Square-Enix Changed its Business Model [UPDATE]

By Rolando . April 20, 2007 . 6:28pm

[UPDATE: Thanks to Siliconera user jeffx, Joystiq has learned that this story, which was also posted on their site, was taken from a very obvious satirical post on this video game website. I admit it. Siliconera, Joystiq, and any other blogging video game site that posted this story just got Punk’d.]


In before someone says, "OMG FFVII PS3 REMAKE CONFIRMED!"


According to the latest blog post on PSU, Square-Enix Japan revealed on its official website Wednesday night that with the success of their latest Final Fantasy DS and GBA remakes comes a new change in their business model. Translation: Square-Enix will now be focusing on entering the remake world of video gaming and bringing some of their Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest (maybe), along with some other classic Square and Enix titles (big maybe), in remake glory to unnamed consoles and handhelds and maybe even cellphones. This, apparently, will keep Square-Enix satisfied as we all love a good remake. Right?


Should Square-Enix really change its business model and actually plan on venturing into the remake world, I think this could really give some people who missed out on great Square and Enix games the chance to play some of their missed/unknown gems. I call for a remake of Illusion of Gaia.

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  • slimequest

    Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, and Terranigma desperately need remakes, or simply to be re-released on the Virtual Console or something.

    I’m much, much prefer original games to remakes and ports, but some of the remakes Square-Enix has put out have been very nice.

  • Lucio

    I’m mix on this. I certainly love to see remakes for games like Vigrant Story or Chrono Trigger, but the odds of the remakes living up to the levels of expectation to long time fans are pretty slim. Hope they spend quality time on the remakes.

  • the_importer

    So in other words, they ran out of ideas :P

  • Pichi

    I’ll be fine as long as they stop remaking Final Fantasy games. Give the other games a go.

  • Dr. Slump

    I would definitely NOT like to see more remakes. If someone wants to play FF7 on their PS3, they can just buy a used copy of FF7 and play it on their PS3. I want to see NEW GAMES.

  • matty

    While I hope this doesn’t turn into a cash-cow trend, I’m all for a Bushido Blade and Parasite Eve remake

    It might do what Capcom did for the Resident Evil remake for the Gamecube

  • vysethebold

    King’s Knight and Rad Racer remakes for the win!

  • Chris

    Maybe it’s for the best. Square forgot how to make good new games that were actually fun to play years ago.

    They stopped being a company that makes games and started being a company that makes movies that happen to be interactive. Maybe remaking old games will remind them that they were originally a video game company.

    And that long five hour walks between cities fighting the same enemies over and over all of which have way too high HP isn’t exactly fun.

  • BurntToast256

    Final Fantasy jumped the shark after 10, strangely enough right after Sakaguchi and team left to form Mistwalker.

    There’s numerous people that never got the pleasure of playing the “real” Final Fantasy game, let alone classics like Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest, Parasite, Vagrant, etc. etc. While making remakes is great, as long as they don’t tweak around with the original story in unnecessary ways (like Final Fantasy VI’s remake) and actually spend good quality time with the projects.

    I don’t even look forward to new Final Fantasy games… or their 15 different splinter projects with the name. XIII being split up into like 10 games is just plain rediculous.

    They need to go back to what made them popular in the first place… look back to their start and their roots.

  • Anony

    Final Fantasy stopped being any good when Tetsuya Nomura joined.

  • slimequest


    So, since Final Fantasy V?

    Anyway, I really enjoyed Final Fantasy XII, it re-sparked my interest in the series after a long time of not really caring all that much about it. On the other hand, I’m also thrilled that FFT is getting a remake and I think the World of Mana and Ivalice Alliance are really interesting directions for the company to go in.

    It’s doubtful that all these FFXIII games will all be good, but as long as the main game is great, that’s all I really care about. Nobody’s forcing anyone to buy all the spin-offs. I haven’t bought any of the Compilation of FF7 products because I’m uninterested and I was satisfied with the original game itself.

