How Mario Basket 3 on 3 Hoops works

By Spencer . June 13, 2006 . 11:23am

After a successful cameo in NBA Street Volume 3 (cleverly subtitled Mario de Dunk in Japan) Mario gets his own basketball game. Mario Basket 3 on 3 Hoops is a touch screen basketball game coming out for the Nintendo DS. It’s a little hard to imagine, but Mario Basket 3 on 3 has an innovative approach to basketball games. These screenshots help explain how Mario 3 on 3 basket will play.




If you want to dribble you tap on the DS’ touch screen. By adjusting the speed of tapping you can alter the speed Mario dribbles. Tap fast to dribble quickly and slow it down for a slower dribble.



Make a stroke towards the direction you want to shoot the ball to have Mario sink a basket. If you want to steal the ball get up close to your opponent and make a stroke in the opposite direction (i.e. towards you).



Special Shots
To do a special shot you need to trace a pattern on the touch screen. As you can see, Mario’s special shot pattern is a “M”.


Here are pictures of more special shots done by Bowser Jr., Daisy and Wario.

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  • KageNaruto

    i think this is another DS game i want! wow i think they are coming out with good games lately, woohoo

  • jX

    So far, the best DS games are Mario games!

  • SoulCaster

    Uh….that is not Peach, that is Daisy. Anyway, game is looking good I will probably be picking this one up when it is released (who would have thought S-E coudl make sport games O_o. Oh, has wifi been comfirmed?

  • Great looking game! Good graphics, I like, no, not like, LUV!!! the controls with the touchscreen and stylus! It looks great. It actually kinda tests your aim at shooting and cadence of dribble rather than dribbling for you and just letting you move and when you shoot, you simply hit a button and hope for the best. No, its not like that, its better. ITS LOOKIN AWESOME! Its definetely been confirmed: I’m getting this game. Though I do wonder about WiFi, is there going to be WFC on this game? There should be, it would sell a lot better.

  • David

    I have my reservations about the dribbling, won’t that get tiring? RSI?

  • Anonymous

    i read u dont need to dribble all the time, it does it for u, u just do it to get around opponents and stuff

  • Andy

    Does not look like a lefty could play since it looks like you need the D-pad to move around and the stylus in the right-hand to do everything else. Thoughts?

  • OOh, good comment Andy, I never thought about that. Good thing I ain’t a lefty, You should email a complaint to someone about that.

  • Poiuyt Man

    They might include a left-handed control scheme as they’ve done in games like Mario 64 and Metroid Prime Hunters. You’d use the ABXY face buttons as a D-Pad.

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