Could we see Game Boy Advance games on the Virtual Console?

By Spencer . December 20, 2006 . 7:42am

The Virtual Console has been a source of excitement for gamers since they can replay old favorites and try out rare games without paying ridiculous eBay prices. While there’s money to be made by selling classics, the Wii’s Virtual Console can do more. The Game Boy Advance is nearing the end of its life cycle and it has a large catalog of developed games. Sure you’ll be able to buy used GBA games for a long time, but publishers aren’t making any extra money from that. Instead they could re-release their work on the Wii and cash in a second time. Imagine playing Fire Emblem, Metroid Fusion, Advance Wars, Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow and Astro Boy: Omega Factor on a TV instead of the tiny GBA screen. It could happen if there’s enough money to be made.

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  • the_importer

    Well they won’t do this until the GBA is officially dead, that’s for sure and even then, the DS still plays GBA games. I don’t this happening in 2007, but with that being said, GameBoy, Super GameBoy and GameBoy Color games could see the light of day next year.

    Nintendo’s 8bit Handheld has been dead for over 4 years now and titles such as Metroid II, Link’s Awakening, Oracle Of Seasons and Oracle Of Ages would bring potential sales to Nintendo as VC games.

  • Jeff

    I’ve been wondering this for a while now. Unlike the DS, putting Gameboy games on the virtual console (except for something like Boktai perhaps) should be relatively simple. I’m not sure how many (if any) GBA games I would buy on the VC if this ever happened, but I’d certainly pick up Link’s Awakening or one of the earlier Pokemon games.

  • Andreas

    I could see this happening, but the likely move would be to re-make the game either slightly or dramatically like adding more features to the titles, like added levels, characters, features, enhanced graphics, etc, to entice sales. If someone has a GBA and has the same title being released on the VC, then there needs to be some incentive to get the title on VC other than just seeing it on a larger screen.

    Pro – Works well for people who never had a Nintendo system, or at least never got a GBA or a DS.

    Con – Those who have a GBA or DS need incentive.

    Adding more features to the release on VC is a win/win for both groups and Nintendo who reaps the benefits of a little extra work aside from just porting over a title.

  • Raphael

    We can think even higher, they could release the old games we’ve played on GBA, on the outstandin graffics of Wii, it would certainly make a great sale for both the new generation of kids who never played those games, and for us who just loved these games.

  • Mark

    A Boktai game is more than feasible on the Wii. Weather Channel anyone?

  • Evan

    although adding features to a game sound cool some people like the game the way it was origanaly and do not want an altered version

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