAH

  • sonic

    if i wrer in b,i would do
    B:hesat vision
    ^B:fart jet
    >B:toungue reflect
    vB:bomb throw
    sp:eat(eat an enime)
    mr.happy bob is a funny name
    our big sis is camping
    I also want my imaginary friend fred
    big bro, lets tell a story about our life.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    LOL you didn’t “beat our team” mario. We left here for this reason:
    Everything is better on a forum.

    “if i wrer in b,i would do
    B:hesat vision
    ^B:fart jet
    >B:toungue reflect
    vB:bomb throw
    sp:eat(eat an enime)
    mr.happy bob is a funny name
    our big sis is camping
    I also want my imaginary friend fred
    big bro, lets tell a story about our life. ”

    Age guess: 3 1/2.

  • sonic

    HEY! you take that back meanie!

  • ???

    uhhh I’m not old anoghf to go on mr.happy bob’s forums…No i’m not braking the law ever…Oh and mr.happy bob do you support banjo and kazooie (like the ice climbers)?

  • ???

    oh and mr.happy bob is gannondorf’s rival…He’s the only one evil enoghf

  • ???

    Oh and mr.happy bob is gannondorf’s rival in taking over the world and killing the remains including his army..And you saved gannon so you could put him in slavery I knew!

  • ???

    wait my posting isn’t working if you can reed this tell me.

  • ???

    can you read this

  • ???

    yes my posting is working again!

  • todd

    I want goku!

  • mary

    I WANT

  • evil


  • MAC


  • FG




  • Z


  • Ben McCloud

    Ben’s top SSBB picks:

    Simba and Nala
    General Pepper

  • Mr Happy Bob

    Hey everyone! Did you miss me? You better not have. Ahh this slaughter is going to be better than the camp I just had.

    “uhhh I’m not old anoghf to go on mr.happy bob’s forums…No i’m not braking the law ever…Oh and mr.happy bob do you support banjo and kazooie (like the ice climbers)?”

    One problem: It wastes on of the few precious 3rd parties. Rare, not Nintendo. I’ve never been a huge fan of Banjo/Kazooie anyway… And you don’t have to be old enough, just put your age as somewhere in 199…3 I think. ’93 is 13 right?

    “oh and mr.happy bob is gannondorf’s rival…He’s the only one evil enoghf”

    TYVM for the compliment (in other words, GHAW ???).

    “Oh and mr.happy bob is gannondorf’s rival in taking over the world and killing the remains including his army..And you saved gannon so you could put him in slavery I knew!”

    Yeah, I’ll probably waste G’dorf and enslave Gannon. I’ll keep the army though. In about 2 years the plan will be complete. Mwahahahahahahahaha

    “I want goku!”

    Too bad. You can’t have him.

    “I WANT
    FALALA ”


    Wow 2 out of 5! A new record for anyone that hasn’t been to my forum! CONGRATULATIONS! Wolf and Ridley did it for you. Evil is one of the better people so far. And if evil is mario/??? posing as someone else again, it is very immature/pathetic.

    COCO ”

    Who the frick are those? George Lucas characters? Mac, Bloo, Wilt, and Coco all sound like something out of Star Trek (???’s favorite show). And Edward is a sad name for anyone.


    Heh, Family guy on Brawl. Funny but useless…


    Another list that I have to say this to: Too bad, you can’t have it.

    KID BOO ”

    Are those ALL DBZ characters? I have to say it AGAIN!!! Too bad, you can’t have it.

    “Ben’s top SSBB picks:

    Simba and Nala
    General Pepper”

    Let’s see… Krystal, Wolf, nothing else. Fox may be awesome, but General Pepper couldn’t fight a battle at all. Congrats evil you hold your title.

    That’s all (for now, MWAHAHAHA).

  • Mr Happy Bob

    I love huge posts.

  • ???

    uhhhh mr.happy bob I don’t know how to register and…link he helped gannon get him!

  • ???

    hold on z fg ninga benMccloud todd mary it’s like mario coming up with different names galore…Wait one darn minite MARIO!

  • ???

    COCO ”

    Who the frick are those? George Lucas characters? Mac, Bloo, Wilt, and Coco all sound like something out of Star Trek (???’s favorite show). And Edward is a sad name for anyone.”

    um fosters and star trek are very different and star trek is not my favorite show

    seirusley LINK ARE YOU LISENING GET HIM!!!!!

  • I was at my friends house.

  • todd

    whos your friend?

  • ???

    you were at your frends house for what? You ramdomley said that oh and mr.happybob zero clothing samus is now yours to command that’s right not a bra or underware

  • ???

    oh and 8 REAL peple that have a shot at getting in about 0.0025%chance but a tiny shot
    chuck noris
    jhon madden
    tiger woods
    ken griffy jr.
    manny ramires(I hope I spelled it right)
    barry bonds
    babe ruth
    kobe brint
    um thats it so just keep in mind

  • I just thought of a tight moveslist for meta knight. And here it is.

    Beam Blade B move: Meta knight swings his sword and shoots out beams. The more meta knight swings his sword the more beams(that are shaped like swords) fire out of it.

    Gliding Hack > B: Meta Knight flies at his foe in mach speed and slashes him/her executing a powerful slash sending any foe flying, like foxs Fox Illusion only more effective.

    Whirlwind Slasher ^ B: You Know how kirby swings his hammer when you press > B in the air? Well meta knight dose the same thing with his sword only it resembles samus’s screw attack. The enemy is caught in a whirlwind of sword slashes, and gets cut multiple times in mid air.

    Halfmoon Cutter V B: Meta knihgt swings his sword and a sword slash shaped like a halfmoon shoots out of the sword, but if you hold down the analog stick and B, meta knight will charge up the move and unleash a fury of halfmoon slashes.

    Brawl Move: I call this move THE WRATH OF META KNIGHT!!!!
    If meta knight gets a hold of the brawl token, his eyes shine shine with rage and he will rush up to his enemies, then all of a sudden the screen turns dark and meta knight will unleash a combo which dose a maximum 30 sword slashes per slice on his foes. Then a japenese symbol appears in the background after the move is unleashed, just like ryu’s combo move in the capcom VS. SNK games.

    If meta knight had these moves in SSBB, he would be a beast!!!! these are the best moves for him. So what do you guys think? i want you’re oppinion.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    “uhhhh mr.happy bob I don’t know how to register and…link he helped gannon get him!”

    LOL you hit register and fill it out. Just make the year 1993 on the year you were born.

    “um fosters and star trek are very different and star trek is not my favorite show”

    I just said it out of the blue. It was fun tho.

    “seirusley LINK ARE YOU LISENING GET HIM!!!!!”

    Link is probably tied for my 2nd favorite. I can never choose him or Y. Link…

    “you were at your frends house for what? You ramdomley said that oh and mr.happybob zero clothing samus is now yours to command that’s right not a bra or underware”

    Wow. You’re sick minded for a 9 year old. I can see a 20 year old saying that, but you?
    I’m surprised you even know what a bra is… Yeah, um, I would scream if she got in. That would mean it was rated A and I can’t buy it.

    “Beam Blade B move: Meta knight swings his sword and shoots out beams. The more meta knight swings his sword the more beams(that are shaped like swords) fire out of it.”

    Short distance right? He can’t be too good, that would ruin the game. The B > is possible. ^B possible. The B V I don’t fully get. The Brawl move has a gay name, and a better move could be thought up too. Not just because it’s you posting either. It’s just my opinion. You asked. Good ^/> B though. An idea for B down would be the move in the trailer where he puts his cape over his face and goes invisible. Make it a reflecting move like the cape/reflector shield.

  • Hey man!!!! that’s all i can come up with.(although you did compliment me on his >B and ^B moves) thank you. And i suppose YOU could think of better moves for meta knight happy bob?!! i dont think so. And WTH do you mean mean he can’t be too good?!!!. Would you rather him have poor moves that would make him suck?!!. This is meta knight we’re talking about man!!!!. And you say the brawl move is gay, and it could be better? well let me see you make a moves list for meta knight bro!!!. (and dont copy me)
    If you could proove to me that you could make a better movelist for meta knight as well as a better brawl move than mines, then i’ll be convinced. And another thing, why do you always copy other peoples post man? Do you do it because you try to be a pain in the a#$ or do you do it because you’re retarded?

  • mario

    Mario gotten better than
    giga bowser
    mario has 2000 combos.nothing can beat me when I’m mario!

  • ???

    “mario has 2000 combos.nothing can beat me when I’m mario!”

    2000! I can believe 30 with mewtwo and the beam sword but 2000 with mario and anything!? Must be a computer hack

    oh and duane I think the clock thing would be his shield like yoshi’s egg but here’s a beter brawl move thow I know you had little time

    four sword mirror:meta knight gets out another sword and places oponent between the amasing mirror and two of dark knights swords come in the other side and meta knight drills and slashes his 2 swords 80 damage

  • Thank you…….. who ever you are? That’s actually not a bad brawl move for meta knight. Four sword mirror. Where’d you get that move from? kirby and the amazing mirror i assume. That sounds tight. i could redo his moveslist and have that posted on here. Im sure happy bob can’t even think of JACK compared to the moves i’ll give him. But the >B and the ^B moves im keeping, there too good.

  • mario

    I don’t have a hacker.

  • Mr Happy Bob

    “And another thing, why do you always copy other peoples post man?”

    It’s called quoting. It’s so I can prove you said it. Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V are the magic keys

    “And WTH do you mean mean he can’t be too good?!!!. Would you rather him have poor moves that would make him suck?!!. This is meta knight we’re talking about man!!!!”

    If he’s too good, It’ll ruin the entire game. Why play with a sucky character when you can own everyone easily with MK? Picture this:
    The best player in the world fights with a Falco vs. a person that’s barely plaed with MK. MK wins. It’s not right.

    ” And i suppose YOU could think of better moves for meta knight happy bob?!! ”

    Sure wait 1 min.

    “And you say the brawl move is gay, and it could be better? well let me see you make a moves list for meta knight bro!!!. (and dont copy me)”

    Sounds gay Duane, sounds gay. Not is gay. Seriously, The Wrath of Meta Knight? A 3 year old could have thought of a name like that. “The Wrath of” is SSSSOOOOO overrated.


    B: Easy. Steal it from Marth/Roy, except make it a faster charge time and only does 5% damage, but (like mewtwo doing VB twice) make them go FLYING.

    B + >: I do like your idea on this one, but since you asked… make him do something like Ice Climber’s B + > (their only useful move LOL) except more damaging (it’s with a sword, not a bat…).

    B + V: Like I said before, make it his move from his trailer where his cape goes over his body and he turns invisible. It reflects like Fox’s shield (I LOVE that move), except reflcted attacks return 2x as fast.

    B + ^: Your other good idea. MK deserves a B + ^ that is really good at recovering though… How ’bout he floats for about a second before (Like Fox right before his B + ^) , and then shoots up with a strong thrust of his sword. The move also exchanges his cape for wings, letting him glide slightly downwards and horizontally (Peach except going down slowly instead of just left-right). The main blow goes only upwards (a Marth-like blow). A visual guide:

    After his B ^ (location (A)), he lands about on the X:
    B up at (A) there to the solid line, and follows the dotted lines

    Lands on X

  • Mr Happy Bob

    No it fricking screwed up my B + ^ move visual. Just draw an imaginary line from the solid line to the X. He starts the move at (A), and goes up to the solid line from the slash. Then follows the line. Heck, let me redo it:
    A-dot, dot-X




  • Mr Happy Bob

    Oh wait, one more thing:

    “But the >B and the ^B moves im keeping, there too good.”

    I think my B + ^ is more fitting for MK. That B + > was way good though. Add that to my moveset.

    AHH I deleted my SS move:

    SS: No title. SS moves should be called only that (Super Smash move). Meta Knight flies around on a Shadow Star (Kirby Air Ride), hitting opponent several times. If you know Air Ride, then you know that a hit from the Shadow Star is STRONG.

    At least it doesn’t have a gay name.


    Why not give him peach’s moves while you’re at it. (“Being Sarcastic”)

    Seriously man!!! You wanna sit up here and talk about the brawl move being gay, but what about the set of moves you’re giving him? HUH?!!

    The B +V move seen in the trailer i fully understand. The rest. ARE JUST PLAIN RETARDED!!!!!.

    But HEY!! you can’t help it, you’re a kid. LOL

    All i know is this: (and it’s just an example) if you grew up in this point of time to be a game desighner, and they were making this very game (super smash bros. brawl) they whould most definetly NOT put you in charge of the moveslist department, or if they did, and if you gave a character like meta knight a moveslist that crappy, they whould fire you’re a#$ faster than sonic being confirmed in the game.

    You must reeeaally hate meta knight anytime you give him a moveslist THAT JACKED UP!!!

    And you wanna talk about gay?!! you’re brawl move is just as gay as mines Bro!!.

    This moveset you gave him is a disgrace to meta knight’s personality and meta knight fans worldwide, so you’re moves dont need more work, what they need is to be thrown in a nearby dumbster somewhere.

    It looks like a special ed student made these moves for him.

    When i said you could’nt come up with JACK compared to the moves i gave him, i stood corected.

    So why dont you leave creating a moveslist for meta knight to the profesionals. Okay Kid.

  • murple

    I am a hacker. I’ve hacked 3 or 4 websites of major gaming clans. I’m pwnzor.

  • ……..did anyone ask you?

  • Mr Happy Bob

    LOL Duane is the worst critic ever. He explained his career in 1 post. They thought he might have a chance at the movelist department. They tried him out and, since MK is his favoite, he started with him. The looked at that moveset and said, “What?!?! He’s doing this to Meta Knight?!? F*** him!” Then they sued you for rating my movelist crappy. Sad. I feel bad. Everyone say “arividerci Duane!” LOL just a kid indeed.

    I seriously feel bad Duane. Get over your jealousy. Just because my moveset is better…

    Shadow Star is from Kirby Air Ride. It is evil until you unlock the Dragoon or Hydra. I played that game a few times LOL. It does TONS of damage if it even touches you. Your moveset was:

    1. Crappy
    2. Impossible
    3. The formula for ruining Brawl

    Now tell me again that my movelist sucked. At least the only thing you could say about mine is crappy. It was realistic and would still be good, just not undefeatable.

    Peach sucks. If I stole a move, I stole a GOOD move. Not a crappy move. Samus’ B + ^ LOL. Mine fits better for Meta Knight. None of your moves would look right.

  • I am going to go and play *mario bros:trip in everywhere*my new game.don’t quote, reply, or talk about this post AT ALL!

  • Mr Happy Bob

    “I am going to go and play *mario bros:trip in everywhere*my new game.don’t quote, reply, or talk about this post AT ALL!”

    LOL then why did you post it?

  • ???

    hey anytjing on my meta-knight moveset oh and give him a b down that can actulley hurt people and have his cape be a sheild like yoshi’s egg um like yoshi has an egg and everyone else has a bubble

  • ???

    oh and I know this is pethetic but I thoght of a taunt for meta knight and some other charecters but some are not confermed
    meta knight: have you ever META KNIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!!!
    midna:waves hand good by and changes from her three forms (regular,dark and hollow,twilight princess)
    samus:shows off a octolingth ZERO SUIT samus:explodes herself but survives
    snake:causes exploshons all around him and salutes
    gannondorf:strikes his sword with lightning
    talo LOL if he gets in:spins wooden sword in all derections and crosses arms

  • brandon

    *testing*I’m in school.I posted in school

  • Bobby Hentges

    I know other Characters of mine who should make it into Brawl…

    Zoko Nui and Nekrotos. No doubt about it!

  • HEY BH!welcome back!where were you?

  • Mr Happy Bob

    LOL that taunt was pretty scary. Nothing else worth fighting over. Slowly, but surely, we ARE taking this site back. If this little activity has happened, we’ll have it back in no time. MWAHAHAHA I’m king again! (There. That should cause some action.)

  • ???

    mr.happy bob give up I do know about fake calaborations with aliens that you will kill off and after some seirous experaments I know you are able to set up wireless bases in humans and you will inslave your alien army if you hear me tipe this in a computor document which will put a shield over wireless networks and will cure any victoms that use it…I know your plans and nothing can stop us now happy wait if I’m wrong then who is the big villan I did testing on photos with the wii actulley, and someone is in trouble…

  • MAC


  • ???, I was brandon.I posted that at school

  • ???

    you were intrested in spamming and being the leader and you also say bad things about us but you don’t like mr.happy bob either so it can’t be you
    SUSPECT:happy bob your the most likeley and after saying that your plan would be finished in two years I calculated 2 years and 6 months but you could say 2 and a half and your still a major possibility
    your probrobly brainwashed by happy bob based on saying we are nerds if not at his forums but you will get killed unless you copy this in a document and hire me I mean you were a major poster on this boerd befor
    ok idmit it you called me a fool which sounds villinis and you seem to support what has not been said to be wrong by happy

    and I need all of you to send me pictures of your finger prints as I continue my reaserch
    yeah I know hilarious but I am the one who does all the reaserch and expearaments

  • Murple

    I just realized this. There are 1131 posts on this website. I moved them all to a word document. They took up 196 pages. 196… holy shizzlesticks. It was so big that I couldn’t put in into microsofts works word processor. It took up 1.3 kb in a word document. That may not sound like much, but it is. That’s a fricking metric crapload. They should name this site nerdieconera

  • your the nerd murple

  • Mr Happy Bob

    “mr.happy bob give up I do know about fake calaborations with aliens that you will kill off and after some seirous experaments I know you are able to set up wireless bases in humans and you will inslave your alien army if you hear me tipe this in a computor document which will put a shield over wireless networks and will cure any victoms that use it…I know your plans and nothing can stop us now happy wait if I’m wrong then who is the big villan I did testing on photos with the wii actulley, and someone is in trouble…”

    You really are 9 years old…

    “your the nerd murple”

    You’re the banned one mario.

