Dragon Quest IV, V, VI Remakes Confirmed

By Rolando . July 30, 2007 . 2:03pm

dragonquestvi.jpgIt was only a matter of time before it happened you know.


A while back, we reported that Square-Enix CEO Yoichi Wada announced at Square-Enix's financial briefing in Tokyo that remakes of Dragon Quest games were in the works to help amp up the release of Dragon Quest IX on the Nintendo DS. Since then, it was completely unknown as to what games in the series would be getting the remake treatment…at least until now. Jeux-France has recovered some scans from Shonen Jump magazine which confirms remakes of Dragon Quest IV, V, and VI (the Zenithia trilogy as dubbed by fans) for the DS. If you've been longing for some Dragon Quest love on your DS until IX is released, then these three remakes may be your thing.


Personally I'm all excited for these remakes, especially VI since it was the only Dragon Quest I've never had the chance to play. Whether or not this means Square-Enix really is all about the remakes and isn't about originality really is up to you; but if you've never played Dragon Quest IV, V, and VI, then there's no reason to complain! If you've played Dragon Quest VI on the Super Famicom, let me know how it was and how it differed from IV and V. 


Scans can be found past the break.



dqremakes.jpg  dqremakes2.jpg

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  • byrc

    I would be happy, if knew for a fact they would be coming to the US. As of now, I don’t want to think about it, it just makes me angry thinking we won’t get these remakes.


  • Angelous

    I’m so stoked for these releases. Now, we just need to make sure that “Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker” sells for the DS when it’s released here in the US this fall. Strong sales of DQMJ will shouw Square-Enic USA that we NEED Dragon Quests IV, V, and VI!

  • Dr. Slump

    There’s a pretty good chance we’ll get them here, especially considering they’ve never been released in English before. All of the recent DQ’s are being released here, even the odd ones like Rocket Slime and Joker.

  • TheMastahLink

    Do I have to learn how to speak a different language?

  • I’m intrigued. For something like this, I wish they were packaged together for the US (DQ doesn’t have the draw of FF in the western world after all), but I’m glad that Square Enix isn’t forgetting their other popular franchise has older games. Since I only joined the DQ brigade with VIII, I’ll happily play these.

    Now if only they’d remake Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger for DS.

  • M’Buma

    It’s an amazing news… especially DQV and VI for me (I’ve got DQV remake for the ps2 but it freezes towards the end and I’ve never played DQVI). Hopefully they will be released overseas and DQ will become even more popular.

  • jeffx

    Very, VERY excited. But since these games are pretty text-heavy (we’re talking DQ here) and very traditional, that significantly lowers their chances of being picked up. DQ:M, being strongly akin to Pokemon & co. was a shoe-in, I’m actually surprised it took them so long to bring it over.

  • Dr. Slump

    Don’t worry guys, Square Enix has been bringing over almost everything these days. Unlike in the old days, they now have the resources in place to translate these games in a snap.

    I’m excited because I haven’t played any of those three. I’ve been a DQ fan since DW1. It was the first NES game I ever owned.

  • Dragon Quest 6 is my favourite Dragon Quest. Hopefully the remake’ll be done like final fantasy 3. I wouldn’t be surprised if they used the same engine they used for Dragon Quest Monsters Joker…which would look awesome…hopefully they will be translated as well.

  • Dr. Slump

    From the screenshots above, it looks like they’re using a 3/4 perspective 3d engine, more like DQ7 than anything else, although they look better than DQ7.

  • byrc

    Dr. Slump say that about Front Mission 5. Where in the world is Front Mission 5, oh I know, freak’n Japan!

    Just because it’s popular in Japan and makes money, doesn’t mean its coming here. SE has always had weird ideas and criteria over what games come out here. Will DQ9 come out here, hell yes, but the remakes. Those aren’t for certain.

    I’m amazed how happy you guys are, when you know there is no proof we’re getting them. unless of course you know japanese and import or live in japan.

    I just dont’ want to get my heart broken when we find out none of them are coming here.

    Plus, what about final fantasy x international and ffx-2 international? Did we get those, no. DON’T expect FFXII international to come out here because at this time SE has no interest in bringing it to the States, even though you know its gonna sell like FlapJacks drenched in syrup.

    So far there is nothing substatinal to make me believe we’re getting these remakes, you guys are just being too optimistic.

  • Dr. Slump

    FM5 isn’t coming, but the remake of FM1 for DS is. Every Square Enix DS remake so far has come over.

  • @ byrc

    I think your examples are a bit specious. I’ve never been under the impression that the Front Mission series was particularly popular in the West. Add to that the niche audience of SRPGs, and I’m hardly surprised that FM5 hasn’t left Japan. With the international versions, I think that the reasons those never leave Japan is because (1) they are essentially the same games released in West with a few extras, and (2) there’s not thought to be much profit potential because of this fact. In Japan, the mere fact that they use the English audio makes them different, but for the English speaking audience it’s just more of the same.

    What makes DQ a little different is that S-E knows that the series does have popularity outside of Japan, as proven by the sales of DQVIII and Rocket Slime (and likely, DQM: Joker). So even if we aren’t guaranteed these games right now, the likelihood of their eventual release outside of Japan is quite high.

  • byrc

    I don’t know about you, but DQ is still niche rpg series in America. Thanks to DQ8 it has introduced a younger audience to the series, but its still a niche series. I also agree srpg’s are niche as well, but don’t tell that to NISA and Atlus, because somehow no one told them that they shouldn’t be bring SRPGs because they aren’t popular enough.

    I’m just saying SE is less willing to experiment with US releases and sometimes their choices goddamn make no sense.

    Look, I don’t know where you guys get your info, but DQ is far from a popular series in America. They’re traditional rpgs and as traditional as you can get. It wasn’t until recently SE has seen a reason to release DQ games, but remakes? I don’t know. At the moment their is nothing and I mean nothing to support the belief that the remakes will make it to the US.

  • Andy

    Oh, byrc, stop being so pessimistic. Yes, you’re right, Dragon Quest doesn’t sell as well as SE’s other flagship series, Final Fantasy, but it still has a reasonably decent-sized audience outside of Japan (don’t forget that there’s a market in Europe too). I wouldn’t call it a niche series at all, unless you’d call all RPGs niche games. And DQ games have been coming out in the US since 1989. That’s not recent; that’s almost 20 years. The only two main-series DQ games that never made it over here were V and VI, so I think that’s even more reason for SE to release these remakes in the US. Remakes are relatively easy to do (thus the reason SE seems to be doing so god damn many of them), and I think the money saved by reusing old material could easily be pumped into localization efforts. Sure, there’s a chance it won’t come out here, but I think they will. If you’re always afraid of being disappointed, what’s the fun in that?

    Anyhow, it irks me that SE keeps doing remakes (even though–or perhaps because–I pick up every single one), but this one I don’t mind so much, because I never had a chance to play V or VI.

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