Playing Super Mario Brothers on the Wii

By Spencer . December 1, 2006 . 12:53pm

After seeing Super Mario Brothers I rushed to download the game onto my Wii. It’s the same game as before perfectly emulated on Nintendo’s latest console. I tried playing it with the Gamecube controller, but the Wii remote seemed like a natural fit do to its bar shaped design. Great stuff and I think Gradius is going to be my next purchase unless anyone has better suggestions.

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  • Hatake Kakashi

    Gradius is a good one, but what about Zelda? Is the Famicom Zelda harder than the NES Zelda, or any different? Otherwise, Bomberman ’94 might be a good choice.

  • John H.

    Famicom Zelda seems to be the same game (although the original version had slightly different music, since it was a disk game and could take advantage of an extra music channel or two).

    Famicom Disk Zelda II, however, has substantial differences, including some different dungeon layouts, fewer bosses, and a different experience system that penalized players for building levels unevenly but gave many more experience points towards the later sections of the game.

  • Leaf

    Awesome choice, Mario Bros is a classic. How about Mario 64 next? That’s easily one of the best games ever. Or maybe Donkey Kong Country/ Sonic the Hedgehog?

  • wow, i can pay money to play a game that i can already play free on my computer. let me run out and buy a Wii just so i can be all trendy and cool and play old school games on a high tech system. if you can’t see my sarcasm in these statements, then you need your eyes checked.

  • Ps2GuyOrAmI?

    o.O wat a waste of money >.> fo real >..> but that if i cant find zeh rom for it or if i feel like spending money lol XD ( no i am not a ps2 fanboy i just like da name XD ) btw MARIO RULE but not for 500 credit

  • no matter which latest games are on the market, current and former gamers will always love to play the original Super Mario Bros.

  • you guys are dumb

    durrr we are so cool – we get roms and play them for free on our computers…. never mind the fact that roms are illegal. while you are at it, why don’t you brag about murdering your neighbor. “why deal with him if I can just kill him”. Nice mentality.

  • Peter

    I don’t think downloading roms is as bad as murder. I’ll only download games that I REALLY love just to support them (EARTHBOUND). I’ll also download games that I missed when I was younger. I want to see just what everyone sees in “Kid Icarus”

  • Bob Holness

    Wow, downloading ROMs is so passe. I’ve downloaded 102 EEPROMS and that was with my eyes gorged out so I must be uber cool. Anyway, 500 credits isn’t so bad, you get another two credits for every dollarpoundyen you spend at Tescos anyway so you can soon save up agan. Don’t forget your free TESCO gift card, eh?

  • stars

    What, no All-Stars version? Nintendo is doing too much retro here. They should have both versions together for 500 points.

  • Till now, I didn’t truly know your gaming heritage, Spencer. I can only gauge a gamer’s school through such a test of hidden-1up-finding as you’ve performed here today. Congratulations on proving your ultimate worth.

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