    “There are 1131 posts on this website. I moved them all to a word document. They took up 196 pages. 196… holy shizzlesticks.”

    Probably about 10-15 of those pages are from my posts alone…

  • ???

    ok… I know the post I made wasent smash realated but… if you clame you were acting then………..I’m going crasy unless the one….Hold on how old was link in the very first legend of zelda, you might be lieing mr.grumpy bob of mr.crappy bob or mr.why am I here with this kid a third of my age bob

  • Master Bob

    “you might be lieing mr.grumpy bob of mr.crappy bob or mr.why am I here with this kid a third of my age bob”

    Actually from here on out I am Master Bob. So don’t forget that.

    MB, previosly MHB

  • W Equals Bob

    Scratch that. I’m W Equals Bob. Don’t forget that. For real.

    WEB, previosly MB, previosly MHB.

  • W Equals Bob

    Did it post? If not, this is MHB. My new name is this. Call me MHB and I’ll kill you. Not really, but still………

  • W Equals Bob

    This is stupid. It doesn’t show up on my comp! It better now:
    This is MHB. My new name is this. Call me MHB and I’ll kill you. Not really, but still………

  • ???

    beat giga bowser with mario to unlock super mario!

  • murple

    Mario I’m not the one obsessed with a NINTENDO game.

  • ???

    oh and w equals bob wouldent you like daisy in brawl with a DIFERRENT moveset then peach

  • W Equals Bob

    “oh and w equals bob wouldent you like daisy in brawl with a DIFERRENT moveset then peach?”

    If they take out Peach, sure. If not, NO MORE FRICKING MARIO CHARACTERS!

    “Mario I’m not the one obsessed with a NINTENDO game.”

    I am obsessed with one too. It’s called Brawl. BUT I’m also obsessed with Halo so…

    “beat giga bowser with mario to unlock super mario!”

    Saddest fake rumor I’ve heard since “unlock Chuckie from the Rugrats.”

  • I don’t care if I’m banned MHB! I can calkl anything I want to.THIS IS NOT YOUR SITE!!!!!!!!

  • MicMer37

    sam fisher(from splinter cell)
    dark samus
    an army solider
    maybe some mk characters
    some new character nobody ever heard of
    and make up samus’ older brother
    all of them would be cool

  • ???

    “If they take out Peach, sure. If not, NO MORE FRICKING MARIO CHARACTERS!” but thare are some zelda charicters I would like in for example
    Midna/twilight princess
    skull kid/majora’s mask

    and that makes it equal to mario charicters if they keep in zelda and some metroid charicters

    dark samus

  • ???

    sam fisher(from splinter cell)
    dark samus
    an army solider
    maybe some mk characters
    some new character nobody ever heard of
    and make up samus’ older brother
    all of them would be cool”

    sorry but a little problem… as everyone knows from melee trophy’s samus’ famley got killed by the metroids and sakurai said he would not have any charicters who originated in a animai so goku is out but if wishes had come true…

  • MicMer37

    well maybe samus’ long lost older brother

  • MicMer37

    well how bout golden eye
    they can giv him tons of kool gadgets
    dat wood b kool

  • MicMer37

    golden eye
    sum type of god like raiden from mk
    mayb even me id kik sum ass

  • I just want paper mario in brawl.he can kick @$$!

  • hey! I made my own site!type in “mariofunworld.com”on the site bar at the top.???, yuo’ll be my assistant manager.you too duane T.

  • ???

    um mario I can’t seem to connect to your site…Wait you just copied the cannot find server page didn’t you

  • Yo! Mr. W Equals Bob, if sonic is who you dont wanna see on SSBB, then who whould exactly would you like to see in brawl?

  • didn’t you type it on the site bar?the site is real.

  • ???

    I tiped it in the site bar but it didn’t work on the other hand I clicked your link and it dindn’t work just add dot com and even if it is not a real site it will be linked so click http/ttttttkio.com

  • ???

    oops my bad http/www.ttttttkio.com

  • ???

    ok it dosen’t work but let me try this again

  • I NEED HELP!!I need someone to give me solution to my problem!my parents were argueing sooooooo much, I missed 2 days of school.2 DAYS!I’m gonna lose my dad and maybe my mom and go to the dumpster if I don’t have help.web, if you help me, I will let you rule siliconera and be my masterforever until I die!PLEASE SOMEONE, ANYONE!I’M CRYING AS I TYPE!!!!!!!!!!

  • ???

    well I missed a couple days too with a flu type diseise but…Give more detail so thare thinking of getting rid of you? oh this is bad I won’t be able to play you in brawl unless you tell your dad a date is coming and buy 96 types of paint and tell your dad to make a ball room with strpes rainbows and anything your mom likes then blindfold both of them and direct eachother to the room and bring cards then unblingfold them and get a table that your dad boght. If that dosen’t work…

  • ???

    oh and luke skywalker for brawl! no he did not originate in an animae it was a movie and I remember renting a star wars game for the N64 and mario one last thing you had a promise and I want to play you in Super smash bros. Do you live in California I want to know.

    how much is it for a ball room?
    I can’t have potato chips at the room.

  • ???

    oh well a ball room costs 500,000 dollars atleast but paint is very cheap but thare always is the…cannon plan you have to confuse both of your parents by pertending to be a vampire…IN A DRESS then if you hand your mom chocolate she will tottally forget her confushon and rage your dad might laff and tell you it’s not holloween eveything is back to normal if it dosen’t work use a big cannon to eipe out the whole reason thare arguing out of thare memeory then ask for a picnic

  • RF

    I think Krystal and Dixie Kong would make fine characters. The franchise needs more females, and although Krystal has only been in two(?) games, she is fairly popular among the fanbase. Dixie could probably mimic some of the moves DK has such as his spin, but she could do it with her hair. I don’t know, those are just two ideas, there aren’t many canonical female Nintendo characters around. And ,???, Luke Skywalker? What the hell man…

  • ???

    well yes luke skywailker.He did not originate in an animae he originated in a non-animated movie and he has had some games for the N64 and NES he had three games that got 9/10 or more on how good it is he difinitley qualifies and if he gets in star wars fans as well as metal gear fans as well as nentendo fans will play this game. It will be the bomb also who has a chance,but would suck… Elmo.

  • RF

    Its not the same thing at all. So what if he was in some videogames? He’s still a character that originated in movies, and he doesn’t fit in with Mario, Donkey Kong, or even Solid Snake. Neither do anime characters. If there was a fighting game for characters from all forms of media, that would be fine and down right awesome, but this is a Nintendo game, even with the inclusion of Snake.

  • Krystal & dixie kong are possible, but the most requested females on my list are Black Orchid from killer instinct, Dark samus and Fusion samus.

    Oh and ???, Luke Skywalker in super smash bros. brawl?? you’re kidding right?.

    Even though he did have games on nintendo councels, sakurai cant allow that beause the game is based on Videogame characters and not characters seen in animes, movies or other stuff seen on TV.
    It would’nt be right.

    And ELMO??!! Dont even try. People could hurt you for jokes like that.

  • jody-summer
    baby peach
    that girl chimp with 2 pony tails

  • paper mario would be cool!
    B:fireblast(blast long and endlessfire from the red fireflower(fire won’t shorten))
    B>:ultra hammer(like marios cape, kirby’s mallet, and fox’s projectile shield(endlessly fully swings his hammer(DEFENSIVE)))
    Bv:ground pound
    B^:spring jump(jump super high(hold B to charge up.let go for a very very high jump)(the longer you hold B, the higher you jump.)
    special:SUPER NOVA( if you had paper mario 2 and beated magnus2.0, you’d know)

  • ???

    sorry now I know luke and elmo don’t have a chance I mean I heard somthing about animae’s not being in not movies…

  • ???

    why can’t Link go…

  • ???

    …Get his spiner and jump like kirby

  • RF

    Yeah I agree with Mary, Paula would just kick ass. Not many have seem to have played Earthbound, and I think its one of the greatest SNES games out there.

  • which button?

  • basic attacks for paper mario
    AAA:punch, punch, strong kick
    walk A:double kick
    run A: rapid spin(spins while moving fast(hold A while moving))
    ^A:mario’s shroyukin (it’s RAW! ^_^)
    crouch A:headbop( like pikachus)
    smash ^ A: fox’s backflip
    smash side A:hammer smash( like popo the iceclimber)
    smash v A:drop(attack with both hands and legs)

  • Master Bob

    I’m back! Don’t think you can get rid of me! BTW this is W equals, previously Mr Happy Bob.

    Round 1

    “I don’t care if I’m banned MHB! I can calkl anything I want to.THIS IS NOT YOUR SITE!!!!!!”

    You can still fight for your life in my “Mario’s Future” poll in the random board. I made it so you can post there.

    “and sakurai said he would not have any charicters who originated in a animai so goku is out but if wishes had come true… ”


    Round 2

    “Yo! Mr. W Equals Bob, if sonic is who you dont wanna see on SSBB, then who whould exactly would you like to see in brawl? ”

    I’ve said many. Thei’r just hidden within other posts…
    1. Wolf O’ Donnel
    2. Dark Samus
    3. Ridley
    4. Krystal
    5. Rayman is actually an OK 3rd party. There’s my top 5

    “oh and luke skywalker for brawl! no he did not originate in an animae it was a movie and I remember renting a star wars game for the N64 and mario one last thing you had a promise and I want to play you in Super smash bros. Do you live in California I want to know.”

    OMG you just proved that you’re 9.

    “I think Krystal and Dixie Kong would make fine characters. The franchise needs more females, and although Krystal has only been in two(?) games, she is fairly popular among the fanbase. Dixie could probably mimic some of the moves DK has such as his spin, but she could do it with her hair. I don’t know, those are just two ideas, there aren’t many canonical female Nintendo characters around. And ,???, Luke Skywalker? What the hell man…”

    Finally someone intelligent. Dixie Kong I could let slide… she’s not in any mario games I know of; she’s not a “mario character.”

    Round 3

    “And ELMO??!! Dont even try. People could hurt you for jokes like that. ”

    I would pay a lot of money to put him on. Simply because he would be SO pathetic. I could use him as an outlet:
    If it weren’t for Elmo in Brawl… But seriously. Yeah ??? once again, you prove you are 9.

  • Master Bob

    Oh and mario I’m sorry to hear about that. I still like you, you just act up too much…

  • Master Bob

    Seriously, sorry mario. I’m being sincere here.

  • how do I act up when I only say that mario is cool?how can I post there when I am banned?any idas?

  • ???

    well if you want the truth elmo was in one game for the N64;elmo’s letter adventure…. It sucked but it’s good if your a preschooler

  • ???

    oh srry for the double post but dixie kong is in mario superstar baseball. Oh and mario why paper mario over my super hero I made up
    bdown-turn opponent into stone
    nah Im just kidding paper mario would be a pretty good mario charicter out of different mario vershons I mean he’d beat jumper man and with all his party members! But still not one of the best choices I like midna

  • whats the name of your super-hero?

  • I seriously think that Ryu from street fighter should definetly get into super smash bros. brawl, because he’s supported capcom more than megaman has. If Ryu was in SSBB, he whould be a BEAST!!! nobody would match his power. (Ecxept meta knight) Now as i recall Ryu had some street fighter games on super NES and one capcom Vs. SNK game for the gamecube, therefore he qualifies. These are the following games on the nintendo counsels that Ryu appeared in.

    Street fighter 2 (SNES)

    Street Fighter 2 TURBO (SNES)

    Super Street Fighter 2 The new challengers (SNES)

    Street Fighter Alpha (SNES)

    Capcom Vs. SNK 2 (Gamecube)

    It’s official that Ryu would definetly fit in with the rest of the third party characters in SSBB, i know he whould probally be too good for this game, but then again ….what about solid snake? if someone as good as him could get in, there’s no reason that Ryu should’nt. So i think Ryu definetly has a chance. Infact why dont make his movelist right now.

    Hadouken B Move: When you press the B button Ryu throws a powerful ball of energy at his foes, but if you charge the move, it becomes more powerful and larger than normal. It may sometimes even turn into a fire ball.

    Hurricane Kick > B: Ryu takes to the sky with a twirling kick move that will catch foes in midair kicking them multiple times causing a brutal amount of damage. It’s also a good recovery move when it has to be, incase the shyrouken/ dragonpunch dose’nt always work.

    Shyrouken/Dragon Punch ^ B: Ryu hits his airborne enemies with a firery uppercut sending them flying. It’s a good recovery move and a coldblooded aerial assault move. IT’S BEAST!!!!

    Ore Summond V B: Ryu gathers energy in his body surounding himself in a ore of power.
    It dose not do any damage but it dose make Ryu’s moves stronger and alot more effective than normal.

    Now for the final stage. His brawl move.

    Hyper Hadouken: If Ryu comes into contact with the brawl token, he will gather power within his intire body and hold his hands back as if he was about to do kamehameha. Once he he finishes charging the move, an extremely powerful beam shoots out of his hands blowing everybody out of the playfield.

    IS THAT FIRE OR WHAT?!!! I need an opinion on what you guys think of Ryu. So tell me. PEACE!!!

  • Master Bob

    I forgot! Mario good try with evil. BUT your downfall was I got the IP address. Comcast in Illinois. Got ya!

    “how do I act up when I only say that mario is cool?how can I post there when I am banned?any idas?”

    You act up. Examples: trying to call me a nerd, betraying us all, etc…
    Yeah you can post in the Random board. Anyone can…

    “oh srry for the double post but dixie kong is in mario superstar baseball.”

    That’s right. But she’s not a mario character.

    Heh, Ryu Hayabusa from DOA 4 would be better. Too bad he’s Microsoft…


  • ???

    oh nice moveset on ryu I don’t know who that guy is but he sound good and mario I didn’t take the time to come up with a name but he dosen’t exist so no chance listen I WAS JUST KIDDING anyways a real guy the moveset of pacman just out of boredome
    b-eat:a charge attack whare pacman spins wile charging and after 4 seconds is his power point and he will do 30 damage
    b>-drive:crashes his kart from the mario cart arcade game 20 damage
    bup:flip kick 15 damage goes as high as marth’s bup
    bdown-grownd pownd like the bowser bomb 20 damage
    a-punch 3 damage
    a>a-punch punch 5 damage
    a>A>A-punch punch bite 9 damage
    grab-a biteing grab and boy you don’t want to know how he throws the player up

  • ???

    “How about the L shape block from Tetris as a Joke character (like Mr Game & Watch)?

    Watch out Mario, it’s the rotation of death”

    lol sorry just thoght i’dd bring up somthing realated to subject so long ago…Whare are you the_importer

  • Murple

    What if they made a humanoid character made out of the tetris blocks? Kinda like the one polygon dudes in Smash 1.

  • WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!! you mean to tell me you dont know who Ryu is?!!!

    Have you been living in a cave all you’re life?

    He practically plays on a fighting game called STREET FIGHTER!!!!!


    Either you need to play more video games or you need to get out more.

    ???, have you ever played street fighter ONCE?!!!!. JUST ONCE?!!!

    Cuase anytime you dont know who Ryu is, something must be wrong with you man.

  • Excuse the double post, but everybody whos played street fighter knows who Ryu is, i mean COME ON MAN!!!. I’ve known him since the arcade & the SNES.

    He’s been seen in so many capcom fighting games that to this point everybody(ecxept you) who has played his games knows him. How could you not?

  • And excuse this tripple post im layin down, but master bob, first of all Ryu hayabusa from dead or alive 4 could never be better than street fighters Ryu.

    Cause if they were in a fight, it’d be obvious on who whould win.

    Street fighters Ryu is too much for Ryu hayabusa from DOA4 and you know it.

    At least the Ryu im talking about had some roles on nintendo councels. The Ryu you’re taking about dose’nt.

    So therefore street fighters Ryu is a winner on this one. AND WHAT!!!!!

  • me and evil are related dumbass!we use the same adress(but [email protected]).

  • ???

    um no I have never played street fighter and I onley played one capcorm game in my life.The original megaman but then I didn’t even get to a save point so thare might be some games from capcorn I played but…Hey I know someone who says they havent seen the mario brothers BELIEVE ME

  • ???

    anyways nice Idea for a guy made of tetris blocs he would be like


    and it could switch from hands to feet and the ability to turn into different blocks for powers like into the L shape block for a spin and/or uppercut combo! they could call him tetris block! and he could pwn people.Has soeone thoght of this?

  • Bob the Master

    K I like the way this name sounds better than Master Bob. I’m done changing names now everybody! LOL Hayabusa is if dreams could come true (dang where’s the fricking copywright symbol on this keyboard). Street Fighter Ryu is… what we have to settle with. Plus, that would be kinda weird, seeing as he’s from a different fighting game. Hayabusa could be a fast character addition. We all know that I like fast characters(excluding sonic). Fox is a good example. He OWNS. So does Capt. Falcon.