    I think it’s difficult to lump all of “Square-Enix” together and say they have no creativity for new games anymore. Considering the wide variety of games published under their label, there’s a lot of new, creative games to choose from.

  • Lyle

    They could take this oppertunity to do alot of things. But i agree, IoG would be a pretty b*tchin remake. Remakes can be a good thing, because if Twin Snakes didnt come to the gamecube, i would have never played MGS. Also, i’ve played a few good remakes in my time. I dont think FF jumped the shark after 10, i just thing they hti a rough spot with X2 and XI. XII is an ok game (still fudging through it, real hard to remember the story if you have long breaks). I think the remakes are a great idea. For those who are getting bored with the FFs and the DQs, think of this as a break for SE to rethink some new strategies to try with FF14 and so on. I’d love if more developers took years off and made remakes as they toyed around for new ideas for their next true game.

  • I am hoping/wishing for the Mana / Seiken Densetsu series here, particularly SD2 and SD3.

  • Tony

    I would like to see a remake of Chrono Trigger… the best game of all time!

  • jim

    one word. or is it two?

  • LittleOni

    I think the Square end of Square Enix has lost quite a bit of it’s luster since they started bedding with Sony, but I don’t see this as a terrible thing. I think they need this. With the way their budgets hav been bloating over the past few games (and movies) they need some way to all but guarantee revenue. I, personally, wouldn’t mind seeing some remakes of the old Dragon Quest games (1-4, primarily), Chrono Trigger, Illusion of Gaia, Secret of Evermore, or some of the Mana sequels we never got.

  • mothball

    DQ4/5/6 remakes (and actual releases) = do want

  • PBz0r


    but seriously, chances are rising, rite?

  • vfx2

    well you know lots of company can have sub divisions… why not have the top tier producers be in the main team working on new and innovative games while a more graphic oriented team remake the old stuff with overseers? would that not make sense? But then again, how many remakes can you make? One per next gen? hmmm…

  • Beowulf

    CHRONO TRIGGER…… ’nuff said.

    @jim its two words.

  • Aoshi00

    Been said alrdy, but Chrono Trigger desperately needs a full 3-D remake w/ Blue Dragon -like graphics (I can’t play a port anymore after all those ports). I’ve waited for a direct sequel all these years. If they aren’t making a new one, then re-make this.

  • I want my Final Fantasy 8 remake, that’s all and make it on 360. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE,!!!!!!!

  • jim

    if they make another FF, or even any remake past FF VI, im gonna choke. i’m determined that anyone requesting FFVIII and above to be remade has never sat down and played the true classics.

  • jeffx

    Backed. Bring out a new gem every once in a while (FF12) but keep pumping out remakes by the truckload. I was just thinking today how the “Enix” part of Square-Enix was pretty quiet these days when I saw E.V.O. and Robotrek cartridges at my friend’s place.

  • Doug Fisher

    All I want is for Secret of Mana to be released on the Wii’s virtual console.

  • jeffx

    Soooo, according to Joystiq, this whole story is a hoax.

  • Albino 2K

    Chrono Trigger, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Trigger, Please for the love of all that is holly please remake Chrono Trigger,,,,,,,,,And Final Fantasy 7 if you have time. That’s all I ask of square enix

  • Roli O.

    @ jeffx

    Thanks for pointing that out. After reading that post, I was convinced it was to be true until it went completely wrong midway. You win a cookie.

  • Haha and this is why sites like wikipedia are bad lol.

  • John

    seriously there is no point in having FF8 remade you have to be Fuc***g retarted, id like to see 7 remade no more block hands and cheap character graphics and the CS need alot of help also. Have them throw in some voices and a few extra stuff and u got urself a amazing remake game

  • sherby

    final fantasy’s are the gr8st games in the world i say after they remake 7 remake 8 and 9 aswell i really wona see ff 9 remade betta graphics and voices would be amazin

  • Adrian

    theres only one remake I care about. FF6 My faverite rpg ever. But I dont want to see it remade on a handheld. I want full cg cutscenes I want A real singer singing Celes’ Opera song!

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