Tales of the Abyss coming to the Gamecube?

By Spencer . December 18, 2006 . 12:17pm


IceAmp sent us a link to a Coconuts page that says Namco Bandai is working on Tales of the Abyss for the Gamecube. This is the first we’ve heard anything about it and it could easily be a mistake. However, Namco Bandai has a close relationship with Nintendo and Tales of Symphonia was a huge hit on the Gamecube. If Namco Bandai released Tales of the Abyss they can take advantage of the Gamecube plus the Wii’s install base to sell copies of the game. Anything is possible and four player Tales of the Abyss sounds good to me.

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  • Tales of Symphonia was one of the most fun games I’ve ever played. Final Fantasy may be popular, but I can’t stand selecting choices from menus for more than an hour or two. Namco really hit something here by changing all the battles into mini side-scroller arcade games. I’m really hoping that the Tales series will live up to their reputation here, once again.

  • Jeff

    That would be really awesome if it happened. I’m not sure it’s entirely likely at this late stage of the Cube’s life, but I’d be down for it. If it moved to Wii instead, that would put me over the edge and Buying a Wii right then and there (I’m currently waiting til summer when more games arrive).

    I love Tales of Symphonia and almost bought Abyss except I had to many other games to play at the time like Okami.

  • rootbeerking

    This would be very cool…What with TOA being built off of TOS’s engine they could a very nice port. But I doubt this will happen. I don’t see why Bamco would want to do this what with the gamecube being dead and all…

  • vysethebold

    I just want to be able to play the 4-player mode without a crappy Multi-tap. Seriously, who uses their Multi-tap?

  • Colin

    Tales of Symphonia is my all time favorite game, I would die if this made it to the cube!

  • Guna

    I’m a huge fan of Tales of Symphonia myself, I’ve currently beat it 9 times through.
    I got real pissed of when I heard that Tales of the Abyss(Which is like a sequal to Tales of Symphonia, same team behind it and all) will be released to the Playstation 2.
    Some of you mentioned that the Gamecube is dying-out and yeah it’s getting old afterall, but how about the Playstation 2? It has worse graphics, it has worse controllers (My opinion) and it has constant load-time.
    Namco Bandai would get more out of it by releasing the game to the Cube instead of the old-school Playstation 2.

    ~A Tales of Symphonia fan, hoping for a GC and a PS2 release.

  • Angé

    I would be so happy if Tales Of The Abyss would be released on the GameCube! I’ve seen and heard many things about it, and one of my friends has on PlayStation 2. She says it’s very fun, so I’m eager to know if TOA really will be on the GC.

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