    That’s an actual size photo of your balls isn’t it ???. Inapropriate. That comment should be deleted.

  • ???

    now that comment should be deleated I will not qwote that and no that is a diagram of what shape a guy made of tetris blocks would have

  • ???

    if you add the ball on the top

  • in mario bros trip to everywhere, mario and luigi were at metal city. they were eating pie..they didn’t know mario was framed by evil mario.neither did luigi.mario knew because the cops busted the door open!they said “theres the guy who blew up all our cars and caused lots of crime!GET HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.mario hopped on yoshi and ran.the police were chasing them.what I had to do was spit fireballs at the cops. then the cops said”this calls for DRASTIC MEASURES!”the called team stafox to kill the 2 plumbers.what I had to do was to beat fox & falco in a team battle.when I them both, they were about to use there ultra blasters to finish the job until somone took fox’s ship.its evil mario!my last mission on this was toi hop on fox’s ship before fox does.when I did that, mario found evil mario. but it was just a hologram!( the hologram was a bomb!) mario jumped off the ship. and the ship exploded! so I beated the level. fox and falco got fired.they were pissed off!

  • ???

    um mario nice fanfic but I know thats not a real game

  • yes it is! my father made that game! he gave it to me!it wasn’t on a comercial because, my father didn’t want it on a comercial! it wasn’t able to be copied.he made only 1. I have that gameyour just saying that because I have a very cool game!>:(

  • ???

    I doubt it sorry mario but a first game even with alot of preperation will be something like duck hunt and…He used the ssbm engine didn’t he because it takes alot of people tomake a game like that without a similer file at hand but if he made it for a nintendo sistem then a charicter he made up could be in…OMG

  • ???

    oh here’s a prediction of the zero suit transformation rapidley press A while charging B

  • ???

    mario could you tell me the program your father used to make this game your tailking about

  • OK, i thought about it long and hard but i just came up with a tight new moveslist for meta knight in brawl. I’ve desided to redo his moveslist and make it better.

    Dragon Fang B Move: Do you know lloyd irving’s demon fang move in the game tales of symphonia and in the smash flash game? meta knights attack is just like that and its a long ranged move. Meta knight strikes the ground with his sword and a slasher skims across the ground and if it comes into contact with the foe, it cuts them and sends them flying.

    Gliding Hack > B: Ive desided to keep this move cause it’s hardcore. Meta knight flies at his enemy in hyper mach speed and slashes him/her with a sword slash that causes severe amount of damage. It’s sure to send the target flying.

    Pheonix Tornado ^B: Ok i saw him do something like this in kirby super star on SNES. Meta knight swipes his sword and is protected by a mini cyclone that allows him to fly back to the stage safely. If anyone touches the whirwind while meta knight is airborne, it traps them and they take serious damage. Also good for a combo move.

    Invisible Cloke V B: Just like in the trailer, meta knight makes himself invisible with that cape to prevent from being harmed. It’s a good reflect move just like mario & dr.mario’s capes and fox and falco’s reflectors.

    Brawl Move: Pheonix Hurricane: If meta knight touches the brawl token, he will hold his sword up to the clouds and summond a vicious twister that will catch all enimies. Once there caught in the massive whirlwind, meta knight will then fly through it and unleash a fury of hyper mach speed sword slashes all around his victims and before the cyclone tosses them out, meta knight will deliver the final blow flying up with a thrusting stab directly in the gut. A maximum combo of 20 slashes.

    Damage: 255%
    This move is just like link’s brawl move in the trailer. (Only it’s BEAST!!!)

    DAMN!!! It looks like mario, link or whoever got caught in this storm is gonna need more than F.E.M.A.

    Well, what do you think of this killer moveslist that i gave meta knight? Run an opinion by me and let me know.

  • ???

    nice moveset but thare going to have to make the brawl move like the bird pokemon in melee because if that just happend all the time it wouldent be fun anymore as in rare anyways here is a moveset for king zant if you don’t know him he’s from TP I read this in the manuwal around page 100 that he was in the twilght palace and king of the twilight and has a very unique verity of moves
    b- twilight matter gun:he shoots very wild and it will act as bombs and land on the opponents platform
    b>-warping attack:he warps around the arena like crazy and good combos can with this attack can send opponents flying
    Bup-refection:he will appear on the opposite side of the arena invisibley and a reflecton below whare he once was as if ice was thare then he will appear and do a spin attack like a blizzard
    Bdown-slasher:his hands will turn to knives and he will do 2 slasher each slash deals 10 damage

    and finaly
    brawl move-full twilght:zant will do a massive injury to the opponents causing a ton of damage and do a dark matter thing like mario does with his fire balls in his super smash move then portals will suck the opponents out of the arena

    please tell me what you think about this guy

  • ???

    nice moveset but thare going to have to make the brawl move like the bird pokemon in melee because if that just happend all the time it wouldent be fun anymore as in rare anyways here is a moveset for king zant if you don’t know him he’s from TP I read this in the manuwal around page 100 that he was in the twilght palace and king of the twilight and has a very unique verity of moves
    b- twilight matter gun:he shoots very wild and it will act as bombs and land on the opponents platform
    b>-warping attack:he warps around the arena like crazy and good combos can with this attack can send opponents flying
    Bup-refection:he will appear on the opposite side of the arena invisibley and a reflecton below whare he once was as if ice was thare then he will appear and do a spin attack like a blizzard
    Bdown-slasher:his hands will turn to knives and he will do 2 slasher each slash deals 10 damage

    and finaly
    brawl move-full twilght:zant will do a massive injury to the opponents causing a ton of damage and do a dark matter thing like mario does with his fire balls in his super smash move then portals will suck the opponents out of the arena

    please tell me what you think about this guy

  • ???

    shoot double post

  • You’re moveset for king zant is awsome too.
    If he was on brawl, he whould be just as good as mewtwo or ganondorf. But he could’nt beat meta knight. Meta knight is RAW!!!!!!

  • Heres what happens to mario, pit and snake after being KO’d by meta knights brawl move. LOL




    LOL Aw man this is too funny!!.

  • uh…….my dad didn’t tell me wat program he used cause, he said I’m not old enough to know.I don’t know why but I wish I knew what program he used to make the game.

  • ???

    yeah mario and then I could make the best game ever and you could make… Super smash bros sunshine? Oh well like that would ever happen a SSB game that takes place in isle delfino hey it’s a good Idea also mario does your dad work for nintendo?

  • yeah

  • ???

    then that could have been a failed vershon of SSBB only you can have! But if you can access the debug menu depending if this is for gamecube or wii you can be the first to have SSBB, or thats just a game never released

  • ???

    back when this first started some of us thoght nintendogs were playable charicters

  • Bob the Master

    Some of YOU you mean. I never would say that. Now, mario, no1 wants to know that you thought up of some gay game. Just keep it to yourself. Yeah, so your dad is freaking out and ur crying while typing (*cough*cough*baby*cough*cough*), yet he gives you a brand new game! Wow I’ve never met a more insane hypocrite.

  • Bob the Master

    *your mom and dad are freaking out not just your dad. Sorry.

  • Anyway i saw this mugen on youtube.com where meta knight fights mario, and it’s really tight. You should check it out. Just type ES Meta Mugen: Super Mario on Youtube.com

    And it’s also a preveiw of what meta knight will do to mario in brawl when they fight.

    And guest whose gonna win mario. LOL

  • Oh and sorry for the double post, but master bob you did’nt say anything about my new moveset for meta knight, so i need you’re opinion.

    And if you check out the meta knight mugen on youtube.com, and pay close attention to his moves, you’ll understand what im talking about.

    ES meta mugen: super mario on you tube. com

  • I got very cool mario toys! I got all of them.mario jax(bomb[ball]stars[jax]), a super awsome music videoabout mario(type in GO MARIO GO on youtube)a hammer, fireball shooting mario, and a mario melee toy from that melee tournument.

  • Did any of you check out that mugen that i was talking about on youtube.com?

  • ???

    yeah I saw that mugan it meta knight beat mario but I think thay will both be stronger in brawl

  • ???

    how about jirachi he could use the elements in the backround and have telapathic and warping ability’s

  • Bob the Master

    Pretty good Duane. But guess what? In the Nin. World trailer, Meta Knight does a move like my B^ without the first slash for about a half a second. B^ or not, he does something like it, and that’s all that matters. That proves that it was a good moveset that I made. That one was pretty OK though. Get offa MK and move onto Wario.

    B: Sits and cries
    B>: Falls asleep doing -30%
    BV: Punches a wall, dealing 15% to himself
    B^: Attempts to grab a soda from on top of fridge

    SS: Major Constipation: He tries to crap, but instead he farts.

  • ???

    um I see a flaw in that moveset bob, it’s just that he can’t just do damage to himself thats what makes pichu almost useless compard to pikachu, and if he tries to grab a soda on the top of a frige wheres the soda and that would make him wide open. Terrible moveset but all I know is he would have
    a good doge
    a midiar headbut
    not as good jumping as mario
    stronger then mario
    can juggle items
    a fart move actully stated on smashbros.com to be called the wario waft

    but if you put thease into action you get a great moveset

  • ???

    hey guys I’ll try to predict every charicter in brawl ready?
    meta knight
    samus-zero suit samus
    diddy kong
    solid snake
    bowser jr.
    banjo and kazoie (pair)
    zant”king of the twilight”
    camble(metal gear)
    jack carbor
    tom nook

  • FredKur3

    PLZZ confirm that peach is still in the game best char ever!!!!!!!!!


  • Bob the Master

    I’m sorry, but if that was the list, I would kill Sakurai personally. My moveset was SUPPOSED to suck, it was on fricking Wario. The fat tub of crap who can’t do anything.

    Here’s a list of correct math stuff (I hate math though…):

    Wario = Tom Nook
    Tom Nook = Sonic
    Sonic 100 tons
    Fox’s awesomeness divided by 1,204,967,851 > Sonic+Tom Nook+Wario’s awesomeness times 400 trillion
    Daisy > Sonic

  • ???

    um tom nook can fight, thare was a guy who made a moveset for him with a moves, specail moves, ariel moves, weight, speed on nsider wich smash bros.com has a link to his name was tomnookastronamy
    and fred kur3 sorry about forgetting peach all thogh I’m not sure she’ll return but probrubley

  • grab for paper mario
    ^:toss with a flip
    v:slam with a ground pound
    >:throw and headbutt at the same time

  • style for paper mario
    pose 1:thumbs up
    pose 2:stripper rain on paper mario
    pose 3:mario floats down as a paper plane

  • If you thought that mugen was awsome you should see all the other mugens.

    They even have one with dragonball Z Vs. Street Fighter, Where Super saiyain goku & Piccolo fight against Ryu & ken.

    It’s BEAST!!!!!!!!! Honestly you’ll love it.

  • paper mario’s stage:paper airplane(fight ontop of a paper airplane that is flying around earth)

  • ???

    I just found out something weird. Someone said that you can see the new charicter approching screan for slippy from star fox but then all your game data is erased which gives me an idea of who will be in brawl

  • ???

    oh and mario you look like you realy know how paper mario would look in brawl and nice going but I need to tell you that you need his speed and weight
    excuse the double post

  • Since todays valentine’s day why not joke about mario’s love life.
    In the past retro games he played in such as Donkey Kong & Super Mario Bros. it turns out that mario has rescued two women in both titles. Pauline & princess peach.
    But you gotta wonder if peach likes the dude or if they’re relationship is a mystery?
    He rescues her from bowser and what dose he get to show for it?, a kiss on the cheek and: Thank you mario the mushroom kingdom is safe now try another quest. If you ask me, she should be giving the man more than that, like her number and a tour to her bedroom. Now pauline on the other hand is a diva. She was mario’s woman before he met peach. He practically climbed an entire construction site to save her from a big ape, which goes to show you, the man will do anything for a pretty face. Yes he’s got the woman of his future, but what about the woman of his past?

    PAULINE VS. PEACH The valentine’s day BRAWL for mario!!!!

    In this corner weihing 20 pounds, a delisious site to behold and the woman who was dragged up a constrution site by a big ape named donkey kong and mario’s old girlfreind give it up for PAAAAAAAAAAULIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And in this corner wehing 17 pounds and the musroomkingdom’s gorgeous ruler and the woman who was held captive by bowser more times than kenny getting killed in south park, give a shout out for PRINCEEEEEEEEESSSSSS PEEEEEEEEEACH!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now mario’s love life is twisted. Even though he saved both women in two seperate game titles, he’s come to realize that both women want him.

    This means that he has to chose between peach & pauline.

    If mario chooses pauline and leaves peach, he whould get a (whatever shoe sized) stiletto heel in his a#$. At that rate he whould never sit or so much as jump on a koopa or goomba ever again, especially with peaches heel stuck in the rear. He would be throbbing too much from the pain of peaches toenail going through the shoe and deep into his intestent. Then luigi will ask: Hey-a mario why’s-a peaches stiletto stuck-a to you’re a#$?

    Peach: DAMN!!!! I messed up a perfectlly good pedicure because of that lousy sh*#t mario!!! That’ll teach him to leave me for that floozy!!!

    But if mario chooses peach, he’ll live.

    But then you have princess daisy who was another damsle in disstress ineed of mario’s help in Super Mario Land when an evil alien by the name of tatanga took over her kingdom. Mario was there once again to save the day and rid her kingdom of that bucket headed pile of crap. But now daisy had fallen desperatelly in love with mario.
    Even though daisy was going out with luigi, mario was on her mind.
    And she say’s the hell with luigi!! Im gonna kill both peach & pauline and make mario my man.

    Now he’s got three women wanting him, and theres a fight going on between peach, pauline, and daisy.

    All this prooves that mario has issues with the ladies.
    And he bought a valentine. But for which woman?

    This has been a crappy valentine’s day for mario. Dont let you’res be.

    Happy valentine’s day. May all of you find a girl out there that likes you. PEACE!!!!!!

  • Bob the Master

    “I just found out something weird. Someone said that you can see the new charicter approching screan for slippy from star fox but then all your game data is erased which gives me an idea of who will be in brawl”

    There are many things like this. They’re called hoaxes. They’re all over the internet.

    K I’m not gonna paste that to my post but I gotta give you some credit here. ‘Cept here’s a more accurate version:

    Mario is having troubles. After marrying Peach a while ago, he remembers waaaaay back when when he rescued Pauline. He can’t get his mind off of her! So, he tells Peach that he will be divorcing her. She throws a cow and starts talking about how Mario will have nothing if he’s being serious. She takes him to divorce court and bribes the judge to make the case go in her favor. Mario was left with no money in his name and had to go back to being a lowly plumber. He can be seen now working in the US in the states of Idaho and Montana. All because of stupid Pauline…

    A note: I live in neither Idaho or Montana, they were just the states that came to mind first…

  • ???

    if mewtwo is returning him and solid snake will make a true clash of the clones. That just came to mind but I don’t like the valentines jokes, I’ve heard them before

  • If mewtwo was to make a comeback in brawl, that whould be awsome.
    Because sinse him and meta knight are both my two fave characters, i whould put him in a team battle match with meta knight and they whould mess over everybody, nobody whould be able to handle their overwhelming team combos.
    Meta knight’s agility and skills with a sword + Mewtwo’s psychic powers & incredible strength = an unbeatable team. Do the math BRUTHAS!!!.

    But if mewtwo and snake were to clash, he would just beat snake like he stole somthing.
    Mewtwo is a force not to be played with and you know it. Sure snake’s got a rocket launcher and a bunch of other gadgets, but mewtwo has strength, agility, a high IQ rate and most of all extremely powerful psychic powers.
    Can snake beat that?!?! I dont think so.

  • Bob the Master

    LOL but guess what? Mewtwo can be beaten easily with Fox. ‘Specially if the opponent is just like a Samus noob, but uses Mewtwo. Charge up the B, fire. Fox B down, wastage of the Mewtwo. Since Mewtwo’s othe moves are short-range, easy pickings. I like Mewtwo’s fighting skills (the only Pokemon with fighting skills at all in melee). Don’t get me wrong. But unless the person is actually good, he’s a total noob. Meta Knight better be around as fast as Fox. If he is, he’ll truly be good.

  • I was with my valentine which is why I didn’t post for 3 days straight.

    paper mario would be as fast as fox
    paper mario would be mediem

    I’m trying to be good with the following
    ice climbers
    young link
    mr.game & watch

  • For you’re info master bob, i practically beat giga bowser using mewtwo and not to metion several other people that played me in melee.

    You actually think think im a samus noob?! PLEASE!!!!
    Mewtwo plays mind games with his foes, and that’s the main reason why i always pick him. That and his powerful smash moves. I like his smash V A move and his smash ^A moves, they deal serious amounts of damage. His smash > A move is tight too.

    Mewtwo is only good if you know how to use him, but others who dont want him in brawl dont take the time to see that because they think mewtwo is a wuss pok’emon, but mewtwo is anything but that. Jigglypuff & pichu are the wuss pok’emon and they should be the ones to go. But mewtwo should definetly return because he’s a beast and people who want certain characters in and taken out of brawl dont know a good character when they see it. Like you master bob, seeing as how you dont want sonic in super smash bros. brawl. But it’s you’re opinion so i understand.

    Anyway back on mewtwo. Oh yeah, in order to beat people with mewtwo, i use strategy. That’s my only way of winning.
    And heres how other people who play as mewtwo could win.

