How to encode DivX movies to play on your Wii

By Spencer . December 11, 2006 . 12:34pm

Through the photo channel the Wii can play movies in MJPEG format, but it can’t read DivX, XviD or MPG movies. Now there is a simple solution for converting videos to play on your Wii. Wii Video 9 is just like PSP Video 9, where you select movies and click on covert to get the job done. I played with the tool yesterday and it can convert MOV and DivX movies with ease. Below is a demo of some of the converted movies, which look fairly decent.



Since the videos are being converted to MJPEGs, the size of the video files increase. The 300 trailer was originally 7.81MB and after being converted it became 41.7MB. If you’re planning to watch a movie on your Wii you’re probably going to need a 1GB+ SD card. You can download Wii Video 9 on their site, but since their download link was having problems earlier you can download the tool directly from us.

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  • Restarool

    Wow video files from this are huge, but it’s a solution. Did anyone else notice the tool has a PS3 conversion program too?

  • Wii60FTW

    Yeah, the file sizes get biggish. I wonder if Clone Mobile DVD would work as well…

    And, no, it seems no one noticed the PS3 thing, because, well, no one cares about the PS3.

  • It’s not the application. MJPEG is just a bad choice for video. What we need is for Nintendo to update its firmware to something a little bit more modern– DIVX, XVID, whatever.

  • @Geoff
    Unfortunately I highly doubt we will ever see it support Divx or Xvid, so far the only things I’ve seen that support those formats right out of the box are some DVD players. Divx is unfortunately considered a bit too technical for the audience Nintendo is trying to build with the Wii. My guess is that if they do go and update the codecs on the system it will probably be to include mpeg video or something a bit more mainstream.

  • dvax

    an unofficial firmware will do the job, just wait until the hackers release something interesting.

  • SSZ

    Actually, the company Datel which manufactures products like the action replay are already working on a solution that will allow users of the Wii to play movies encoded in DivX, XviD and WMV

  • wiimii

    On the Wii manual(UK-pal) is says that it can play .mov and .avi files. Now isn’t xvid, divx etc shells for mpeg4 (avi) video?

  • Durandle

    No, xvid and divx are both varients of MPEG2. AVI is the container. The Wii can play AVI files with RAW video inside. Not sure what MOV codec it supports, I would expect RAW as well.

  • igi8ytygi8yg

    I wish 3gp format was supported. Then I could use the same videos I convert to my phone with the wii.

  • Joe

    Xvid and DivX are MPEG-4, not MPEG-2.

  • Pjotr

    Hey i tried the program but i stil cant play the video on my wii. you have to be in the picture chanel? i have a european version of the wii and the manual said the video file has to be an quicktime .mov Motion JPEG.

  • Rob

    I also tried to convert an Xvid encoded .avi file using the software without altering any of the standard settings and it made my 700mb file become 1.88gb in size. Then when I tried to play it through the photo channel I was told the avi file was not supported

  • Elusive

    I’ve used this program too, and it gives the same ‘file not supported’ as seen by others.
    I’m on the latest firmware and all, thinking it’s that I bought my console in UK?
    Can anyone else post what region their Wii is thats working?

  • Steve

    well..i had a 45 min episode of a tv was in .DIVX i convert it with the wii and it gets turned into an almost 1GB .AVI file it found the movie but when i went to play said it wasnt a supported file format..? i try playing a .mp4 and the original .divx file but still nothing. im using wii video 9 to convert but it isnt converting it to jpeg motion video.
    i bought my console in uk :\ that have anythign to do with it?

  • Dumitriman

    Maybe it is too big.

  • From what i see the best method would be to encode in FLV and playback via flash since the opera browser supports flash natively.

    the quality of the video on Youtube playback via the wii is preatty good, and there is 0 size constraints only bandwidth and memory for streaming.

  • skoz

    well i’m in the uk and i managed to convert a video of mine

    i thoink the problem with people in the uk is that your files are probably too big
    or maybe its too many pixels cos in the manula it does say it can noly play videos smallyer than a certian number of pixels


    thanx soooo much i’ve been lo0oking for a program like this ever since i got my wii

  • Drei

    Usless if you ask me, I got a Toshiba DVD player that does DiVX for £60 and I can fit 4.5Gb worth of movie files on 1 DVD so why would I even bother with the Wii???

  • Jokerx

    This program’s good, but the MJPEG videos are too big to put a movie or something in a sd card. I only put anime openings, or just music videos.

  • itsro08

    just so everyone know nintendo decided to be really stupid and make it so the wii can only play up to 30 minute clips. so you have to split your movie and then convert it or vice versa it makes a 700mb movie about 5gb if you use the best video quality which in my opinion is necessary

  • Thank you to share it.
    I search some useful software,share to you

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