Play your Nintendo DS on your TV

By Spencer . August 24, 2006 . 9:23am

First the PSP got handheld to TV adapters and now a nearly a year later the DS is getting them too. There are currently two different DS to TV adapters in the works. The first requires players to open up their DS and hardwire the adaptor into the console. Once installation is complete the DS can be plugged into a TV via RCA cables and both screens will be on the TV. The second adaptor is basically a camera with mirrors that straps to the top DS screen. It requires no installation, but it only enlarges the top screen. If you really want to play your DS games on the big screen forget the external adapter. It’s nearly useless since it only displays one screen and it makes the DS heavier. The internal adapter looks like it has decent quality from the single picture below, but do gamers really want to open up their DSes just to play Metroid Prime Hunters on a larger display?


Update: The adaptor is made in Taiwan by Q-Mark who has previously made a GBA to TV and PSP to TV adaptor. Here's a link where the adaptor can be purchased. 


2008 update: Plenty of people found this article, which is around two years old now. The link above used to go to a product order page, but it doesn't anymore. The company who announced this plug in adapter is not selling them anymore, but the screen covering adapter is still around at some places like this site.



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  • OmniBrain

    I want a Tate Version of that one to play Raid over the River! :D

  • the_importer

    What is it with people? The point of a Handheld is to play it where there is no TV available. Want to play on a TV, play with a console. There’s a good reason why the Super GameBoy and the GameBoy player didn’t do well.

    • Guy

      People want to play on a TV because staring at the little screen hurts some people’s eyes, and there are good games for the ds that people want to play. Quit being shallow and empty-minded please. I persoanlly would like to play all of the Castlevania games that are out for the DS and Final Fantasy Tactics 2 Grimoire of the Dark Rift.

  • No thanks. I mean the idea is great, I’d love to play some DS games on the bigger screen.

    the_importer- Well, clearly you don’t know that it’s all about the games. Can I play Metroid Prime Hunters on the big screen now? No. Some games I would love to play big and loud for when I’m at home. The point of a handheld – versatility.

  • the_importer

    james, the GameBoy player TANKED and so did the Super GameBoy. Sales speak for themselves.

  • localpirate

    Where do I find the cable attachment? There was no link mentioned….

    I’ve already attached a db15 for external controllers to my project ds, so this would be a piece of cake. And yes, I was looking for a way to do this. :D

  • Burbruee

    Hi, do someone have a link to the mod that put both screens on the tv?
    I do a lot of video-recording and editing, have a capture card in my PC etc.
    And I’m not like an average gamer.
    It would be superb if I could record from my DS without a crappy camera.

    So if someone has a link to this mod, then _please_ tell me.


  • faelenor

    What’s the point of this article if there’s no link?! We don’t even know the names of these products!

  • Rion

    Give us the link Spencer Yip!

  • Burbruee

    Thanks for the link.

  • There are plenty of uses for this.
    -Play games on a TV when it’s available, and on the DS screens when it’s not. You wouldn’t even need to stop the game to switch from TV to handheld.
    -Video capture and screenshots. Especially useful for game reviewers and websites.
    -Another toy to impress your friends. ;-)
    -Combine it with the Play-Yan or one of the many third-party adapters with movie playing capabilities and you have a very small portable video player.
    -Use one of those third-party adapters with an emulator for your favourite retro console to get a nice taste of nostalgia.

  • TheCrazyOne

    Yeah, Siliconera is infamous to me without links. The first being the UMK 3 hack that had no link to the game. Took 6 months to find it.

  • Link?

  • RenatoFast

    Squallido !

  • Rendo

    Anyone got one of these devices? If so how did it turn out and how do you even order from the global sources site?

  • Hey I would greatly appreciate it if someone could send me the link for the system to play on the tv with both screens. Or even just a name would help.

    Thankyou in advance


    I think there should be a way to play the DS on the big screen,
    I record video games on to DVD’s so I don’t have to play them and/or
    If I do play them I make strategy guides on DVD’s to help me out.
    I can’t do this if they are on a handheld.
    Also I would very much like to play FINAL FANTASY III on the big screen since all the other ones are!
    I bought at the time both the SUPER GAMEBOY and THE GAMEBOY PLAYER for the GAMECUBE. I though they were great.
    What I am hoping is if this page with no link on how to find this part is that they make a part for the NINTENDO WII like they did for the GAMECUBE.
    I am all for it and I want to know how to do it!


  • Any chance of the link for this?
    Has anyone managed to get it to work?

  • Maybe not playing on a big screen, but I imagine you wouldn’t need all of this stuff to get captures for the purposes of game reviewers or posting online video of NDS playing, I thought, and hope, there is software that can just do that via the various rom-carts available and the USB connection to them from your comp.

  • Ryan

    Why is there not one on the globalsources site? Isn’t that a wholesale supplier anyway? I found Qmark’s Engrish site with no online shop. I wish that things like this and the VGA boxes for PS2 weren’t such rarities. They seem like perfect RadioShack items.

  • Elmaik

    Does anyone know how to do the hack mod for tv? I’ve already opened up my DS but I have no Idea what to do

  • Nick

    need link

  • will

    This is great. I LOVE my DS games but I HATE playing them on the DS. Unfortunately there are some games (2D games specifically) that you cannot play anywhere else…

  • Dsgamer

    I think they should make a DS Player for the gamecube which would show the top screen. This would come with a special controller that has a touch screen and a stylus and everything. Maybe they could make it compatible with the Wii as well. I guess it’s a thought.

  • JD

    I wish I was able to locate a place to buy this adapter.
    I have no qualms about opening up my Original Nintendo DS for this.
    Not to mention the Speed Demos Archive would probably have more DS runs with something like this around.

  • koopamaster

    I know that the importer probably won’t look at this webpage any time soon, but here’s a response. Some people, as you may know, want to capture gameplay footage through there TV and on to there computer. Many people want to do the same with the DS and PSP, but can’t. With a device like this, it would be very simple. Plug device into TV, then plug the capture card into the output of the TV and in to the USB port of a computer. And that’s it. But I won’t get a device like the one in the article until I’m 100% sure it will work.

  • Man

    Dammit i want that converter

  • REXinator

    It’s really a pity, that this converter doesn’t exist anymore. I really would need one. Can it really be so difficult to bring the signal on TV? Maybe I find a tinker, which can do so… there must be people out there, who know how to do it.

  • Devin

    I think that Nintendo should come out with a device that’s sort of like the idea of Action Replay DS. I mean, you plug the device into your DS, plug the game cart into that, and have an AV output directly in that. Connect the device to your TV via AV wires, and voila, it’s on your TV.
    I mean, that WOULD make more sense than having to strap on this huge block, or for people that don’t know how to mod a DS and taking the risk of screwing it up.

    Just a thought.

  • Man does anyone know if there is one of these used somewhere ?

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