    Mewtwo’s B move shadow ball. About this move, it’s an awsome projectile move that sends the target flying. But it’s probally not the best idea to use it against an enemy that knows a reflecting move like fox, falco mario & dr. mario and zelda.
    They all know reflect moves, and that can be bad if you just throw it too soon.

    Heres a better way to beat them. If you build up their damage with close range moves to the point where their damage will be messed all up, then catch em off guard, press V B to paralize them with disable and then press B to hit them with shadow ball.
    When i was in a sudden death match with samus, samus was at a long distance. I charged up B shadow ball to toss it at her. She dodged it. I had a feeling she whould dodge it so i ran up to her and used mewtwo’s smash V A move shadow bomb. An easy win.

    The shadow ball was just a distraction to catch samus off gaurd.

    >B confusion: This move can be used two ways. You can either use it to attack you’re foes by flipping them over and hitting them with with a smash combo or reflecting projectiles.
    The best way to use confusion is to use it to reflect projectiles, like this.
    If someone like say…. samus fires a projectile like charge shot at you. Press >B for confusion and mewtwo will reflect the projectile and send it flying right back at you’re enemy.
    ^B Teleport: Mewtwo may be able to teleport back to the ring, but i use teleport to play mind games with my enemies. That’s how my goal of winning get’s started.
    Like fox & falco’s ^B moves, mewtwo’s ^B teleport move can be used in any direction.
    It can go in this direction . If someone throws a projectile at me, i use teleport to dodge it to the point where mewtwo is behind or in front of his enemy. Then if the foe is caught off gaurd, I use V B disable to stun them, and then hit em with a smash move.

    V B Disable: This is the main move i use to make my opponents suffer.
    If someone charges at you physically, press V B disable to paralize them and then take them out with a smash move or special before they recover. Works especially well in sudden death matches.

    Mewtwo’s aerial A move body spark can be used as a combo move for building up damage in the air or on the ground.

    His aerial >A move shadow scratch can be used for a TKO in midair.

    And his smash V A move meteor kick can be used for a meteor smash if somone is returning to the ring.

    Iv’e said enough for tonight. Tomorrow i will tell you a strategy for beating giga bowser with mewtwo. PEACE!!!!!

  • ???

    I agree with almost everything on there but some people can do a one hit one kill with jiggley puff. I saw it on youtube. But i’m not so good with the shadow ball but you forgot one thing: when you are charging the shadow ball it can stun opponents behind you.

  • you know duane mewto has 4 jumps:jump, jummp, confusion, teleport.
    peach:jump, jump, toad, umbrella
    mario:jump, jump, cape, coin punch
    dr.mario:jump, jump, tornado punnch, coin punch
    pichu:jump, jump, super thunder, quick attack
    marth & roy:jump, jump, sord dance, uppercut

  • ???

    nice thinking mario but I did realise the one about marth and roy I think they have the best besides jiggley puff
    jump,puff,jump,puff,jump,puff,jump,puff,jump,puff,jump,puff,puff I think all the pokemon should stay exept pichu because search supper smash bros. melee adventure mode on youtube and there should be one about 7 minites long with jiggley puff and if you see that you know why jiggy shouldent leave

  • ???

    not that besides that jiggy is horrible

  • ???

    excuse the double post but here is someone I forgot to put on my list
    Bobby Hentges
    just kidding unless you make a video game of yourself you won’t be i brawl may I sugjest the super nintendo for starters

  • Bob the Master

    I’m sick of writing intros so I’ll just get to it:

    “Anyway back on mewtwo. Oh yeah, in order to beat people with mewtwo, i use strategy. That’s my only way of winning.”

    That’s right. No skill involoved LOL.

    “Mewtwo’s B move shadow ball. About this move, it’s an awsome projectile move that sends the target flying. But it’s probally not the best idea to use it against an enemy that knows a reflecting move like fox, falco mario & dr. mario and zelda.
    They all know reflect moves, and that can be bad if you just throw it too soon.”

    Um, actually everyone has a reflect move. If you hit shield at the right moment, it will do the exact same thing as Fox, Zelda etc… See, when I play Mewtwo, I use a lot of A> and A^. I only use Shadow Ball to hurt them with the charging, not the throwing. And to have a safer roll (press b and while he’s charging, move stick left or right) I guess…

    About the Jiggly beating Giga Bowser, That’s the fricking easy way to beat him (the way I beat it when I was 8 LOL). B ^, B down on Giga and he dies. Do that 3 times and u have youself a typical 2 on 1 fight with a buffed up Ganondorf and a regular Mewtwo.

    “nice thinking mario but I did realise the one about marth and roy I think they have the best besides jiggley puff”

    What about Kirby?

    “Heres a better way to beat them. If you build up their damage with close range moves to the point where their damage will be messed all up, then catch em off guard, press V B to paralize them with disable and then press B to hit them with shadow ball.”

    That’s pretty much the only thing to do with Mewtwo. You figured it out! Now you can graduate the 3rd grade.

    And I’m also sick of writing closings. Bye.

  • Bob the Master

    Nah nvm here’s my closing:

    Ahh another day, another wastage. Give up yet?

  • ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!!! Seriously, am i the only one around here that think’s jiggly puff should not return in super smash bros. brawl?!?!.

    YES i saw jiggly puff’s adventure mode video, but im not convinced.

    The only reason why the dude beat adventure mode with jiggly puff was because he had the difficulty level set on very easy. If it was on normal or hard/very hard then i whould be convinced.

    But even so, jiggly puff is nothing but a Pink big eyed little pile of crap that dose nothing but put people to sleep by singing as well as put itself to sleep with it’s V B leaving it wide open for attack.

    MY MAIN STATEMENT ABOUT JIGGLY PUFF (besides it being sh*$t in SSB & SSBM) Super smash bros. has no use for lame ass pok’emon.

    My statement about jigglypuff CLEARLY stands. (just like master bob’s statement on sonic)


    And the same goes double for pichu.

  • ???

    I don’t play as jiggley puff but to some people jiggy is horrible and I think so but some people are really good with her and that’s a perfect example for smash bros. like mewtwo you have to have skill but I hope G&W will make a comeback because I could escape from all of the hands moves with his b^

  • Although mr. game & watch was fun to play as, and it was also fun to fight on his stage, but mr. game & watch is another character that’s leaving. And the ice climbers wont be coming back either.

    That was exactly how sakurai explained it.

    What i like most about mr. game & watch was his >B judgement move. You’d never know what was gonna come out of it.

  • ???

    no sakurai didn’t say that it’s a hoax. And it’s the same site that said he would put in wind waker link, bowser jr., and ridley isn’t it? I’m sorry but unless nintendo power or smashbros says somthing I won’t believe it

  • ???

    why isn’t anyone posting?

  • Bob the Master

    What’s up (besides the sky…)? I feel cheery today so I might go a bit easier on everyone…

    “ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!!! Seriously, am i the only one around here that think’s jiggly puff should not return in super smash bros. brawl?!?!”

    No. You aren’t the only one. I have said that too many times.

    “Although mr. game & watch was fun to play as, and it was also fun to fight on his stage, but mr. game & watch is another character that’s leaving. And the ice climbers wont be coming back either. That was exactly how sakurai explained it.”

    There goes Mr. Nice Guy. Bull. He hasn’t said anything about taking a specific character out, except that some people in general will be taken out. The only place where everything is official is teh brawl dojo.

    Alright you guys need to post more angrily. I gotta think of something to stir everyone up… Oh I know! How about the fact that G&W SUCKS. He was a waste that no one (except my stupid idiot sister, the only 2 characters she uses are G&W and Kirby. She’s never even USED Link or Zelda or Fox or Mario or…) uses at all. His Judgement move can never hit anybody. Well, it CAN be good if you’re playing against a lvl 1 com… The ONLY thing G&W has is the strongest move in the game, but it’s highly unlikely that he even gets to use it…

  • ???

    G&W is like mewtwo and your calling your sister an idoit. Oh well when my sister started playing smash all there was was the falcon punch and no jumps or A moves but…Oh well now that they made pikachu horrible from N64 smash which was her charicter she’s sucked but she was good beforhand but why am I babiling bob the grouch
    um something else besides master

  • sonic

    HHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!=D my big bro went out and I don’t know where.I hope he’s getting me that sonic action figure I always wanted!I hope sonic is in brawl.bob, why should we hate?mr.game and watch is still cool.he can do KAMIKAZE!!!g&w’s bucketmust be filled with pk flashes.then if you pour it at someone, it causes an instant KO.

  • Bob the Master

    LOL You can’t even make fun of my name anymore LOL.

  • Bob the Master

    That was terrible. I put LOL on both sides of the sentence. PK Flashes! I didn’t think oo that one! Samus shots give you 127 damage, Flashes must give like 300… Anyways, sonic you are a sad excuse for a person. Age guesstimate: 8.

  • sonic

    whats so bad about liking sonic?you like speed. why isn’t sonic cool to you?nobobdy has known this but, mario has been ruled siliconera just before you came here bob.duane, is your name taj?

  • sonic

    mario been ruled siliconera. (I needed to the sentence sorry)

  • YO!! Master bob. In you’re last post when i was explaining my strategy with mewtwo, you quoted that i had no skill involved.

    I’ll have you know that i’ve been playing super smash bros. since the N64.

    WHAT?!?! You tryna say u betta than me?!?!

    LOL Like you’re skills are any better!!

    I’ll bet you can’t even play that good youreself.

    In the N64 & Gamecube title, i went up against CPU played characters in versus mode and won so many times, that it’s not even funny.

    So do’nt start something you can’t finish. BOY!!!

    All i know is, you could’nt be playing me in any super smash bros. melee or brawl cause if you did, i whould lay you out faster than beyonce having jay z’s baby.

    No skill involved Huh?!?!

    If i whip you’re sorry little a$$ with mewtwo, we’ll see who has no skill then.

    Oh, and in brawl, if i dont beat you with mewtwo, i WILL beat you with meta knight.

    Say somthin else!!! NO? Did’nt think so!!

  • And sorry for double posting, but sonic. Duane is my real name, not taj.

  • ???

    my famley has been raised on smash for 8 years and you know what? mr.G&W is one of my favorite charicters (along with mewtwo, marth, roy, link, samus) you get the point and you can just assume sonic is in brawl. Almost the opposite of you winning 10 million dolars 1 million at a time from coke bottles, so you never paid attenshon and no one won the sweepstakes.OK not quite but close and my point
    poop bob
    jerk bob
    evil bob
    flame bob
    stupid bob
    very bad word I’dd rather not say bob
    bob the well another bad word I’dd rather not say
    is that me duane,mario,mabey even jazz, and returner (finaly) sonic will beat you in brawl don’t get your expectations high because even if you do make an idoit out of me you can never convice sakuri not to put juggy and sonic in. And all you can do is try to pit the world against eachother. This is are world, we are not your play things, and you deserve a day of total backfire WE (NOT INCLUDING BOB) LOVE SMASH

  • ???

    bjork,tim,benny boy,trueblue,anonymus,unknown,wii fan,THE WIZ,bobby hentges, goldon silver,kingdom_hearts_triligy,kanoman,mary,symphony,kega naruto,clarents spearmen,ninja,RF,Yuki~Summer Ver,jon thompson.This is the time to comeback
    excuse the double post

  • ???

    master bob,w equals bob,mr.happy bob,bob the master
    all of the names above are never allowed to come to this site again and if they do all computer games will not be playable little will there ga,ecube work and you will have to pay extra bills because I have spyware and data tranzmitting gagets oh and your house will be under compleate lockdown

  • ???

    how to download your own charicter into SSBM

    example 1-noxus
    you need:2 gamecubes, 1 controller,1 gameshark or action replay,1 game boy player disk,1 copy of super smash bros melee,
    1 copy of metroid prime hunters,1 ds,4 wires of different types

    1.place a copy of metroid prime hunters into your ds
    2.place a game boy player disk in one of the gamecubes
    3.place super smash bros. melee into the other cube
    4.place a gameshark in the cube with SSBM
    5.connect the ds to the cube with the game boy player
    6.turn on the ds
    7.turn on the game boy player
    8.select metroid prime hunters on the ds
    9.select multiplayer on eather one
    10.mess around with the game boy player to make fitting button arangements to SSBM
    11.connect the game shark to the cube with the gameboy player
    12.make sure your game shark has save data of SSBM
    13.connect the gameshark to the computor
    14.use a cheat to make noxus’ select icon sqware
    15.back up the memory card to your PC
    16.put metroid prime hunters and SSBM into a folder together
    17.copy your gameshark data to your memory card

    noxus sould then be in one of the two empty spots of the SSBM charicter selection screan

    example 2-naruto
    you need 1 gamecube,1 DS, 1 copy of jump ultimit stars, 1 copy of SSBM, 1 wire, 1 memory card
    1.put jump ultimit stars in to your ds
    2. put SSBM into your gamecube
    3.turn them both on
    4.go to multi player on both and set anyone as a computer
    5.conect the ds to the gamecube
    6. select naruto on jump ultimit stars
    7.press start on the gamecube controller and select the stage
    you should be playing as naruto

  • sonic


  • I just found out that there are computers in japan!???, it looks like you found the spirit in you.sofar, we took out mhb’s forums for good. I’ll try to return the following:the wiz, anounomys, benny boy, bobby hentenges, and the rest of the people(but mhb, and murple)whoever wants to help me say”MARIO ROCKS!”.the ones that won’t volinteer will remain here.we must search every forum and site that is about brawl.WHOS WITH ME?!?!

  • ???

    um http://www.smashbros.com there should be a forum link in that site

  • ???

    but I’ll stay here mario I like this place, it’s free and I can’t believe in the earlier posts I wanted to learn from bob
    and sonic thease are only perdictions, I made them up ang thorout the games paper mario has got some new weapons and party members so you would need a shape shifting memory card to come throgh.I don’t think you can get paper mario to be that good with thease cheats but banjo kazoie if you want me to do them…

  • ???

    oh by the way zero suit samus was originaly intended to be bissness suit samus, No just kidding

  • Bob the Master

    F**K!!! My fricking huge posts never make it through!!!! asdjkfh!!!!!
    @#$%*^&@!!!!!!!!1111two I’m going to kill somebody!!! Here’s my post in a nutshell:


  • Bob the Master

    F**K!!! My fricking huge posts never make it through!!!! asdjkfh!!!!!
    @#$%*^&@!!!!!!!!1111two I’m going to kill somebody!!! Here’s my post in a nutshell:


  • ???

    oh well he figured out I probrubley didn’t actulley have spyware and gadgets and besides I wouden’t hert his perints I mean you are the crminale bob

  • hey bob, why did you shut down your forums?

  • ???

    and he did’nt even change the calender to january but here is some news for you mario and sonic. The new sonic game came out 2 days ago and the new mario game will come out in march. Compleate titles
    Sonic and the secret rings
    Super mario galexy

    upcoming games
    the legend of zelda: ocarina of time (wii shop for 20 bucks)
    metroid (wii shop)
    super metroid (wii shop)
    castlevainia (wii shop)
    kid icarus wii
    metroid prime 3
    bomberman land wii
    star fox 64 (wii shop)
    and finally… Super Smash Bros. Brawl!!! btu in the meantime you should play some of the new games. I hear the sonic game is so much better then the last ones and people who won’t like some of the games

  • Bob the Master

    “hey bob, why did you shut down your forums? ” I didn’t. I just made it so you have to log in to see everything. Shows how smart you are.

  • You know, when i was playing super smash flash on newgrounds.com yesterday, i unlocked a bunch of characters. One of them was blade’s brother blue. He’s really good, i like using him. Yeah, theres him and i unlocked super sonic, mega man zero, luigi, jigglypuff (although she should’nt be on there even though she appeared on smash and smash melee) and lloyd was unlocked too. I like playing the game so far, but the controls are hard to handle, especially if you’re hands are sweating over the keyboard. And whoever made the game did an awsome job of making it look and sound like melee, but he went a little overboard with the third party characters, plus he made the race to the finish stage a living nightmare. Not only that but he added two manga characters and a disney character in the game too. (Inuyasha & Naruto & Mr. Incredible of the incredibles) And the rest of the original smash & melee characters were’nt in the game either especially since the game is mostly based on them. The only characters from smash and melee that appeared on smash flash so far were mario, link, zelda, kirby, pikachu, luigi, young link, mewtwo, samus, and the weak MOSTLY DISPISED jiggly puff. Taking out the rest of the original smash and melee characters and replacing them with a large amount of third party characters was bad enough but the way they had kirby set up was pittiful. To be real with you, i dont the whole kirby & meta knight thing. It’s like meta knight’s his personal body gaurd or somthing. Instead of making him a playable character or at least hidden, they make meta knight kirby’s hitman. And it get’s worse, when meta knight dose all the ass kicking and end’s the fight, kirby get’s all the credit. I see stuff like this and it make’s my blood boil especially since im a meta knight fan. META KNIGHT SHOULD WIN HE DID ALL THE FIGHTING!!!!!! KIRBY DID’NT DO SH#%T!!!!! I like the fact that sonic, knuckles, mega man and other third party characters can be played as on there, but the game is whack when you look at the oppisite.

  • Jazz

    I’m back!

    I want to see Jigglypuff, Luigi, Peach, Roy, OoT Young Link and Mewtwo in Brawl!

    mario, i voted you back onto Bob’s website. I’m an elite now! I feel special!

