Maple Story coming to the DS in September

By Spencer . January 9, 2007 . 4:53am

Nexon who is partnering with Nintendo to distribute the DS in Korea announced that they are indeed working on Maple Story for the DS. Nexon plans to release Maple Story DS sometime in September 2007 for Korea. There are no announced plans for releases in other countries like America, Japan or Europe yet. However, Maple Story has a huge fanbase so it’s going to come out in other regions eventually. The real question is how Nexon plans on pricing the game. The PC version is free, unless you want to buy items. While Maple Story DS isn’t probably not going to be free, it is unknown if they’re going to run a cash shop. Online play is another big question. How is Nexon going to add that in? Are people going to be able to use their Maple Story PC characters on the DS? As soon as we get answers we’ll let you know.

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  • Yay Maple Story! It’s so cute.

    But yea it needs to be multiplayer.

  • the_importer

    test test test

  • the_importer

    Looks like it’s working now. Anyway, what I previously tried to post was about the micro transactions and if Nintendo would allow these in their Wi-Fi service. The MMORPG is all about micro transactions and it makes you wonder if the DS has the proper target audience for this kind of game.

  • snake

    im lukin forward to it ive read about it it says that its single player but when u go on wi-fi u keep same char but u can pvp join party an lvl togetha i wonna b a tester :'(

  • i want it nowwwww~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hurry up

  • JoeMama

    If I get MapleStory DS I hope it gets those New patches

  • mason7517


  • mason7517

    will it come out in america?

  • mason7517

    ds makers and nexon will it come out in america

  • Humza007

    ive found out that the game is gonna acsess wi-fi and you will be able to play with freinds
    i think the 1-player featou wanna train withought people ure is good if you want to train with out ksers. No one knows when the game is comming out in the u.s.A but we no thast it is comming out. I think there will be a cash shop for wi-fi mode only and u will only be able to do the events in wi-fi mode because it is to complicated to update the 1-player mode too. I cant wait for this game to come out ive been a mapler ever since maplestory came out! :) my freind is FangBlade i no him in real life!

  • Hmmm, I got my Nintendo DS last night now I gotta wait for this game to be released possibley in English in like 2013 Or longer nexon of america uses the korean for Global MapleStory but has a group of people who translate the game.

    Who wants to bet says I’ll possible Own like 4 Nintendo DS from either it dieing getting damaged or getting washed with my cloths like my cell coth, before MapleStory DS is even released to the US or any other country, I wounder if they do allow you to play online if you will be able to bypass the offical login server to get to a private server or if it will use a custom make server for DS users.

  • GigaCrush

    Umm, I hope its not gonna come out in 2013, Ive been waiting for like 3 years =(. And Humza are u muslim. and can u tell who fangblade is in real life?

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