Eternal Sonata also coming to the PS3?

By Spencer . April 23, 2007 . 1:17pm


The ESRB is bustling with rumors today with Tron, Art of Fighting and also Eternal Sonata. Way back at Tokyo Game Show 2006 Namco Bandai announced Eternal Sonata (aka Trusty Bell: Chopin’s Dream in Japan) as an Xbox 360 title. According to the ESRB it looks like Eternal Sonata is coming out for the Playstation 3 too. Thinking back to the announcement, Namco Bandai never said that Eternal Sonata was an Xbox 360 exclusive, they just mentioned it was in development for the 360. There is a chance that Eternal Sonata might get a dual release 360/PS3 release, but  another possibility is Eternal Sonata will be a time exclusive game on the Xbox 360 similar to Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. If Eternal Sonata really is coming out for both the PS3 and the X360 would that change your mind about buying an Xbox 360 or encourage you to purchase a Playstation 3?

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  • well if it does turn out to be a timed exclusive, I guess that means we’ll have to determine which version is superior to the other.

    Don’t know, though, if I’d rather purchase it for my Xbox 360 or for my upcoming Playstation 3. I guess it all depends on whether the 360 version is released first or they both see a simultaneous release…then again, that’d have to depend on whether or not this rumor really is true and Namco-Bandai announces they’ve been working on a PS3 version alongside the 360 version.

  • Cool if it goes to PS3 too. Now everyone can enjoy it!~

  • Pichi

    I approve!

  • Zoglog

    If true, I wouldn’t be too surprised considering the 360’s struggle in Japan

  • Zoglog

    Forgot to comment about that if it does come out on the ps3, the Blu-ray disc may make way for enough room for them to include a japanese language track w/ subs for those who prefer it.

  • rootbeerking

    if this comes to the PS3 that’s one less 360 i’d get… Now if Blue Dragon comes to the PS3, I may have to get that instead… the choice is now, do I want Blue Dragon, or Metal Gear Solid 4. Cause right now all the games I want for 360 are also coming out on the PS3. Meh this makes my choice on which HD console to get… I’ll probably end up going with the 360, cause that way I could hook it up to my compy screen and have the HD stuff(I don’t have an HD Tv but I do have an LCD widescreen compy monitor)

  • Ray

    Blue Dragon will NEVER be on PS3. Microsoft funded it wholly

  • Aoshi00

    Blue Dragon is by Mistwalker, so it’s going to be Microsoft’s killer app. Blue Dragon 2 is supposed to be in the works too (of course depends on how well it does hree). Trusty Bell coming to the PS3 eh.. I don’t mind either way since I alrdy own both consoles, but I kind of want it to stay 360 exclusive as I’m rooting for it to do well in Japan. Lost Odyssey later will be on 360 only too, and PS3 will have some good games, eventually you would want both systems.

  • Poo

    Not true, Microsoft only publish it, not funded.

  • Aoshi00

    Sakaguchi’s new Mistwalker Studio is funded by Microsoft.

  • Mist

    Mistwalker – is a Japanese video game development studio started by Hironobu Sakaguchi (the creator of the popular Final Fantasy series) in 2004 with the financial backing of Microsoft.

  • Jeff

    I was actually just hoping this would happen the other day. As much as I prefer the design and online service XBOX is offering, all things considered I’d like to stick with the PS brand. I already have so many games for the system that I’m reticent to invest in yet another system’s game library. Eternal Sonata was the only title that was really keeping me from wholly committing to PS3, as I could easily pass by Blue Dragon and Too Human.

    Sure wish the PS3 only cost $300-400 dollars though.

    Oh, and I agree with Zoglog, they should definitely include J-audio. I’d love to hear Aya Hirano’s voice acting in this game.

  • Pretty cool, looks like a good RPG.

  • Tri-Ace RPG? they make awesome RPG’s.

  • Ace Combat 6 is Xbox 360 only

    Namco has NEVER said that Ace Combat 6 is a “Timed Exclusive” for the Xbox 360. According to Namco, Ace Combat 6 is an Exclusive only for the Xbox 360…as in, forever!

    Either way, look at how the roles have changed this generation:

    The Xbox 360 now gets the games first.

    The Xbox 360 gets the timed exclusives, and many exclusives.

    Games that weren’t on Xbox before, like Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, Virtua Fighter, Ace Combat, and others are now on the Xbox 360.

    Look at the awesome games on Xbox 360, like Gears of War, Crackdown, Lost Planet, Dead Rising, Rainbow Six: Vegas, all those racing games, sports games, Blue Dragon, Mass Effect, Halo 3, Lost Odyssey, and so many others.

    Playstation 3 is such a joke compared to the PS2 and PS1. Twice as expensive, with half the software performance!

  • AoD

    A bunch of those “awesome” games you listed aren’t even that awesome. Lost Planet, Crackdown, “all those racing games”, “sports games”? Please, at least try harder. Mass Effect and Lost Odyssey are still pretty far from being released, but they do look pretty good.

    Most people probably don’t even know what Ace Combat is, much less care about it at all. Personally I like the Ace Combat series, but it’s far from a game with any kind of mainstream/popular appeal.

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