  • ???

    um duane you should copy that into a review at newgrounds I mean it was all about that game in your post but I have trouble defeating super sonic in the new charicter aproching screan. Oh hi jazz I’m glad to see you back but may I say that young link probrubley won’t return sadley (and I think ness will be replaced with lucas (total clone with A moves jumps B moves speed and power) and roy will be compleateley taken out but not marth) on second thoght mabey they get different movesets and I’m still suporting a guy made of tetris blocks, well guys that’s all I have to say

  • Bob the Master

    “And whoever made the game did an awsome job of making it look and sound like melee, but he went a little overboard with the third party characters, plus he made the race to the finish stage a living nightmare.”

    SSBF sucks. They could at least put in more moves.

    “I want to see Jigglypuff, Luigi, Peach, Roy, OoT Young Link and Mewtwo in Brawl!

    mario, i voted you back onto Bob’s website. I’m an elite now! I feel special! ”

    Don’t feel too special. I am still 3, count ’em, 3 places ahead of you. And I chose to make you an elite in the first place. Oh and the Jigglypuff thing, I had a feeling I just had to express to you when I read the fifth word in that quote. Here it was:

    *throws up* @#$&*@#$!!!!!

    For reference, mario, next time you’re fighting for your life, don’t post useless videos on the poll. That disgusted me. The final vote was 4-2 in favor of you dying BTW.

    “Oh hi jazz I’m glad to see you back ”
    *throws up* (*shouts AGAIN?!?! really loudly*) TOO MANY MANNERS!!!!

  • ???

    yeah we know that. Oh and by the way I regusterd on this site called smash boards but I still primarily post here, I’m really just in because just search ken PC chris on youtube. The turniment was hosted by smashboards, and I could win 2000 dollars for playing video games. And if you want to prove me wrong that I couldent compare to thease guys I can tell you when you can try XD. And too many manners how is that possible you obvisley are a criminal and now it’s time to run my show Make all the video game charicters look bad in 11 minites
    sonic was the first person to bring wackey but stupid hairstyls to speed. And mario has always worn the same outfit, I mean dosent he ever get sweaty? And link he is wearing cloths that are 100’s of years old with someone elses sweat. And crash nothing wrong with him exept that he considers a guy with an N on his head to be a threat
    ha so easy bob I don’t see why you think you make intellagent posts WORK HARDER

  • mario

    I been played that game.I unlocked inuyasha in school but at home, luigi whooped my butt.thanks for voting back jazz eventhough you lost.thanks for trying

  • ???

    yeah if I new there was a poll like that (which I didn’t) i’m in favor of you living
    4-3 including my opinion. Still alot of people hate you

  • benny boy

    Im bak!

  • benny boy

    I was in Japan

  • benny boy

    On a website in Japan it said there was a 100% chance that sonic the hedgehog was going to be in ssbb. and tu tel the truth, i think sonic is coool. i don’t undersatand why everyone thinkks hes a gay tartard

  • Bob the Master

    “sonic was the first person to bring wackey but stupid hairstyls to speed. And mario has always worn the same outfit, I mean dosent he ever get sweaty? And link he is wearing cloths that are 100’s of years old with someone elses sweat. And crash nothing wrong with him exept that he considers a guy with an N on his head to be a threat
    ha so easy bob I don’t see why you think you make intellagent posts WORK HARDER”
    Um, and what do you think was intelligent about THAT?

    “On a website in Japan it said there was a 100% chance that sonic the hedgehog was going to be in ssbb. and tu tel the truth, i think sonic is coool. i don’t undersatand why everyone thinkks hes a gay tartard”

    Um, if by “tartard” you mean retard, than… Oh wait, I forgot. You’re 10. OMG people grow up! Anyways as I was saying, than you have to joking. He’s definetly a gaytard. Yeah, yeah he has good chances. Too many people (also retards) like him. OK let’s see how much respect you earn. This stuff is pretty easy, but if you can do it, it’ll give me an idea of a few things. If you can’t do any of them just say ? in the answer spot.

    Solve for x:




    Find the equation of the line in slope-intercept form:

    (2,4) (5,8)

    m=4, (-4, 5)


  • ZHU-?!i HEARD SOME GAMEPLAY OF SSBB!!!zero suit samus snake, wario and fox were fighting in fox’s place. I got $274 W00T!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ???

    uhh ok still not funny. I just thoght of a new brawl move for sonic MASTER DRILL I know it’s a gay name but it fits sonic’s storyline well for this move
    sonic turns into super sonic (blue-yellow) and drills a charicter betwean a hollow cirular force field like links tryfored shpe forcefield and finishes them off with a kick that could send them across the great fox very fast 170% I got the name because to turn into super sonic he needs the 101 chaos emralds and the MASTER emrald that can disinagrate/declone clones like shadow or metal sonic and whenever a sonic charicter gets on a mounten it’s primary attack is to DRILL and look for chaos emralds also it can drill deper then the hight of the heagehog that makes it more powerful and sonic is the best of the three heagehogs that can do it so he is like the MASTER of the three and so master wins over chaos since shadow uses the choas emralds more then sonic I’m sorry my explination was so long.

  • benny boy

    hey bob, the first one is 5
    and the rest i dont no. oh and by the way, hows it goinn mario

  • mario

    goin GREAT!I’m king of siliconera!I’m gonna make a movie called”toy mario”I’m gonna use my big bros cell phone(which has a video camera in it) (I hope)to do it.I’m gonna borrow jesse’s mario toy again!he got mario][I got yoshi.bubbles is peach.I don’t know what to use for bowser.plus, I went to karate class.HIIII–YAH!!!!!!!!!hey benny boy, try making your own video OK?

  • ???

    yeah I made a SSB video but one of the actors is shy. Infact most of them are

  • mario

    whats the name of the video?

  • ???

    super smash bros. ultimate

  • when you said ultimate, you ment by brawl.I saw the brawl trailer 4000 frickin times!I’m gonna have some cake cause, my mom bought it just for the heck of it.on my next post, II’m gonna show you a video of NODQ with random people wrestling

  • mario


    mario bros vs dark alience
    hell in a cell

  • mario

    mario bros vs dark alience
    ladder match
    I needed to change the match

  • ???

    I didn’t mean the brawl trailer, I haven’t put it on the internet. Even if I was to email it to you I would take a few weeks, I mean I had a deal with some of the actors and I’ll have to put spyware on you to stop you from putting it on the internet. But I woulden’t do that to you so in conclushon I say you will never see it for the good of everyone (it’s not even edited yet)

  • WHAT….THE…..HELL!!!!!!! you actually went to japan?!?!?!

  • What did mr. sakurai say about what charaters whould be added in brawl? You have to give me the full story benny boy. AND BE STRAIGHT WITH ME!!!!

    What’s this i hear about sonic?

    Is jigglypuff getting cut out the roster? (hopefully)

    Will mewtwo come back?

    Will other third partys besides snake & sonic be on there?

    How many characters will be added?

    Did you see mr. sakurai?

    What dose the character roster look like?

    Im sorry to be asking all these questions benny boy but i just gotta know. Anyway i gotta go, Inuyashas on. PEACE!!!!!!!

  • MutePukes

    My List of Characters:
    1 Sonic
    2 Star Wolf (Instead of Falco)
    3 Feelix (GoldenSun)
    4 Isaac (GoldenSun)
    5 Paper Mario (Instead of Dr.Mario)
    6 WindWaker Link

    My List of New Features:
    1 Story Mode(like conquest instead of adventure mode)

  • here is the list of half possible characters
    1.Ridley (metriod
    2. King dee dee (kirby)
    3. Sonic
    4. Shadow
    5. Knuckles
    6. Tails
    7. Krystal (starfox)
    8. Peppy (starfox)
    9. wolf (starfox)
    10. slippery (starfox) (think that his anme he a toad)
    11. toad
    12. toadette
    14. raichu (press down b on pikachu and u turn into him or something, screw pichu though)
    Then 2 characters taht are imposssible to get

  • o and maybe some people from earthbound and i will soil myself and never leave the console if they put lin and hector in there

  • ALSO
    16. Lin (fireemblem)
    17. Hector (fireemblem)
    18. Shyguy
    19. Paratroopa or koopatroopa

  • mario

    doodles, mutepukes, welcome to siliconera! hey, who watched that ladder match I published?

  • ???

    I dindn’t but I might later anyways I got sonic and the secret rings and it’s THE BOMB, I was playing it all night ummmm somthing like 3:30-8:30 it’s cool, even my dad saw me play and thinks so and here I am starting best games list
    1(tied). sonic and the secret rings
    2.twilight princess
    3.mario party 6
    4.mario party 5
    5.metroid prime hunters
    6.super mario sunshine
    7.super mario 64 DS
    8.super mario world
    9.sonic adventure 2 (gamecube vershon)
    hopfully brawl will get on the list, infact I might redo the list

  • mario

    / \
    / \
    / O O \
    / \
    / \
    / V \
    / \
    / \
    \ U /
    \ /
    \ /
    \ /


  • mario


  • Bob the Master

    “What did mr. sakurai say about what charaters whould be added in brawl? You have to give me the full story benny boy. AND BE STRAIGHT WITH ME!!!! ”

    OMG. You are so gullible it’s not even funny.

    “My List of Characters:
    1 Sonic
    2 Star Wolf (Instead of Falco)
    3 Feelix (GoldenSun)
    4 Isaac (GoldenSun)
    5 Paper Mario (Instead of Dr.Mario)
    6 WindWaker Link

    My List of New Features:
    1 Story Mode(like conquest instead of adventure mode)”

    OMG your name should be “makes-me-want-to-puke” not “metapuke.” You only have 1 good character on that list AND you want him instead of Falco. That’s right, Star Wolf is the only good person on that list.

    “here is the list of half possible characters
    1.Ridley (metriod
    2. King dee dee (kirby)
    3. Sonic
    4. Shadow
    5. Knuckles
    6. Tails
    7. Krystal (starfox)
    8. Peppy (starfox)
    9. wolf (starfox)
    10. slippery (starfox) (think that his anme he a toad)
    11. toad
    12. toadette
    14. raichu (press down b on pikachu and u turn into him or something, screw pichu though)
    Then 2 characters taht are imposssible to get

    Let’s see. K you have some sense, but not enough. If Sonic wasn’t on that list, you’ld be pretty close to an ideal person. Your #1 is waaaay good, 7-10 are good, and if some changes to the melee roster are made, so are 11 and 13. The rest SUCK. And I’m sorry but none of 17-20 would actually be good.

    ” I got sonic and the secret rings and it’s THE BOMB, I was playing it all night ummmm somthing like 3:30-8:30 it’s cool, even my dad saw me play and thinks so and here I am starting best games list”

    Proves my theory. You’re not only 9, but you’re a nerd too. 3:30-8:30 on fricking video games? And that list royally sucks, excluding numbers 1,2, and 5. A good list is:

    1. Melee/Halo 2 (tied)
    3. Call of Duty 2/3 (tied)
    5. Metroid Prime 2
    6. Zelda TP
    7. Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions
    8. SSX Tricky
    9. Half-Life 2
    10. Diddy Kong Racing
    11. Star Fox 64
    12. Star Fox Assault (sucky 1P but awesome multi-player)
    13. Amped 3

    Note that I skipped 2 and 4 for a reason. Count up the games and there are 10 in all, Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 3 are tied, so they occupy numbers 3 and 4. Same thing with Melee and Halo.

  • Bob the Master

    Oh and everyone GHAW

  • mario

    luigi circuit
    peach beach
    baby park
    dry dry desert
    mushroom bridge
    mario circuit
    daisy cruiser
    waluigi stadiom
    mushroom city
    yoshi circuit
    DK moubtain
    wario collumsyum
    dino jungle
    bowser castle(mario kart)
    rainbow road
    city trial
    fantasy meadow
    delfino plaza
    bianco hills
    ricco harbor
    gelato beach
    pinna park
    delfino hotel
    noki bay
    pianta village
    corona mountain
    luigi’s mansion
    grand canal
    pagoda peak
    piramid park
    neon hieghts
    bowsers enchanted park
    rougeport sewers
    pedal meadows
    hooktail castle
    crystal forest
    flurrie’s house
    great tree
    glitz pit
    twilight town
    twilight woods
    creepy steeple
    kealhaul key
    pirates grotto
    phosly hieghts
    phosly scantum
    the moon
    X-naut fortress
    shadow palace
    mario stadiom
    yoshi park
    metal city
    splash canyon
    egg factory
    green cave
    sand ruins
    babylon garden
    digital dimension
    sega carnival
    night chase
    red canyon
    ice factory
    white cave
    dark desert
    sky road
    babylon guardian
    sega illusion
    dual towers
    snow valley
    space thearter

    baby mario
    baby luigi
    diddy kong
    bowser jr
    king boo
    petey piranah
    king dedede
    gooper blooper
    mecha bowser
    manta storm

  • ???

    now that I remember I had dinner in betwean so -1 hour, and mario at most sakurai will put in 75 charicters, 40 at least and by twilight woods did you mean forest temple? oh and sadley sakurai said “we might put 1-2 other third party charicters besides snake maby” but maby thare will be a miracle and they will have 8 and I doub’t thell have shadow because that game was a downfall for sega and unless sonic has his fire step (secret rings) or his wind attack (adventure 2) or his most likey move his homing attack (secret rings) now that homing attack can kill 6 enimies at once but i’m getting ahead of myself, sakurai said he didn’t like clones and unless sonic has any of thease moves shadow would be a clone of sonic and I have a new brawl move from my new game
    he does a illushon accros the screan killing everyone (secret rings) I forget what it is called but anyways thare was a trailer for brawl with sonic i’ll fill the details later

  • Ok so they say they are gonna add 15 characters to Brawl and here is some ideas, with the ones that have been confirmed or close to it.

    Name : Metaknight
    Game : Kirby

    Name: Pit
    Game: Kid Icarus

    Name: Zerosuit Samus
    Game: Metriod Zero Mission

    Name: Wario
    Game: Wario Ware

    Name: Snake
    Game: Metal Gear

    Name: Sonic
    Game: Sonic the Hedgehog series
    Very close to confirmed

    Name: Bowser Junior
    Game: Mario series
    Replacing Ice Climbers (supposedly)

    Name: Ridley
    Game: Metriod Prime
    Replacing Game and Watch (supposedly)

    Name: Link (Windwalker Link)
    Game: Legend of Zelda The Windwalker
    Replacing Young Link (supposedly)

    Name: Waluigi
    Game: Wario Ware
    Not confirmed but likely

    Name: King Dedede
    Game: Kirby Series
    Not Confirmed I think it would be cool easy unique character set

    Name: Lloyd Irving
    Game: Tales of Symphonia
    Not confirmed but he is quite popular

    Name: Lyndis
    Game: Fire Emblem
    Fire emblem was popular in ssbm and lyndis is most popular American fire emblem character, also they need some females in there.

    Name: Vaati
    Game: Legend of Zelda
    Not Confirmed and not very likely because they already have a Zelda character but I think he is pretty cool.

    Name: Captain Olimar
    Game: Pikmin
    Not confirmed but it would be so AWSOME, special Nintendo attack: PIKMIN CHARGE!!! A army of pikmin swarms the screen!!! Damaging all in their path!.

    Also which i am glad to hear there is NO more clones the characters are going to be there but they are going to modify their moves so they have a unique move sets (i think thats a pretty big sign of pichu getting the boot!)

  • Yes Pichu’s getting the boot, but what about jigglypuff?!?!

  • ???

    ok so here is a fanfic about a trailor, I might make the real thing with photoshop later but maby not

    mario, link,kirby, and pikachu have teamed up to go on the halberd and then they decide to do ariel combat with MK,pit, snake, and samus when the gang is compleateley in areal combat a blue blur hits mario link kirby and pikachu causing them to fall down and then pit tries to throw a light arrow at the blue blur but he doged it like MK and the NEWCOMER SONIC tag comes up then he goes up to pit and does a fire kick then mario starts running again and gives him his mario tornado and then tried to punch him but he doged marios attacks then mario tries to use his cape which gave him time for his brawl move but when sonic wiped out link with his brawl move at the same time they were locked in mortal combat then snake came over and tried to kick sonic but missed then snake dissapierd and sonic hit and beat mario and his feet were clashing with link’s sword but then snake reapears with it turning out he was hiding in his box and then he did a combo with his kicks and explosives to kill sonic then they all began the ultimit brawl and the trailor ends with the title coming up or atleast that was what it seemed like until it shows diddy kong in donkey kongs new stage like they did with fox NEWCOMER DIDDEY KONG
    oh and yes pichu is getting the boot but I doubt jiggy

  • Wow!!! Awsome fanflick trailer, ???. Not bad at all, especially about the one where link and sonic face eachother in hand to hand combat. sound’s like dragon ball Z boudikai, only it’s super smash bros. brawl with a new twist. And the move that snake did sound’s like something out of the matrix & matrix reloaded, i dont think you have to make a trailer the way you explain the whole story about sonic’s newcomer appearence. But i must ask, what was samus doing? howcome she was’nt helping them take sonic on? And finally at the end, diddy kong shows up with a newcomer tag just like fox. That’s tight!!! I like what you did with the beginning and th ending, you should do a trailer like that and show it on youtube.com that whould be FIRE!!! to see.
    Either that or show it at IGN or smashbros.com. Oh and by the way, i whould’nt doubt jiggly puff getting booted from the roster if i were you, as weak as that thing is how could it not get the boot?

  • ???

    samus didn’t join the gang because thre was an equal face off. Oh wait why did I put samus there DOH. And I don’t know who this dragon ball Z guy is nor do I know much about matrix (exept that there is a second link) just came from mind. And I wanted to show off some of sonic’s new techneques from his new game and that thing he used to hit mario, link, pikachu, and kirby was his new homing attack and sonic ,and diddy have a good chance of getting in
    oh because in both SSB’s jiggy was an unlockable charicter and gannondorf has a high chance of returning with new moves, same with luigi but jiggy was never a clone at all (exept for his jump’s and shape and drill kick which are like kirby) and not to metion jiggy used to just pop in singing for hotels, or on a island putting everyone to sleep, a true simble of the first genaration

  • evoryone, link a game!

  • That may be true, but jigglypuff is still crap. That’s why she can’t remain on the super smash bros. roster. Jigglypuff is a filthy piece of elgy that feeds off of the smash roster.
    She’s like foot fungus that’s hard to get rid of, even if you try all those name brand athletes foot sprays to cure it. It’ll only make it worse.

    Somebody should do a driveby on jiggly puff, and do a driveby on the fags for saying that she should return.

    Because every senceble person who play’s super smash bros. whold see that she is one of the weakest, stupidest, MOST RETARDED characters to play as in SSB & SSBM.

    Jigglypuff is unexceptible to the roster, therefore. SHE MUST GO!!!

    Her & pichu both are discraceful to the name of super smash bros.

    Having them on there are like having a bunch of retarded weak incects that need to be crushed.

    So do the smash fans a favor sakurai, GET RID OF JIGGLY PUFF & PICHU!!!!!!!!

    That’s my final word for today. PEACE!!!!!

  • Hey master bob, if you hate sonic that much, check out these two mugens I saw on youtube. com.

    Lucider Mugen: Ultimate sonic smackdown
    Lucider special: Everyone owns sonic

    They’re both mugens of sonic getting the crap kicked out of him.

    Enjoy you little sonic hating mutent. LOL

  • ???

    hey I like sonic, his new game rocks but he is simi confirmed so here are some chances
    diddy kong-75%

    those who have no chance (just thought I’dd put in some humor)
    oswald the octopus
    el tegre
    one of the dancing triplets from barbie (barbie has a chance seing as she has a few games on the GBA and DS but not one of the triplets LOL)
    spider man
    the hulk
    kazoie without banjo
    shadow without sonic
    ronald Mcdonald
    a shadow creature from TP (as a playable charicter, not like koopas)
    sinbag (not knucles) without sonic
    the invisible swordsmen (TP)
    diababa (just woulden’t fit in as playable)
    master chief
    bobby hentages (sorry if I spelled it wrong, but also sorry to say)
    a frog who always says “sorry I didn’t expect anyone to come along so I have nothing to say” (TP)
    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok here it is

  • ???

    oh wait barbie was in movies way befor video games. Sorry

  • benny boy

    Hey Duane Townzell, Right now Im only sure that sonic and snake are the only third party characters. Bad news is, mr. game and watch and the ice climbers are being cut from the series.

  • we all know that benny boy.link a game please!

  • Yes that is sad news indeed, for the ice climbers anyway. But mr. game & watch was’nt nearly that popular anyway because nobody(ecxept retro game players) even remembers game & watch anymore.
    The iceclimbers were fun to play as ( Heck they even gave us all laughs) but if it’s sakurais desision to let them go, then they must go. Sorry dude.
    Game & watch was poor anyway. He was all retro and no mojo, although he was another hilarious character to play as for a laugh.
    Im sorry that you’re sad to hear that the ice climbers and game & watch are being cut from the roster, but if have to go, it’s for the best.
    You never know, maybe cool new characters will replace them.

    I could care less about the ice climbers and game & watch leaving the roster, my only concern is if jiggly puff’s leaving. That thing is SOOOOO WEAK that it’s not even funny.
    That’s all I have to say for today. PEACE!!!!! AND OUT!!!!!

  • benny boy

    fine mario I,ll link a game.


  • benny boy
  • mario

    thank you.


  • mario

    must be playing SSBF.I unlocked everyone on that game!I wish naruto would have a better voice.I want paper mario in brawl!please put him in.paper mario MUST be in brawl!please please please!PLEASE!ppppplllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he must be in brawl!I NEED him!I”ll do anything to have paper mario in brawl!I will SUE you if he’s not in brawl!V
    l l

  • Bob the Master

    Wow I haven’t been on in a while and you guys have posted nothing but crap while I’ve been gone. Reading the multiple posts you guys posted I learned only 2 things:
    ??? thinks he’s funny and some guy named Olimar lover is gay. SO PICK UP THE FRICKING PACE. And everybody GHAW.

  • ???

    sue me?

  • mario

    not you.bob!

  • Yo!! Mr sonic hater bob, did check out the two mugens I was talking about on you tube.com? Being a sonic hater like youreself I whould expect you to laugh you’re ass off at seeing sonic get a beatdown. But incase you did’nt, here are the names of the mugens again.

    Lucider Mugen: Ultimate sonic smackdown

    Lucider Special: Everyone owns sonic

    With a sonic hating brat like you, it’s imposible not to watch these mugens.

  • ???

    moveset for mii
    b-home run bat:pulls out a bat and deals 26 damage and reflects almost anything
    b>-baseball:gets a baseball and hits the oppent with it 22 damage (this attack is now slower then ness’ yoyo but has unlimited ramge
    Bdown-golf club:same as peach but with 5% more damage
    b^-rope:like links hook shot but with 3 times the ramge
    grab-a combo of a rope and yoyo
    throw up 26 damage
    throw down 14 damage
    throw to side 20 damage
    a- like an a with a fan but as fast as kirby’s a
    winning pose 1: jump’s for joy and raises hands over head
    winning pose 2: puts bat diagnal to the left of the scean on the ground and smiles
    winning pose 3: wacks balloon on the screan 3 times
    winning pose 4: screams EAGLE with golf club in hand
    taunt: jump’s up with baloon

  • ???

    I”ll do a new and improved sonic moveset later and yes sue bob for ruining all the fun and my closing

    no one lisens to bob but (starts singing) if he wasen’t such a crimanal calling his own frends and family idoits and saying all charicters are lame oh he just can’t go on the ro-o-oad hes just evil making pitting us agaitns eachother (changes tone to the puff the magic dragon tone) oooooooohhhhh the hero of time will stop you oh one ture hero and one true legend and one wizard of the land will go oh bob was evil at will oh he goes around stealing bass there must be a….(ends singing) I’ll beat you in online play when brawl comes out

  • mario

    I’ll help you ???!I’ve given mario an attack that will make him destructive(besides fire dragon).

    I have made an invention!

    description:it puts any toy in any fighting game(no matter how stupid or girly it is)
    1.put any fighting game disc in the disc compartment
    2.put any toy in the machine/put any playset in the machine(/ means or)
    3.type about the toy/type about the playset
    4.type in the attacks in the buttons for the toy
    5.enter all infirmation and wait for it to finish loading
    (step 3 is the last step if your doing playsets)

    paper mario for brawl!
    l l

  • Hey did any of you know that snake’s game metal gear solid was also for the game boy color?
    I have a nintendo power magazine from the early 2000’s that proves it.

    So snake’s game was on three nintendo counsels so far.

    Metal Gear solid: NES/ Game Boy color

    Metal Gear solid: The twin snakes: Gamecube

    Sakurai stated that in order for a third party like snake to be in super smash bros. brawl, he whould have to have a game on the nintendo counsels.
    So the reason that snake is in super smash bros. brawl is not only the fact that (metal gear solid creator) Hadeo Kojima begged Mashiro Sakurai (the man behind kirby and smash bros.) to put snake in super smash bros. brawl, but snake’s game had roles on three nintendo counsels, so sakurai decided that he whould add him to the series.

    Now about sonic: Ever SEGA stopped making counsels, they still made their games.
    Now that SEGA and Nintendo sorted out their diffrences, Sega decided that they whould make their games for the nintendo counsels.
    Ever since that, sonic had so many games for the nintendo councels from the Game Boy advance to the Gamecube that it’s not even funny, he even has a game for the Wii now. So how could you think that snake could get in and sonic cant?

    I rest my case. PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob the Master

    LOL I learned a lot more from these posts than I did all those others!

    1. Duane thinks he’s smart.
    2. ??? thinks he’s the American Idol (GO LAKISHA).
    3. Mario believes he is an inventor.
    4. Mario thinks we’re all stupid: “(the / means or).”
    5. You are all totally stupid (I learned that a long time ago actually…).
    6. None of you know what GHAW means and I don’t plan on telling you. So GHAW.

  • Bob the Master

    OK now that I let it all out, I’m going to go psycho for a minute:

    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGIDKOCIDKOCIDKOCasdkgfjbasd;fkjb ghaw asasdfasdgf5ey7ioy8y;ldfvb upyours asdkf.jhbaskba;skdjbfhqgjrgqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm goscrewacow dothedew asdjfhgvasljdhbflhbgiyhikperkghb;kqwjkergfnumiqwerfl dentalplan qsfdgbqsdnjbflhjbqeurmv mooooooo qsdjfqwreuhf goodguy qaekrlhgp2quihwerv as.dnbcvbsd’flnmkg qw[eorhuig uhq

  • ???

    I already downloaded a video game maker sorry mario
    I plan on making
    super smash bros. Final battle

  • mario

    bob, I don’t think people are stupid.I think your fat(100%fat).

  • cmether

    I think they should have a new super smash bros. called…..

    it should have every thing all the past super smash bros. games did.
    it should have all the stages and all the chars but more!!!

    like wario
    king boo
    peppy (star fox)
    slippy (star fox)
    bowser jr.
    sonic (sega)
    tails (sega)
    knuckles (sega)
    amy (sega)
    cream (sega)
    Mr. Big (sega)
    shadow (sega)
    diddy kong
    classic mario
    classic luigi
    and a lot more!!!

    I want this game to have every thing that brawl and melee did!!!
    i think this game a lot of people would like!!!

    thank you and i hope this kind of game comes out!

  • DJ Napps

    Bomberman all the way. I would make love to this game if he made it.

    i dont mention Sonic or Megaman simply because everyone else is.

  • Jazz

    Bob. Come to my website! Murple and taun are there. it’s on your website!

  • Bob the Master

    “bob, I don’t think people are stupid.I think your fat(100%fat)”
    Um, you aren’t the one to be talking. Mario is a fricking plumber. Plumbers HAVE to be fat or else they’re overqualified. The reason for that is because they have to have a Plumber’s Crack.

  • ???

    I am working on a list for stages and charicters:it has animae, and manga,and some charicters that are new. I will reaveal some stages in adventure mode
    night palace
    temple of time
    astroid belt

  • ???

    ok bob,
    if you don’t want to hear insults leave! What better then that, you know you will run out of things to say. After your G word faze you only have 7 bad words left. And the whole place will come back, about to turn against you

  • DJ Napps

    i thought a stage that would be great as well.
    Sky Stage-
    Players free fall through the air continously landing on platforms every so often.

    just a thot!

  • Bob the Master

    “ok bob,
    if you don’t want to hear insults leave! What better then that, you know you will run out of things to say. After your G word faze you only have 7 bad words left. And the whole place will come back, about to turn against you.”

    LOL yeah I’m gonna listen to a 9 year old who can’t think of one good thing to call ME, so he tries to tell ME that I can’t think of anything to call HIM (Actually, “him” isn’t appropriate, considering “it” is a He-She).

    “i thought a stage that would be great as well.
    Sky Stage-
    Players free fall through the air continously landing on platforms every so often.”

    OK for a start:

    If it were ANYTHING like Icicle Mountain it would suck.

    Icicle mountain is the worst stage in Melee. Number 2 worst is the Metroid one with the Kraid. If it were a lot different from those two, it would be fine I guess.

    Guys (and He-She), I MEAN IT when I say step it up.

  • mario

    what about luigi?luigi isn’t fat and hes a plumber too!???, bob has 8 more bad words.
    everyone……lets call bob:bob the stupid builder.or juist stupid.you know what, lets visit the WIZ.nwiizone is the place

  • Jazz

    Icilcle Mountain may suck bad, but Brinstar Depths is worse. But neither are as terrible as Flat Zone!

  • master mario

    I want paper mario in brawl.

  • ???

    mario, did you change your name to master mario? well then get ready because I know one thing I should do

  • darkspine ???

    yes I may have stole it from sonic but now were in are super forms
    master mario-inventor mario
    master bob-cruel bob
    darkspine ???=expiereinced idvisor and unstopable marth player: ???

    all at the right time, that’s my point (we all deserved these names) god gave us intellagents for a reason

  • master mario

    to take care of our selves and the ones we care for.

  • darkspine ???

    I was going to say “to give us cool names when we need it” as a joke, okay? Don’t take this so seirious

  • Bob the Master

    “what about luigi?luigi isn’t fat and hes a plumber too!???”

    Luigi is fat too. He just sucks it in all the time.

    You just proved that I won mario and ???. If you can’t beat me, join me. You did just that by making your name “MASTER mario.” I win. And ??? also proved that he is evil like me. Darkspine is an EVIL name. So thanks for joining my forces.

    “god gave us intellagents for a reason”

    Your spelling is proving otherwise… intellagents =/= intelligence

  • master mario

    I didn’t know.paper mario must be in brawl…………………….YAKKA!

  • DJ Napps

    Bomberman is perfect for this game.

  • master mario

    sonic moveset
    vB:double super punch
    >B:super speed
    ^B:roll jump
    SP:super sonic
    A:punch punch
    cA: c kick
    smash^A:jutilay kick
    smashvA:spin kick
    smash>A:super kick
    vskyA:sharp kick
    skyA:double spin kick
    >skyA:double punch
    taunt:thumbs up
    crawl:slow roll

  • darkspine ???

    no, darkspine is not an evil name (did sonic turn evil in the ‘last chapter mission ad darkspine sonic? NO) infact he was faster then meta knight was in the first trailor and could do 100 kicks per second, and could predict anything. But for evil? NO. If you look in the earlier posts you’ll see I stole the name from sonic who was not evil (sorry for the spoilers guys) and master mario well think of a master jewl thief and a karate master
    sorry mario but I see a few flaws in that moveset
    moves from: sonic and the secret rings,sonic adventure 2: battle,super smash flash (inproved) oh never mind I want to save it for later

  • darkspine ???

    if you still think we are working for you bob I will change my name back (infact I will for links since in order for link posts not to be deleated the poster under that name will have to post for a certain amount of time, oh wait email address, never mind)

  • darkspine ???

    okay that’s it *takes away all of the money bob was saving up for SSBB, and puts a spell on him that makes him look ugly until he leaves, and makes everything unlucky for him* I was waiting for a point were I could do that, now that I am in darkspine form

  • Bob the Master

    LOL sorry ??? (EVIL) but I already have it pre-ordered and payed for. I just have to pick it up :). Yep, Darkspine. EVIL: ANYTHING WITH “DARK” IN IT HAS TO BE EVIL. Mario is copying me altogether and ??? is stating that he is evil (like me, anyone?). Super forms my foot.

  • Bob the Master

    And “master bob = cruel bob” isn’t giving me enough credit. How about “fricking insanely awesome tyrant” or “fricking evil” or basically anything that has “fricking” in it. “Fricking evil doctor for thirty fricking years” works… Sorry, Dr. Evil is too awesome to not be quoted.

  • dfvdggfbh

    nhm x bob?gdffdfgfddfdcssxacrbv hjuy6jyshjn ???!dcs hjyj bjgujbgv gdh huj gh bob!mario cvfxfvvadzf vbhbnfvgcdgv dcb uyhsdrgfv sgyfwiuppght dfigzkue b f fc .neema naama nono.vbbbbbbbbbbbbbb bbbbbbbbbbb!!!!!!!!


    You guys should see these mugens with meta knight on youtube. com

    They have one with him fighting mecha zangeif and other mugens that show him brawling with the strongest people on there.

    Dont beleive me? Go to youtube.com and click: Meta Knight Vs. Mech Zangeif

    ESR Meta Mugen: Meta Knight Vs. Mech Rugal

    ESR Meta Mugen: Ella

    ESR Meta Mugen: Juggernaut

    ESR Meta Mugen: Poo (Earth Bound)

    These mugens prove only one thing. META KNIGHT IS THE ULTIMATE SHIZNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I apoligize for double posting, but meta knight is one of the most FIRE!!! characters from the kirby series to have in super smash bros. brawl.

    Let me tell ya somthin about meta knight.

    You could get hurt foolin around with that man.

    You take him lightly like you do with kirby, and that’s ya ass.

    Meta knight is nothing to toy with, HE IS A BEAST!!!!!

    If you would’ve seen how he messed over mecha zangeif in the first mugen, you whould be stunned.

    Im glad that they did put him on super smash bros. brawl, because HE’S COLDBLOODED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Incase all of you are’nt familiar with kirby’s game on the SNES kirby super star, I saw meta knight call out this mechanical robot on mecha zangeif for the final blow.
    It’s called the heavy lobster, it’s a robot that look’s somthing like a lobster but its a dangerous robot with a deadly arsinal of attacks.
    You should’ve seen what it did to mecha zangeif though.

    Better yet, that should be his brawl move for SSBB.

    Meta knight summons the heavy lobster on his enimies and the robot will detonate a blast powerful enough to blow everybody up.

    DONT F***K WITH META KNIGHT BIYOTCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • toy mario

    is the name of the game brawl?
    I battled krillon in the kitchen.

  • DJ Napps

    The name of the game is Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    “Brawl” is just an abbreviation.


  • darkspine ???

    yikes!, meta knight did look strong. How are you so sure you could pull that off? Oh by the way fox got a new belt buckle with his simble on it, and a eye piece that supossiveley lets him see whare he’s aiming, and a zipper. Yet I’ve heard good theroes about why that castle is from fire emblem
    a new improved fox
    marth (probrubley) (my faverit)
    meta knight (who at the moment looks dangerous)
    this is definitley THE BRAWL OF ALL TIME!!! And to think I beat sonic and the secret rings so fast.

  • uh oh….
    I…I……I’m a level 9999999999!everyone in sanfransisco are challenging me!I can’t be stopped in any way!

  • DANGEROUS is meta knight’s middle name, darkspine ???. You could lose a arm, leg or in this case a head toying around with the man.
    Meta knight represents the word DANGEROUS and is known to raise hell.
    He’s one of the most ultimate vilians in the kirby series games, that’s what makes him so cool. Unlike any other vilian, meta knight has a serious BAD ASS thing going on with his rep. He makes vilians like bowser & ganondorf look like sh**t, almost no character in brawl can even touch him. Meta knight is you’re worst nightmare!!!!! FEAR HIM!!! You think he’s dangerous now? Wait til you see him in brawl.

    He will be nothing to mess with once the game comes out. WAT’CHA GONNA DO BRUTHA….. WHEN META MANIA RUNS WILD ON YOU!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • darkspine ???

    did I say anything about toying?
    Oh and meta knight is a good guy in the kirby TV series, but thats off subject I won’t toy with him (infact he’ll be fun to play as), but if your representing meta knight, I give you an advaned techneack master and winner of all of the 50/51 soon to be 51 the marth that will dethrone all charicters almost. And mario, do you really live in san francisco? Hmmmmmmm I live close [email protected] all chalengers must leave a note
    (greating) it’s________________ I want to chalenge you in ______________________ because/I need to tell you _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    on the day ________ if that’s okay with your (scedual, calender, game plan)
    or something like that…. Weekends would be a good time

  • darkspine ???

    oh wait put out the by. Thank you

  • Jazz

    Meh. Bob! STOP IGNORING ME!!!!!!!

  • Bob the Master

    “uh oh….
    I…I……I’m a level 9999999999!everyone in sanfransisco are challenging me!I can’t be stopped in any way! ”
    LOL You live in Illinois. You probably don’t even know what state SF is in.

    Heh you still haven’t changed your name ???. Mario got smart though.

    K guys I have to say do better. AGAIN. All I learned this time was that Duane rambles a lot.

  • mario

    to: jazz
    join us and we won’t ignore you jazz.

    to: D.???
    I went to sanfransisco to challenge all who challenges me. before I left China, I bought a labtop.I painted it red. next stop is Hawaii.

    to: duane
    I don’t care how strong meta knight is.I’m gonna try so hard, mario shall be FIERCE!

    paper mario must be in braw!PLEASE HAVE HIM IN BRAWL! PLEASE!

  • mario

    Its in the united states.

  • darkspine ???

    he said state not country. *goes to cheak email*

  • darkspine ???

    oh and hawaii is a butiful place. Let me guess maui?

  • mario

    oh, california

  • gaara_chick

    aika tu nellela quikatuni. guyartzint op ghdurk. ahrf dunkin!:)!!! XD! drakomatz neladoom!XD!

  • yo momma

    sup dudes. I read all the interesting things you guys posted and I wanted to have a word on this. THEY ALL SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO THE F*** CARES ABOUT DUMB PAPER MARIO TO FIGHT ON BRAWL!!!!!!! AND WHO CARES ABOUT DARK SAMUS!!!!!!! MEGAMAN MEGAMAN MEGAMAN!!!!!!!!! HE NEEDS TO BE IN THIS NEXT SMASH BROS! you guys were right about the fat pink puffy and the little electric rodent. they sucked a**! But sonic should be in same with toad, daisy, paratroopa, and the ghost named Boo. i’m done for the day.I need some vicadin.

  • Jazz

    Watever you reakon. This is coming from someone who wants Paratrooper in Brawl! HA!!!

    Jiggly stays.

  • mario

    why don’tcha shut up and be nice to people yo momma!

  • ???

    maby paracarry with paper mario if he’s in it
    some people are very good with jiggy. I personally hate her but it would make a challenge now that they have online play. As I said above some people are really good with her, that’s why it would be a challenge

  • Bob the Master

    Wow mario knows something! It’s the third sign of the apocalypse!!!!! Now all that has to happen is ??? has to take over this site and Hitler has to rise from the dead!!! SF is way cool though. I used to live a few miles away from there, and it’s waaay better than where I live now…

    Yo mamma is a mixed bag. He likes fricking megaman and sonic. He wants Paratroopa. But he doesn’t like Pikacrap, Jigglycrap, or Paper Crapio (I had to say crap again LOL). That’s good. He DOESN’T LIKE DARK SAMUS. 2 bad – 1 good . I have to say Yo Mamma sucks. Not just yo mamma, but Mario’s mamma and ???’s mamma too.

    Mario why don’t you shut up. Yo mamma sucks because he wants fricking megaman (wow another 8 year old!) and sonic. But he sucks worse for you. So he can stay.

    And Last, ??? has joined my side. His name is still fricking evil (worthy of me). Darkspine… dang! I need a name that’s evil like that. Let’s see… Bob the Black, Bob the Bloody, Arnold Schwarzenegger (that’s spelled correctly BTW)…

  • Try as hard as you want, mario. Because even if you do, meta knight will turn that plumber into bloody mess.

    Meta knight will be even more feirce than mario.

    Meta knight is TRUELY THE MAN!!!!

    And nothing anybody dose will ever change that.

    No offence to you, mario. Mario is cool, but when it comes to super smash bros. brawl, META KNIGHT REINS SUPREME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This has been a DWEEZY PRODUCTSHIZZEL MY NIZZEL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hyper ???

    CAN’T YOU SEE THIS ARGUMENT IS TERRING US APART oh and don’t talk about my mom like that. Oh and yes I changed my name to hyper ???

  • Jazz

    I am one of many who is good at playing as Jigglypuff.

    I have 7 characters that I kick backside with and never lose with:
    1. Peach
    2. Young Link
    3. Mewtwo
    4. Luigi
    5. Jigglypuff
    6. Roy
    7. Falco

    If I play as any of these, there’s no way anyone can beat me!

    BOB!!!!!! STOP IGNORING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hyper ???

    mr.sakurai will probrubley change young link’s moveset to his moves from wind waker. I have only heard of wind waker but I can guess this
    fire stick (has three uses):lights up dark spaces,acts like a sword,like ness’s PK fire
    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *look’s up wind waker in wikipedia*
    deku leaf:like peach’s parosel
    wind waker: controls the wind
    according to your charicter list you’ll still like young link and falco? How do I say this?
    I can’t find that picture of falco with the giant rocket launcher but mr.sakurai said clones will eather be given different movesets or get the boot. When he said he woulden’t mess with them he mean’t they would come back as trophy’s I think. Sorry for the good news, and bad news

  • hyper ???

    oh sorry for the double post but if you don’t know what a clone is falco is a clone of fox, gannondorf is a clone of falcon,pichu is a clone of picachu,dr. mario is a clone of mario, luigi is a semi clone of mario. That’s the smash term, I didn’t mean mewtwo

  • mario

    you shut up bob!

  • hyper ???

    what? You talken to me? Bob hasen’t posted since the lat time you said that *cheaks* ok once but I changed my name back… I think he left *remembers describeing the ultimit brawl controller* memory’s that bob ruined by saying it’s horrible. I put alot of work into that *cheaks to make sure the post wasen’t deleated*I know it’s out some where, but I can’t find it

  • hyper ???

    wow look’s like this is dieing

  • Jazz

    What good news?!!!!! Wind Waker Link is a little freak with a massive head, SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!! HOW CAN HE WALK AROUND WITH THAT THING!!!!!!!!!! HE SHOULD LOSE HIS BALANCE!!!!!!!!!! Ocarina of Time Young Link is ten times more awesome! No, scratch that, Majora’s Mask Young Link is the best!!!!!!!

    The Deku Lwaf is a piece of excrement!!!!!!! It is useless!!!!!!! They had better keep all the characters on my list in the game!!!

  • mario

    …………..I’ll believe it when I see………for meta knight, It’s gonna take more than a sword to beat me(mario)and toy mario(demon mario)

    mario shall rock your world!


    toy mario:we’re gonna kick everyones butt!

    paper mario must be in brawl!

  • hyper ???

    majora’s mask is another possiblilty but wind waker link was one of the most sugested charicters in japan…On the other hand sakurai did use the TP model so… On the other hand
    slingshot (not as accurate as the bow but with further range)
    lanturn (close range attack that is not as accurate as the sword but does 18 damage and can act as a sheild for long range attacks)
    getting late,don’t want to wake up tired and woosy, bye, more later

  • mario


  • mario

    somthings wrong with my controller!each time I play as mario, my controller is red and so is marios eyes. when I played as him, I used his run which was suppose to be 3/5 but it was 10/5!he went so fast, I didn’t see him.he reflected every attack with 1 arm.In some way, I did a one hit wonder(that punch went through enemy’s body)(the enemy exploded leaving blood all over the stage).yu guys better practice on melee ncase I challenge you this month.it wares off when I don’t play as mario for 1 month.

  • hyper ???

    blood all over the stage? That’s snakes job. I might as well email you befor it wears off (even thow it’s a cheat) I am the greatest!

  • DJ Napps

    I cant wait kick all your @$$es online when this comes out

  • Jazz

    Majora’s Mask Young Link would be the best.

    Links movesets are staying pretty much the same anyway, according to the trailor.

    I want Snake to use the Stinger! It’s awesome!

  • hyper ???

    I’ve never played metal gear solid,or acid or, the original. Point is if I never played his games how am I supposed to reply to that stinger thing. . Sorry but the list is something like this in japan suggestions
    3.wind waker link (sorry jazz)
    4.link’s uncle (yeah I know that’s weird)
    6.diddy kong
    din’t know the other 3
    hmmmmmmmmmmm who’s mssing? OK it’s sonic and mega man

  • mario

    I just beated rhis kid who would teach me how to surf if I won.now, I’m gonna surf to Europe.

  • hyper ???

    wjat?? mario didn’t you get my email? You’ll have to come around back to the bay area soon. Oh and beat not beated

  • mario

    what not wjat.

  • mario

    we shall have toy fights.everyone must make a toy battle video against two toys on youtube..

  • hyper ???

    *what not wjat*
    I know it’s just that I was so surprized that I pressed the wrong button and decided to leave it there for drematicy

  • hyper ???

    but seaousley did you get my email *sigh* [email protected] (just take out the fake, I put that in so robots won’t scan it and send me a bunch of advertisements that ruin my computor). Got that? I thoght I sent one to you

  • hyper ???

    oh well I just have to say I can give lv.9 opponents 64% damage without getting damage every time, and gave giga bowser twice as much damage as I took, and I realise online play is THE ONLY WAY TO STOP THE TERONEY OF BOB: THE EVIL MAN WHO WANTS THE WOLRD TO
    a) get pit against eachother
    b)make us all look dumb
    his dreams are chaos killing wraped in stupidity

  • mario

    I’m helping ya!you and I will OWN bob together

    whats your password?

    got any toys ???{?

    this war is not over yet, we might as well keep training

  • Bob the Master

    Only 64 damage? Wow I can usually kill them at least once before getting damage depending on what character I am. That or I only get about 10-20 damage by the time it’s lost a life. I play 5 life stock and I usually end up with 4 lives (I usually jump off once because I feel like it or have too much damage and don’t wanna wait to get owned…) when facing 1 lvl 9 and I end up with 3 lives when facing 2 lvl 9’s. Now what’s REALLY fun to do is put friendly fire on Final Destination with 3 lvl 9 Bowsers. They kill themselves with fire until they have like 300 damage then I just do a dash move (a while running) or b+over. It’s fun.

    Speling erorz in that poast:

    realise =/= realize

    TERONEY =/= tyranny

    wraped =/= wrapped

    Not to mention the millions of grammatical errors…

    Mario, the only people that will get OWNED is little boys that play with toys. Michael Jackson is coming for you Mario…

  • mario

    I’m not scared bob the dork.I’ll kick his lousy @$$.

  • Bob the Master

    LOL sorry but “dork” doesn’t rhyme with “master.” That insult is null and void. Do you even know what a dork is?

    “I’ll kick his lousy @$$.”

    Wow isn’t that language a little strong for a fricking “lousy @$$”11 year old? Try this on for size:

    m4r10 15 4 g4y 455 117713 f0ck3r

    How well can mario the 455h0l3 interpret 1337?
    Find out next week on Who Wants to be in Debt to Bob the Master!

    (hint: try putting it in caps)

  • Bob the Master

    Oh and here’s one for ???:

    7h053 wh0 7h1nk ??? 15 c001 4r3 411 g4y3r 7h4n 3v3n r1ch4rd 51m0n5.

    347 7h3 1337 (Hint 2: “347 7h3 1337” means “eat the leet” for those of you that have nothing but a peanut in your head)!!!!!!!!!!!!!111two

  • mario

    you’re such a whore!

  • Bob the Master

    Oh and check your e-mail ??? (if that is your real e-mail that you posted).

    LOL That’s funny. Do you know what it says? If so say it.

  • hyper ???, don’t say it!

  • I was watching X play on G4 today, and it turns out that sonic’s game on the wii was just as horrible as the one on xbox 360.

    Sonic and the secret rings got 2 out of 5 today.

    Reason: Good graphics, but Screwed up controls

    DAMN!! I guess sonic just is’nt having a good year at all, which makes me wonder if he is even worth wanting for super smash bros. brawl?

    I guess some people are’nt used to the new sonic games.

    Either that or sonic is just played out. Dont get me wrong, but anytime a character like him has two new games on two counsels that REALLY REEEEALLY SUCK, that’s definetly not a good sign. NOT AT ALL.

    Sonic the hedgehog for 360: 2 out of 5

    Sonic and the secret rings for wii: Same amount 2 out of 5

    Sonic’s last two games for 360 and Wii SUCKED, but if that is so why is he the most wanted for SSBB?

    I guess if snake got in and he did’nt then the smash fans and the sonic fans whould be disapointed.

    Even though he’s not doing as good as mario in this year of video games it still dose’nt mean that he wont get a shot in super smash bros. brawl.

    Nobody should put sonic down just because he had two games on two counsels that sucked. That’s just like putting mario down because all he dose is jump and throw fireballs, and look where he is today. He has two popular roles on the wii. Super mario galaxy and Super smash bros. brawl. Not to mention other mario games that will arrive on the Wii pretty soon like: Mario strikers charged and Mario Party 8.

    Sega has to work more with sonic because he’s starting to come down short in the video game buisness.

    Sonic will get into super smash bros. brawl soon if he’s confirmed.

  • I agree

  • hyper ???

    eh I have the new sonic game and I don’t agree with the ratings (exept it’s a reteller of the aribian nights but I don’t have that book) not to mention a mario party like mode (the rip-off of mario party might get the ratings low but you don’t have to play it. My score 95/100 anyway I won’t say it bob. 84 damage if i’m lucky to that instant killing coment replying to the 64

  • Bob the Master

    “DAMN!! I guess sonic just is’nt having a good year at all, which makes me wonder if he is even worth wanting for super smash bros. brawl? ”

    The answer is: NO. I’ve been telling you that for a looooooong time.

    Um, I made fun of you with the leet anyway. I don’t care if you say it or not. I just want to know if you know what it says. If so, then you’re cool cause you know leet. If not, I can use leet forever when insulting you and you’ll never know what it says.

    My bro just had to rent Sonic 360. It SUCKED so badly it’s not even funny. Multiple reasons:

    1. It’s a Sonic game.
    2. It has FRICKING SLOW loading times
    3. It is the fricking same thing as Sonic Adventures 1 practically (My friend played it once and I was there LOL)
    4. It’s a Sonic game.
    5. It’s a Sonic game.

  • What if they deside to add him to brawl anyway regarless of of the ratings of his games?

  • hyper ???

    many of your reasons was “it’s a sonic game and yes I know what it says “those who think bob is cool is even gayer then richard simons”
    1.I’ve never heard of the guy
    2.I fixed it by replacing my name with yours

  • hyper ???

    *sigh* the ratings of secret rings are under rated (it’s a good game really). And your brother is the big sonic worshiper that caused you to hate sonic. And in secret rings sonic has a bunch of power-ups he can choose befor a match WAAAAAAAAAAY updated from X360 (just guessing since I’ve never played the game). Oh and one more question, has your brother reached the end of the world level yet?

  • mario

    ………………………………………………………………..1337 is leet?………..
    paper mario
    best people for brawl.

  • hyper ???

    mario are you feeling OK? Oh and if richard simons is reading this sorry about what I said earlier (i’ve never seen you on TV or in person). But……Mario do you have to go………Die? BOB WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HIM? I Can’t let this happen………………………………………………………………………………………. *goes to bob and does rapid punches to the stumach no matter what position I am in than punches in his nose and blocks any puch coming over,under,to the side, or diagnol to me. Then fineshes him off with my tornado kicks and then kicks him from above like snake in the second trailor and then jumps and kicks him three times* take that

  • mario


  • Bob the Master

    K good but you don’t know who Richard Simons is? Wow. But guess what? You made a mistake. ??? =/= bob. Sorry!

    I put it in there 3 times because the fact that it’s a sonic game is three times the problem than the other two. So I put it on three times.

    LOL yeah seriously a 9 year old is gonna beat me up. Really.

  • mario

    …………………with the power………………of a 9…………year old and…………..a 10 year………………………old combined, your……………facing a 19…………..year old.

  • hyper ???

    THIS CAN’T HAPPEN. Mario unleash your super attack or better yet *does a punch/grab thing so painful you will your insides curling for 1 hour* I CAN’T FIGHT HIM ALONE. MARIO HELP

  • hyper ???

    *has tier in eye*…… Mario is at his roots of a warrior and will horribley probrubley meet his end unless… We can make him vulnerable

  • hyper ???

    Hey now I have an idea of how to make him vulnerable: then only thing he hates more then us is a list of sonic phraises
    I got a chaos emrald!
    what’s that?
    I got another choas emrald!
    oh no eggman got it!
    oh no he got another one!
    yay I have them all!
    yay i’m super sonic!
    who are you?
    shahra no!
    I wish for a mountain of hankerchiefs
    this one seems to be sealed with sadness
    could you grant me one more wish?
    so this guy needs someone to put him back in his place does he?
    I can take care of that
    hey tails! How did you get here?
    c’mon tails I know it’s you
    hey knuckles how’d you get here?
    wow the wisdom of sinbag the sailor adventure of advetures
    hey stop looking at me like that, your freaking me out
    a lamp huh?
    is he really a genie of the lamp like that king of bones said?
    so much for a vacation
    I can’t swim
    I love the ocean
    ha! no problem
    few just made it!
    ha! too easy
    with my speed we just have to make sure we get to him first
    ha! i’ll take all of you on!
    need to time things very carefully
    they call me sonic… the hedgehog because I like to jump around alot
    I can see it!
    whoa talk about close shaves! mabey you know whare I can get my quills sharpend too?
    this is horrible. Your just some incomepleate monster
    shahra lend me your…power (goku voice)
    if this is your world this is a world I don’t want any part in
    chaos avalance!
    let’s do this!
    here I come
    oh no!
    let’s do it
    hey finally! I’m safe
    hey look at that
    as said by sonic the legenday hedgehog. Feel that.

  • Last time I vistited this site, it was a place to discuss what characers we wanted to see in super smash bros. brawl.

    Now it sounds like an episode of dragonball Z mixed in with sonic X and some other anime crap.

    I understand that all of you are kids and you like to play around alot, but this is just ridiculous.

    What the hell is everybodys problem around here?

  • hyper ???

    *sigh* duane if you look in the earlier posts you’ll realise some of it was bob’s fault (as always) but actully your right. We eather need to get back on topic or let this board die, but we cannot leave because of bob, that would be a sign of surrender *tries not to sound like animae* I sugest paula from earthbound, her PSI frease could cause 25 damage and frease someone like the frezie, althogh it would be a charge attack, she could charge it faster then samus’ charge shot, and she could spin around and make herself firey. I know by now it probrubley dosen’t matter anymore on the other hand

  • hyper ???

    well this is the 1441st post and no bob *for goes to cheek* 6 or 7 posts but not as much as I thoght. Welcome to a high dec-chat of post’s the 145th

  • mario

    L L

  • mario

    team mario………………………………………………………………………………………..

  • hyper ???

    mario, Your starting to freak me out with all those peiroids but if you really want me to do it *gives a pill to mario* this pill can stop anypain no matter how painful or how much it feels like you will have it forever……………………I hope I don’t sound like animae but then again I know I do

  • hyper ???

    if bob doesen’t post in two days I declare we win
    paula (earthbound)
    sonic (sonic the hedgehog) (duh)
    lucas(mother 3)
    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm perhapes pokey (earthbound,mother 3)

  • Bob the Master

    WTF IT CUT ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sick of this gay fricking site! LEAVE THINGS AS THEY ARE WHEN YOU HIT SUBMIT COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11two

  • hyper ???

    your saying you probrobley will leave this site which means we win

  • hyper ???

    well………………… Now what?

  • super mario

    yakka!I fixed mmy labtop.I cuted you off bob.see, this is my site.not so much as a juggernat now.

    now lets make some ideas!

    ignore the new name.

  • super mario

    paper mario & sonic

  • hyper ???

    well I could make a paula moveset. Ness is one of the onlt game represenatives to not have more then one represenitive of that game. Or I could make a wolf moveset… Say did anyone notice how in sonic and the secret rings there is a marter or crazy hand thing wearing a ring on every finger but the pinkey? Or am I the only one who has gotten that far in that game?

  • Bob, King Of This Site

    “your saying you probrobley will leave this site which means we win ”

    No I’m not leaving. This site just needs some (MAJOR) bugs fixed. It ALWAYS cuts my posts off. It’s way annoying.

    You guys really are 9 years old. hyper ??? and super mario. See, my name actually fits. A fitting name for ??? is hypo ??? and for mario, a better name is Immature Freak.

  • super mario

    no no no…no, you are happiness challenged bob!your not gonna win very easy cuase I’m not gonna lose no matter what you say.


  • hyper ???

    well it comes down to this… Anyway, what the heak are we fighting over besides sonic who even bob idmits will probrubley get in? And were not even fighting over him much anymore

  • super mario

    well, that doesn’t mean we have to give up.

  • hyper ???

    yeah but that means all of us including bob are nuts fighting over nothing *remembers him callings us bad words, and makeing us seem imature* NEVER MIND let’s try to show how intellagent we are and how dumb he is. But first (dont trash this moveset)
    games appeired in: earthbound, mother 3 (cameo), SSBM (trophy)
    special moves:
    b=PSI frease: Paula charges this move up like samus and her plasma ball, when hitting the opponent it does 25% damage and freases the opponent
    b>=PSI FIRE:similer to ness’ PK fire but if it hits one opponent it dosen’t stop, it strikes more then one opponent and does 20 damage instead of the usaual 18 with ness
    Bdown=fire spin:she spins and gets all firey and sticks her arms out with fire out of them too and does 20% damage
    B^=PSI thunder:it’s like pikachus B but if in midair it can be controled which makes it very different from how ness does it. If it hits the opponent 7 damage. If it hits paula in midair as a recovery move and she bumps into someone it does 25 damage (note: I said this once and I won’t hesitate to say it again, if not done in midair it is the same as pikachu’s B move)
    basic moves
    smash A:a spin kick that does 2-4 more damage then ness’ bat
    A down:same as ness but
    SMASH down A:like ness but instead of a yoyo it’s fire that shortley stuns the opponent and does 10 damage instead of seven
    brawl move=ten team: she gets out a bunch of kindergardeners who know one move, the each do five damage while paula charges up her B and throws it at the opponent (if the opponent has 15 or more damage already givin they will die if not they will be easy to send flying and have a chance of going off the edge wile frozen makeing a possible death (yeah incase you didn’t know she lives in a schoolhouse which explanes all the kinders)
    other then that her grabs are a clone of ness’
    few that was off the top of my head. Back tomorrow, bye

  • Bob, King Of This Site

    LOL Yeah Sonic probably will make it in. BUT he will probably be like pichu, jiggly, ice climbers, G&W, etc… That’s my case.

    “you are happiness challenged bob!”
    Um, WTF are you trying to say? That’s a COMPLIMENT to me. NOT an insult.

    speling/graMmatiCal erorz in thoze possts:
    “your not gonna win very easy cuase I’m not gonna lose no matter what you say.” =/= You(‘re) not gonna win very eas(il)y [(be)cause or (‘)cause] I’m not gonna lose no matter what you say.

    “few that was off the top of my head.” =/= (Ph)ew(,) that was off the top of my head!

    “Anyway, what the heak are we fighting over besides sonic who even bob idmits will probrubley get in?” =/= Anyway, what the he(ck) are we fighting over besides sonic (,) who even (B)ob (a)dmits will prob(ably) get in?

    “yeah but that means all of us including bob are nuts fighting over nothing *remembers him callings us bad words, and makeing us seem imature* NEVER MIND let’s try to show how intellagent we are and how dumb he is.” =/= “(Y)eah but that means all of us including (B)ob are nuts fighting over nothing *remembers him (calling) us bad words and (making) us seem im(m)ature(.)* NEVER MIND let’s try to show him how (intelligent) we are and how dumb he is.

    BTW that’s REALLY intelligent of you. Spelling intelligent wrong while saying that I’M the dumb one.

  • hyper ???

    I wasn’t trying to spell right. Oh and can you complement on my moveset I did that in 10 minites

  • hyper ???

    sorry I meant comment

  • super mario

    I ment by goes

  • hyper ???

    geez is anyone noticeing me? Please tell me what you think about my moveset, I spent alot of time on that.

  • super mario


  • hyper ???

    yeah, after seeing some clips of earthbound on youtube it seemed as if it deserved as much as zelda did because it had a deep story and was revelotionary to turn taking games. If anyone paula and now my next moveset will be on a great surprise but a spoiler DARKSPINE SONIC!!! Sonic’s brawl move may be to temporarily turn into his bad ass counter part, but that’s for later

  • super mario


  • hyper ???

    no, sonic’s new super transformation from sonic and the secret rings. Sorry for the spoiler, but you asked

  • Bob, King Of This Site

    LOL Sonic is gay. You’ll learn that later in life. Darkspine is an EVIL name still though… Why didn’t I think of it? Damn you Yojiro Ogawa!!

  • hyper ???

    if you hate sonic so much how do you know who the creator is? As for darkspine, it is usually an evil name but I see you haven’t beat Sonic and the Secret Rings or looked it up in wikipedia.

  • Bob, King Of This Site

    LOL Wikipedia search is what I did. I had to know who (the devil) made it up so I could murder them in they’re sleep. That’s all.

  • Bob, King Of This Site

    Let me rephrase that. I looked it up to find who made up Sonic(it was the devil). That’s what I meant. It was early in the morning and I just woke up when I wrote that OK?

  • hyper ???

    WhaT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! You murderd the creator *copies the name and looks up the creator of sonic* *sigh* he’s the creator of secret rings not the creator ofr sonic but still, no artical on him, weird. I can assume you don’t have the tools to murder him and know where he lives, but I looked up secret rings because that was one of the articals in the search. *makes thinking sound*

  • super mario


  • hyper ???

    um mario do you plan on going to new york and bringing your lucky controller? Because i’m going to boston on monday and then travel to new york the next day. I’ll give you more information as I’m there if I get my parebts permisshon

  • Bob, King Of This Site

    “I can assume you don’t have the tools to murder him and know where he lives, but I looked up secret rings because that was one of the articals in the search. *makes thinking sound* ”

    Tools? What tools? All you need is hands!

  • hyper ???

    ummm bob how can you murder a man without a knife unless you have super pow… Your officially lieing

  • hyper ???

    eh don’t listen to him guys. By the way does anyone know the e-mail adrress of Ken Hoang? The greatest smash player in north amarica, europe, and japan. He invented most of the combos that players in turnaments use, and many have trained for. I need to meet and beat this guy

  • super mario

    GASP! he’s the same guy who beated 10 times one time, it was a draw.my controller is red.hold the phone!my controller use to be platumn. now its still red!I wonder why?well, once I know, I will kick kens rumpus!I don’t know.I’m still in europe and I’ll need to surf there if I can avoid the police boats.

  • hyper ???

    you mean you actully played this guy?
    alf layla wa layla’s void as a stage for brawl with energy platforms.

  • yup.
    stage creation would be a good mode for brawl.

  • _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________-

    0 o


  • go l l
    ______________________ l_stop___________________________ l
    l l
    _______________________l ________________________________l
    l l mariorock l l
    l l l l l
    l l l_________________l_ l

  • mario lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
    luigi llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
    peach lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
    wario l
    bowser llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
    yoshi lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
    toad lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
    DK llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • hyper ???

    stage creation would be more likely then charicter creation since SSB has always been a battle of “nintendo’s all-stars” but battlefield was it’s own creation, and so was final destenation and in the N64 vershon there was “master hand’s domain” which was alot like final destonation

  • Bob, King Of This Site

    “ummm bob how can you murder a man without a knife unless you have super pow… Your officially lieing”

    It’s called strangling.

    Wow. You guys have made it go from super smash bros to arranging a play-date with yourselves.

    mario is a disgrace to Mario.

    Sonic: -lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
    Fox: +llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
    Mario (video game):+llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
    Mario (person): -llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
    ???: -llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • hyper ???

    A stranggler? *Still dosen’t believe you* this just came to me earlier
    the godfather for brawl

  • hyper ???

    oh and this know that’s impossible but it’s unsuggested now it came to me earlier that pick boy would be halarious in a fighting game, I even thoght of a couple moves for him
    pick:he picks an item that is best suited for that moment
    slime: opponents will get slimed my a bucket he has and slip and fall on the ground and then the slime will hover them up and they will come SMACKING into the ground 15%
    I know this is impossible but I’m trying to make wacky suggestions. Say where’s duane. T?

  • darth vader

    (low voice) luke I am your fatherga *deep breath*

  • hyper ???

    april fools!!!

  • hyper ???

    sorry about the triple post. But I just realised, nintendo power magasines have been making “smash files” on all the confirmed charicters in brawl and a biography paragraph and they have all the charicters but zero-suit samus (they even got samus without metioning the zero-suit) we should get new info by mid to late may or june x) *keeps fingers crossed”

  • feed me

  • hyper ???

    uhhhhhhh does anyone know this … is? …Mario it’s you trying to do april fools isn’t it

  • hmmmmm?

  • super mario

    how about fat albert?

  • hyper ???

    LOL I never saw that movie. But I have a video game making program if you must see him in a fighting game *thinks about it* it might cost more than 600$ I’m not so sure. Oh by the way I vote jirachi or maby ash. Moveset later.

  • mugen?

    paper mario must be in brawl.

  • Sonic equals gay

    Hi everybody I’m finally back! I never came back since like November ’06 or something. But here I am. Bob King of this Site are you Mr Happy Bob? I think so so what’s up? I’m guessing that super mario is mario and is with hyper ??? (which I don’t remember)and they are against you?. Judging by you dissing them badly I’d say that you are. So I hate you hyper ??? and mario. PLUS you say that you like Sonic. Using my name how do you think I feel about Sonic? And as I remember mario used to hate him (like a normal person). You flipped? Dang that’s sad. Where is this site going? So anyways, Hi Bob!

  • super mario

    he is trying to take away the freedom we deserve for all the hard work we did.I was bobs friend until he went overboard. please, atleast make bob understand that you don’t have to be evil just because something doesn’t go how bob wants it to be.you see, I was in bobs foroums.he used a trick to know about me liking sonic.now he goes looney ku ku over it.Its just a game!bob is trying to be like murple when he got rid of the sonic lovers.we 10 year olds have a right to be here.so do the sonic lovers.don’t hate them just because they like sonic!I knew the war would start if I broke the number 1 rule:no swearing.Its gonna stay a warzone unless I win.please!trust me!

  • Link E

    oh hi!I don’t actually know who should be in brawl.I know that S.mario(Brandon) likes Julie.

  • hyper ???

    hey guys I just got back. And no mario, I am not using mugen. And yes sonic equals gay, that is mr.happy bob who went throgh many name changes: master bob, W equals bob, master bob (again), bob the master, bob king of this site. Anyways I am in boston right now and no new brawl info here. Bomberman in brawl!

  • hyper ???

    oh right ash moveset
    let’s see in the pokemon video games ash has a knife he uses to start a fight with sudowodo and he has mewtwo’s teleport and a rope so here I go
    A:just a normal punch like mario 2%-3% (25 % chance)
    running A: he uses energy from a pokeball makeing a longer range vershon of mewtwo 8% damage
    A-A:he starts doing a pokeball energy combo here like mewtwo
    down A: he does a belly flop on the ground 13% damage
    arial down A: same as down A exept when ash hits the ground he gets 4% damage
    arial A: he uses three kicks that do 12% damage
    B-whip: he uses the escape rope do do a whip simaler to sheek 6% per-hit, the next time you whip it does three hits but places the whip behind ash, the third time you whip it is like sheek’s whip compleatley
    B>-cut down: stolen from marth but with shorter range and is most effective when the middle hits
    Bdown-ground pound: if you played mario party you know what this is and I suppose most of you have played it 18% damage
    B^-teleport:stolen from mewtwo

    winning poses
    taunt:shines pokeball over head
    winning pose 1: gets in a seirous face and says “to train them is practice, to catch them is my real test
    winning pose 2:swings arm and says “yes!”
    winning pose 3: jumps and unches the air two times, one with each hand
    winning pose 4: brings his arm in and punches the air
    winning pose 5: smiles and waves at the camera overhead

    brawl move: becomes super ash from pokemon ranger and the temple of the sea and does a loop dee loop to get all the charicters together, then they land on all of his energy which stings them and then he gives them an uppercut then a kick 105%

  • benny boy